Japanese brother in law rape sister in law alone at home

Japanese brother in law rape sister in law alone at home
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"Hurry! Get him on to the bed!," screamed one voice. "Is he going to be alright?," panicked another. ########################### "We're loosing him! Quick pass me that medicine! Quick!," said the first voice. "What have I don't?

Please wake up Edward!," said the other voice. ########################### "I'm so sorry! I'm so so sorry Edward!," a familiar voice said but couldn't figure out who then a few sobs. ############################ "Why isn't the drug working?," screamed said that same familiar voice.

"If only I gave into my feelings when I could," he said after. ############################ "It's been nearly two days! He should be awake, shouldn't he?," said the familiar voice. "I believe he will wake up a survive like he don't lots of times before," responded the doctor, "In the mean time.

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You should get ready for your vampire test tomorrow!." ******************************************** I found myself in a grassy field. The wind was blowing gently.


There was no sign of anybody. But then, I turned around and here was Nick. "Your alive!," he shouted and huged me. "Yeah, I was the last time I checked!," I responded. He then looked away a bit sad and worried.


"Whats wrong?," I asked. "Well I have a vampire test tomorrow and I'm worried!," he exclaimed. "Well, just remember all the stuff I tought you.," I started. "But I don't know if I can do it with out you!," he said to me. I could see he was very upset. "Don't worry about it! Oh, I got one more thing to teach you!," I announced.

"What?," "Well I want to teach you the vampires true form!," I said. When I said that he seem a bit hesitant to know what that was. "You mean, what I transformed into in the cell!," he asked a bit worried. "Exactly!," I said ,"Watch me!" I then concentrated all my energy on transforming. My hair started turning black. Surges of power rushed through me. All my muscles started growing stronger.

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My dick got harm and getting longer and thinker. My chest and arm muscles was that ripped by now that my shirt was getting real tight so I ripped it off. I could see my now giant dick making a bid bulge in my pants. My skin started going more pale. Wings started emerging from my back. Black angle wings was kno on each side of me. And finally my fangs then extended. I could see both fear and desire in his eyes.

"Now you," I told him. "How?

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Would I be able to control it?," he asked kind of worried. "Just follow my instructions," I said finally. "Now calm your mind and focus on nothing but channeling your energy. Can you feel it?," I asked and he shook his head yes. "Now focus! Feel all of your muscles pulsate to the rhythm of your hidden power. Feel them bend and flex and even grow as your power expands to its full potential!," I instructed.

I could see his hair starting to flow, his eyes turning red and his muscles bulging out. Then he crippled over in pain and screamed out. "Don't fight it! Just let it happen and everything will be as it should!," I ordered him. He then lost control and jumped up. His hair was now as dark as the night sky, eyes fully red, wings emerging from his back.

Plus, his power was growing exponentially. He then looked over at me in the most hateful way. All of his doubts and fears he has about himself was taking over. "I hate you!," he muttered.

This caught me a little off guard. "Why?," I asked instinctively. "You turned me! You turned me into this thing!," he shouted as he charged at me full power. I didn't know what he was refering to the part of being a vampire or the part of being gay. Maybe it was both.

He swung his fist at me, I dodged but couldn't dodge the next one. "I had a perfect life, perfect girlfriend, I was on the varsity soccer team, I could of been normal 'straight' guy, but took that all away!," he screamed and continued his assult. "No, you got it all wrong! I diddn't turn you, I helped you realize what you were!," I shouted blocking his attack. "Shut Up!," he shouted as he charged at me. I stopped him by knocking him down with a punch. He got up in a daze. I went over to him and held with a hand on each of his shoulders.

"Control it Nick! You can do it!," I said calmly to him. He was struggling to get free. "Die you cocksukker!," he shouted like someone possessed.

Then I kisssed him and he was silent. "Edwad, I'm so confused," he said quiety. "Nick just listen to your heart and everything will be clear!," I said finally to him. ************************************ "Edward guess what, I passed my test! Everything is going fine I'm allowed back on the team now that I accepted as a vampire.

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But, I give it all up if you could only open your eyes and celebrate with me," said that same amiliar voice. Open my eyes. What's going on?.I feel like I should open my eyes.I can't do it!

