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Auspicious MILF Fisting And Hardcore Porn
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My next day at Journey's End would prove to be fateful, in that my situation would change dramatically, to shorten my time a cost. I was brought to the main office once again, in my wheelchair, and my apprehension was great, not knowing or expecting what would happen next to me.

The release I had felt in the aphrodisiac testing lab had been orgiasmic release with communication and caring for a change. When we arrived at the main conference room I was released from the conveyance chair and stood naked before the five wealthy women who were the absolute power at this facility.

These women didn't seem actually cruel, but displayed a profound absense of sensitivity by letting their underlings do unspeakable things to the inmates. They were perverted, all of them, this I could tell, but to what extent, or in what direction for each, I could not surmise.

Their wealth was compounded by the slavery usage of the male prisoners here, evidently this facility was one of the premier sexual testing cities in the entire world and the exotic drugs produced here commanded huge sums of money from various sources worldwide. This was a city, have no doubt, I had become aware of the extent of it during my nefarious enslavement here.

Only women could be found in the city surrounding the Journey's End mega complex. There were shops, markets, botiques, even movie theaters and hair salons, and night clubs. There were also of course, well equiped whorehouses where the men were exploited and used like trash for money while they were being sucked dry of their lifeseed.

Male CPU's were taken routinely to the different venues and forced to masterbate before oogling women, in special stage areas, amid perverted comments, by horney and decadent women.

This provided an entertainment for the steady flow of wealthy, oversexed female customers. The men here were consumate slaves, and the large numbers of wealthy women who enjoyed their exclusive membership in the Journey's End community were here to be entertained, sexually, in one fashion or another, by the hapless men while they were being force milked each day.

The five owners sat there looking at me.a piece of meat for them to devour with their eyes, and sexual appetites. They would seem pleasant and concerned with my welfare, but I knew that wasn't the case. They loved to see their captives here squirm in discomfort as they humiliated them, knowing the men were experiencing indescribable orgastic craving each day, while being completely debased. I was extremely horny right now, and was beside myself with sexual need, hoping that the very attractive, and exclusively dressed women would allow me to jackoff for them, and quiver in orgasm as I squirted my seed for them to watch.

My long pecker stood out rock hard, and my large raw pisshole was inflated so that one could actually see inside. A large hole primed for the constant expulsion of seminal fluid.

"You have done well.", said the woman in the center, as she looked carefully over her records. "Extremely well in providing Journey's End with premium seed extract." The other women were also perusing copies of my records here, the countless hours of jerking uncontrollably in captive ecstasy as my cum was collected by the dedicated staff, the pain, fear, and humiliation, and endless craving for release. They all looked up at me smiling in their practiced way, and waited for the Chairwoman, and, in fact, the owner to speak.

She was the top female here, and called the shots, expecting, and receiving the deference due her. I knew that she was one of the richest women in the world, being worth many billions of dollars. She looked at my steel hard penis, bobbing uncontrollably up and down, and at my large, low hanging balls. She seemed quite pleased with my genital growth, and cleared her throat.

"You have been chosen, my oversexed friend," she said smoothly and quietly, "for special duty here, if you so desire. Duty that will shorten your time at our wonderful facility by three months." I couldn't quite grasp her words, but listened very carefully to discover their full portent. I looked at her a bit stunned and quite interested to hear the rest of it.

Anything that could shorten my stay here by even a minute seemed impossibly attractive to me. She looked at my pecker as she spoke."Please stroke your cock for us while I speak, I want to see how much drainage you are producing at this point." I looked intently at her eyes, and the eyes of the other women, and forced my foreskin up and back baring my large steel hard glans, and large raw slit.

I jerked it in and out and the women looked closely as a few drops of semen began to ooze from my large angry pisshole, and drip onto the large towel laying on the floor beneath me. The thick white scum dribbled harmlessly onto the fluffy white surface and was absorbed instantly.

"Now, cover your finger with your cum and stick it in this clear liquid," she said, sliding a small beaker glass before me. I paused, looked sheepishly at them, and stroked a few more times. I rubbed my finger over my large pisshole and the gooey cream dribbled over my finger. I placed a thick mass of it in the clear solution.

