Cachando a Yesenia fucking Yesenia

Cachando a Yesenia fucking Yesenia
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This is a continuation of a story about a family that submits to their black neighbor. If you do not like stories about gay, interracial, incest, bestiality, or young sex, please move on.

If you do like those topics, please enjoy. I do appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Owned Family CH4: Birthday Surprise Over the last month my life had turned upside down. My family was now owned by Tyrone, our tall black neighbor.

He used us for his sexual pleasure. Almost daily I would have his cock in my mouth and he would fuck either my wife or my eldest daughter. My dick was locked in a chastity device and I hadn't had sex with my own wife during that month. When my wife or daughter would come back over from our Master's house they would normally be filled with his black seed.

Both of them were no longer on the pill by the order of our black Master. Ty expected me to suck his cum out of the girls. He said I had a right to at least try to make sure they didn't get pregnant. "You have been a very good bitch over the past few weeks." Ty commented as I bobbed my head up and down his shaft.

"I think I'm going to reward you. Bring Mel and Laura over after you have dinner." I could only grunt a response with Ty's large cock in my mouth. Shortly thereafter my Master grabbed my head and forced his dick down my throat as he blew his load straight into my stomach.

Once he pulled his member out of me I looked up from under his desk, "Thank you Master." Ty left for his afternoon coaching his high school football team. I worked on some bookkeeping until five o'clock rolled around. I exited the back of Ty's house and took the newly constructed path that linked our two backyards.

Ty had it built because he wanted my family and me naked when we came over. Dinner went well. I let Laura and Mel know that Ty had plans for us. I was finally becoming comfortable not wearing clothes in front of my family, even my twelve year old twins.

It was very uncomfortable at first; Laura, Mel and I all nude except our collars while the two youngest members of the family still went around clothed. We left the twins alone to play video games. If there was trouble they knew we would be next door. My wife, eldest and I headed to Ty's house via the back path.

I couldn't help but compare the two of them as I followed behind. Their bodies were nothing alike but both sexy as hell. Laura was almost forty and still had the body of a thirty year old. She had long wavy blond hair that tasseled lightly in the evening breeze. She spent time exercising everyday and it showed in her athletic toned body.

He breasts were decent sized with large dark nipples. Mel on the other hand was chubby. She didn't have any cellulite I had seen. Like her mother she had milky white skin. Her tits were very large with light colored nipples. Her hair was cut short and dyed black.

She swayed her large ass and hips with every step. I never knew large girls could be so damn sexy until I saw her naked. We entered our Master's home through the back door. Once inside we all got on our knees with legs spread, hands behind our back, and we awaited the black Adonis. Sometimes he made us wait there for what seemed like an hour, today his arrival was almost immediate.

He carried a black velvet collar with two rows of glimmering gemstones and a black velvet leash. It reminded me of something you would put on a cat, except it was human sized. He walked around us twice before stopping in front of Mel. He reached down cupping his hand under my daughter's chin; he gently raised her head from facing the floor so the two locked eyes.

"Stand," his command was gentle yet still authoritative. Mel rose to her feet continuing to keep her eye on his. With his hand still holding her chip up, he confidently moved in for the kiss. It was deep and passionate. Their tongues danced in one another's mouths. I had never seen Ty kiss either my wife or daughter; it was erotic at the same time as disconcerting.

If I had seen a man kiss my daughter like that a month ago I would have been furious.

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Now my feelings were much more mixed. When their kiss finally broke, her released her chin and removed Mel's collar only to replace it with the velvet one in his hand. "Tonight is a very special night for you," Ty told my daughter with a wicked grin, "But first we have to get you ready for it." He punctuated the last part with a squeeze of her ass. Mel smiled and looked to the floor as her cheeks flared to life with a deep crimson blush.

Ty gave a slight tug on Mel's leash and she followed him as he started to walk away. My wife and I knew better than to follow without being told. We waited for what must have been a half hour. Eventually Our Master and Mel reappeared from down a hallway. Ty turned his head and barked to Laura and myself, "Follow." We quickly stood and fell in line behind our ample daughter.

Our Master brought us to the door that leads down to the basement he was converting to the dungeon. Sounds of conversation, laughter and light jazz came flooding out as he opened the door. Butterflies grew with each step I took down the stairs.

I almost wanted to turn and run, Master had never included anyone else in our play sessions. I was shocked as the dungeon came into full view. In the center of the room an object that appeared to be a padded saw horse with additional platforms on it. It was well lit with a small single light from above.

