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Drunk beauty sucks a shlong
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Chapter Two: Bother and Sister? Really? I said before that I hadn't paid any attention to what my father was doing the whole wedding and this was probably a big mistake but I will explain the irony of all that in a while. For about a month I couldn't get up the courage to call Katie.

I was thinking of her still every time I took care of myself. I couldn't help it, I knew she was my sister but she was also the only girl I had ever been with. I was conflicted. I had thought of her all the time since that day in the park. The incident at the wedding had put me into hyper drive.

Every spare moment I had I was stroking it to the memory of us. I had almost got laid! She thought of me while she fingered herself! How hot was that? Yet she was my sister. This was almost to much for me to handle at 15. I wanted her ten times more now then before. She infested my brain every waking minute now. But I couldn't talk to her about it. I was under more guilt now then when I started masturbating.

Talk about mixed up sex questions. If I had no one to talk to about the first issue then who the hell could I tell about this? I finally called her and asked her if she wanted to hang out, go to the movies or something.

She said yes. This was the beginning of us being inseparable. For the next four months we went every where together. We didn't even so much as hold hands but we had a blast with one another.

She was the most wonderful girl I had ever known. She told me I was the greatest brother. Things were utterly perfect in my life for once except for the fact that I still wanted to be with her sexually. Take that part out and life was all aces. We went to the movies, book signing's, hung out at the library, school functions at both of our schools and even met all of each other's friends.

I was so happy being around her I tried not to think of t he sex, except when I was all alone. What made things even better is when we finally mixed all our friends everyone got along so well it was as if we all had been friends for years. We had a couple of raging parties together and I made out with her friend Abby. Abby was a really pretty girl but she wasn't Katie.

I hadn't meant to go there and make out with her friend but it just happened. We all had to much to drink and one thing led to another.

Abby was a good kisser but I couldn't get into it the same way I did with Katie. It felt weird being with someone else after fantasizing for so long and finally getting the girl of my dreams.

I was just trying to respect what Katie wanted and move on. Katie on the other hand took a liking to my friend Rob. At the same party I made out with Abby I saw them walk into a bedroom and close the door.

I asked her later what had happened and she told me they had just talked, but she liked him. I was hurt but we were really trying to do the brother, sister thing.

As far as things went I had completely stopped taking all the risks by the time I turned 16. I had other things going on and almost always had people with me. I wasn't going to whip it out and do it around my friends. I couldn't even admit to them I did it. Even when I was old enough and mature enough to understand everyone does it, I still couldn't tell anyone. I had sat in the room while other guys talked about where they did it and didn't get caught I still lied and said I never did it.

I don't even now understand why I couldn't admit to it with in a group of friends who talked about it like it was no big deal and would have still accepted me. I mean I knew it wasn't a big deal but I still was holding a lot of guilt from my childhood. At the time my guilt over jerking it rolled over into my guilt for wanting to bang my sister. Now with this nearly perfect life I had going on things were bound to hit a bump in the road.

When my life hit that bump everything crashed hard. The first thing that went wrong was Katie ended up dating Rob. I was crushed. Our night together had been almost six months earlier and she had settled down into this whole sibbling thing so from her point of view dating my friend was no big deal.

I mean I had made out with her friend in front of her so why would she think it was a big deal? I really believe she thought I was in the same place as her and she had no idea that I was so hurt.

I just thought to myself at least we don't live together and I don't have to see them dating. Funny thing about wayward thoughts like that are some times they happen. When I had said that I should have paid attention to what my dad had been doing at the wedding I also should have really paid attention to what he was doing after the wedding as well. Apparently seeing each other at the wedding had re-kindled the spark with my father and Lilly.

They started secretly dating while I was all caught up with my issues with Katie. Six months after the wedding they sat us both down talking about how happy they were that we got along so well because we were all going to be moving in together. They weren't talking marriage yet but they wanted to see where it went. Ok this just took things to a whole new level of weird. Now she was going to be living in my house while dating my friend.

I couldn't think of how this could be any worse. But it did. Both them and us lived in two bedroom apartments and our parents told us that we were all going to move into a three bedroom apartment. The new problem came in the form of the girls gave up there apartment and we were all supposed to move on the same weekend. Then due to some mix up the new apartment wasn't ready. The girls had to put their things into storage and we managed to keep our apartment for a little while longer.

This meant for 3 weeks not only would Katie be living in the house we would have to share a room. Damn you cruel fate! Now the girl of my dreams was going to be sharing a room with me and I couldn't do anything with her. Not thinking anything of it our parents asked if we would be ok with sharing my full size bed or if we would have to buy a cot or something for one of us.

Katie said we could share no big deal she said she thought we were comfortable with each other enough to handle it. This proved to only be true for the first week. With them in the small apartment I couldn't find time or space to take care of business for the whole first week. To make things worse Katie only slept in a sport bra and shorts. I was awake half the night just looking at her body.


