Sexy schüchtern blonde gf gibt ihr ein bj in einem Taxi Mensch

Sexy schüchtern blonde gf gibt ihr ein bj in einem Taxi Mensch
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Mike's heart was pounding as he showed pictures of his girlfriend to his coworker on his phone. He knew his cowork was getting hard in his pants gazing at the naked pictures of his girlfriend. It was getting him hard too. His girlfriend was a short girl. She was skinny with soft pale skin. Her breasts were small but still a nice handful. Her hair was a little short.

Her features tended to make her look younger than her 21 years.

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His coworker swiped through the naked pictures of Mike's girlfriend. He was 44 years old white man. Had a bit of a gut and was a little hairy. Married with 3 kids to raise.


He loved to look at girls and when Mike's girlfriend visited he eat her up with his eyes. Mike always wanted to watch his girlfriend fucked by another man and he was planning for it to happen. Before going home that day Mike asked his coworker, Jon, if he wanted to fuck Morgan, his girlfriend.

Of course Jon said yes and they planned for a day. Morgan was shy, but open to things. When Mike told her she was annoyed at first because he was more than twice her age and he was married. She also didnt really like Jon. They talked and she gave in to the idea to fulfill Mike's fantasy, but she said he had to wear a condom. She refused to have any sex without condoms with anyone, including Mike for fear of becoming pregnant.

That was a small problem because Mike wanted to watch Jon cum inside Morgan. The idea made him hard as a rock. He'll figure something out if he could.

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A few days passed by and the day came. Mike and Morgan were waiting in their apartment for Jon to show up. Morgan was really nervous about the idea.

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Mike could tell that she was also turned on. Jon arrived a little late telling them he had to make an excuse to leave his place so his wife didn't get suspicious. Mike offfered him a seat on the couch next to Morgan. Jon took one side and Mike took the other. It was awkward for a while with nervous small talk filling the air. Finally Mike was too horny and told them they could start. Without much hesistation Jon grabbed Morgan's breast through her shirt. She stiffened up at first but relaxed a second later.

Jon leaned in and began biting her neck leaving red marks. Mike pulled out a camera and started recording the two. He was rubbing his dick through his pants as Jon kissed Morgan on her mouth and shoved his tongue in.

He moved fast and had his hands under her shirt and gropping her tits. She hadn't worn a bra prior knowing it would get in the way.

Jon satisfied, began pinching her nipples making her moan. He pushed her down on the couch on her back and lifted her shirt up revealing her tits to him. Like a hungry dog he sucked and squeezed them to his endless delight. Morgan looked at Mike feeling unsure and anxious but when she saw how much he was enjoying the scene she kept going. As Jon mauled her tits his hands pulled down her pants dragging her underwear down with it leaving her mostly nude aside from her shirt pushed up against her neck.

He shoved a finger in her and found wet. He easily inserted another and felt inside her. Morgan moaned as Jon ran his fingers in and out of her.

After a while Mike mentioned for them to go to the room. On the bed Morgan laid on her back with her shirt off while Mike handed Jon a condom. Jon undressed and slide the condom on his dick. Mike found it erotic seeing a 44 year old man, with a hairy gut, climbing over his naked girlfriend half the man's age. Jon positioned himself between Morgan's slender legs getting his cock closer to her.

What they didn't know was that Mike had made a small prick in the condom hoping it would rip once they started fucking.

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They didnt seem to notice as Jon moved his dick to Morgan's entrance. Morgan was very nervous. Mike was filming her reaction and she looked like she wanted to say something to slow down or object, but before she could Jon shoved half his dick inside of her. She inhaled deeply when Jon pushed inside.

She let out a moan when he gave another hard push and had all his dick inside. Mike almost blew a load watching Jon fuck Morgan.

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He wondered if the condom broke. Mike set the camera in a good postion to capture all the action while he sat by and rubbed his dick occasionally stopping to move the camera. Jon's dick moved in and out of Morgan feeling how wet and tight she was.

She was better than his wife and much more tighter. He let out a groan as he felt her squeeze his dick. Jon thought he could really feel how wet she was as if he wasnt wearing a condom. That make him more excited as he pounded into another women besides his wife.

After a few minutes of Jon pounding Morgan he said he wanted to fuck her from behind and she agreed. He pulled himself out of her and she turned around onto her knees. She didnt noticed the condom.

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Jon positioned himself behind Morgan and saw that the condom had a hole in it and realized he had been leaking precum in her and fucked her partially raw.

He looked over at Mike who was holding the camera filming the situation and was excited.


Jon tugged on the condom until it broke and exposed the head of his dick fully. Then he grabbed Morgan by the hips and pushed back into her vagina raw. Mike had to squeeze his dick to stop himself from coming when he saw what Jon had done.

Now he was watching this older man holding his girlfriend's shoving his dick inside of her with no protection and he loved it. Morgan was moaning like a slut loving Jon's dick.

Jon moaned and kept telling her she was better than his wife and he always wanted to fuck her. Jon fucked Morgan at a good pace. Sometimes slowing down and sometimes speeding up. Her pussy was clenching down on him and she was so wet. He pulled her hair and fucked her hard.

The sound of their bodies smacking together and her moans filled the room. Jon was sure the neighbors could hear but he didn't care.

He just loved the feeling of his dick in this bitch. Soon Jon could feel himself getting close. He knew he should pull out but his dick just kept slamming into her. He couldn't think his body kept fucking her and he knew he would shoot his seed inside of her. Jon was pounding away hard as he felt his balls tense.

And with a final push to get as deep as he could he shoved inside her and held her hips to pull her closer. He could feel himself shooting deep inside Morgan as he groaned and gave a few more thrusts. Mike watched their reaction as Jon began cumming in Morgan. He threw his head back and let out a loud groan shooting load after load of his cum into her. Morgan had been moaning into a pillow when she felt something wrong. Immediately her head shot up but she could not move away because Jon was holding her hips.

Then feeling his cum in her triggered her orgasm and she started moaning again as her orgasim rippled through her. Mike went over to stand in front of Morgan and came over her face surprising her.

After the orgasims faded Morgan pushed Jon off and ran to the bathroom with cum leaking out of her. The two men heard the shower turn on. Mike and Jon chatted a little. Jon was worried Morgan will get pregnant, but Mike told him he'd get her a pill. He knew she was mad, but he loved the show.

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After a minute of talking both Jon and Mike headed into the shower both their dicks ha