The rest of the room was very dark, but not dark enough to hide the twenty, or more, naked black men. All of them looking at my daughter like she was a T-bone steak and they hadn't been fed in weeks. Laura and I dropped to our knees with a motion from our Black Lord. He took Mel to the center of the room under the light. Ty started by talking to Mel, "I understand that it is your birthday today." She nodded an affirmative, and he continued, "For your birthday present you will get to please all of these men.

And if you are a real good slut you will get an extra reward." Mel got excited at the thought of 'an extra reward.' She broke her gaze at the floor to look at her Master, a smile lighting up her face. Quickly Mel realized she had broke protocol and returned her eyes to the floor. "I bought a new BMW for you," Ty continued, "if you please everyone tonight." My daughter's downturned smile got even larger.

With that he turned her towards the saw horse and helped her get into position on it. He bound Mel to it in a kneeling position with leather cuffs. She was in perfect position to get fucked from behind, and Laura and I had the perfect view of what was about to happen to my little girl. "Bitch," Ty barked, "get over here." As I crawled over to my Master he reached down ad spread Mel's large ass cheeks wide exposing her shaven cunt and puckered ass.

"Lick," he commanded. I eagerly started lapping at my daughter's sweet pussy. "No you dumb bitch," Ty scolded me, "lick her asshole." I hesitated a moment before following through with his orders. Some of Master's guests laughed at my submissiveness others commented to one another about what kind of sick fuck I was. Ty released Mel's cheeks, letting them flap against my face.

I kept licking away at my daughter's ass. She must have enjoyed my tongue because her breathing was getting heavier and she was pushing into my face.

My dick swelled in the confines of the chastity cage at the thought of pleasing my precious Melissa. My mouth was starting to get tired and my face was covered in a mixture of saliva and ass juice when Ty interrupted by pulling me to my feet by my hair.

"Well, bitch, today is your lucky day. This slut has never had a cock in her ass," He said as he unlocked my chastity cage, "So you get to fuck her ass before the rest of take our turns. It's your right as her father to take her anal virginity before she gets a real man to please her." Ty applied some lube to her ass while I stared in shock at when he just told me to do.

It had been near a month since I was locked in that damned thing, and now I was free. Every day of that time I had been teased by being forced to eat out both my wife and Mel after being seeded by Master. Mel even had me eat her out a couple times just because she was horny and wanted to get off. So I didn't think twice before plunging my hard cock into my little girl's ass. My wife had never let me fuck her anally, I was excited at the thought of my first time was with my own flesh and blood.

With a single thrust I was fully in her, she half moaned and half screamed at being violated for the first time in her ass. She clinched tightly on my invading dick.

I knew I was hurting her, but I couldn't stop myself from pulling almost all the way out and shoving my way back in. I continued to pump my cock in and out of her ass; slowly she got more and more used to it. Her screams had lessened, but my need to fuck something hadn't; I pumped harder and deeper with each thrust.

It wasn't long before I grabbed her hips tight and rammed as deep as I could into her and shot my load.

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The orgasm was intense. It had been so long since I last came. My body shook as I unloaded burst after burst of my seed into my little girl's freshly devirginized ass. Ty pulled me away as my orgasm subsided. "Bitch couldn't even last 2 minutes. See what I mean Mel, white boys are a worthless fuck, aren't they slut?" Ty words humiliated me, my cheeks flushed and I could not force my head up from staring at the floor; I couldn't even look at my wife.

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"Yes Master," Mel answered Ty's question. "They are completely worthless; they have too small of cocks and not enough endurance. Only black Gods like you, Sir, know how to use a slut like me." Her words stung deeper that my Master's. But it was the laughing and the comments from all the men in the room that made me cry a little.

At that moment I truly did feel completely worthless. I found my way back to kneeling besides my wife. I still was unable to look anywhere besides straight down. Even Mel's moan of being penetrated by her 'god's' large black cock didn't compel me to raise my eyes, "Oh god, oh god, oh god! I don't think it will fit Master, it's too big!" The fucking went on and within minutes her cries of discomfort became moans of pleasure. The slapping sound of Ty's hard body impacting my daughters fat ass filled the room, or at least filled my head.


The other black bulls continued with their jeers and taunts of white people along with words of encouragement for Ty. I was lost in my own world of humiliation and self pity. I lost track of how much time had passed as my little girl had been fucked in her rear.

I was so lost in my own head that I must have missed a command. My reverie was broken by Ty grabbing a fist full of my hair and literally dragging me back to the spot light in the center of the room. "You dumb ass shit for brains!" Ty screamed at me, "How the fuck dare you ignore me, especially when we have guests over, you little bitch." I tried apologizing only to receive a hard slap across the face. "I didn't tell you to talk bitch. I think you need to be taught a lesson," He paused for a moment, "and I will also make an example of what happens when you severely disappoint your Master." He then shoved my face into Mel's ass by my hair.

