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Hot Sex Action On Tape With Amateur Teen Lesbians Girls Karlie Montana amp_ Dani Daniels amp_ Aid
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Nigerian Nightmare - Part 2 By Andy Caulden When fully erect, Samson's cock curved upward and looked far more imposing than Kola's. The curved cock looked as though it could reach the parts of an inner sanctum that no straight cock could; in fact, it gave the impression that if Samson stood bolt upright, a wimp like Kevin would be lifted off the ground with such a monster inside him. 'Open up, white boy,' snapped Samson. 'It's gonna hurt if you don't relax and open up.' Kevin gasped with pain as Samson took hold of his hips and thrust forward.

I gave Saka's semi-erect cock a gentle squeeze as I watched my boyfriend being brutally fucked. 'Don't you fret, man,' said Saka. 'Wicked Master [Samson] will be fucking you like that soon.' 'All four of us will be fucking you like that soon,' added Kola. While Kevin was being humped by Samson, Remi was slapping the hapless wimp across the face with his coal-black cock.

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'Are you still having a good time, boy?' asked Remi. 'Yes-s-s!' Kevin gasped between cock slaps. 'You guys are the best.' 'He's lying,' said Kola.

'White boys don't like taking black boy cock up the bum. Nigerian cock is way too big for them; they like little, white willies up their bums.' 'No, no,' said Kevin. 'Black boy cock is awesome. It's fucking awesome.' Samson continued to pound away at Kevin's rear end as Kola coaxed more black cock compliments out of his new bum-boy. I was pleased to see and hear my boyfriend playing along with these thugs; however, he did seem to be enjoying the abuse a tad too much for my liking.

For instance, his feeble attempts to resist were always countered with hard slaps across the arse, and yet he continued to 'resist' on a regular basis. He also cooed whenever these slaps were administered. The thought of Kevin being turned on by all this abuse did worry me.


If he became a willing sex pet, and wanted these abusers to enslave him, I would be outnumbered big time. 'Let's see if bum-boy two is as friendly as bum-boy one,' said Remi.

'Get over here, boy, and suck my cock.' Saka stood up, grabbed my ear and pulled me off the sofa. 'You take good care of Fearsome Master [Remi],' said Saka, as he twisted my ear and led me over to where Remi was standing. 'You get down on your knees and suck your master's cock.' I did as I was told, with a good deal of heavy-handed encouragement from Saka. The old man then knelt down behind me, spread my arse-cheeks apart and began probing my love hole with his bony fingers.

As he did so, Remi took hold of my head and forced more of his cock down my throat. He flattened my nose against his stomach and made me gag.

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Instinctively, I struggled at first, but then gave in and let the man have his way with me. 'Good boy,' said Remi. 'Just let it slide right down your throat.' 'These white men are so soft and sexy,' said Saka. 'They are just like their friend Tunny.' 'Tony,' said Kola, correcting the old man's pronunciation of my friend's name. 'The three of us had to fuck him for hours, in rotation, before he finally agreed to tell his friends about the club.

He didn't want to share his good fortune with anyone.' So Tony knew that Kevin and I would fall prey to these bastards at the club; the fucker set us up. 'He's addicted to black cock,' Kola continued, 'and he'll do anything to be lanced by a black mamba.' 'Black mamba-a-a,' Kevin stuttered, as Samson power-fucked his arse.

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'I like that name.' My boyfriend was also becoming addicted to black cock, as well as all the rough stuff that these thugs were meting out. He was clearly becoming their creature, the little slut. 'Focus, boy!' said Remi to me. 'Keep those lips stretched round the base of my dick and stay focused.' Samson and Kevin crashed to the floor a few minutes later; however, they remained coupled together and eager to keep going at it like rabbits, with Samson power-fucking Kevin into the pile of the carpet.

'That's it, Sammy,' said Remi. 'Wipe the floor with him; fuck him good!' It was then that Saka, using the finger he had buried in my love hole, indicated that I should get to my feet and offer him my arse for fucking. The manoeuvre was quite difficult to undertake, especially with a hard-standing cock in my mouth and a guiding finger up my arse.

Precariously, I managed to get off my knees and, with legs well apart, bend over for the old man. A stinging slap across my back told me I was in the right position for his cock to dock. Remi held my head in a vice-like grip as Saka's hard-standing chopper replaced the probing finger.

The pain was so excruciatingly severe, and way beyond anything I had experienced before. I felt my knees judder as I gagged on Remi's cock. Saka's dry-cock hump was making my head spin, and it was only the hold the men had on my body that kept me from falling down.


'Steady, boy,' said Remi. 'You don't want to pass out and miss all the fun.' 'If he can't take my cock,' said Saka to Remi, 'how's he going to cope with yours, or Kola's, or Sammy's?' 'With lots of shouting and screaming,' said Kola, slapping his thigh and laughing.