The fluid immediatedly turned bluish in color, and a thin white residue collected at the top. They all were quite pleased, and even elated at this, and the gorgeous head matron folded her hands, and paused for effect. "No one here has ever matched the concentration of our Golden extract group that you have displayed here.

I'm afraid that you have become indespensible to us, and we must make you an offer that you, as they say, can't refuse." I looked at her dumbly, not knowing exactly what to think. "I know that you want to make your peter cum and we welcome you to do this in a short time." She looked deeply into my eyes.We need to put you in our extreme treatment program, where you will be given very special drugs, and used in special ways to, shall I say, strip you of all inner individuality, except for the production of our most treasured elements." "You are one of a select few who are capable of giving us precisely what we want, and to do this you must be restrained in our special treatment complex.

You have four months remaining on your bondage contract, and this means you could be free in about a month." I was so elated that I stroked my enormous prick absent mindedly, and shivered with the possibility of such a turn of events.

She then looked seriously at me, and the others changed their countenance also, displaying a strange kind of pity for me, and the 'treatment' that I would endure if I chose to participate. "Once you say yes to this proposal, there is no turning back, and you will be taken immediately to our special lab area to begin your duties. You will be subjected to extreme and sophisticated types of aphrodisiacs, exotic, mind bending, and highly experimental sex drugs, that may have serious, permanent, and unpredictable effects on your body, mind, and sexual libido." "You will also receive an additional $400000 at the end of your month, so that your separation pay will be a half million tax free dollars." "Also you will receive unique, intensive, psychiatric and drug therapy in the final days before your release to bring you in to a reasonable adjustment when you enter into society again.

But I must warn you that you could suffer irreversable changes that you might never be free of. I mean sexual anomolies of an indeterminate nature.

You might be living one continuous orgasm, from which you could never escape." This development stunned me, but the thought of actually being free from here, and with such an extreme bonus, was just a little more than I could possibly turn down. If I had to stay here another four months I wasn't sure if I would leave here sane, sexually or otherwise. So in truth, this offer pulled irresistably at me, and I stood there, cum dripping profusely on the towel, as I looked helplessly at them.

She continued, looking at me with that strange perverted stare, as the semen began to run in rivulets onto the thick towel. "Unfortunately, if you do not chose to agree to our offer, we must assign you to our special torture area, where you will be subjected each day, for the next four months, to painful experimentation by the most sadistic of our extraction staff." For better or worse, I knew that the words were going to come from my mouth, and there really was nothing that I could do to stop it.

I studdered, and stammered in great conflict, and suddenly blurted out what would bind me once again to some undefined consequence. "I.I.YES I AGREE TO YOUR OFFER!" I slumped and fondled my balls as I contemplated what I had just done.

The women looked sympathetically at me."You are now in our special program to be released in one month, three months short of your original contract. There can be no changing your mind now." They looked at me like the poor fool that I was, and grinned in derision at the opportunity to do to me whatever their sordid hearts desired. She slid an elogated dish to the edge of the surface in front of me, and sat back, enjoying the view.

"You may jack off now into this dish, and you must eat your semen when you have finished. We quite enjoy watching you eat your own penis food." "You will give us every single particle of your self esteem, and sense of self worth, and must degrade yourself fully in front of us. If you do not do this during your special treatment program, you will be taken to the torture nurses for that understood?" I nodded rapidly, knowing that she was very serious, and two female guards stood behind me with shock devices against my balls, ready to impress me with the need for compete selfless obedience.

I whacked off rapidly, my swollen gonads tight with seminal fluid, and moaned and degraded myself as I neared orgasm. I grunted and jumped as I unloaded my enormous load of viscous slime onto the dish, and they looked closely as my huge semen hole spit large globs of ejaculate all over the dish, and my hand, and onto the counter. I grunted uncontrollably as I looked at their condescending stares, my flacid jaw quivering in consumate lust and pleasure. As my large peter spit hot scum with a splash into the dish, I experienced a shame that I had not felt for some time.

The thick off white paste dribbled from my hand and my pisshole and dripped rapidly into the filling container. I was shaking now, and they were enjoying every second of it.knowing that they owned me completely, and that they always would in my memories. I was wobbling as I finished and looked at them momentarily before grabbing the overflowing dish and hoisting it to my lips. There were viscous clumps of thick goo floating in the obscene mess. I opened widely and poured the salty, swampy semen into my mouth, and looked at them with resigned mortification as I gulped it down.

