Blonde slut in heat loves getting her beaver demolished smalltits creampie

Blonde slut in heat loves getting her beaver demolished smalltits creampie
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You could hear it up and down the hallway. I was pushing my cleaning cart past and at first thought someone was being murdered. Then I realized how wrong I was. I looked up and down the hall to make sure no one was watching, and then gently pressed my ear up against the door. I heard loud groans from insided. I pressed my ear closer and heard a woman's saying: " Harder, harder.oh god.oh god-" followed by a loud moan.

This guy must be good I thought. I couldn't remember the last time I had sex that was that good. In fact, I hadn't had sex in almost six months.

It's not that I'm unnatractive, I'm a 5' 9" slim brunette with 32 D breasts and a firm ass. It's just that being a cleaning lady in a resort full of rich people seems to atraact the sleaziest, uglies and dumbest men.

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Or maybe all men are like that. But this woman sounded like she was having the time of her life.

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I lsitened for a few more minutes before I was startled to hear footsteps coming towards the door. I jumped back and started pushing my cleaning cart down the hall when the door opened.


" You can clean it now," said a tall blonde in a bikini. She took off the do not disturb sign. A second woman stepped out; a red head with slim legs and massive breasts. The pair of them walked down towards the pool.

I kept waiting for a man to come out. No one did. I was stunned. Were they lesbians? Or was I imagining what I heard? I decided to investigate their room while I cleaned. The room looked pretty normal, except for the fact only one bed looked slept in. As I made the bed I noticed a suitcase was lying out and decided to have a peek inside.

Inside I found a strap on dildo as well as a large vibrating dildo. I could feel my pussy getting wet; it was begging me to try the dildo out. I grabbed the dildo and went into the bathroom. I pulled my panties down to my ankles and pushed it up into my vagina.

I turned it on and began to think about what it must be like to fuck a woman. I remembered in high school once I made my boyfriend dress up in my clothes and make-up before we had sex. I remember how he had given me oral sex and left lipstick marks on the inside of my thighs and around my cunt. I didn't know why I liked it so much, but the sight of the lipstick turned me on so much I didn't wash there for weeks until I got a yeast infection and the doctor made me.

I don't know how long I was in the bathroom for but I was working on my second orgasm when I heard the two women returning. I heard a voice in the doorway say: " Is the cleaning lady still here?" Oh my God I thought, I'm fucked. " I'm cleaning the bathroom," I said as I pulled my panties up. The dildo was still inside me (I didn't know what else to do); I would have to return it later.

I opened the door and stepped out. " You were sure here a long time." said the blonde.


" I like to do a thorough job," I said weakly. I walked awkwardly over to the vacuum cleaner. As you might imagine it was a bit difficult to pick up. The red head walked over to me and knelt down to help me. She looked at me suspiciously and said: "you don't happen to have something of ours do you?" " I don't know what you're talking about," I lied; I could feel myself blushing.

" I think you do," she said. I shook my head in denial. "Well let's just check to make sure," said the red head as she began to pull down my skirt and pannties. I stood there frozen, unsure what to as she exposed the dildo pushed up inside my swollen cunt. " If you like this" she said, "Sylvia's got something even better for you." With that she gently removed the dildo.

" My name is Carrie, by the way." " name is." I trailed off as I watched Carrie insert the dildo all the way into her mouth. She slowly removed it and said: " I love your taste; do you mind if I have some more." I was inceredibly aroused.

"Sure" I said meekly. Carrie pushed me back onto the bed. She began licking around the edges of my cunt and then put her toungue inside me. It was unbelievable.

Know one had ever given me oral sex like this before. I was in heaven. A few minutes later I felt her stop and saw Sylvia standing there with her large full breasts and the strap on dildo I had found earlier. She gently inserted it into my pussy. It was so much better than a man's penis. Sylvian got up on her knees on the bed and began thrusting.

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Carrie meanwhile had undressed and she now sat down on my face. I was only to happy to return the favor; I began exloring her exploring her wet vagina with my tounge. I couldn't see much because of my obstructed view but I think Sylvia and Carrie began kissing and groping; ocassionally someone's hand would reach down and massage my breast.

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Eventually I came: it was the best orgasm of my life. Carrie came also and Sylvia removed the strap-on. She lay down beside me on the bed and began kissing me. The warmth of her tounge and lips on mine exoted my whole body.

Sylvia stimulated me with her hand and began sucking and carresing my rock-hard nipples. I guess it was now Carrie's turn to use the strap-on because she lay down on the other side of me and slid it up my asshole. I lay there blissfully sandwiched between to sweaty bodies which were stimulating me from both sides. I reached down and began rubbing each of their pussies with each of my hands. I loved evey second of it. I loved the smell of their bodies, I loved the feel of their hard nipples pressed against me, and I loved the dual stimulation.

After we had all orgasmed several time Sylvia extracated herself from our interwined bodies and sat at the top of the bed with her legs spread wide apart. She ordered a porno mvie in which two busty lesbians entertain a plumber with using copius amounts of whipped cream.

I crawled across the bed and put my face in Sylvia's crotch. I loved the smell of her pussy and the feel of her pubic hair. I began to suck up all the wetness from Sylvia's pussy.

Sylvia seemed to appreciate at this because she gegan to gently stroke the back of my head.

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Carrie came over to help me. It was so erotic when our tounges would meet in our exploration of Sylvia's vagina. But it was tough trying to fit both our heads in their and I was getting tired so I put my head in Sylvia's lap and closed my eyes.


As I began to doze off I felt Carries hand moving down towards my crotch. I relized I was probally going to be fired but I did not mind one bit.

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