Sexy beautiful virgin sex in the bathroom smalltits hardcore

Sexy beautiful virgin sex in the bathroom smalltits hardcore
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Chapter 1 - Just another Friday night? "Another beer Tony?" the bartender asked me. His words fell on deaf ears as I stared, practically drooling, at the trio of college girls dressed for attention. The combination of high heels, short skirts, and halter tops said that these girls were looking for fun. I imagined being younger, bolder, more confident, walking over and striking a combination, making them fawn over my charm, and even competing for my attention.

Would I take one of them home, or just fuck her in the alley behind the bar, up against the wall, pulling her panties down but keeping her skirt on? Or maybe I would strike the lottery. Maybe I could convince all three of them to come to a hotel room with me and live the fantasy that every man dreams of.

"Tony, another beer?!" asked Louie, another one of the Friday night regulars as he elbowed me in the side.


"Um, ah. what now?" I stammered after the bubble of my dreams burst. They both laughed. "When was the last time you got laid, my man?" asked Louie. The bartender leaned on the counter getting closer to both of us, "I'd fuck all three of them over and over until this bad heart of mine finally went.

What a way to go…" as he too was now ogling the girls, who were now trying to play a game of billiards. "You and me both…" I replied. "Well, how long?" "How long what?" "Since you been laid, fool?" "Oh man, don't get me started on that…" "Have you even had sex since she left you? And I don't mean with your hand." One girl was bent over the table, her panties revealing themselves, and I just wanted to walk over there and… "Damn, Louie.

You know I work 55 hour weeks and have a kid to take care of. I barely have the time and energy to make it here every Friday. How the hell am I supposed to meet someone?" It was a good point. But it was not completely true.

I could have tried to meet someone. But the truth was that I was afraid, and not yet ready. I was still in love, and still hurting from being suddenly abandoned and left to raise our little girl by myself. "Tony, buddy, that was YEARS ago. You could have accidently met someone by now. What's the problem?" I was afraid of betraying my love.Just because she ran away and started fucking some other guy didn't mean that I should break our vows.

"Hey man, its not like the old days. People are heads in their smartphone, just making eye contact is like a miracle…" But there was more than all that too. I spent a long time suffering from major depression after she left. I was doing much better now, and for a long time I had been telling myself that I was out of it. But it still crept in from time to time, and I would spend entire nights just sobbing hysterically in my bed and wishing I had a time machine, so I could go back and relive those magic moments again; feel alive again.

I was afraid that if I did sleep with someone, that even if I had a great time, even if it was the best sex I ever had, and even if i came 5 times, that still in the end, I would wind up crying. I couldn't handle that. The scene on the tv… er I mean, in the back of the bar was getting to be more and more of a tease. They must have known we were watching intently. At the moment they were comparing boob sizes, cupping their hands on each other and saying, "No I think she's bigger." "No way I'm bigger, feel…" "You think they need an impartial judge?" The bartender asked.

He was getting all sweaty and dabbing his face with the bar towel. I got up to piss and clear my head, which was starting to spin a little. I lived about 3 blocks away, so I didn't have to worry about being too drunk to get home, but after the recent conversation topic I just really needed to get into a good head space. A couple minutes later I stepped out of the men's room, feeling a bit more centered and level-headed.

I noticed one of the trio was over at the bar, apparently getting a round of tequila shots, and fishing to see if she could get them on the house, or if Louie was going to offer to pay for them. They were sly that's for sure. They sent the tallest thinnest blondest of the group over.

Her cleavage was nearly brushing up against Louie as she leaned in tell the bartender her order. Just then one of the billiard balls jumped off the table and came rolling in my direction. I followed its roll under a table and two chairs with my eyes, until finally it stopped just a few feet away, just sitting there all alone, purposeless and away from its home.

C'mon, pull it together, you just hit the reset button, I thought to myself. Don't go back down that path again. I walked over and bent down to pick it up, not noticing that one of the co-eds was doing the same. My hand wrapped around the ball just as hers reached down. Her hand ended up resting on top of mine. Her skin was smooth and her touch electrified me.

