A real amateur british gangbang filmed at a sex

A real amateur british gangbang filmed at a sex
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It all started at the dance performance Intuition. Chris was one of the two people still to be picked up. The other was Jacob, who's brown hair was slicked back still from the performance and he was still wearing a little eyeliner, making his brown eyes pop in the dim light.

" Hey you were good tonight, Jacob" Chris said sitting down on the same step as his crush of about three weeks with a smile. " I'm glad you enjoyed it but what are you still doing here Chris?" Jacob asked. "Mum popped a tyre. She said just to wait here for her." Chris said frowning a little. " Oh yeah. That sucks." Jacob commented. " How about you?" Chris asked, trying to keep him talking. If they talked then they would become friends and from friends maybe they could become more.

" I'm not sure if my parents are even coming. They are still mad because I almost got suspended today." he said sadly. Chris slid over to sit closer to him.

" What did you do this time?" Chris asked. Jacob looked up into Chris' eyes and for a second Chris saw a longing buried deep in his eyes, similar to his own.

" I. It. It doesn't matter." Jacob said looking away. " So where are you sleeping, over the weekend?" Chris asked with a light bulb on in his head. " I really don't know." Jacob said defeated.

" I was going to stay with a friend but they bailed." "Well if it's not weird you can stay with me. Oh and my family of course." Chris said nervously. Jacob smiled his trademark sexy half smile.

Jacob knew the affect his smile had on girls and he liked to see that it affected Chris in the same way. " That would be amazing, thank you." Jacob said sincerely. Chris smiled and pulled out his phone. " Hey mum can a friend of mine come and stay for the weekend?" Chris asked excitedly.

"Of Course. Have I met her before?" his mum, Ruth, asked. " No mum. You haven't met him before" Chris said with emphasis on the him. "Oh okay. I'll be there in about 30 minutes at the most." Ruth said. "Thank you Mum" Chris said with a smile.

" Your welcome. We don't need to have a talk about safe sex do we?" she asked.

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Chris was gob smacked and quickly stood up and walked out of earshot of Jacob. " Defiantly not mum. He is just a friend," Chris said. " At the moment." Ruth said teasingly. " One weekend is not going to change that." Chris said. " Is he staying in your room?" Ruth asked. " Well yes. Where else would he sleep?" Chris said.

" The couch." Ruth said flatly. " Look mum; nothing is going on with us. He has been kicked out of his house sort of and I just offered ours because I know we aren't doing anything and pretty much everyone will be out." Chris said trying to convince her. " Besides he is as straight as a ruler." " Alright. I'm sorry. Good bye." Ruth said. " Bye." Chris said a little annoyed. " you know." Chris heard Jacob behind him and spun around quickly in shock.

Jacob was about a meter away and half smiling. " you can get those flexible rulers that seem all straight until you pick them up." Jacob said finishing off his thought. " What?" Chris asked heart still thumping. He couldn't decide if it was beating hard from the shock or being this close to Jacob.

"Just letting you know, not all rulers are straight." Jacob said nonchalantly. " You were listening?" Chris asked scared about what Jacob could have heard. " only for the last bit. From about you telling your mum all about me and how ruler like I Am." he said. " What 30cm long and hard as wood?" Chris spat out not realising what he said until one of Jacobs eyebrows raised with a smile on his face.

" oh my god shoot me now." Chris said blushing and walking back over to the steps and his bag. " I wont tell you how close you are to the truth then." Jacob said smiling. Jacobs phone rang and his smile disappeared. He looked at Chris apologetically and answered the phone, " Hey babe." he said with a bored look on his face. There was chatter coming from the phone that Chris couldn't make out. " nah he dogged me but I found another place to crash at." he said smiling at Chris.

Chatter that was a bit louder came through. " It is a guy from school alright," he said looking irritated. This seemed to relieve the voice a bit as it chattered on. "Oh if only she knew" Chris thought smugly to him self. A string of " okay, cool, okay, nice, cool." came from Jacob. Who was looking more bored as the conversation went on. Suddenly there was a change in tone and Jacob said " No, not this weekend babe." Chris thought he heard a 'why not?' come from the phone.

" I'm busy this weekend. Maybe next weekend we can go out." Jacob said. There was annoyed chatter coming through.

" I can't okay. I have so much homework and even if I don't do it I have other stuff I have to get on with." Jacob said. More chatter came through wilder then before. " That's not it at all. I'm not like that." Jacob paused for a second and looked into Chris' eyes. "I love you." Jacob said slowly.

