Licking ass and fucking both asses

Licking ass and fucking both asses
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Introduction: Buck visits Bryce at his place for a steamy visit Farmboy 8 The warmth of the water is just what I need after a good fuck. And Buck has worn me out. I open my eyes slightly and look at the man who is slowly stealing my heart. The body of a man with the innocence of a child; so beautiful to look at and so wonderful to be held in his powerful arms.

Is this the man I've always dreamed about or are we just meant for one of those short, high intensity relationships that burn hot and fizzle quickly? I see him fidgeting like he can't sit still.

He opens his eyes and catches me looking at him. He whispers, "I have a surprise for you, Bryce." He grins that devilish child-like grin of his. "You have another surprise for me, Buck? I don't know if I can handle it.", I say in a pseudo-annoyed tone. "You want your surprise or not?" he teases. "OK, OK…give it to me." I smile.

With that, Buck flips over and gets on all fours and makes his way to me, maintaining full eye contact. God, he's sexy.


He saunters up to me and comes within an inch of my mouth. I can feel his breath on my lips and prepare for one of his soft sensual kisses; my dick even starts to twitch. But suddenly, he turns around and sticks his hot ass in my face with his anus winking at me. I am immediately mesmerized. I can't figure out what he's doing until I see his anus puckering and flexing. Slowly, a bead of my cum starts to dribble out and run down the back of his nut sack.

He seems to be restricting the flow and it is fucking hot to watch it flow from his hole. I stared in amazement at the pearls of white rolling down the seam of his pink sack. How many sperm are in each drop? I wondered to myself. Look at the size of his testicles, I awed.

Almost involuntarily, I slowly gripped his hips and pulled his ass to my face. I lapped at the creamy stream from the bottom of his nut pouch, up the seam, and zeroed in on the beckoning sphincter.

I lapped and licked at Buck's hole with the deliberateness and enthusiasm of a kid with an ice cream cone. I tongued his moist hole and made it my goal to eat every drop of the seed I had planted within him. Buck moaned with pleasure as I probed deeper into him; slowly at first and then more ravenously as he released my prize.

I ate until I had licked the honey jar clean. "Oh, Buck…that was a wonderful surprise. But now I have one for you." I nudged him to turn around and we met face to face. Staring into his eyes, I kissed him deeply, pushing some of my creamy prize into his mouth. Our tongues met and I offered him a taste of what he had given to me. When he realized what he was getting, his eyes got big and he sucked my tongue furiously.

We kissed deeply for awhile until we both slid below the water line and closed our eyes. I reached over and put the jets on low. I woke a few minutes later with Buck's caressing touch on my face.

As my eyes opened, I could see my lover staring intently into my eyes. A small smile came across his face. "Bryce…" he whispered.


"Yeah, Buck" I said smoothly. "I'm hungry!" he said loudly and I was slightly startled. "I'm sorta hungry, too…but I just ate a nice hot ass for my appetizer." "Take me to a nice place and I'll treat you" he said generously. "What are you in the mood for? The cuisine of every nation is available to you within a short distance." I spoke confidently. "You look like a meat and potatoes kinda guy to me." I said as I gripped his muscled bicep. "Sushi, actually." He replied with a nervous grin.

"Sushi??? I love sushi! Well, my friend Buck…ummm…hey, I don't know your last name. What is it?" I said, forgetting the sushi. "Thorpe." He said blandly. "Buck Thorpe. Hmmm…I guess it fits you. Maybe Buck THOR is better. Hey, that reminds me of a joke where the punch line is: You think you're 'thor…I'm so 'thor I can't sit down!" I laughed with my head down, not realizing that Buck didn't get the joke. "You don't like my name?" Buck said in a disappointed voice.

"No, baby…that's NOT what I said or meant. It's just not a last name I could have ever guessed. So is Buck your real first name or a nickname?" I asked soothingly?

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"It's the name my uncle gave me when we moved in with him. My real name is Brockton Thorpe. We moved in with my aunt and uncle when Ben and I were four years old. My parents…they died in a car crash and they took us in." Buck looked almost embarrassed at his history. I admit it. I was instantly choked up, and then I said, "Oh, Buck. I'm so sorry. I had no idea. That must have been a tough thing to happen and to live through." "Uncle Ted and Aunt Maggie are really the only parents we know.