Her ass was covered with the jizz of many men. I must have seriously zoned out. I knew what Ty wanted so I went to cleaning up the spilt seed of my Master and his dark skinned friends. Her hole gave way to my flicking tongue allowing me further in her rectum. I sucked and tongued like my life depended on it.

"Whore, go get your other kids. They need to understand obedience." Ty ordered my wife while I continued to clean my little girl's ass. Ty's guests were unusually quiet during all of this.

His anger must have also got all of their attention. As I was starting to lick the cum that had run into her pussy and further down her legs one of the guests broke the relative silence, "So Tyrone, I like this slut of yours. Is she by chance for sale?" My heart skipped a beat. I didn't sign up to have my family sold to strangers. "For sale, no," I calmed a bit at Ty's words, "But for the right price she could be for rent Marcus." My anxiety shot right back up. I stopped my endeavor to clean the rest of the seed off of Mel.

I could only look dumbfounded at my Master and his words. Marcus, a shorter fat black man continued his business deal, "How much for the weekend?" Ty looked at Mel, and then realized I wasn't doing my job and smiled.

He turned his attention back to Marcus, "For what you normally do to girls I'd say five thousand for the weekend. However, if you take the bitch and treat him to the same experiences, two hundred." I couldn't handle it anymore, "Now wait a minute," I protested as my wife and two younger kids came into the dungeon.

"Melissa is not some prostitute for you to pimp out." Ty turned to my wife, ignoring my outburst, "What do you think whore, you ok with me letting Marcus here use your daughter for a weekend?" "If you think she needs it to become a better slave for you Master, then I approve." My wife's words were like a punch to the gut. She was taking his side over me and our daughter. Ty started releasing Mel from the bindings of the saw horse, "And you slut?" "I'll fuck and serve anyone you command me to Master Tyrone." I was stunned.


I didn't know what to do. Was I the only one having problems with this, Mel hadn't objected either. She just got off the horse and kneeled in front of her Master. "Well bitch, you now know where your wife and daughter's loyalty are," Ty calmly explained as he grabbed my hair and forced me into the same position Mel had been only a moment ago.

"They know you are a worthless piece of shit. You have never been able to get your wife off. Can you believe that? She has been faking it for years. Pathetic small dicked white boy." Ty fastened the last binding before turning to my family, "Adam, Zoey, this is what happen when you do not follow my instructions.

Don't let this happen to you." He then went to a wall and retrieved something I couldn't see from the angle I was bound into. I felt a cool and firm length on material across my ass. One of Ty's hands was in the small of my back, "Count bitch. If you miss one we start again." The material moved, Ty shifted his weight slightly and then my ass was on fire from what felt like a leather belt.

My whole body was tense from the blow, I was lost for a moment, confused. Another swat landed on my backside, I didn't know what to do. Ty bellowed, "Count bitch or I'm gonna do this all night to your sorry white ass." Another one landed; this time lower, more towards my legs. I squeaked out, "Three." Ty swung harder, my ass felt like it was bleeding, "Wrong bitch, you start at one." "One." Again the belt came down on my ass, "Sir!" "Two, Sir." The beating continued, the belt striking me again and again.

Each time I called out the number.

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My ass and upper legs hurt like I have never experienced. It stung, burned and felt like I was bleeding. After ten swats my body was no longer under my control and fighting to get out of the bindings. I was in control enough to continue my counting. By twenty-five my body finally submitted to the brutal beating.

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When he stopped at fifty I could barely speak the number. My black neighbor and Master addressed my kids again, "Do either of you ever want this to happen to you?" Both Adam and Zoey meekly said, "No, Sir." "Good," Ty turned his attention to the rest of the guests, "I apologize for my slave's outburst and unruly behavior.

For those of you that didn't get to fuck the slut I am sorry. But feel free to use the bitch. Oh and please use lube, he has been punished enough for one night. I am off to have a personal party with the birthday girl. Good night gentle men. If you need anything feel free to ask my son, Andrew." A few of the guests I could see were headed out, but about half of them remained. One of them walked up to me and placed his cock in front of me. I knew what to do and I didn't want to anger Ty any further by refusing.

As I sucked this stranger's cock, I could overhear Ty talking with my wife, "Stay here for a bit with Zoey and Adam. Let them see what kind of a worthless bitch their father is." Mel said something to Ty, I could barely hear her; something about watching for a minute.

My foggy mind cleared a bit when one of the guests poured a cold liquid down my ass crack. I realized quickly that it must be lube when I felt the warm head of a dick pressing against my ass cheeks.


I was about to be fucked for the first time.