This seemed to calm down the voice but it made Chris and Jacob's heart beats quicken. " okay babe. Bye." Jacob said dropping his gaze from Chris' ashamed. " so was that your girlfriend?" Chris asked ignoring the strong urge to hug him. " Yeah. Everyday there is a new drama. You wouldn't have to deal with that though hey?" Jacob asked with a hint of curiosity. " well I still have friends that are girls so I get a bit of it." Chris said shrugging.

" yeah but with your boyfriend?" Jacob asked. " Never had one. Well not a proper one. There was this one guy I was sort of with for a bit but it didn't last." Chris said shrugging. " That's too bad." Jacob said. " Yeah." Chris said still thinking about the 'I love you' thing that Jacob said and what it meant. " can I ask you something personal?" Jacob asked.

Chris' heartbeat quickened. " Um sure." he said a little nervously. " how far have you been with a boy?" Jacob asked looking into Chris' eyes again. " Kissing, and I have felt a guys cock through his pants." Chris said. His eyes involuntary looked down to Jacobs's crotch. He cursed himself and looked back up to Jacobs's eyes. As he did he noticed Jacob was looking at Chris' crotch too and half smiling. Jacob's eyes re-joined Chris' and Chris blushed furiously. " Do guys taste any better then girls?" Jacob asked.

" You sure are asking a lot of questions." Chris stated. "Answer the question." Jacob said. " It is different for everyone. You will just have to try for your self." Chris said. Jacob slid across the step so he was right next to Chris. " oh really?" Jacob asked leaning in close to Chris.

" yeah." Chris said taking in a deep breath. Suddenly they saw a car coming up the school driveway and broke apart before they were in the headlights. Chris' mum pulled up and Jacob opened the passenger door. It took Chris a minute to realise Jacob didn't want the passenger seat and Chris was meant to hop in.

As Chris hopped in the car he said a soft "Thank you" to which Jacob just smiled respectfully and closed the door. "Good choice. I like him." Ruth said quickly before Jacob opened his own door. " Hi. I'm Ruth, Chris' mum." Ruth said politely. " It's nice to meet you Ruth. I'm Jacob. " And what do you do at this school?" Ruth asked. " I'm a dancer" Jacob said. " ballet as well?" Ruth asked. " I did for a while but I'm just dance now." He said.

" Did you perform tonight?" She asked. " Yeah I did." Jacob said. " It was really good." Chris piped in. " I'm sure it was." Ruth said smiling. " So how long are you staying?" Ruth asked. " Probably just the weekend." Jacob said. " Probably?" Chris asked.


" I uh might need to stay longer if things at home don't improve," he said looking out the window. " well if you stay longer then two days you will have to help out with the chores." Ruth said. " So is that a yes to me staying a bit longer?" Jacob asked excitedly. " if need be." Ruth said smiling. " Thank you so much." Jacob said. " your welcome." Ruth said smiling. " You will be staying in Chris' room is that okay?" she asked.

" Should be fine. I have some rules I want to put in place." Jacob said with a half smile to himself. " Very good." Ruth said. They drove for a while casually chatting until they were on Chris' road.

Chris smiled as they pulled into his driveway and heard Jacob gasp. " wow." Jacob said looking around. " That usually wears off after the twentieth time you see it." Ruth said smiling. " how many acres?" Jacob asked. " 5" Chris said proudly. " There is lots of space. You could hide out here and no one would find you." Jacob said.

" I come out here a lot." Chris said. " Hunting vampires." Ruth commented. " Staking them?" Jacob asked with a laugh. Chris blushed, " well I take my stake but I haven't seen any yet." " You still haven't showed me how to stake a vampire." Jacob said still laughing.

" You can watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer with me.

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Then you will learn how to stake a vampire." Chris said smiling. " Oh no, Jacob you better watch out. Chris turns everyone into a Buffy addict." Ruth said. " It's okay I want to know all about this staking thing." Jacob said with a smile. " Good." Chris said smiling. They had dinner around the dinner table with the family, which went better then Chris had expected.

Jacob got on well with Chris' older brother Simon and Chris' little sister Erin was smiling at Jacob the whole night. " So." Erin said walking into the kitchen where Chris and Jacob were putting away dishes.

" Do you have a girlfriend?" Erin asked. " Yeah I do. " He said looking briefly at Chris. " so why didn't you stay with her?" Erin asked. " To be honest, she does my head in. And her family is crazy. More so then yours." Jacob said smiling at Erin.