On the 9th day I couldn't take it any more. I was a warm evening and she had kicked the blanket off herself. I was lying there looking at her trying to fight myself from getting hard, but it had been nine days! She moaned in her sleep and I just shot up. I pulled my sweats down and couldn't stop myself. I was going at it full force, and considering how long it had been I was lasting a long time. I closed my eyes for a minute and when I opened them again she was looking at me.

"What are you doing?" She asked quietly. "I. I couldn't sleep." "Oh. I do that when I can't sleep too," she said bitting her lip, "I just thought." "I .

can stop." "No. If you need to do that to sleep," she said looking at my hand, "I understand and I think I will to, to go back to sleep." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, I thought to myself as she slid her hand inside her shorts. She moaned, her eyes closed her back arched and her hand moving under her shorts. This is so unfair, I thought. I want her so bad and were here masturbating together and I could just roll over and fuck her. She slid her hand up under her sport bra and started rubbing her breast.

She was getting so into it she pulled her bra up exposing her breasts. I was done we were so close I popped so hard it shot onto stomach. "Again really?" she moaned but didn't stop. I was really worked up and started again and she wasn't angry that I came on her.

I took a chance I reached over and started caressing her breast. "No," she moaned but didn't stop me when I continued. I slipped my hand down into her shorts and moved her hand out of the way. She said, no, again but let me continue to finger her.

I began to kiss her breasts. She moaned, no really no, but didn't stop me instead she grabbed my dick and started stroking. I began to suck her breasts and she pulled harder on me. "What if someone .

comes in." she moaned. With my free hand I pulled the blanket over us. "Ooooh yes!" she moaned into the blanket. I pulled her shorts off her and took my sweats completely off. I climbed up on her and between her legs. She still had her hand on my dick and it was resting on her pussy! I started to move her hand and she gripped harder. "No,"she moaned, "No." she rolled me over on my back. She reached under the blanket and pulled her shorts back on. I laid there feeling stupid as she moved her bra back into place.

I started to say something when she slid down the bed and began to suck my dick. I closed my eyes and moaned. I shot into her mouth again minutes later. She spit in the trash can next to the bed and laid down again. I tried to kiss her and she turned her head away. "I thought you really were just trying to sleep," she said quietly, "I thought we were past this months ago." "We are," I lied, "I just got caught up in the moment." "Oh," she said so quietly that I barley heard her, "We shouldn't have done this.

I'm your sister and I'm dating your best friend." "Yeah, I know I just hadn't done it since you guys have been here, I thought you were asleep and I was just trying to relive tension." "Oh," she said quietly again, "It wasn't about me?" "No." I lied. "Oh," she said, "I was just caught up too.


I've never done that in front of anyone before." "I have, just once, that day." "Oh, yeah, that day, I just thought it would be exciting to have someone watch. When I woke up and saw you I was turned on a little." "Yeah." I said softly, "I saw you and got more turned on. I never saw a girl do that. I've never seen a live girl's .part, just pictures. With the blanket in the way I still really couldn't see it" "Oh," she said embarrassed, "I forget you've never had sex." I was taken back by the way she said it.

It was like she had, had sex. But when was that? She never told me she had gone all the way and I know she hadn't when we met at the wedding. Who had she slept with in the last six months? I thought we told each other everything. It had to be Rob. I could feel my cheeks burning with envy. "Yeah," I said trying to hide my thoughts, "I've come close twice." "Yeah, I didn't think I should screw my brother. Everything else is bad enough, but we've been there before." "Oh, yeah." "Maybe we should just go to sleep," She said rolling over We had an awkward morning after that.

She seemed really out of sorts. I felt like a total jerk because I had taken her down a road she didn't want to go. Going to bed that night was really weird. We laid there in silence until I heard her sleeping softy and I rolled over and fell asleep.

The next two nights were the same thing. We didn't talk and we laid there in silence. I woke up on the fourth night after to find Katie masturbating next to me. I woke up and she was already into it enough she had her bra pulled up and hand in her pants. Her eyes were closed and she had her back arched.

At first I just sat there watching I didn't want to move. I didn't want her to know I was awake and stop. "What are you waiting for."she moaned softly. How did she know I was awake? She moaned again as I slid my hand into her shorts and she pulled the blanket up over us. I started sucking her breasts and she kissed the top of my head. She slid her hand in my sweats and started stroking me.

I slid her shorts off her again under the blanket. I wanted to see her pussy this time. I really wanted to see a real one. I started moving lower kissing her stomach.

I had just made it down to her waist when she pulled my head up to her face. She kissed me on the cheek and pulled my sweats off. OH MY GOD THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! I thought to myself. I wanted this so bad. I rolled over on top of her and made it as far as my dick was in the hair above her pussy and I popped. "Really?" she said and pushed me over onto my back. "I'm sorry." "I should have expected it." she smiled at me.

