Blonde vixen jade amber gets her pussy plowed

Blonde vixen jade amber gets her pussy plowed
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Chapter 2 That night I slept in mom's bed, no we didn't fuck any more. I was sexually spent and needed to recharge my batteries for the day ahead. We did cuddle and spoon though. That morning after I took a long shower I drove over to my mom's friend Sandy's house.

It was a nice spacious place. When Sandy came to the door she was blushing and already looked embarrassed. I smiled and walked into her living room.

Sandy was always a bit quiet and shy but now she was looking at the floor and barely speaking loud enough for me to hear her. Luckily mom had told me what she wanted. It seems Sandy has a bit of a fetish where she likes to be dominated by a man. So I told her in a strong commanding voice, "You know why I'm here?" In her usual quiet manner, "yes" "So go upstairs and change into something sexier." She just stood there not moving.

"I know you heard me. Now if you don't obey me I will punish you." This got her attention. She looked at me and started to smile before rushing up stairs. I waited in her living room for a few minutes for her to return. She came back down in black lingerie; she had a black lacy bra with matching thong panties, black stockings, a garter and high heels.

She looked like a porn star. She was about my same height but her heels made her tower over me, they also made her large ass sit perfectly on her legs and jiggle when she walked.


I could not wait to make that ass jiggle from humping. Her tits were average size so was her figure, but in that moment when she walked in with her sexy new outfit, she was every man's fantasy.

"Now don't you feel more comfortable in that outfit?" "It feels weird wearing it in front of Sarah's son." "Don't think of me as the son of one of your friends. When I am here, alone with you I am your master. We are not friends we are lovers. You are my sex slave and as thus will obey me completely with out question. Do you understand?" Again she mumbled under her breath and I could not hear her.

"Do you understand!?" "Yes." "Yes what!?" "Yes Master." I had never been called master by a woman before, but I liked it. It made me feel in control. I wondered what it would feel like to really control her.

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"Slave come her." she stood in front of me. "Kneel." She obeyed every command and her shy little smile was now a huge grin. "Do you want to make your master happy?" "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes master, I want to make you happy." "Good, now take out my dick and suck it." With out missing a beat she unzipped my fly and was fishing around my pants for my hardening cock.

The moment she freed it she opened her mouth and swallowed almost half of it instantly. Sad to say she was not that great of a cocksucker. But she loved it when I gave her commands on how I wanted it. 'Take it deeper,' 'jack it off,' 'lick my balls.' Once I gave her a command she obeyed it.

After a few minutes I got tired of her sloppy BJ and told her to stop. "Bend over and stick you ass in the air." Once more she obeyed without question or delay. "Did you pay for sex?" she looked over her shoulder sacred at what I asked. I didn't like the delay in answering so I gave her ass a smack.

She jumped with surprise, not pain, when my hand made contact. Her smile reappeared a she revealed in the stinging feeling in her ass. "You didn't answer my question." Another smack, a little harder, but this one she was expecting. "Did you pay for sex?" "Yes." Another harder smack.

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"Yes Master!" "That's right. You did pay." Smack. "That makes you a bad girl. Do you know what I do to bad girls?" smack. She shook her head but I could tell she loved the feeling of her ass on fire. Smack. "They get punished." Smack. "Thank you master, I need to be punished." Smack. "Yes you do." I took my nails and scratched from her thighs up her ass, leaving four red lines up her curvaceous ass. Her mouth just opened as if she was either taking in a deep breath or screaming.

Not knowing which way the air should go she just had her mouth open not breathing. "Do you like that?" Finding her breath again, "Oh God yes master." So I did it again, and again she loved it. One more smack on her ass. I don't know why, but having this control and being able to just let lose on a woman really got me hot, and hard.

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My dick was pure steel and itching to be used. "Has my slave been punished enough or do you want more?" "I always want more punishment master." "Good.

But right now I feel…charitable. And I would like to feel some pleasure. I think I'll use my slave now." Her eyes lit up like Christmas lights.

Not only was she going to get fucked, but she was going to be used by her master. She really got off on being dominated, and I was getting off on dominating. I took my dick in my hand and pointed at her wet hole.

I touched the tip of it to her slit. I could feel the heat emanating from it. I slid my member up and down her cunt. I would stop at her entrance for just a second and then I would slid right past it just to drive her crazy.

