Wife switch party invitation movieas

Wife switch party invitation movieas
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Disclaimer: These events are 100% true. This whole story starts in the summer before my freshman year. I had been going through puberty for quite a while. My hormones had been raging. I was always wanting to masturbate every chance I had. I watched porn like any normal teenage guy. I watched straight, bi sexual, and gay porn. There was just something about gay porn that intrigued me. I don't know if it was their beautiful cocks or the guy's looks.

Now let me tell you about myself. I was 14 at the time. I was 6' 2" and around 200lbs. I had about a 5 3/4" dick. I guess that's a little bigger than normal, but I was always afraid I was "small". I have a brother named Kurt. He had lots of friends (of course I did too), but he had one that stood out in particular, Stephen.

Stephen was 18, at the time, had had just graduated from high school. He was around 6' 3" or 6' 4". He was very muscular, he had played on the high school's varsity football team. Stephen weighed around 220 or so. My brother told me a story about Stephen one day.

Kurt said, "Stephen fucked his girlfriend and she said, 'Stop! It hurts! I think your dick is too big for my pussy.' Stephen just jacked off on her tits since he couldn't fuck her." This really happened. I was so amazed that someone I knew had a huge dick! That story got me so horny!

I would fantasize about Stephen's huge cock. They were the best orgasms I had in a long while. This is where the story really starts. It was a normal summer day. I was home alone because my parents were at work and so was my brother.

It was my parent's anniversary that day, so that meant they wouldn't be home for most of the evening. My brother, Kurt, had invited Stephen over after he got home from work. They mostly hung out in the garage, talking about hunting and fishing. I had walked into the kitchen at the right time. Stephen was walking out of the garage door to take a piss right outside of the garage.

I quickly ran to a window to see if I could get a peek at his huge dick. I had trouble seeing it at the first window, so I ran to another one. Finally, I could see part of his shaft and his beautiful dick head!

Stephen quickly turned around, for some unknown reason, and looked straight at me. "Oh crap! I hope he didn't see me!" I yelped. I ran back to the living room and acted like nothing had happened.

After a couple of days, my parents had to attend a party.

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Kurt had invited Stephen over again, but Kurt wouldn't be home until 6:30. So it was around 5:00 and I was relaxing in the living room, watching TV, and I hear a car door slam. I thought Kurt was home early, but no, Stephen had pulled in. "What is Stephen doing here?" I said to myself. He knocked on the door, and I motioned him to come in.

He came in and I said "Kurt won't be here for another hour and a half." "Oh, well do you mind if I stay here until 6:30 then?" Stephen asked. "I don't care." I replied. We sat in the living room watching TV.


Then after 10 minutes Stephen said "The other day, I took a piss outside of the garage." "Umm, ok." I said confused. Stephen replied, "Were you looking out of the window, trying to see my dick?" "I don't know what you're talking about." I said. "Were you or were you not trying to see my dick while I was taking a piss?

You don't have to be ashamed, especially when you were trying to look at my huge dick." Stephen said. I said guiltily, "Alright, yes I was." "I knew you were and I don't mind one bit!" Stephen said reassuringly. We sat in silence for about 2 or 3 minutes and I "broke the ice". I stammered, "C.Ca. Can I see it?" "See what?" Stephen asked. "Your supposedly huge dick." I said. "Oh sure! I'd really like that. Its been a while since I've had a decent hand job." Stephen replied.

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I slowly approached the love seat, where Stephen was sitting. I sat down beside him and slowly lifted my hand towards his crotch. He helped by unbuttoning his jeans' button. I unzipped his zipper. Stephen readjusted his cock so I could easily get it out through his underwear opening.

I reached inside of his underwear and "unleashed his beast". It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. It must've been at least 9'' long and he wasn't even fully erect.

I took his huge cock in my hands. I immediately got the hardest erection ever! "Wow this is a lot bigger than I expected." I said. I started to rub down his cock and masturbate it.


"I have an idea." Stephen said. "What?" I asked. "Why don't you give it a little suck?" Stephen asked. "I guess." I replied. I slowly licked the tip of his cock. Then slid my mouth down over his shaft. His cock was so big that when I deep-throated him, I only went half way down his shaft. I kept sucking slowly on his big dick. I then started to pick up the pace. Stephen started to let out quite moans, so I stopped before he came into my mouth.

"Do you have a condom with you?" I asked. "Yeah! I always carry one in my wallet." Stephen replied. "Let me see it." I said. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out aTrojan condom. He gave it to me and I ripped open the package and rolled it down his shaft. I quickly ran into the bathroom and grabbed the baby oil. I drenched his protected cock in lube. I straddled his lap and took ahold of his huge cock and guided it to my asshole.

I felt the tip of his dick head touch the entry way of my asshole. I guess my horniness got the better of me because I would've never "jumped the gun" on fucking a dick that huge. I slowly slid down on his shaft.

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The pain was kind of bad at the beginning. But it felt so good! Stephen let out a soft moan as I slid down even further. I kept sliding down.The pain started to come back as I reached the bottom his huge shaft.

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I slid back up his thick shaft. I kept sliding up and down on Stephen's cock.

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Stephen started to moan louder and his breathing shortened. "Tell me when you are gonna come. I want you to count down for me." I said. "Alright." Stephen replied. I picked up the pace. It felt like I was in heaven. "You might want to get off. I'm about to come." Stephen said. "Alright."I replied. "Take the condom off and give me a blow job, so I can unload in your mouth." Stephen said. So I grabbed his condom and pulled it off. I started sucking his cock again. His breathing shortened and he arched his back.

Finally after 2 or 3 minutes Stephen said, "I'm gonna come! 3. 2." I started to quickly suck him off. I felt his dick muscles tighten and then I felt the first round of Stephen's sweet spunk. He let out the loudest moan. He shot load after load down my throat. I had trouble swallowing. He shot load after load faster than I could swallow. Stephen's breathing started to slow and his loads of his sweet sperm started to slow as well.

"Get up and stand right in front of me." Stephen said. "Ok." I agreed. After I stood up in front of Stephen, he licked the tip of my dick where my salty pre-cum had started oozing out. Stephen started to suck me off. It wasn't long before I let my huge load blast all over his beautiful face.

I started to slow down. I wiped his face up with my hand and shoved it in Stephen's mouth so he can lick up all my cum. Stephen sucked it all up and even sucked on my fingers. After we had cleaned up, Stephen said, "Let's do this again sometime." "Yeah! I really liked it." I replied. And by that time, Kurt had pulled in.


"Next time we do this, I have another friend who has a big dick, too." Stephen said. "Yea! Awesome." I replied.