Blonde Babe Kenzie Reeves Gets Humped And Facialized

Blonde Babe Kenzie Reeves Gets Humped And Facialized
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I strolled up to the receptionist at the airport check out. "Hello, may I see your papers?" she asked me in Russian. I handed her my passport and admired the old imperial art while she typed on her computer. "Everything checks out Mr.

Thorne. Welcome to Russia." she exclaimed with a wink. It made the blood rush to my face, but I mustered out a thank you before I turned to walk away. She was beautiful in the way all Russian girls are.

Her green eyes stood out from her olive skin and brown hair. Maybe I'd try to find her again on my way back. I turned around to get another glance but she was gone. Disappointed, I walked outside and took in the cold Russian air. Just a single night I reminded myself, and I can go home. I waved a taxi down and headed to the hotel.


Supposedly my contact was in the Petrinko hotel, room 53. He was a Russian defector giving up valuable information to the US government. As a splinter unit all I had to do was meet Mr. Adenski and exchange Russian currency for a briefcase of classified information.

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I remembered laughing at my boss when he offered me the job. Fly to Russia and pick up classified information from a double agent? Yea.right! Why don't you get James Bond? But here I am. Walking up the red carpet stairs of the Petrinko.

The walls were the same white as the marble floors. They spared no expense here and after gawking my way through a few more floors I made it. I stared at the golden 53 nailed into the marble. I reached for the door knob and stopped. Partly frozen with fear, I forced myself to adjust. I sighed and pushed the door open in a manner to surprise anyone inside, but something was wrong. I smelled it before I saw it.blood. I was in mid-turn to exit the room when the door was kicked shut, throwing me into the wall.

Dazed I reached for my gun on instinct, but I grabbed nothing. The airport took it on my arrival.

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Defeated I looked up and my blood ran cold. My eyes walked up the red heels to the red mini dress.

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Her green eyes stood out from her olive skin. I was in over my head. "Fancy meeting you here" I said before I realized I was talking. She raised an eyebrow and smirked at me. "Mr.

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Thorne? This is terrible name for a splinter agent, no?" she said in broken English. I rubbed my head, still throbbing from being kicked into the wall, and shrugged. "It was short notice" I chuckled. And then I saw him.

Mr. Adenski was slumped in the chair. Blood still pouring over his black suit, his red tie virtually perfect.

She followed my gaze to the corpse and scoffed. "Not much fight in that one. But it is only business. Surely you can understand." she said. Unfortunately I did understand. She raised her pistol with a suppressor attached. One shot and no one would hear a thing. I saw the muscles in her arm tense to pull the trigger but she stopped. The feint sound of a servant cart was making its way down the hall.

The squeaking got closer and she waved the gun at me. "What does that mean? You want me to be quiet?" I couldn't help but be a smart ass. If I was going to die, I'd at least get a chuckle out of it. "Shut up!" she glared at me, half scared and half just wanting to shoot me. "He's getting closer. What if he comes in? You going to kill him too?" I asked. She stepped closer and put her heel on my crotch.


"One more word and you'll wish I just shot you Mr. Thorne." she hissed. As I looked up at her I could see up her dress. Jade green panties to match her eyes.

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How could I get turned on at a time like this? The squeaking rolled by and she breathed a sigh of relief. She turned her attention away from the door and back to me but was surprised when she didn't see my head where it should have been. I moved it on my shoulder while she was distracted with the cart, and now I had the opportunity that I needed. I clenched her foot between my legs and rolled. Pulling the trigger from the force of falling, she blew a huge hole in the wall where my head was only seconds ago.

She slammed onto the ground and I reached for the gun in her hand. I managed to crawl on top of her, pinning her down with my weight, however the gun was missing. She must have thrown it knowing I would be able to get it. I looked at her and she just shrugged and smirked again. Feeling confident she wasn't going anywhere, I examined the room for the gun. I was looking into the kitchen suite when I felt my necktie tighten around my throat. I panicked and she threw me off of her before I knew I was in the air.

I landed hard and struggled to my feet, when she pushed me into the wall.

My shoulder blades cracking the cheap hotel walls, I felt her body weight pressing on mine. I assumed she was about to finish me with a hidden knife of some sort, but I felt not pain. My eyes refocused into hers, and we stood there. I tensed to make a move but she pinned my arms against the wall and she kissed me. I wasn't sure if it was my head injury or the kiss that made me dizzy. I parted my lips and I pushed into her mouth. I felt her grip lighten and I used it to my advantage.

I twisted and she stumbled off balance. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her into the wall, adding more cracks to the destroyed wall. Her shocked face stirred something inside of me and I kissed her again. She let her guard down completely and pushed her slim frame against mine.

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With her tongue wrapped around mine, we fought a different kind of battle and I became hard against her stomach. She placed her palm on my trousers and we kissed while she stroked me through my pants. After a few minutes she pulled away and her eyes pierced mine. She gave another killer smirk and started bending her knees.

She stripped my pants off and my bare cock stood erect before my assassin. She grabbed the base of my penis and my pale skin disappeared into her olive. The sight of it drove me crazy.

Her pony tailed brown head bobbing back and forth. I dismissed any ideas that she might still be trying to kill me, and I rolled my head back. Allowing the pleasure to take over my body as I listened to her work her mouth on my cock. Her tongue found each point of pleasure and her hand massaging me, when she stopped. I looked down at her and she had my balls in her hand. "Down!" she ordered and tugged on me.

I almost immediately went down and she stood over me. She stuck her butt out and started pushing her panties down her legs. They got just to my face when she stopped, so I grabbed the sides of the panties around her ankles and she stepped out of them. I could smell her scent on them and it drove me crazy. I watched her pussy in full view taunt me as she positioned her self above me. "Me now" she said, and she squatted inches above my face. Laying flat on my back I turned my head to kiss her thighs and worked my way up.

Soon I was kissing her bare pussy and she moaned in pleasure. Her juices mixed with my saliva and the taste left me wanting more. She grabbed my hair and started to grind and I stopped her. I was done with foreplay. I rolled her to the ground and pushed her dress up her stomach. She lifted her knees up and I pushed myself into her roughly.

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We both moaned with each pump and soon I was close. I pulled out of her slowly to admire the difference of our skin, and stood up. She got to her knees and used her mouth against me again. I grabbed her pony tail and bobbed her head on my dick. "I'm gonna cum" I told her, but instead of pulling out she gripped me tighter and worked it as fast as she could.

My body went ridged and I came in her mouth. Her hand and tongue still working out every drop. She looked up at me and dribbled my cum out of her mouth and onto her breasts still peeking out of her red dress. Her green eyes and the contrast of my white cum against her olive skin almost made me hard again, but I heard something.

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There was a shuffle in the room where Mr. Adenski was suppose to be, but he was missing. I looked around for the other agent. I turned back to the airport receptionist but now she was standing, my cum still dripping down her chin.

I met her gaze behind the gun barrel. "Welcome to Russia Mr. Thorne."