I looked up, noticing her low cut top revealing a whole lot of perky cleavage right in front of my eyes, and long slender legs that I wanted to run my fingers along. When our eyes met I wanted to say something about the fact that we had both reached for the ball and were now almost holding hands, but instead I just let out a, "Oh, haha." So smooth… She pulled her hand off of mine, but slowly and running her fingers over mine, intentionally arousing me.

I turned my hand over and held out the ball, in a gesture. "Thanks." She replied, her ruby red lips parting and revealing a mouth I wanted to play with. Oh the things I wanted to do to that mouth. "You know, if you hit the ball too low it will make it jump like that?" I tried to pull attention away from our awkward yet enticing encounter.

"I've never played before, could you show me?" She grabbed the ball from me and started to stand up. A few moments later I somehow found myself pressed up against this girl, arms around her holding her hands showing her how to hold a cue and how to hit a ball.

Her ass kept pressing into me, making me go from hard to raging pretty quickly. She didn't seem to notice, or was doing it on purpose and enjoying it. I couldn't tell. I didn't care. All three had just taken shots of tequila, and I could see Louie coming over with a pitcher of beer. I thought, things are about to get interesting for once in this place.

I made sure to explain proper stance, grabbing her waist, and groping her exposed midriff, and running my hands along her leg, saying, "No you want a wider stance, you need to be square…" and things like that. Truth was, I wasn't much of a pool player, and some of the stuff I was saying was what I learned from playing little league baseball.

But she had no idea and I was about ready to take her right then and there on the pool table, so it didn't matter. Some time went by and I bought a round of shots for all of us. By now the one I had been helping was sitting on the edge of the pool table and I was standing between her legs.

At first I just had my hands on the edge of the table beside her, but after a few minutes they were sliding along her body, until finally they were between her legs. I was rubbing her upper thigh and I could tell her breathing was getting heavy as she talked about, whatever it was we were chatting about, I honestly couldn't follow the conversation, I was too fixed on her lithe young body, warm and ready below me.

My fingers had just worked their way to her panties, they were lace, and damp. I could feel her heat, nearly smell her sex, I was in a place I hadn't been in a long time -- both physically and mentally. I was telling myself I was going to take this girl home and fuck her like the naughty college girl she was. That's when her friend got a text and said, "Hey, Jocelyn said they're at the club and Tommy and the guys are there asking about us.

C'mon lets go." They left so quickly I didn't even see them go. I just woke up from a dream, standing next to the pool table by myself, hornier than I had been in a long time.

I felt as if the breath had been taken out of me. In a daze I paid my tab and walked out the door, headed home. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Chapter 2 - Taking care of business I half-stumbled into my home with my mind on fire with thoughts of sex. I plodded up the stairs, the house still and quiet,making my way to my bedroom. The upstairs bathroom is one of those ones that is shared between two bedrooms.

When I got into my room I noticed the light was on under the bathroom door, and figured it must be the babysitter, Sophia. Sophia was a sophomore in college and the goodie goodie shy nerdy girl type, but she was also very pretty - the combination of which made her the girl-next-door fantasy every man wants.

As if her long dark hair and almond colored eyes and tan skin weren't enough, she also had a perfect smile and a beautiful voice. I closed my door behind me and turned my computer on while taking off my clothes and getting out a pair of comfy sweatpants. You see, the previous babysitter was a neighborhood girl that I hired as a favor to her dad, and she ended up stealing from me. After quite the headache I was able to get the missing valuables back through her father, who was very surprised and embarrassed.

At first he didn't believe me and was offended, but eventually found the missing items in her room. We haven't spoken since. I clicked through some folders and pulled up a few videos I had saved. You see, after the last experience I set up a few nanny cams in the house. I wasn't going to trust anyone. Lucky for me Sophia was more naughty than her innocent demeanor would suggest.

