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Straight male bj clips and free movietures of huge white cocks men
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Well that was just great! With a single sentence Mum had destroyed all our plans and hopes. She'd dropped the bombshell during dinner and all Chris and I could do was look at each other in total disbelief.

Apparantly, Mum had agreed to hire a cottage by the sea and we were all to go away together for the summer as one big happy family (which we were not), but Chris and I had hoped, dreamt of time to ourselves.

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Now all that was doomed. Instead of days of endlessly fucking each other, we were faced with weeks of isolation by the sea and time spent with our annoying, irritating little sister, Sara. After dinner Chris and I both argued with Mum that we were old enough to stay at home. Sara kept butting in and whinning that if we didn't have to go then why should she! This was unlikely as she was only 11 and would have to do as Mum said.

Whatever we said to Mum had no effect, her mind was made up. We would all spent the summer together. Over the folowing few days Chris and I tried to change her mind but she would not budge.

Day after day Chris and I grew ever more desperate. We could see all our carefully laid plans disappearing before our eyes and there was nothing we could do about it! Chris and I had begun laying our plans after our last family holiday. Ther we'd discovered the joy of each others bodies. That was the start and since then we have fucked each other whenever the opportunity arose.

Even with Sara aroun the house we'd manage a quick blowjob or wank. But let me tell you how it all began. It was on the third day of our holiday, Chris and I were sharing a room, and after a day soaking up the sun by the pool, we were getting ready for dinner.

Chris had showered first and had just come out of the bathroom. He hadn't covered up and I couldn't help but notice his dick. I suddenly realised he was completey shaved, not a hair in sight! Chris saw me looking "Do you like it? It looks much better shaved, what do you think?" "Wow, looks fantastic.

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Why have you shaved?" "I read an article which says it will make it look bigger and cleaner and be more sensative" "Well it looks great.can touch it to see what it feels like?" Chris walked over and stood before me (I was sitting on the bed) his hairless beautiful cock inches from my face. "Touch me Steven, take me in your mouth and suck me til I shoot all over you" How Chris knew that's what I'd wanted him to say for ages I don't know but I didn't need a second invitation.

I gently cupped his smooth balls and carefully placed his rising dick between my lips and started sliding my mouth up and down his length. "God Steven, you must have done this before .

oh.that's good" gaped Chris as I bobbed in time to his hip movements and he played with my hair. Soon, too soon, his balls tightened "I'm coming.oh my god, I'm coming" he said. I looked up and saw that his eyes were closed, lost in his own pleasure. I kept my eyes locked on his face as he errupted sending wad afte wad of hot spunk gushing into my mouth. But there was too much and some oozed from the corner of my mouth. I swallowed all I could, my first taste of sperm, except my own, but Chris's seemed a little thicker than mine.

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As his cock subsided I kept licking and kissing it cleaning as much cream as I could off it. That was the start of our sex lives together and now after months of planning, Mum had laid ruin to our desires.

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Whatever we said made no difference. And so it was the dreadful day arrived. We were feeling despondant at the thought of the weeks ahead.

We knew that Mum would be busy, she always was, and that we'd have to 'entertain' Sara. But what do you do to keep a whinningmoaning, annoying 11 year old happy?

The journey was awfull. 7 hours spent in a tightly packed car, stuck in traffic with nothing to do.


At last we arrived just as it was getting dark so there was no chance of exploring the area until morning. The following day dawned hot and hazy and as I looked out of my bedroom window I realised just how isolated the cottage was (a blessing as things turned out!) At breakfast Sara was being particularly troublesome and as I said something Mum exploded.

"Look Steven, whether you like it or not Sara is part of this family, so just accept it and get on" and she stormed out of the kitchen into the garden. I felt bad and after a few minutes I went out to see if Mum was okay. She was sat looking out towards the sea. As I sat down beside her I could tell he'd been crying "Sorry." I began but she interrupted me "Its okay, but I just want you all to get on.

Sara idolises you two, I know it does't seem like it but she does. She only wants to be part of your lives, thats all. Can you please try? "I suppose so" "So it's a deal then?" "Yes, okay" "Good, lets go and finish breakfast" and as she stood her hand brushed my thigh and just caught the bulge of my dick in my shorts.

Did Mum just feel my cock? As she sttod there I could see how erect her nipples had become through the thin material of her t-shirt and I guessed by the way her tits swung she wasn't wearing a bra. Afte ten minutes I felt able to rejoin the rest in the kitchen, still not believing what had happened.