They are good people…they took us in and treated us as if we were their own. They couldn't have their own kids, and Aunt Maggie said it was the way the Lord made something beautiful out of something so horrible. Me and Ben never wanted for anything and they gave us a good place to grow up. Most of the time we called them mom and dad." Buck just unloaded all this information on me like he had it bottled up for years. His face was hard to read…there was almost no emotion. I put my hand on his shoulder and Buck covered my hand.

He took it and kissed it, then held it to his cheek. "It's OK, Bryce. I hardly recall my parents and only miss them when I think about how different my life might have been. I'll tell you about it sometime. But for now…I am so hungry I could eat a bear. And bears like fish…so I want SU-SHI !" Buck hoisted me up out of the water and grabbed at the towels hanging.

He patted me dry playfully and seemed to spend a lot of time dabbing my package. He placed the towel between my legs, almost like a diaper and rubbed it back and forth, grazing my balls and chaffing my asshole. It felt nice. We dressed for dinner and were ready in a flash. Buck went to the guest room while I stayed in mine. I invited him to be naked with me, but he said he needed to find just the right clothes. We met in the living room after twenty minutes and my mouth just dropped when I saw him.

He was stunning in his charcoal suit with a white striped shirt. The teal colored tied worked with the shirt and I don't know how he pulled it off with charcoal…but he did. This was one drop-dead gorgeous son of a bitch and he was all mine for the night…or the weekend…or whatever.

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"Holy fuck, dude! You are so fucking hot! If we weren't going to dinner I'd rip those clothes off you and ravage you right here!" I said with honest enthusiasm. Buck was beaming with a childlike grin. "You really like it, Mr. Bryce?" He asked excitedly. "Now wait…it's my turn to ask.

What is your last name?" "Cannaday. Bryce Cannaday." I said benignly. "That is a beautiful name!" Buck chirped. I was suddenly embarrassed that I hadn't shown him the same enthusiasm when I learned his name. "Come on, Mr. Bryce Cannaday…let's get some grub!" Buck insisted on driving like a kid who has just gotten his license.

I was a little nervous about a tractor-driving farmboy running through the gears of my Beemer…but he really knew what he was doing.

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There was something so mysterious about my playmate and I am happy to peel this onion one layer at a time. In no time at all we were in front of Mi Sushi and Buck pulled right up to the Valet. I normally don't valet park…but this was a special night and I was prepared to show Buck a memorable night on the town.

As I stuck my hand in my pocket to tip the Valet, Buck barked, "I got it." And peeled off a twenty off the wad of cash in his pocket and handed it to the blonde twink then patted him on the ass as he walked behind the car.

"Wow…I guess you did get it.


Was the big tip for the parking or the hot firm ass you just grabbed?" I smirked. "Hey, if ball players can grab each others' asses to say good job, why can't we do that everywhere else?" Buck smirked back while guiding me through the front door. "Besides, I think the little cutie was so excited about the twenty…he probably didn't even feel my hand on his butt." Buck chuckled.

We had a wonderful meal of sushi and other appetizers. We had some champagne and I think it was around the third glass that I started to worry about how much we were spending. I am normally a very frugal guy. I like nice things, I work hard for my money, and I take care of what I have. With a few drinks in me, I started to look more intently on my friend and lover. My curiosity was working overtime. I wanted to know more about him. But right before I was about to ask him to elaborate on his life, he spoke up.

"I need to get downtown tomorrow for a meeting, Bryce. Can you drop me off?" he asked directly. "Ummm…sure, Buck. Where do you need to go and what time do you need to be there?" I asked. Pulling a business card from his pocket, he said, "Some lawyer's office in Regency Towers. The meeting is for nine o'clock sharp. Can you help me?" "Yeah, sure…no problem!" I said with a smile. "Those are some big guns. Did you do something wrong to need their help? You're in luck, my friend, I just happen to know a good lawyer if you need some help getting out of trouble." "Nahhh, me and Ben just got a letter from them telling us that our parents had some stipulation to their wills that kicks in when we're 25.

And with our birthday right around the corner, they wanted to meet us. Ben wouldn't come. He told me to just go and see what they want. He's a real homebody, that Ben. Never wants to go anywhere outside of the town limits." Buck explained. "He also has the hots for this girl he met at a barn dance. That's a story for later." As I'm hearing Buck talk, I'm noticing for the first time that he has lost that country boy twang that he had when I first met him.