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One of the nanny cams had caught her playing with herself, fingers in her pants, on the couch while watching tv while my daughter slept one night.There was no nudity, but she felt her breasts through her shirt and her hand was furiously rubbing her clit. It was just about the hottest thing I could have ever imagined catching on video. It was my favorite thing to masturabate to. I had other videos, but they were much more tame. Mostly just quick downblouse and cleavage shots, or her bent over.

I grabbed my warm throbbing cock and began to stroke it fast while grinding my teeth. I needed a release and I needed it now. Watching the slim figure of this beautiful dream girl jilling off on my couch was too much, I was close in a matter of seconds. Then there was a knock on my door.

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"Um, Mr. Tony." She called out from the other side. I had insisted on dropping the formality and calling me by my first name, so she compromised and called me Mr.Tony. The sudden knock accompanied by her voice and the fact that I was jerking off to a video of her playing with herself that I had recorded without her knowledge made me literally jump. I knocked over a few things on my desk and my stomach flipped.

Heart racing I pulled it together and shut the video off and pulled my jogging pants up. Then I answered the door. "Hi Sophia." I greeted her. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she was wearing glasses tonight instead of contacts.

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She was dressed in baby blue cotton shorts that showed off her wonderful legs and a white tank top that wasn't revealing but also wasn't conservative. Could I just ask her if she wanted to fuck right then and there? Please? "You OK? It sounded like you fell or something when I knocked on the door." She said softly.

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I began to stammer and look around the room, my thoughts were like a highway traffic accident, so much chaos and so much standstill, everyone honking horns, commotion absent motion. What little blood was in still in my head wasn't helping me through this. I felt exposed. Guily. I was hyperaware of my rock hard dick screaming out her name and felt my eyes darting over to the computer and my fingers twitching. If she were Sherlock Holmes I would have been busted.

I must have answered her because she responded, "Oh ok. Well I just wanted you to know that I told Julia to take a bath…" She spoke so softly that I could barely hear her over my racing heart.

I just nodded my head while she finished what she said and when she finally turned to leave, her perfectly round little butt teasing me on her way out, I let out a huge sigh of relief. Sophia was great. She did so much more than most babysitters would be bothered to do. When Julia was asleep she often would clean up the house a little or clean the dishes. My friends seemed to think that Julia was far too old to have a sitter anymore, but between the extra work that Sophia would do around the house and the fact that I melted everytime I saw this girl I wasn't about to let her go.

Plus with her mom gone, it was nice to have an older female companion in her life that she got along with so well. (Oh and I'm sure the video I have of this gorgeous teen playing with her pussy on my couch, and the possibility of more videos, probably factored into the equation…) As soon as I heard the front door close I went straight for the bathroom.

Of course I wanted to check in on my little pumpkin, give her a little kiss on her forehead like I usually do when she's sleeping and I come home from the bar, but by this point, after everything I had been through tonight I desperately needed to just quickly rub one out.

The bathroom light had been left on, but the door to Julia's room was closed, so I thought nothing of leaving the door to my bedroom open as I quickly dropped my pants and started yanking like there was no tomorrow. I thought of Sophia's little ass in those blue cotton shorts. I thought of the pussy I had just barely gotten to rub earlier at the bar.

Suddenly I was groaning and shooting cum into the toilet. Then I heard a splash of water coming from behind the shower curtain."Is that you Daddy?" called out my daughter as she pulled back the curtain. We met eyes, I standing there erect cock in my hands, but luckily I had finished coming, and her naked and covered in soap bubbles.

She was my baby girl, she always had been. But for some reason I was seeing her in a whole new light. If I hadn't already been fully erect I would have been. She had never been shy, never hid her body from me. Maybe it was because I was the only parent she had. Maybe it would be different if I wasn't also the "mom".

But this was the first time in a long time that she had seen me naked from the waist down. Her eyes darted down to my penis, and stayed there, lingering, before looking back up at me. "I'm so sorry baby. I had no idea you were in here." Then it occurred to me that Sophia did say that she told Julia to take a bath, and then I sort of zoned out. And I was home much earlier than usual. The extra shots of tequila and the cock tease at the bar sent me home a couple hours in advance.