'He's normally a giver,' said Remi to Saka. 'But now he's got to get used to being a taker, like his boyfriend.' 'The boyfriend is a tip-top taker,' said Kola, slapping his thigh again and downing the last of his beer. 'Yes, a real nice grind; ain't that right, Sammy!' Samson let out a loud grunt, which we all took to be an unequivocal yes. Saka ran his hands slowly over my arse-cheeks and back, encouraging me to, 'relax and open up.' I winced as his cock continued to impale me, making my body shuddered involuntarily.

The anus-stretching cock pushed its way into my inner sanctum, forcing me to let out a steady stream of animal-like snorts and grunts. 'It's better rough,' said Saka. 'Wimps like you remember it for longer.' Kevin and I continued to snort and grunt like prize pigs. The two Nigerians had very dominant fucking techniques, and real staying power: we were like two rag dolls in their powerful, black hands.

My entire body was covered in sweat by the time the old man thrust forward for the last time and shed his load, deep inside me. I was completely done in, but that didn't stop the handover. Remi withdrew his cock from my mouth and swapped places with Saka; and as he did so, I saw Samson withdraw his length from Kevin's arsehole and, with Kola's help, drag my boyfriend across the floor and out of the room by the ankles.

'Ready for round two, boy?' asked Remi, as he eased my arse-cheeks apart. 'Just curve your back a little and open up.' 'I need a rest,' I pleaded. 'I'm not use to all this.' Saka's flaccid cock struck me hard across the left cheek, interrupting me; it then returned to strike me across the right cheek.

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'Hush, boy,' Remi scolded, as he prepared to mount me. 'Just curve your back and open up.' Saka took hold of my head and forced his slimy cock into my mouth. 'Clean it up, man,' he said, laughing. 'Make it all spick and span.' I wanted to bite the fucking thing, but self-preservation and good sense stop me: I knew full well that these thugs would really put me through the wringer if I didn't play along.

My head was spinning; my guts were aching; my arse was throbbing. I did everything I could to accommodate the anal invader, but still the pain was horrendous, and yet awesome at the same time. Remi hammered away at my arse for a good long while, increasing and reducing his stroke rate continuously. The variable fuck-rate certainly kept me on my toes, both literally and figuratively.

My knees threatened to give way several times, but somehow I managed to maintain my stance: bent over and sandwiched between the two men.

Remi's iron grip on my hips helped enormously. 'Your friend Tony loves being topped and tailed like this,' said Saka. 'And so does his friend, the old man who owns this bungalow. They are both tied up in the bedroom, waiting for more sex.' I didn't like the sound of that: Tony was never very keen on bondage, so what was going on.

'We have to tie Henry and Tony together, back to back, to stop them from having sex,' Saka continued. 'If we didn't rope 'em up, their ball-bags would be bone dry by now.' I let out a mournful groan when Remi thrust forward and growled, signalling yet another change of stroke rate: from slow to fast.

Bracing myself for more power fucking, I put my concern about Tony and his friend, who I didn't know, to the back of my mind. Most of my friends would have paid good money to watch the scene now unfolding in Henry's living-room. The two muscular Africans had me pinned to the spot, with their cocks deep inside me. I was exhausted and in desperate need of a respite, but Remi was determined to keep going until he had satisfied his needs. I juddered back and forth between the two men, and, with a hard-standing cock in each pipe, found myself being won over, rather reluctantly, to this form of rough sex.

'Yes! Yes! Yes!' Remi shouted, as he climaxed and shed his load. I nearly slipped from his grasp as he flooded my inner sanctum with seed; and as he did so, I grabbed hold of Saka's hips for support and climaxed. The three of us crumpled to the floor in slow motion, but stayed coupled together as we went down.

I was totally wiped out by the shag and the subsequent climax; however, I still kept my arse-cheeks tightly clenched, hoping for a last minute rally from Remi. Alas, the man was spent and in no mood for an encore; Saka was also quick to dismount and move on. I was grabbed by the ankles and, just like Kevin, hauled out of the room.

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The carpet burnt my arse and back as I was dragged, unceremoniously, along behind the two men. In the hallway my head struck a wall, a doorpost and an open door.

The journey from the living-room to the bathroom was extremely bumpy and fast moving; and the way the men cleaned me up in the shower was just as hurried and rough - I was still soaking wet when I joined the others in the bedroom. 'Climb aboard, man,' said Saka, as he pushed me toward the double bed. 'Spread yourself out on top of your boyfriend and make yourself comfortable.' On the bed, Tony and Henry were lying on their sides, and tied back to back with rope.

Sprawled out on top of them was Kevin, who was tied, face down, to the four corners of the bed with more rope. I completed the human pyramid by spreading myself out, face down, on top of Kevin. I was tied down in double quick time by Kola and Samson, who kept slapping my arse as they did so. The four Nigerians then left us in the dark and returned to the living-room.

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