Hung thick cocked daddy breeds smooth bottom guy

Hung thick cocked daddy breeds smooth bottom guy
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They called her the Iceberg because, kissing was her limit. All the girls at University of the Beach had steamy sex lives. The Sorority Girls were no exception. One of the fraternity guys explained it. Most of the guys joined the fraternity for the structured social life.

Every frat guy had his little sister. Little sisters were not girlfriends, they were committed to attend all the functions and events. This assured an even mix of young men and women.

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Ace said, "These guys are gay but, they need to have wives and live the corporate social life. All those sorority girls are a bunch of lesbians playing along with the charade. They are happy pretending to live a straight life." The Iceberg had a boyfriend but, made out with him only.

Their code of Marriage before sex became common knowledge. Fraternity initiations traditionally included strippers, hookers, mouths and glory holes and humiliating deceptions. Specific details never crossed their lips but, anything imaginable took place at some of them.

You didn't ask. The Iceberg, acted friendly to everyone. She looked pretty and curvy in a muscular way.

The girls upstairs at the beach knew her and she hung around with the beach crowd downstairs at the apartment. Outside the confines of the girls house she disclosed some of their secret practices. "Toy's," she said, at first., without elaborating. "They have a bench with toys to." She could not finish saying what they did nor what toys played a part. "Girls, toys," she continued. Her look like a deer in the headlights disclosed the gravity of her revelation. Finally one of the neighbor girls, whispered, "Dildos." Her interrogator considered the gravity of the truth.

These girls played nasty dildo games with each other instead of getting laid with their boyfriends. The exact rules or play by play technique did not really matter. The exhibitionism, domination, submission, humiliation and outright kink made it exciting to think about. He thought about the hints given by other girls about their limited interest in men. He never thought about it after he left college and moved on. The internet and pervasive videos reminded him one day.

He scanned the video selections on a free amateur posting site. There before his eyes hot college lesbians watched each other transit the bench of mounted dildos. The selection grew from junior sizes to severe reaming Goliath members.

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The leader taunted them to take the full measure of the thickest, longest rubber penises possible. Their cervix felt the press of their body weight as they pressed their hot little asses to touch the bench and then bounce. One by one the sexy school girls worked their way through the challenging ordeal. No hesitation could hold them back.

Every movement on the unforgiving dildos seemed to direct hydraulic pressure that made their eyes bug out. They sucked up their diaphragms and exhaled completely to create enough room in the abdomen. Their vaginal membranes rolled out of their cavity on every withdrawing stroke. The girls cheered and heckled one another as they proved the worthiness of their membership in the Sorority. The leader made sure they moved vigorously, fully impaled on the penetrating silicone toys.

All the other girls watch and the room filled with arousal. Even with the painful last huge rubber dick, the pledges clearly enjoyed the punishment too. These girls made it looks sexy and normal to party and fuck like pagans.

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The steaming episode made him stiff and brought back the memories of other girls in college. The moaner had lived in his building adjacent to the frat.


The moaner brought men to her room and kept the window open for nightly performances. She howled and moaned and got fucked all night.


The frat guy, across from her window, used a bull horn speaker to taunt her. "Hey moaner!" he called. "I know you are in there!" He knew what she had in store, especially on weekend evenings. The balmy beach weather made perfect conditions for her open window performances.

If she timed it right the campus bell tower chimes signaled the completion of her sex act. On the other side of his building lay the lesbian's Sorority house.

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The frat guys frequently raided their premisses and carried them to baptisms in the apartment pool between the two hothouses.

The relationships might be perfect or nightmarish from the two college social groups. Imagine marrying a misogynistic woman, who only tolerates men. Every encounter with her bears a price.

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She takes on other men for their favors, and denies attention to her spouse. Her girlfriend lovers keep her happy, while her overworked husband tries to entice her into sex. She whores herself to all the guys except her husband, who begs for any attention. His nightmare would be her hot dream. After seeing the online initiation the former student reflected. He would have married the Iceberg, if he had known her better.

After they got married he would have fucked her brains out and turned her into a hot wife that craved his real dick constantly. If she needed girlfriends like those ones he would gladly share her any time.