"So do you think I need a lawyer for that, Bryce?" "Well, I think it's always important to have legal representation to protect your rights, Buck. If you want, I can come along and make sure those snakes treat you right." I said reassuringly.

"Sure, thanks, Bryce. Are you gonna bring your lawyer-friend too?" He asked innocently. "Well I can see I'm gonna have to spell this out for you farmboy…I AM the lawyer I was talking about, you sexy stud." I said with feigned insult. "I didn't know you was a lawyer, Bryce!

That's great! Yes, please! Come and help me from those bad men." He said mocking me but with a smile. "And I will do it Gratis…fancy word for Free." With an annoyed look that I haven't seen on him before he said, "I might be a hick, Bryce, but I'm not stupid." "Oh, baby.I know you aren't.

I was just messin' with you. Forgive me?" "Awww…I could never really be mad at you, Bryce. Once you eat cum from another man's ass, you are best friends for life." I thought on that a bit and my dick twitched in my pants. We called it a night before we got too drunk to drive.

We agreed that we were both too full and too tired for more hot man sex. We settled in on the couch under a blanket in our boxers. We cuddled and fondled while watching some Netflix movies on the TV. It was romantic and sexy and very comfortable. Buck was the first man to spend the night with me in my new condo. The honor couldn't have gone to a more worthy recipient. Chapter 9 I woke up with Buck's hard cock pressing against my thigh. I was hard in an instant and reach down to stroke myself like I do every morning.

But this morning, I had some competition and it seemed that Buck had gotten there first. "Good morning, sexy man." He whispered in my ear. His warm breath sent a chill down my side and I felt my nipple popped to attention. I shivered a little and enjoyed the sensations of Buck's cock on my thigh, his hand on my cock, his chest against my back and his lips slowly nibbling my neck and shoulder. This is a wonderful to way to wake up and I think I want this every day of my life. I feel warm, safe and secure…and I feel sexually charged.

"I want to make love to you, Bryce." He coos in my ear. Rolling out of bed with my stiff prick pointing in his face, I say "Give me a minute handsome. I'll be right back." I'm back in a flash and I leap onto the bed, pinning Buck on his stomach. "Now let's wrestle to see who fucks who this morning!" I put up a good fight but I have every intention of losing to him.

I grab Buck's wrists and hold them above his head while I grind into his hip. I'm rock hard and could easily take the driver's seat, but I really want to feel him inside me.

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"Oh no you don't!" screams Buck. "Your ass is mine! Get over here and take it like a man!" I surrender without protest and let him flip me over on my back. Buck positions himself between my legs and I immediately wrap my legs around him. He kisses me softly at first and then gets more and more forceful as we get into it. I rub my inner thighs up and down his smooth sides and I feel a chill forming on the inside of my legs that travels up my body and into my arms. The sensation is incredible and I close my eyes to enjoy it completely.

Buck's kissing all over my neck and chest just intensifies the feeling and my nipples harden and swell. His powerful tongue circles my most sensitive nipple and a jolt runs down my body and into my cock. I feel like Buck keeps pushing buttons that get me hotter and hotter.

"Oh, Buck! Make love to me!" I yell as my arms wrap behind his muscular back and I pull him close to me. Buck's cock stabs at my hole as he humps me dry.

His precum starts to flow but it won't be fast enough for me. I take a wad of my own spit and slap it onto my ass, making it awkward for Buck to hump me. "I want that cock in me now!" I shout as I grip his ass cheeks and line him up to my hole. Always the gentleman, Buck takes a few gentle stabs at my hole. "I said NOW!" I yelled as I forced him in fast and deep; locking my ankles behind him. Although a little startled at first, Buck gave me exactly what I wanted.

He immediately went into fuck-mode and pounded hard and deep. His first few deep thrusts nearly knocked the wind out of me, but I was getting the pounding I wanted from him. Deep and hard, he pounded me over and over again like a well-oiled machine. "Oh yeah…fuck my ass, boy. Fuck me!" I enjoyed every single thrust he gave me and only briefly considered how sore I might be later. With my legs and arms locked around my lover, I feel him lift me off the bed. He holds me tight as he lifts up and sets back on his heels; his cock still deep inside me.