And boy did it. Sandy would whimper like a dog whenever I slid past her entrance. She needed my cock so bad. I considered this just another punishment for her.

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She could barely contain herself, her hips were swaying with my movements, hoping to get my prick to fall into her waiting hole. After teasing her I stopped right at her entrance. I didn't give her any warning before I shoved the entire length of my tool straight into her cunt. Thank god she was soaked. The second I bottomed out inside her she cried out in pain but then sighed as she was swept by pleasure. I fucked her in long strokes feeling as much of her insides as I could.

I grabbed her ass as I pounded her, giving her hard smacks every once in a while. This made her moan and squeal with delight.

"Does my slave like her master's cock?" "Oh god yes master." "Say it." "Your slave loves her master's cock." "Because you're a…" "A dirty slut master.

A cock hungry slut that needs you to use her as you see fit." I could not believe how hot dominating this bitch was. And now there was something I've always wanted. To shove my dick in her ass. One girlfriend let me put my dick up her asshole, but only once, then never again. But this slut was my slave, obedient and subject to my every whim. I gave her a few more hard thrusts before I pulled out. I spread her cheeks wide and placed my head right at her backdoor.

"Do you know what I am going to do to you slave?" "Fuck my ass?" I Put some pressure on her asshole, "Yes" and then I pushed until the head was inside. I kept it there for a moment to allow her to open up to the idea.

After a second I started pushing forward. I have never had my dick in anything so hot and tight before. I kept spanking and squeezing that firm ass as I plowed it raw. This was one of the greatest sensations ever. Her ass was hot and tight, and she would squeeze it even tighter every time I spanked her. Not only that but she was moaning and grunting every time my prick move inside her.

Eventually I built up so much speed and momentum that I was pounding her right into the couch, she had to hold onto the back of it or her head would have banged so hard, shed concuss. I just kept fucking this slut's ass, feeling her cunt dripping juice onto my slapping balls. "Where does my slave want me to cum?" "Cum on my face master. Please cum all over me master." I gave her a few more hard thrusts before I ripped my dick out, she dropped to her knees to meet me and I let my torrent of cum blast her pretty perspiring face.

Her eyes, mouth, chin, even some in her hair. She grabbed my dick and milked every drop out onto her face. I felt so drained and happy at that moment. I smiled at this horny little nympho at my feet.

"Have fun? Slave." She sighed before answering, "Oh god yes master. I love it when my master uses me." "Then you should talk to my mother about when we can do this again." "Don't worry master, we will be doing this very often." and she gave me the most beautiful, cum covered smile I've ever seen. We cleaned ourselves off and then I was out the door heading to my next appointment. Katie used to work for my mom when she was in high school; that was a few years back.

Since then she's become an unofficial part of the family, although I have always wanted to fuck her. She is short, around 5'3", but well proportioned. She has huge tits that make the best cleavage. Standing next to her I could never help myself from looking down and fantasizing about grabbing those huge orbs.

Not to mention a back porch that fills her jeans to perfection. And legs sculpted from years of dancing. I could not wait to get to her house. When I did she greeted me at the door with a big grin and an elegant gown. She explained that I was to be her escort to a party her company is throwing, she now works as an intern at a law firm.

She gave me a suit and told me to get ready. A quick shower, change of clothes and we were off to the party.

She stopped in the parking lot and turned to face me. "Kyle I'm really glad you came with me tonight." "I'm happy too." "There's something I would like you to do for me tonight." "Whatever you want." "I brought you here with me because my boss is a pig and makes passes at me at work.


I told him I have a jealous boy friend but he called my bluff. I was hoping you'd be my jealous boy friend for the night. I don't want you to do anything to my boss, but show him I wasn't lying." "Of course, any way I can help." She smiled and sighed in relief. As we walked to the door I reached over and took her hand in mine.

I leaned close and whispered, "If we are going as a couple we should act like one." She smiled again and squeezed my fingers between hers. The party was an elegant affair. Fancy food, classy music, a beautiful and fun date, and I was having a genuinely good time.

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It wasn't until late in the evening that this middle aged man with greased back hair came over to our table.

He went straight to Katie and greeted her. I could tell he was looking down the front of her dress at her breasts. Even though we weren't really together I became very jealous at this guy looking at her like that. When he turned to me I stood up and shook his hand with tremendous force. I could tell I hurt his hand and I was happy. I introduced myself as, "Kyle, I'm Katie's boyfriend." I looked him straight in the eyes, never breaking contact.