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Cum dribbled from my chin as I finished the load to the looks of lust and derision on their faces, and the woman gave me a small towel to wipe my mouth clean afterward.

The top woman looked approvingly at me, and winked at her staff, "You really do have a problem my horny friend, you've become quite accomplished with that hand of yours and I must say you have disgusting eating habits." They all grinned wickedly and rose to leave. The head matron stopped and spoke again briefly."You will be brought here every three days for us to analyze your progress, and you will open fully to us with complete humility." Prepare yourself for a level of orgiasmic bondage that you couldn't imagine, and that you may never recover from.

There is a torture nurse who knows you well, my friend, her name is Doris, I think you may remember her, and will be ecstatic to see you again if you are not absolutely compliant." My blood ran cold as I thought of her words, and the memory of the cruel pain extraction nurse who had caused me such agony.and paradoxically, such ecstatic pleasure.

I'd hoped I would never be within reach of her tender mercies again. If this agreement got me out of here in a month, I surmised I would not have to worry about that. A guard foldled my balls as we left, and hot slime dripped rapidly from my spent dick.

The other guard held a towel over the head of my penis to absorb the thick seminal fluid. I was taken from there to the isolated special treatment begin experimentation the next day. --------------------------------- ----------------------------- We entered a very secluded area, away from the main complex, and I was wheeled into a sleeping room that seemed to be equiped with many kinds of exotic devices, and special toilet facilities.

A very pretty nurse in her mid thirties came in as I was removed from the wheelchair and looked sternly at me while I was attached to my bed. A group of other attractive nurses came in, and they watched me closely as the blond spoke. She stood over me, arms folded, and looked down at my nude body, and the ever present erection that virtually controlled my life.

"This wing is just for you, and only for you," she said, "There are no other men here. This is a very special place of usage, and the staff of twenty women are here to degrade you day and night, and to extract large quantities of semen from you under the influence of very powerful aphrodisiac drugs, and as you'll find, quite humiliating circumstances." "You will hang on our every word, you will ejaculate to the extreme when we are milking you, and you will give up all your self esteem and resistance or you will be transferred to the basement dungeon.

I think you've been there and I don't believe you want to return." "You will not even think about speaking, or expressing discontent, or lack of cooperation.

You will not attempt to communicate with anyone here unless told to do so. You are a semen machine, and a guinea pig, and you will act accordingly at all times. A nurse brought a stainless steel hand tray over with an air compression hypodermic on it and the blond took it and examined it briefly. "Turn over on your side," she said, sharply, "and don't move." She lowered the air gun down and pressed it into my hip.

I felt a sharp pain as she pressed the trigger, and a quantity of liquid was injected under my skin. "This is the precursor combo," she said to the other nurses, from this point on he's going to be in a constant state of sexual mania, and we will add our test drugs each day and milk him until he is completely irrefractable. He'll be drinking a gallon of hyper supplement each day, in addition to his meals, and will receive deep arousal hypnosis each morning." "We expect him to produce the primary elements in quantities quite beyond what we've ever seen before here.

He is to be released in one month and that is our time mandate." They all stared in curiousity at me, and a video camera was being operated near the bed as they witnessed my transformation. I felt a deep warmth in my groin area, and a sudden rush of tingling in my scrotum and anus.

A wave of spasmotic hot flashes rushed from my dick to my balls and into my anal area, and I gasped outloud in pleasure as the wall of ecstasy hit me. I began breathing heavily, and my penis stiffened to full erection, and my huge balls filled once again with their nasty liquid, though I had just emptied out in front of the owners. My hips began to pump involuntarily with a fucking spasm, and I looked dumbfounded at the attractive nurses as I shook with lust.

My cock began to drain profusely, and semen oozed out as I groaned in pleasure. My hands were bound to the head of the bed and my feet secured below, so that I squirmed in wanton sexual pleasure, unable to satisfy it. The nurses were making amazed comments about what was happening, and the blond quickly forced an electric sucking device over my expanding penis and began to milk me expertly, sliding the powerful fellatio instrument up and down as she massaged my swollen balls.

