Lesbian masseuse orally pleasures busty babe

Lesbian masseuse orally pleasures busty babe
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The Academic and the Nymphomaniac Chapter Two. This is my first erotic story so be gentile with me I am a virgin, (Yeah in my left ear.) but seriously folks I really need your input and comments.

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The first chapter was set up but I promise the pace will pick up. So when you get a chance let me know what you think, the reader always comes first. LOL When I came to I was completely disoriented and confused, all I knew was that something wonderful was happening but I could not think as my cock was in a warm wet wonderful place. I opened my eyes and looked down my body at a head of copper red hair going up and down, and stars bursting in my brain.

Then it came to me through the fog, Vicky! She looked up at me as she pulled her mouth up to the end of my cock and pulled her hair back.

With a loud smack she pulled off my cock and crawled up my body like a predator. For just a second I felt like she would eat me alive, and that I would encourage her to do it. I could not understand what was happening with this beautiful woman. It's a mystery to me what was going on, she was acting like one of my mates in season.

And I can't help it but this woman is making me crazy.


I did not have time to think anymore because Vicky had reached my face and was staring into my eyes. David I am sorry that I attacked you like that but I just couldn't help myself when you're in the office today as soon as I got within 5 feet of you my pussy got wet and I really wanted you to pet my pussy. I laughed and said, Vicky I don't know what is going on but with you this close to me I just can't think. I'm sorry David she said, but I am in nymphomaniac although I normally keep it under better control.

I don't know what happened but I completely lost it and now that I think I found it again get ready for the ride of your life. She put her lips on mine and began kissing me again, I felt it all the way to my toes so I kissed her back. I ran my hands through her mane of hair and then rolled on top of her. I pulled back and looked into those green eyes, then I looked down to her breasts.

Her nipples were like two soldiers standing at attention I could not help myself I licked her right nipple and then flicked it rapidly with the tip of my tongue, I couldn't believe it the nipple got even larger and harder. Vicki moaned and said, My left nipple is feeling very neglected right now you had better take care of it.

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So I started alternating right to left and Vicki began to moan and vibrate I lightly nipped each nipple with my teeth, she screamed and almost went into convulsions. I had never seen a woman orgasm from having her nipples stimulated in any of the three worlds.

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Vicki moaned and grabbed my head and shoved me down off her breasts. I kept on looking flicking and nipping down her beautiful body, when I licked around the rim of her belly button she screamed and exploded again. So I kept doing what I was doing to her belly button and had her riding the crest for about 5 min. She screamed one more time and pushed me away. I lay there looking up at her with the upper curve of my chin bone pressed against her pelvic crest and against the top of her clitoris.

She looked down at me with tears in her eyes and said you were an evil, evil man. I smiled up at her again and said. Tell me what you want me to do. She grabbed the hair on the back of my head pushed my face into her pussy and said eat me dammit.

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Well who am I to disappoint a lady when she finally relax her hold little bit I started gently licking and sucking her nether lips. I heard her moaning and making little sobbing sounds so I looked up and asked her if she wanted me to stop. She slapped me hard in the top of my head and told me to get back to it or she would throw me off the balcony.

So I went back and started swirling the tip of my tongue around her clit. When the little guy finally came out of hiding I locked my lips around it and started nursing on it until it stood up tall enough for me to begin flicking it with my tongue. That did not push her over the edge, she dove off of the cliff. She was shaking, smashing my face into her, and babbling incoherently.

I kept it up until she started slapping the top of my head and trying to push me away and screamed stop please God stop. I slowed down to bring her off the edge of the cliff and when I finally brought her back down to earth I looked up at her and smiled at her with my glazed face laughing and said, All right so I am God now?

She shivered and laughed pulled me back up her body and said no David but very, very close. Vicky flipped me onto my back and pinned me down with her hands on my shoulders, then she began to lick her own fluids off my face. By the time she was done my face and neck with the cleanest I can remember them ever being.

Vicki looked down at me and shook her head, I put my arms around her back and tenderly and gently pulled it out to me. She snuggled down and nuzzled her face into the side of my neck and whispered we never made it to dinner David. I laughed and said room service. One thing about Terra it has some very tasty seafood and Monterey is known for it. Vicki got up went in the bathroom and tossed one of the rooms out to me.

I laughed and asked her what she wanted to eat, she told me to surprise her.

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I called room service and told them that I wanted the best of Monterey Bay seafood they had for two people and a bottle of Chardonnay. I lay back on the bed thinking about what it happened that evening and it hit me, could Vicki be influenced by my pheromones and if she is, what do I do about.

About 10 min. later there was a knock on the door.

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I let the room service waiter in about the time he had a table set up and started putting out the food Vicky came out of the bathroom in all her natural glory. The poor kids serving dinner almost had a coronary Vicky walked up to the kid batted her eyelashes over those big green eyes and asked if he was all right.

I walked over and took the check from him and signed it with a generous tip on it and sent him out the door before he did have a heart attack. I looked at Vicky and said, And you called me evil that poor boy will never be the same again. Vicky just looked at me under her eyelashes and said what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. I almost fell on the floor laughing, I swirled her robe around her shoulders so she wouldn't be chafed by the fabric on the chairs and seated her at the table ,then nibbled on her earlobe while I put the napkin in her lap.

She shivered and smiled up at me, I uncovered our plates poured us some wine, and sat down to a fine seafood meal. Vicky looked at me across the table with a slightly confused look on her face and told me, David I don't know why I did what I did tonight, don't get me wrong I'm not only love sex but I have a psychological problem that demands that I have sex.

I am a little bit of a Dom and I have two beautiful submissive boys at home who worship me, and quite a few friends with benefits. I am actually normally a very satisfied and successful professional woman, however if you're going to be staying in Monterey I'm going to need to clear some room on my dance card.

I'm sorry but I have to go home now, I came over here without thinking and I did not call my babies. The poor beautiful boys are probably panicking right now but please if you're going to be in Monterey you have my card call me.

I told Vicky that I was not sure but that I would figure it out in a few days and definitely call her to let her know one way or another. I watched this beautiful woman get dressed and when I walked her to the door she gave me a kiss that scorched the paint on the wall across the room.

After she left I took her wine glass and swabbed for DNA I had to find out what was going on because something just was not right. I processed the samples in my digitizer and send it in a burst signal to our moon outpost to be analyzed.

I was very disturbed, I'm not an alley cat and I am very devoted to my mates at home. My family is a bonded pride consisting of me the alpha male, my brother who is the beta male, three female littermates who are the beta females, and Sharrli my first and last alpha mate who is the love of all of our lives.

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Our pride has 11 kits three male, and eight female, four females are bonded littermates. (Bonded littermates are the equivalent of multiple births for humans, but they share a very strong psychic connection that was a byproduct of our predatory nature and are hunting instincts.

We highly value bonded littermates and I'm very fortunate to be the alpha male to three and the father to four.) What is frying my synapse is that when I'm within any distance of Vicky I have this need to make her my alpha mate and bring her home with me.


That is bad in sooooooo many ways. I will leave this story here for the day and again I would appreciate any comments critiques or suggestions you might have about or for the storyline.