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Hermione went to find her regular compartment in the Hogwarts waited for Harry and Ron to arrive at the they arrived, they told her about what happened at the Quidditch World Cup. "I know, I heard the Dark Mark was cast wasn't it?" she asked. "How do you know?" Ron asked. "I get the daily prophet," she explained. "At a muggle home?" "Yeah" she said slowly.

"I get it too, you know," Harry said. "Oh, OK," Ron let the matter drop. After the sorting, Dumbledore announced the Triwizard Tournament and introduced the participating schools, Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

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*Tell Weasley to shut his mouth or he'll let the flies in* Theo said sarcastically. *He's surprised that Krum is still at school* Hermione replied. *VICTOR KRUM IS IN HERE!?* Theo shouted in their minds. *YES! NOW TALK SOFTER!* Hermione shouted angrily while massaging her brain. "Are you all right, Hermione?" Harry asked, concerned. "Just a small headache," she replied as Theo answered,*OK* in a small voice. When the Goblet of Fire was ready to make its decision, Dumbledore was going to announce the champions for each school.

"The champion for Durmstrang," he said,"will be Victor Krum." When the cheering and applause stopped, Dumbledore continued, "The champion for Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour!" "The Hogwarts champion," he called, "is Cedric Diggory." There was a loud applause for Cedric was a popular boy. The Hufflepuffs' cheering were the loudest. Suddenly, the Goblet of Fire shot up red fire again and a piece of paper flew up. Instinctively, Dumbledore reached for it and stared at it for a long time.

He called out a name, "Harry Potter" Hermione was stunned. He couldn't have put his name in it, could he? *I don't know, sis,* said a voice. *Oops. I must've let my thoughts through,* she thought. *Exactly,* said Theo. *Do you think he put his name in there or get a seventh year to do it?* she asked. *I don't know him well so I can't assume,* he thought. *I doubt he did because he told me many times when he was sure none else is listening that he wish he could be a normal wizard for once instead of being the 'Saviour of the Wizarding World',* she thought to her twin.

*Maybe he didn't put it in,* Theo thought. *What if someone put it in there to kill him?* asked Hermione. *Possible,* said Theo. Hermione and Rosella were in the RoR, waiting for their twin brothers. "Finally!" said Rosella. "Guess what?" said Hermione.

"What?" asked Theo. "Ron has been ignoring Harry due to jealousy," said Rosella. "Exactly," said Hermione. "No bloody way," exclaimed Anderson. "Yes," said Hermione. "I've seen it coming," said Theo. "What do you mean?" asked Anderson. "It's obvious, isn't it?" said Theo.

"What's obvious?" asked Anderson impatiently.

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"What he bloody means is that Ron only befriended Harry to try get some part of his fame!" finished an annoyed Hermione. "Yes!" said Theo, "Thats what I mean!" "Well, if that…no, it's not obvious," said Anderson. "Seriously?" asked Rosella, "It's more than obvious, you thickheaded idiot!" "No, it's -" "Yes, it is!" Theo, Hermione and Rosella shouted. "But, how?" "Weasley always say that he's always in his brothers' shadow.

It seems as if he wants sympathy. So he thinks that being friends with the Harry Potter will probably get him to be noticed," explained Rosella. "Oh, okay," said Anderson. It was the day of the Yule Ball. Hermione was getting ready for it about three hours early. *Who are you going with?* asked Theo. *Viktor Krum,* she answered.

*You're going with Viktor Krum?!* *Yes,* she said. *But he might break your heart!* he said. *Like you broke Tracey Davies'?* *She was starting to get clingy and your my sister! My twin sister at that!* *Like that makes any difference,* she stated,*Anyway, who you're going with?* *Daphne Greengrass,* said Theo.

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*I don't like her,* said Hermione. *Why?* asked Theo. *Because she's just those type of girls that gets on other girls' nerves,* said Hermione. *I'm still going with her!* said Theo. *Then, I'm still going with Viktor,* said Hermione. *Fine! You can go with him,* he said. *I didn't ask for your permission,* she said. When she came to the Yule Ball, she heard gasps and whispers. When she looked around, she saw many people gaping at her.

During the dance, she and Viktor had a marvellous time. She saw Theo dancing with Daphne Greengrass. They seemed to be having a wonderful time. When the first two songs finished, Viktor grabbed some drinks. She saw Harry and Ron sitting at a table staring at the dancers and went over to them.

After she had an argument with Ron, she ran to the common room. *Are you okay, 'Mione?" asked Theo, *I saw your argument with Weasley.* *I'm fine,* she replied.

*Once you're up to it, go to the RoR," he said. *I'm going now,* she said. *All right,* he said. "Are you all right?" asked Theo. "Not really," she admitted. "I realised that I haven't dance with you as brother sister," he said. "But there's no music," she stated.

"I want music," he stated. Music began to play in the room. He held out his hand and she grabbed it.