"I'm confused. I thought you were upset. We haven't talked since the other day?" "It wasn't you," she said turning her head away, "I broke up with Rob the day after we almost ." "He didn't say anything." I wasn't sure where she was going with this.

"The other day just happened. Tonight I've just been upset and I was horny. I knew you were watching me and I know it doesn't take much to get you going. I figured why not." "So this was just another in the moment thing?" "Yeah, but when you came on me, again, I realized we were taking it to far." "Oh." "Your still up huh?" she said looking down, "I'll help you fall asleep." She slid down and sucked me until I was back to sleep. The next day we talked again.

She said that it was getting really weird between us. I lied and told her not to think to much about it. It was all really just in the moment stuff and after we moved we would have our own rooms. She said I was right but we really shouldn't do it anymore. She had almost let me have sex with her and if I had popped inside her she could've got pregnant and how would we explain that.

I don't know why but I asked her who she had, had sex with. She admitted that she had slept with Rob the night of the party. They had to much to drink and her boundaries came down. I was so angry inside. I wanted to kill him for getting were I wanted to be. But after they did it he stopped paying attention to her. She realized that was all he wanted from her. I really didn't hear most of what she was saying.

I was so upset she had sex with someone else. The next 6 days things were really good with us. It was like things were before we lived together. We went to the movies, hung out and drank coffee at the book stores.

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We went roller blading through town, and just talked like we hadn't in weeks. Things were so good that I thought maybe I was finally ready to give up and just be her brother. At night we were just sleeping and nothing else.

I did wake up and watch her while masturbating on the third night but she didn't wake up. I couldn't give up cold turkey.

It was on the last night we before we moved into our new apartment and Rob through a big party. Katie went even though she didn't want to see him. I drank a little to much that night and ended up on the couch with Abby again.

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We were making out really hard, I had her shirt unbuttoned right there with everyone to see. She didn't mind as I sild my hand in her open shirt and played with her breasts. Katie came to me at about 10:00 and said that we were already supposed to be home and we needed to go. I some what reluctantly pulled away from Abby and we left. We didn't really talk on the way home. She drove and I tried to sober up as much as possible before walking in the door.

To my surprise the parents weren't waiting for us when we got back. We slipped in quietly and went to bed. I had drank so much I passed out rather quickly. I woke up to Katie kissing my neck and she was completely topless already.

I kissed her mouth going into full gear. She slid off my shorts and grabbed me. I still continued to kiss her enjoying the fact she was lying on me this time. I liked the feeling her breasts on my chest. She climbed up on me and dry humped me though her shorts. I shot up on her stomach after about fifteen minutes of this. "Is it sad that I was expecting that?" she asked giggling.

She slid down sucked me for another fifteen minutes until I went off again.

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Sliding back up to kiss me again she pulled her shorts off not wearing panties. "I was wanting you to go off a couple of times before I took of my shorts," she whispered in my ear, "The more empty your are the less chance for accidents." She pulled the blanket back up over us and rubbed herself up against me.

I could feel all of her as nakedness and understood very well what she meant by accident. It felt awesome I kissed her and sucked her breasts and she rubbed on me for at least an hour before sliding down and sucking me again until I passed out.

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When I woke up, not long after, she was lying there with her hand in her panties trying to get herself off. "You want me to help you?" I asked kissing her stomach and moving lower.

She lifted my head and kissed me. "With your hand," she moaned moving my hand to her, "If I take anything else off I'll want to do more then let you lick me.

I ." twenty minutes later I finally had manage to get her off completely. "Ok," she said as I kissed her neck, "Tonight is our last night in here together. After tonight there is no more in the moment." "This was another in the moment?" I asked as she pulled her shorts back on. "You're my brother, where did you think this was going. I told you no sex." she said pulling her bra back on. "I didn't." I stammered, "Just the last couple weeks.

they've been the best of my life. I." "Come here," she said pulling me into a hug, "I liked you the moment we met. We both know things aren't right for this. I've had fun but it needs to stop." "I know. I know." "It needs to stop because I want to have sex with you." "I know.," My heart was breaking.

"We need to find a way to live together in the same house and not do this, I really mean it after tonight it's over." "I know. I'm not thinking about a relationship, we just keep doing this because were in the same bed is all." I knew it was the wrong thing to say only because it wasn't what was in my heart.

I loved her. I could never tell her that. She would never understand. I didn't know if she could see strait through my lies. "That's all? Just because were in bed together?" she asked quietly.

"Yes. You're a great girl but your right, it's not right," I lied, "I just can't help it when I have a sexy girl in my bed." "Ok," she turned her head away, "As long as it's not. anything else." I laid there for about a half an hour with her face turned away before I kissed neck. She didn't stop me.

She turned her head and kissed me on the mouth. We kissed passionately the whole rest of the night finally passing out only about an hour before we had to be up to start moving. We didn't say another word to each other all night. It was understood between both of us she had said no more after tonightso i made as much use of the night as i could.