"Time for you to do a little work, stud. Ride me." Wrapping my arms around his neck, I started to ride on his cock. Tightening my legs, I was able to bounce up and down on his cock while my sphincter gripped his manhood. "Fuck yeah, Bryce! That's it! You're so tight, baby!" By this point, Buck has a firm grip on my waist and is slamming me down as hard as he can. For several minutes I got the hardest pounding of my life with me on top.

I can only imagine the amount of upper arm and core strength it must take to maintain his balance in this position.

I give up on trying to help and just let him control how fast and how deep he fucks me. My hands slide down to his broad shoulders and I feel how rock hard his muscles are. His skin is glistening and I wonder if he is super human. My mind wanders and a funny thought pops into my head; "Buck the Impaler". I smile and lean back to make sure I'm getting every centimeter of his raw sex. He puts his hands on my shoulders and holds me in place while he impales me on his cock.

I wonder if he can read my mind. I grip his powerful forearms and plant my feet. I take over as the source of energy running this sex machine. I see a smile come over Buck's face as closes his eyes to enjoy it. After several minutes of fucking myself on his dick, I feel my muscles burn and I am out of energy. I make my way back up to his shoulders and wrap my arms around his neck.

We both stop to enjoy a kiss, his cock lodged deep inside me. With my mouth against his ear, "I love you, Buck" comes out of my mouth before I can stop it. He pushes me back by my shoulders and looks deep into my eyes. Silently, he looks at me with no emotion on his face. I'm not sure what to do. In an instant, my mind is a hard drive searching the interleave. Do I really love him or is it just the sex talking? I can't let this go on any longer.

The silence is deafening. I imagine being on trial with me on the stand, being questioned by ME…with an entire jury of MY clones. Mr. Cannaday! Guilty or Not Guilty? Demands the voice in my head. "Guilty or not Guilty?" it shouts. Guilty!!! I scream out and practically scare the shit out of Buck. I snap back into reality. "Didn't you hear me?

I'm guilty of loving you, Buck. I can't deny it one more minute. I love you and now I've said it to you." Buck looks even deeper into my eyes as if he's looking into my soul. "Do you really love me, Bryce? You're not joking?" I understand his hesitation since I just told him yesterday that I wasn't sure. But I'm kinda pissed that he's questioning my raw emotions. Tempering my response I say, "Yeah, baby.

I am totally serious. I love you and I want to be with you. I've never met anyone who is so caring and loving and generous with their heart. I feel good when I'm with you. I really truly love you." "Aww, Bryce. You don't know how much I wanted to hear that from you. I love you so much it hurts when we're apart." Isn't that just like my farmboy? He even tops me in the sentiments department.

We smile foolishly at each other and have our first official kiss as boyfriends. As we break I say, "hey, you promised to make love to me and we're not done yet." Buck lays me down gently on my back and we kiss deeply. His cock never lost its fullness and he pumps into me slowly. I love the sensation of having him between my legs. My inner thighs are a new erogenous zone for me and I enjoy the light friction combined with the slow rocking rhythm. My cock is rubbing his smooth hard stomach and it feels like velvet with every thrust.

The kissing, the rocking, the prostate stimulation, and the velvet touch of his belly make me hyper sensitive. "Buck…I'm gonna cum" I whine. A few more thrusts later and I shoot rope after rope of my finest white semen between us. As I orgasm beneath my lover, my entire body convulses lightly.

My anus grips Buck's manhood and I hear his breathing get shallow. I know he is about to cum and I want it to be as fantastic as mine was. I lightly run my fingers up and down his back while I hold him tight to me. "Oh fuck! I'm gonna fucking cum! Buck has a hesitation in his rocking rhythm and then plows into me deep. I move my hands down to cup his ass and I feel his rock hard mounds flexing and heaving as he dumps his load deep inside.

I feel goosebumps all over his back and sides. He shivers and it is cute to see him react like this. "Don't pull out, baby. Stay inside me for awhile. Just hold me and kiss me and tell me you love me." I had suddenly become very needy and I silently hoped I didn't sound desperate. "I love you, Bryce. Making love to you is my favorite way to show you how much I love you." He kissed me softly on the mouth, then my cheek, and then my ear before nuzzling into my neck.