I was gasping in pleasure now, grunting in unspeakable libidinal insanity as she worked the merciless blowjob module. I could not hold for even a short time and screamed out loud as I pumped my hips violently up and down against the electric jackoff milker, and sprayed more thick gushes of white semen into the receiver compartment. My balls knotted up into tight jerking clumps of raw testicular meat, as I continued to ejaculate even when I was completely dry.

I couldn't stop and pumped my tender penis in and out of the evil device as she continued to force it up and down. I was screaming in pain now, the orgasm was ripping my raw nuts apart, and still I couldn't stop the agonizing spasm of my scorched balls.


Finally she eased off and stopped and I was lying there with tears in my eyes, still moving my hips to the rythmn of the nasty cum extractor. The glass enclosement was full of frothy white semen now, and she sloshed it around for everyone to see, quite pleased with my output. My testes and dick were on fire, and she gave me an injection with another air device, and I fell into a deep sleep that would last for many hours.

------------------------------------------------ I was allowed to sleep for quite some time, and when I awoke my genitals felt morbidly swollen, though the drugs had removed most of the pain. Two very pretty nurses came in and sat on the bed. They carried with them a quart container with a feeding nozzle at the end, and the cute petite one shoved it into my mouth and ordered me to drink the fluid down.

I responded immediately, and took a mouthful of the thick, high nutrient cream. It was quite sweet and I drank deeply and emptied the bottle within a short time. These two showed no sign of emotion, but went about their job quickly and efficiently. I felt another surge of sexual lust engulf me, and my spent pecker drained freely into the absorbant towel wrapped around it. She handed the bottle to the other nurse and turned around and put her perfect ass next to my face.

She rubbed her well formed posterior all over my mouth and turned back around.

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"You like that don't you?", she whispered." I looked at the wall terrified of expressing my self illegally to her. "Of course you do," she sniffed, as she put her face next to mine, "and I think my superiors wouldn't mind a bit if I gave you a taste of what's back there, in due time, of course." They both left and two other nurses came in and took me to the toilet stool to take care of my needs.

The thick nutrient supplement apparently contained a laxative of some kind, and I emptied out completely as they watched my progress. They made sure that I cleaned myself well with the water bidet and the nurses then placed me, still handcuffed, in my mobile transport chair. I was always nude, and could not remember exactly how it felt to have clothing on my body. I was wheeled down the hallway to what appeared to be another cubicle similar to the one I had experienced before here at Journey's End, and strapped into the special seating assembly, legs spread wide apart and pulled back, and hands secured behind.

There was a wide wrapping window up above the seat where observers could view everything going on. A very cute dark haired nurse came in and sat beside me, gently stoking my erect cock.

She grabbed my balls, one with each hand, and expertly pulled down on them, kneading them gently, causing my huge nuts to roll around between her fingers. She didn't wear latex gloves and her fingernails were cut short to facilitate her work. She looked closely at me as she juggled my swollen balls in her hands. "You're going to meet a large number of cocksuckers here during the next month." She pinched the base of my penis and made the head bulge out again dripping fluid. She sat slightly in front of me looking deeply into my eyes.

"Our nurses are going to suck your cock until you ejaculate and then they're going to spit your semen into these sealed containers." "They're going to do it once each day for the next twenty seven days. I want you to get into each blowjob completely, I want you horny and cooperative, and I expect large amounts of semen from you." "I know you like cocksuckers, and I expect you to prove it to me during each blowjob." I stared at her, completely compliant, and showed no sign of emotion as she milked out a few drops of cum from my pisshole.

"Personally I think cocksuckers are filthy," she grinned slightly, "and I'll bet you do too. That's what I want." She released my privates and wiped her hand with a nearby towel. She pushed a button and soon another very pretty dark headed nurse came in.

Her tight nurse's uniform accentuated her fine ass, and she sat in the seat opposite the other nurse. They didn't look at each other as she pulled up her skirt and spread her creamy white legs. She took a vibrator from a holder nearby and turned it on. The device sprang to life in her hand and she smeared a lubricant on it and slid it down between her legs. The 'suck' nurse was very pretty and was breathing in short gasps as she slid the dildo up her hairy cunt.

She looked at me, her face close to mine, and whispered seductively. "I'm a real good cocksucker, so just sit there and enjoy a good blowjob." She sucked and licked my nose for a moment running her tongue around it, her eyes next to mine, and then slid her hand down my dick and held my balls in her hand.