I couldn't help but really notice her small breasts. The tub was too full of bubbles to see anything else, but those perky little breasts were an eyeful. I could have feasted on them for days. I was embarrassed and wanted to pull my pants up and go, but I didn't want to have to take my eyes off her for a second. Her focus was back on my dick, I could see her trying to not look at it, but it kept calling her attention downward.

I pulled my pants up and flushed the toilet. "I'm sorry bunny, I'll let you wash in peace" I said as I turned toward my room. "Its OK Daddy." She said rising up out of the water. As she stood the suds began to drip down, running over her smooth skin and revealing more of her ripe young body every second. "Can you grab me a towel?" Full of embarrassment and guilt for totally checking out my teenage daughter, I quickly turned the other way and grabbed a towel from the linen closet.

When I turned back the suds were all gone, and her pristine figure was in full view. She was thin yet curvy. But what really caught my attention was her puffy lips, red from the hot bath water. I reached my hand out to give her the towel, but I again found my eyes glued to the sight before me.

Her mound was stubbly. I didn't know she had started to grow public hair, let alone trim it. But why would I know that? Sometimes I think I forget just how much time has passed, and just how old she has gotten. Wasn't it just last summer that we went to that cabin by the lake that my uncle owned and she went skinny dipping because she had forgot her bathing suit at the cabin?

Or was that the year before? Or the year before that? She had been so young and undeveloped then.


But now… "Thanks Daddy!" She said, leaning in to give me a kiss, having to stand on her tippy toes to do so, dripping water on my shirt and pressing her chest against mine in doing so.

Then she turned around and started to dry off, shaking her bum. I wanted to reach out and grab it. It was small, but meaty. I subconsciously let my hand drift to my crotch and I started to rub myself through my soft sweatpants, but just for a moment before I caught myself and stopped. She nimbly wrapped her hair up in the towel after getting most of the droplets of water that had been relaxing on her tender smooth skin.

Her mother used to do that. She was a spitting image of her, standing there, looking like that. I used to love to shower and bath with her mother.

It was by far my favorite sexual fantasy and she used to indulge me frequently. My daughter turned around and looked up at me and I just smiled back warmly. She looked at me a little confused, "What?" "Nothing." I reassured her, "Just, I love you so much." Her face lit up. "Awww, thanks Daddy. Love you too!" I leaned in to kiss her on the forehead, closing my eyes and thinking of her mother, fresh out of the shower; how she used to smell; how my lips felt on her.

Unbeknownst to me my daughter stood on her tippy toes at the same exact time, to kiss me. Our lips met with an electric shock that woke my entire body up, from what felt like years of suspended animation.

Our lips locked, neither of us moving away. I firmly put my arm around her naked body and pulled her in. Her arms went around me landing on my shoulder blades and grabbing my back, like a deep massage. We simultaneously broke the kiss and met eyes, each taking a breath.

Then I grabbed her by her ass, picking her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. My covered manhood bluntly ramming into her naked and still moist crotch. We began kissing again, this time in short passionate bursts, as I fell back onto the sink counter, shaking the mirror on the wall behind us. We held each other tight, as if our lives depended on it.

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After what I'm sure was just a few moments, but felt like forever we pulled back and again met hungry eyes. Her hips were grinding small circles into me, I think instinctively. My mouth lunged forward and I bit hard, but shallow into her neck by the base, then an inch higher, than an inch higher… "Ouch!" She squeaked, jumping a little. Again, I found myself as if waking up from a dream. My naked daughter had her legs wrapped around me, I was holding her up by her ass, our groins pressed hard against each other, and we had just been making out.

I was flooded with thoughts of what everyone would think and say if they knew. I was buried under an avalanche of shame. I needed to end this. Now. I let her down suddenly but gently and explained, stammering a little, "You… I'm… So sorry.

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You reminded me of your mother." and then I walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind me.