He ground into me from time to time, rotating his hips. We stayed connected for several minutes before he nibbled my neck and made me laugh. My laughing made my muscles contract and I unintentionally ejected his softening cock from my rectum. We laughed at how funny that was and it turned into a tickle contest. I always lose. "Oh shit! It's almost eight o'clock!" Chapter 10 "Shotgun!" Buck yelled as we reached the door to the garage.

"I figured you'd want to drive, sexy" I said to him in a matter of fact tone. "Nawww…I just want to look at your beautiful face while you drive. Besides, you know where we're going and I want to see you drive this thing like you mean it." Sounded like a challenge to me.

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I went into show-off mode and did my best to show Buck that I could drive as well as he did. Careful not to stall out, I made the drive a cross between racing and aggressive city driving.

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I had fun but know that I made the car jerk more than I should have when I shifted gears. We reached Regency Towers with plenty of time to spare. I found a parking spot on the main street and did a fantastic job of parallel parking, if I do say so myself. "That was mighty impressive, Mr.


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You pass the test!" "What test is that, hunk?" I asked with interest. "There are actually two tests. First one, which you passed, means that you know how to drive a high performance vehicle the right way.

You shift and downshift well, brake appropriately, and even take the turns without pussying-out like a chick ." He said seriously. "Well, shit…I had no idea it was test! So what's the other part of the test, stud?" "The other test…which you failed miserably…was the test of being a total-arrogant-prick-Look I got a BMW-better-than-everyone-else-on-the-road-driver.

"Sorry dude", he said with his hand on my shoulder and shaking his head, "you failed". "No fucking way!!!" I objected. "I'm a total jerk behind the wheel!" Looking into my eyes solemnly, Buck said, "Sorry, dude…you're just too nice.

You follow the rules, never run a light, and you even let people in front of you. And besides… one of the judges says you take it up the ass." With that he let out a huge belly laugh and clapped me on the chest. "Well so do you, asshole!" I barked. Regency Towers is the elite business address. The tenants of this building all paid the full admission fee. There are no discounts; just long term leases backed by old money.

No start ups here…it wouldn't be proper. The higher the floor, the more important the business is; or so they say. So a law firm on the top floor could only mean that these dogs were purebred. Out of the elevator, I snatched the card out of Buck's hand. "Let's do this properly, Mr. Thorpe" I said as I glanced at the name on the card.

When we hit the reception area I announced, "Mr. Thrope to see Attorney Goldsmith". A beautiful and well groomed receptionist who could easily be mistaken for one of her bosses inquired, "And does Mr. Thorpe have legal representation?" "Yes, maim…Attorney Bryce Cannaday." I said with a confident smile. She squeezed out a fake smile and said, "Very good, gentlemen. Would you please have a seat in the preferred client room to your left?

I will let Mr. Goldsmith know that you have arrived." "Holy shit, dude…preferred client? Your parents must have been important." Buck looked nervous and I wasn't sure why. Buck also looks smoking hot and I know exactly why. He is a buff farmboy stud with working man's muscles and a sex drive that is off the charts.

But for a farmboy, he sure knows how to dress totally GQ. I wonder how he got those clothes and who helped him pick them out. I look down at my own wardrobe and wonder if I should be asking him for advice. I'm the sharp young up-and-coming lawyer with the BMW. I need to dress better. "What's up, babe? You okay?" I ask. "I'm fine, Bryce. I just want this to be over so we can start our lives together." Wow.

I hadn't thought about the implications of my profession of love to this beautiful man. But that's what it means…being together, spending our time together, and building our futures together. "Brockton Thorpe?" says the 50-something gentlemen in the fine Italian suit. Buck jumps up and extends his hand. "Yes, sir. That's me!" he says with enthusiasm as he pumps the elder man's hand. "And this is my frie…attorney, Bryce Cannaday." "Well, my boy, that is an incredible handshake.

Hahaha…just like your father. I would have recognized you a mile away." "You knew my father? Buck asked with surprise. "Why yes, we met and were roommates at Harvard Law. Big strappin' guy just like you with a big old smile just like yours." He recalled.

"So where is Benton?" he asked. Benton??? I thought to myself.

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"He wasn't feeling well and asked me to convey his apologies for not being here. I told him I would get whatever information you wanted to give to us and I'd share it with him." Buck offered apologetically. "That's fine, my boy. Well let's go sit somewhere private so we can discuss your future."