"I wish we could have done this," she said. "Me too," he said. "I wish we didn't have to miss 12 years of our lives," she said. "Everyone in our family does," he said. It was late in the night and she was just staring at the sketchpad where there was a drawing of her, Harry and Ron. She suddenly heard footsteps going to the common room from the boys' dormitories.

"Who's there?" she asked. "It's us, Seamus and Dean, Hermione," said the figure. "Oh," she said. "What are you doing here, Hermione?" asked Seamus.

"I could ask the same with you," she stated. "You first," he said. "I couldn't sleep after the argument with Ron," said Hermione.


"We couldn't sleep either," said Dean. "What was the argument about?" asked Seamus in his thick Irish accent. "You know my date to the ball was Viktor Krum, right?" she said. They both nodded. "After a few songs, Viktor went to grab some drinks.

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I went over to Harry and Ron's table. Ron started to tell me off about how I was 'fraternising with the enemy' and that I will most probably help him in the tournament. That set me off because what has he been doing all this time? He's been ignoring Harry! He ruined tonight for me!" she said, tears threatening to fall.

"How did he ruin it?" Seamus asked tactlessly. Dean nudged him in the ribs. "Tonight was supposed to be the night where I don't have a care in the world. I don't have to be Hermione 'Bookworm' Granger. I don't have to be the girl everyone expects me to be." "Instead, I can just be Hermione Granger, a regular schoolgirl wanting to have fun. A girl without a care in the world. Without worrying about breaking the rules or anything.

Just be me, a carefree girl." she said, a tear going down. "But he, Ronald Bilius Weasley, ruined that! He ruined the night! He broke me just because I went with Viktor Krum.

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It's not bloody fair that I get lectured but Roger Davies doesn't. Davies was also 'fraternising with the enemy'! Ugh! I. Hate.


Him," she finished. Dean and Seamus' eyes widen. They couldn't believe it. They never knew that Hermione became a bookworm because that's what people expect her to be. "If they can't accept you for who you actually are, why don't you start hanging with us?" asked Seamus. "Sure, I'd like that," said Hermione while smiling.

*Theo?* she thought to Theo. *Yeah, 'Mione?* he thought back. *Can I tell Seamus and Dean about us?* she asked.

*Only if they can be trusted not to tell,* he answered. *Thanks,* she said. "I want to tell you guys a secret. But first, promise me you will not freak out and that you won't tell anybody," she said.

Dean and Seamus looked at each other and, "We promise," in unison. "Muffliato," said Hermione while pointing her wand to the entrance to the dormitories.

"I am actually not a Granger. I was adopted by muggles when I was born. I am in fact a pureblood. I was given away for my own protection. I am Hermione Rosella Nott. My family became spies for Dumbledore. When I was nearly 13, I was told about my heritage.

I wasn't resorted for two reasons. One, they don't want people to know about me as it will risk my safety. Two, well I didn't need to as I got Gryffindor through my mum.

Please don't be mad," she said. "Why did they gave you away?" asked Dean. "Because my twin, Theodore Nott Jr. and I are powerful twins. Voldemort naturally became afraid. He ordered my dad to kill me. But instead, he gave me away. My family then joined the Light. Please don't leave me or anything," said Hermione.

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"All right. We won't shun you or anything," said Seamus. "Thank you," she said. "Wait a mo'," said Dean. "What?" asked Hermione. "You like to draw?" he asked. "Yeah. My twin and I do actually," said Hermione. "I love to draw!" said Dean. She smiled. She tore the drawing of her, Harry and Ron and tore it Harry and Ron out of the picture.

She took the drawing of the two people and toss it into the fire. She then drew a drawing of her, Seamus and Dean. Suddenly, she looked angry and disgusted. *THEODORE ANDERSON NOTT JR.!* she screamed in their minds. *What is it?* he said, scared. *Why didn't you put mental shields?* she asked. *What do you mean?* he asked. *You were snogging Daphne Greengrass!* she said. *So? Can I not?* he said. *You can but put the shields!* she thought.

*Why?* he asked. *Because I was going into your bloody mind to ask you something when I suddenly saw you snogging her! What's worst is that when I'm in your mind while you snogged her, I felt like I was snogging her!* she screeched in their minds. *Eww! I didn't need that image in our minds,* he exclamed. *It's your fault!* she said, *You brought in on yourself!* *Sorry,* he said. *OK* "Hermione?" asked Seamus.

"What is it?" she asked. "What happened?" asked Dean. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Well, you started to look angry and disgusted then you started to shout 'Theodore Anderson Nott Jr.'," said Seamus.

"Oh, that. Well, we're connected emotionally, physically and mentally," she explained, "So we can talk to each other in our minds.

I suddenly went to his mind to ask him something when I saw him snogging Daphne Greengrass. When we enter each other's minds, we are seeing things in the other's point of view so it felt like I was snogging her," she finished, shuddering.

"Oh," said Dean and Seamus.

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