She flipped my hard dong as she looked at it eagerly, and her tongue ran around her bright red lips, in anticipation. At the same time the top staff at Journey's End came into the observation area and sat down, looking carefully me. The head matron looked at me with great interest, her manner that of a scientist watching an interesting experiment.

The suck nurse lowered her head down to the tip of my cock and rubbed my glans all over her mouth. My thick cum coated her lips and a drop of fluid ran down her chin. She began to lap at my dick, darting her skilled tongue all over it, from the base to the tip. She licked ever faster, licking every inch of my bobbing prick. I could hear her slurping as her long tongue flipped my penis back and forth, and soon the cream splattered out and ran down the side of my penis. She ate it off and went down to my large balls and began to lick them all over.

She cleaned my nuts thoroughly as she turned them over in her fingers, and then sucked my balls, one at a time, turning them over in her mouth. My legs were pulled widely back, opening my anus to her, and her relentless tongue found my hairy butthole and began to swirl around rapidly. She spread my asshole open with her fingers and I jerked wildly as her tongue slid all the way inside. Just then the cubicle nurse opened a small drawer and pulled out an air hypodermic gun.

She swabbed with an alcohol patch and held the device against my right arm as she pulled the trigger, shooting an experimental aphrodisiac under my skin. The sharp pain made me jerk, and as the suck nurse forced her tongue in and out of my open anus, I felt an obscene explosion hit my psyche, and I screamed in ecstasy as my whole body quivered with indescribable lust.

The thought of the beautiful nurse with her tongue up my ass made me spasm with incredible intensity, and I moaned loudly as I looked up at the head matron's sly, grinning face in the observer area. I had just taken a bowel movement not long before, and though I had cleaned myself thoroughly in view of two nurses, I'm sure there was still a noticable residue present in my ass.

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The thought of that gorgeous, perfumed nurse licking inside my asshole was extremely erotic, and I pulled violently against the thick straps, straining in pleasure. Within a few moments of the powerful injection the suck nurse shoved her pretty face down over my erect cock, and it slid into her mouth smoothly as her lapping tongue sucked it in.

I was in a world of extreme sexual arousal now, panting heavily and pumping my hips up and down in desperation. Never, never had I experienced such an insanely horny feeling.

I know I would have shot off right there ordinarily, but I suspected that there was some drug contained in the injection that prevented me from doing so. The wonderfully pretty cocksucker began to fellate me expertly, her crimson lips leaving a telltale smear of lipstick on the skin of my dick.

I looked down at her bobbing head, and my eyes rolled back as the head matron shifted in her seat, watching me closely. The suck nurse went into a frenzy, her tight lips encasing my rock hard penis, and she forced her head down powerfully, ramming my long pecker deep into her throat.

She was fucking her mouth with my enormous peter, and the gagging and slurping sounds became quite noticable. She squeezed my balls tightly as she sucked me off, and then looked up at me as I gazed at her, my vision blurred from the physical upheaval taking place in my genital area. As I looked into her eyes she moved her head up and down rapidly, and I absolutely couldn't drop my load in her mouth. Try as I might, my severely aroused pecker could not spit it's mess into her wonderful gullet.

I screamed in pleasure and frustration as her horribly nasty blowjob pushed me, and I would have given anything to spray her tonsils with my wad. My balls were becoming quite swollen by now, and the pain was becoming unbearable.

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She sucked faster and faster now, jacking me off in her mouth, and as I jerked uncontrollably she increased her efforts. When I had reached the point where my balls would surely rip open from the pressure, I felt an explosion in my mind, the part of me where my most obscene substance resided, and I felt a sense of panic as a strange feeling began to grip my body and psyche.

A primordial orgasm began to rush toward me, an orgasm that frightened me greatly now, and as the beautiful woman continued her sucking I could detect a sadistic glint in her eyes, a knowing look of what was to come.

The orgasm came on me suddenly, wave after wave of infinite pleasure, it rolled in from all areas of my body, down to my tortured prick and balls, and I screamed loudly as the first ejaculation was expelled from my tender penis. I looked at her eyes as the first wad splattered into her mouth, and the frothy scuz began to rush out from her lips, and down my pecker, to my pubic hairs below.