By mid morning the sun had broken through the early morming haze. Chris and I had agrred to take Sara to the beach. The walk along the lane took 30 minutes and Chris and I walked side by side. Sara was excited and whenever she was out of sight Chris and I would touch hands and I would look longingly at his hard nipples dying to take them in my mouth and suck them hard. When we reached the beach Sara wanted to do everything all at once but Chris took charge and over the next hour we ran around doing whatever Sara wanted.

I don't think I've ever seen her as happy as she was then.


Eventually, Chris and Ihad had enough of the ball games and suggested that Sara build a massive sandcastle. She agreed and readily set to work. Chris and I sat some distance away and when she was occupied I turned and slipped my hand inside Chris's trunks and massaged his throbbing hairless cock.


As his prick grew in my hand Chris laid back and closed his eyes, drifting away on the waves of pleasure. "Suck me Steven, take me in your beautiful mouth" I didn't need asking twice and I bent forward and eased his shorts further down around his ankles before slipping his rigid cock into my mouth.

I concentrated on the eye of his dick saviouring the pre-cum jiuce that was oozing from the tip. "Ride me Steven" he muttered "Let me come inside you" I glanced at Sara who was far too busy to notice us, and I shifted position so that I was facing away from Chris. I lowered myself until I felt the first inch of his dick slide into my hole. Gradually, inch by gorgeous inch I took him inside my arse and I began to ride him, rising and falling on his rigid throbbing cock.

Suddenly, I felt his cock twitch, a tell-tale sign he was about to cum. As the first jet of spunk hit me deep inside I opened my eyes and looked straight at Mum and Sara! It was too late! With Chris's spunk exploding into me I began to shoot my own load. With a quick glance at Mum, Sara dived forward and before I knew what was happening, she'd taken my spurting cock into her mouth and was drinking down my cum.

She looked up and smiled with her eyes, a little cum seeping from the vorners of her mouth. After a few moments she let my cock slip from her mouth and what she did next had both Chris and I rising to attention again!

She crawled over to Mum, who'd been quitely watching, and french kissed her, swapping my cum from her mouth to Mum's. Mum couldn't get enough and she was greedily licking Sara's face trying to take as much spunk as possible. !Well, Sara" Mum said. "We've seen what special little game the boys play, shall we show them our's?" Without another word Sara helped Mum out of her t-shirt, revealing the most incredible tits I'd ever seen.

They were firm and pert with the nipples dark and inviting. Sara took Mum's right tit in her mouth and began sucking and teasing the nipple until soon it was standing firm and erect. This was obviuosly a well practised routine because after serviceing both Mum's tits Sara put her thumbs into the side of Mum's bikini bottoms and slide them down exposing Mum's shaved pussy to our gaze. From the glisening cunt lips we could tell that Mum was turned on and the look on her face confirmed it.

Sara then slipped out of her bathing costume and swung her legs over Mums face so that they were now in the 69 position. Gently, Mum began licking and sucking Sara's hairless pussy, pushing her tounge deep inside her. In return Sara did the same to Mum, toying with her pussy lips, lapping at the large amount of jiuce Mum was oozing. Chris and I had both become erect again and were sat watching wanking eachothers cocks as Mum and Sara licked each other out.

Mum broke off from her licking and said "Steven, come round here and fuck Sara rom behind, just above my face" I did as asked and slipped my rigid cock slowly into Sara's crack.

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As I moved gently forward I felt Mum's tongue licking my balls. It was too much and within seconds I was pumping another load of cum into my 11 year sister's pussy. In the meantime, Chris had moved forward and was fucking Mum's cunt whilst Sara played with his nipples. Soon Chris was ready to come and as he felt his balls give their signal, he pulled out and shot his load all over Mum's hairless pussy. I was still deep inside Sara when she leaned forward and began licking Chris's cum from Mum's cunt, savouring the taste.

As I slipped from her cunt, my cock fell against Mum's lips and she eagerly took me in her mouth and cleaned erevy last drop of cum off my cock. Over the following days we all fucked each other as much as we could. Chris and I moved into a room together, as did Mum and Sara.

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Clothes became optional around the house and due to its location, around the garden too. There are some more stories about our family fun which, you like this, I'll share with you, but suffice to say, we did enjoy a great family holiday and Sara did become part of our lives!