I'm. too weak. "Please focus just like you told me! Please," said that familiar voice. Then I felt someone kiss me. It filled my body with such warmth and feeling. Focus.Open.Open.OPEN EYES OPEN!!!! My eyes then opened but my vision was still trying to adjust to all of my surroundings.

"Doctor quick! He's awake! Edward your awake!," shouted that same familiar voice. My vision was focusing more and more. I seen a figure right next to me and then another join it. I kept looking at the first figure and a familiar face emerged. It was Nick.

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"Where.am I?," I asked weakly! "Your in the hospital wing!," said my former mentor. Both of them was smiling happily. They were both amazed that I was able to recover. I then tried to sit up an barely managed to. "I'm so glad your awake!," shouted Nick as hugged me.

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"I passed my test!," he said to me. "I know! I heard all of the things that was said!," I told him. "I'll give you two a moment!," the doctor said and left the room. "Edward, I, I love you!," he said out of the blue and then kissed me. "Woah! What brought that on?," I asked surprisingly. "Well I was all this time dening my true feelings and when you allmost died I felt like I lost the chance. I just wanted to tell you right away!," he exclaimed.

. The Next Day . "Well I guess your fit enough to go to your room but Nick would have to help just in case!," "Got it Doc!," I said and stood up for the first time in days.

I allmost fell over but Nick was there to keep me up. He helped me up to our room with a few close calls but, we got there. I only had my hospital gown on so I got some clothes and started head for the bathroom when Nick stopped me.

He then kissed me and I kissed him back. My clothes dropped to the floor as we embraced our selves in kisses. While kissing we stripped each other gently but savagly. "Wait!," I said when we was completely naked.

"Why? Whats wrong?," he asked confused. "I have an idea!," I said and then started to build my power. My hair turned black, my eyes red, my fangs extending. Nick got the idea and did the same. We were both transforming. During the process we both kissed and made our way to my bed.


Our muscles were bulging. We could see our dicks becoming monsterous in size. Black angle wings emerged from our backs. We then got on to the bed and I kissed Nick all the way down to his crotch. I kiss the head of his gorm dick. I could feel it throbing with my toungue as it snake all overhis giant rod. Beads of sweat was pouring off of us as the moon yet again shawn in over our bodies.

I took in the head of his dick and licked it all over very rapidly. While doing so I stoked his balls with one hand. I couldn't wait any longer for relief so whild blowing Nick I started jacking off rapidly. The sight of this sent Nick over the top and started shooting his load into my mouth.

Shot after shot went into my mouth. I couldn't swallow as fast as he was shooting it so I alot of his delicious cum escaped my my mouth. I then released his dick and his final shot went all over my bare chest. I then gasped for air and his cum dripped all over my chin. We were both fully transformed and ready for anther round.

Then I climbed on top of him and lowered myself onto his his still hard dick. I was still jacking off as hard as I could. As soon as I felt his montrous dick touch my ass I knew this would push me to limmits I have never imagined.

I forced my ass down on his dick only getting the head in at first. "Fuck! Your huge!," I screamed as I push my ass down farther. Nick then started moaning like crazy. Now about half of him was in my ass. I was screaming in pain( It's lucky the rooms here was sound proofed).

"Jesus Christ!," I swore as I allmost got all of it in my ass. I still was jacking off, getting closer and closer to releasing my cum. Then I pushed myself for then last little bit of dick.

I wanted Nicks humungous dick in my ass. I loved in there. Once all of it was in I lost control and started shooting my load. First shot hit Nick in the face by surprise. He then opened his mouth quick enough to catch the next three shots of hot cum. The remaining shots went all over his chest. I then started to raise myself up. Once all the way up I force all of his dick into my ass again.

Then again and again. Nick gasped with pleasure and I could see my cum dripping off of his fangs. I started to ride him hard and fast. I forced is now huge dick into my ass over and over again. Then finally he reached the point of no return. He started shooting load after load of hot cum into my ass.

Stream after stream surged into my ass. Onced we regained our breath I climbed off his dick and I wasn't finished.

I rolled him over and he never objected. We did seem a little worried though knowing the size it grown to.