She took it all in, her eyes opening widely, and her cheeks bulged out drastically as she collected the nameless paste in her gullet. When she had accumulated her limit she quickly spit into the open container held by the cubicle nurse, and she quickly put her mouth over my meat again to gather more hot semen.

I grunted and screamed incoherently as I expelled every single drop of my seed into her wonderful mouth, and she continued spitting the mess into the container. The waves of ecstasy began to lessen, and I quivered haphazardly as my last drops of fluid were sucked out, and I looked at her beautiful eyes as she spit her last quantity of salty slime into the wide brimed container. She pulled upward, and licked her lips asleftover drops of cum dripped from her face, and she swallowed what was left, licking around her mouth in that nasty way she had about her.

She smiled as she wiped her face off, removing the disgusting mess accumulated there, and the cubicle nurse sealed the container and placed it in a refrigeration unit. The amused cubicle nurse leaned in front of me again, smiling broadly. "Good fucking blowjob, huh!" "I told you we have some exceptional cocksuckers here" The suck nurse ate my pisshole again and swallowed the fluid, then left the small room.

Her magnificent ass pushing against the white uniform as she walked. The cubicle nurse gently rubbed my pecker and balls.

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"You need some sleep now stud, a good nights sleep." The owners were leaving now, talking among themselves, and the head matron looked at me with that sadistic expression of hers, knowing that this was only a sample, and that my 'treatment' had just begun.

------------------------------------------- ------------------------- I was taken from the 'hot seat', strapped to the wheelchair, and taken back to my room and allowed to rest for several hours in my bed.


I drifted off easily, still quivering in lust at the memory of the disgusting blowjob I had received from the gorgeous suck nurse. Later nurses came and released me from the bed and allowed me to shit and shower.

There were always female guards with shock prods nearby, and I was always, without fail, restrained in one way or the other.

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Then they fastened me into the mobile chair again and I was whisked down the hallway and out to a driveway where a large golfcart waited. It was night time, and the cool air chilled my naked body. I was shocked and puzzled but showed no sign of emotion as I was strapped into the cart with two nurses and a guard, and transported out into the huge inner mall area. There were only women here, walking around singly and in groups, surrounded by brightly lit shops and nightclubs, and they laughed and pointed at me as I bumped up and down moving through the streets.

We traveled for about ten minutes and came to a large bar, and the three attendants who were with me pulled me out and walked me into the noisy tavern. The place was busy and loud music came from the sound system, as the large group of partying women milled around and watched the various male milking shows going on. I had a dog leash attached to my neck and my hands were bound behind with thick straps. We walked through the place as the women gawked and yelled, and my very large pecker stood out fully erect again, and drops of semen fell to the floor, lost on the gritty surface, and was soon smeared in by the large crowd of inebriated women.

There was the smell of pot, liquor, and every kind of drug imaginable was available to the guests. I was literally nothing but a piece of meat here, and was subjected to every kind of insult and obscene slur possible. I was in extreme sexual arousal now, as I had been since yesterday, and I shook with lust as I was led to a small milking stage in the center of the nightclub. This was evidently the primary showspot, and the circular, rotating stage was surrouded by hundreds of leering women, waiting for their entertainment to begin.

Bright lights shined onto the stage, but I was able to see every face peering at me, somehow they had designed it so that I was totally and completely exposed to the women around me, with no possibility of hiding any part of my naked body or what I would be doing.

They forced me to my knees and secured me to the stage floor. One of the nurses took out a small container and pulled out a large wafer. She shoved it in my mouth as the other nurse pulled down firmly on my hanging dong and balls. She stretched and pinched my long cock until it flipped around and bobbed up and down, splattering cum on the varnished stage floor.

The wafer was sweet, and had a distinct mint flavor, and it's effect was immediate and earthshaking. The wall of pleasure hit me, and my eyes rolled back in ecstasy, looking wildly at the screaming, clapping women.

The nurse bent down and grinned at me."This is one high you won't forget," she winked,""a special blend designed to make you want something in your mouth." She stood and held my hair with one hand and shoved her finger between my lips with the other. I was so horny now that I was grunting in frustration, my tongue wetting down her finger and I squirmed in delight as she pulled it out and wiped it on her white skirt. I was moaning in closely spaced grunts, and I was panting in supreme pleasure as my painfully erect pecker jerked up and down depositing more dickwad on the stage.