He seemed uncomfortable and I could tell he was intimidated by me. He then pretended to see an old friend of his and then ran away, with whatever dignity he had left. I sat back down and Katie was staring at me with admiration.

"I don't think he's going to be bothering you anytime soon." She leaned over and kissed me. I was slightly dazed and looked at her. "My hero." We laughed, but she gave me the same look again. I held her hand and asked, "Do you want to get out of here?" she nodded her head and we were out the door. She gave me looks and giggled the entire ride back to her place. We were both anxious to get inside. She closed the door and we were finally alone.

She walked up to me and kissed me again. I don't know why, but her kisses made me feel high and happy and calm and all the good things a person wants to feel. We finally had to break the kiss for air, she giggled some more and lead me to her bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and kissed her some more.

Our hands explored our bodies; she felt my back, ass, legs, chest, crotch, and anywhere else she could reach while I did the same to her. Her flesh felt so soft and hot under my hands. I don't know how but within a minute she was out of her dress and taking her bra off. The second her tits were revealed I went straight to them. They were just as glorious as I had always imagined them to be.

I licked, sucked, nibbled and squeezed each nipple till she was writhing around on her bed in ecstasy. I slowly moved down her prefect body kissing every inch of her chest and stomach. I got to her panties and quickly removed them.

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She had the most beautiful bush I've ever seen, trimmed, but still a little wild. I kept moving down until my lips were kissing her lips. Now, I don't claim to be an expert when it comes to oral, I enjoy giving it and my partners enjoy receiving it, but Katie was completely different.

She was shuddering and moaning with ever lap of my tongue. I pulled apart her lips and shoved my tongue as deep inside her as I could get and she shot up as a small orgasm ripped through her body. I have never given a woman so much pleasure from just my tongue before, and I got to say, I was getting off on it.

But the crescendo was when I played with her clit. I didn't just rub it, I flicked it back and forth, up and down with my tongue. I sucked on it, pulled it with my lips and gave it a gentle bite.

Katie responded by having one of the most intense orgasms I have ever seen. She was bucking her entire body, her breathing was erratic, one moment deep and heavy, another shallow panting, then she stopped breathing all together. If I weren't between her thighs using her clit like a joystick I would have thought she was having a seizer and dying. I kept playing with her all throughout her orgasm, until her muscles relaxed and she was limp.

Her breathing was deep and heavy as I moved up her body. We were now face to face and I could see the satisfied look in her eyes. She flashed me a huge smile and grabbed my head to pull me in for a kiss. As we passionately embraced I couldn't help but notice how my rock hard dick was rubbing against her pussy through my pants.

She was moaning into my mouth as her hips started to respond to the pressure down there. I was so turned on I couldn't take it anymore so I quickly removed my pants and underwear and in one fluid stroke was deep inside Katie's most intimate space.

This made her moan even more and I felt a wave of satisfaction as I pushed balls deep inside this beautiful woman. I pulled out of her and slowly pushed back in; all the while never removing my lips from hers.

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She wrapped her legs tightly around my waist as I continued my slow pace. This was like nothing I've ever experienced before, all this passion, yet tender compassion, not really focusing on the physical pleasure but just the joy of being with this woman. We weren't fucking we were making love.

I've never made love before but I'm pretty sure this is it. When I break the kiss I look into her eyes, and she looks back and I feel this deep connection. I start kissing her ears and move on to her neck. This seems to really turn her on because she is squeezing me tighter and repeating, "yes." This encouragement pushes me to go faster, and faster.

I'm not a full speed, but I'm still thrusting with quite a bit of speed and strength. She keeps moaning yes. I speed up some more. I lift myself onto me arms as I try to hit my top speed. Katie grabs her tits and pinches her nipples as we both get closer and closer to climax. Our eyes meet and I feel that connection again, and it pushes me over the edge. I slam as deep as I can as my balls let lose and all my cum shoots out into her cunt. She responds my splashing my dick with her own cum.

It's one of the most intense orgasms of my life and once every drop of jizz is emptied from my prick I collapse on top of Katie, who is also hanging on to the waking world by a thread. I turn over next to her pull her close to me and give her one more intense passionate kiss, before we both pass out in a satisfied sex fueled coma.