A mounted suck device was brought up and secured beneath my penis. It stood on a small tripod fastened to the floor. The nurse quickly slid it up my long inflamed prick, and soon it gripped the base of my weiner causing it to become even harder. My glans was like hard plastic as it rested in the merciless extraction device and I looked through glazed eyes at the yelling, cheering women.

A large crowd had gathered now, and soon, from behind me, I heard footsteps on the stage, and another male CPU was brought in front of me. He stood in front of me and his penis was enormous. It dripped a thick cream to the floor, and bounced up and down uncontrollably. The male prisoner was also in a state of extreme arousal, and the nurses pushed him into position with his huge glans near my mouth.

I went berserk with lust then, in a hypotic state of forced need, and I licked my lips as the crowd went wild, chanting 'suck it', 'suck it'!

The craze male slave grabbed my head roughly and forced his large prick into my mouth. I opened wide with an obscene need, and as the women booed and cheered, he began to fuck my mouth, pushing ever harder as his draining meat slid to the opening of my throat.

I could see the large crowd of leering women laughing at me as they called me every filthy name possible, and as the long dick slid into my throat I gagged uncontrollably, and was finally able to breath again as the hot, insistant dong fucked my inner esophagus.

I was so hot I whined loudly in pleasure, groaning and squealing like a pig as my nose was pushed into pubic hair and my chin rubbed large balls. My mouth was stretched to the absolute limit as it was unceremoniously fucked, the unstoppable lust of the deprived and drugged CPU being vented at my total expense.

The suction device was turned on and my balls were pulled and fingered by the other nurse as the blowjob tool slid up and down my captured pecker. She rolled my swollen nuts around in her fingers and soon I was engulfed in an earth shattering and mind bending orgasm that began slowly, and began to build into a terrifying evacuation of my high pressure seminal load.

I was mortified beyond words as the raunchy women cheered and degraded me, but was totally helpless as the forced fellatio came to a conclusion. I felt a large spurt of seminal fluid shoot into my throat, and I gagged and struggled as the disgusting liquid flowed down into my stomach and bubbled out uncontrolably around my lips. As I pumped my hips insanely, a very large gusher of white ejaculate squirted from around my tight lips, and sprayed the stage floor beneath my face.

The nurse was slapping my ass and yelling for me to eat it all, and terrified of the consequences of disobedience I gulped and gagged and swallowed mass after mass of the swampy, tangy semen. As every drop of cum was forced from my enormous testicles, I gulped in shame and looked at the decadent spectators enjoying my humiliation.

After a full five minutes the flow into my mouth, and out of my dick began to wane, and soon the thick swampy pecker fell from my gullet and a long gusher of saliva and scum poured onto the stage floor. Several video cameras had captured all of this activity and duplicate videos would be sold to any of the crowd of lusting women who desired one.

The container of foamy sperm seed from the suction device was removed and sealed in a cooling container. The other CPU was removed and as I kneeled there in absolute degradation, they removed my bonds and pulled me up for transport back to my complex area.

A dog leash had been attached to my neck all during the ordeal, which had aggravated the feelings of mortification, and there was nothing left of my self esteem but the constant and insane craving for the next orgasm. I was unceremoniously led out of the bar, dragged by the leash as the partiers cheered with sadistic gratification. Tomorrow would begin the third day of my 'special treatment', leaving only twenty five days to go until I was freed.

I pounded my mind with this fact, and that I would indeed recover from all this. The $500000 tax free dollars would help me see to that. I didn't believe I would ever be able to have normal sex again, and suspected that I would experience constant wet dreams and even uncontrolled public ejaculation, but I knew that time can be incredibly healing.

No matter how bad the ordeal, there is always healing with time. Much of that would depend on me. ____________________________________________ _____________________ Once back in my room and shackled in, I feel into a deep sleep, which would bring me back into balance again, and heal my tortured mind and sexual apparatus. Frankly I looked forward to the next session in the nurse suck felt much, much better to recieve it from a pretty nurse, than the disgusting reality of being forced to give it.

There was nothing I could do but cooperate and enjoy what I could. After my supplement drink, and as I fell into deep rest, I could actually feel the sperm laden fluid filling my enormous balls again.