Chris didn't like that. " Erin can you get any plates out of your room. You know before they grow hair and we have to name them?" Chris said smiling at the line from Buffy. " I'm no magical key from another dimension." Erin said walking away. Chris was surprised she knew the quote.

Jacob was amused watching the casual banter. Simon walked up to the counter with his plate. " Hey, the football's on tonight, want to watch the game and have a beer with me?" Simon asked Jacob. " Nah mate but thanks for the offer. I have to watch Buffy tonight to see how a vampire is staked." he said with a half smile. " Whatever man." Simon said sulking off to his room. " That's interesting." Chris mused out loud. " What?" Jacob said amused.

" You keep blowing off people to hang out with me." Chris said smiling. " What do you mean?" Jacob asked. " You told your girlfriend you had stuff on this weekend when we both know you don't.

And you just told my brother you have to watch Buffy when I know you would rather watch football. I think your hiding something." Chris said singing the last sentence. " shut up." Jacob said with a light tone. " I haven't been able to stop thinking about staking things since you told me." Jacob continued with a slight blush. " alright. I you finish up here I'll go get my Buffy DVD." Chris said. Jacob nodded and watched Chris walk away. Jacob smiled to himself. Chris was out in no time at all.

He quickly put on the DVD and played his favourite episode of Buffy, 'Once more with feeling'. It was a musical episode where a demon named sweet has been summoned and it turns life in Sunnydale into a musical.

During the first song Buffy saves a very sexy man from some demons. He sings, " how can I repay-" " Whatever" Buffy interrupts him and walks away.

Chris scoffs. " don't you agree?" Jacob asked. " there is this person, willing to do anything for her, and she I too much in her own world to notice." Chris said frowning a little at Jacob. " that and he is incredibly hot." Jacob said with a slight smile at Chris. " Well yes that too." Chris said smiling back. More of the show went on and it came up to a vampire named spike's song. " So he is a vampire?" Jacob asked. " yes." Chris said humming along with the song.

" why doesn't Buffy stake him?" Jacob asked, " other then the glaringly obvious sexual tension." he continued. " Or why doesn't he bite her?" " He has a chip in his head making it nearly impossible for him to hurt a human." Chris explained. " Oh." Jacob said. " He is pretty good looking." Jacob said. " I mean buffy is defiantly hot and I can see why she would go for him." " really?" Chris asked a little shocked.

" I mean he could defiantly be a dancer but I think my abs are better then his." Jacob said with a little laugh. " oh really?" Chris asked pausing the TV. " Show me." Jacob half smiled and Chris' heartbeat picked up. Jacob slowly lifted the bottom of his shirt, swaying his hips a little as he did. Chris was smiling and blushing.

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Jacob stopped just above his nipples. His abs were well defined and he had those little lines that pointed to his crotch. His arms were on show with the way he was holing his shirt. His pecs were also defined but not as much. Chris couldn't stop staring. " Well are they better then spike's?" Jacob asked. " Uhh" was all Chris could say and it took all he had not to drool.

Jacob half smiled and said, " I'll take that as a yes." he slowly pulled his top back down. Buffy they watched a few more episodes of buffy and then the boys went to Chris' room.

Chris grabbed his favourite grey pyjamas and headed for the bathroom to get changed. His grey shorts seemed too short tonight, even though they were fine the night before.

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When he got back Jacob was in dance shorts. No top. Chris stopped in his tracks. " What?" Jacob asked with a half smile. " I. You. You seem to have lost your shirt. Not that I'm complaining." Chris said running his eyes down Jacob's body. " well it just seemed like I might be a bit hot tonight." Jacob said. Chris had two similar beds in his room separated by a nightstand with an iPod dock and a lamp on it.

Jacob looked between them a little confused. " That beds yours." Chris said pointing to the bed on the right. " They used to be bunk beds but I got a bit old for that." Chris said shrugging. " Okay." Jacob said sitting down. Chris closed the door. "Turn on the lamp." Chris said. Jacob did and Chris turned off the overhead light. Chris hopped into bed and Jacob said " Thank you, again, for letting me stay. I haven't gotten any calls so I don't think my parents came to get me." Jacob said sadly.

" it's fine. Um don't get mad but what did you do to almost get suspended?" Chris asked nervously turning to face Jacob who was looking straight up at the ceiling. " I. Got in a fight," he said. " Who with?" Chris asked. " It doesn't matter anymore. Its over now." Jacob said getting angry. Chris sat up and swung his legs over the bed to face Jacob.

" hey calm down, okay? Your a bit scary when your angry." Chris said putting a hand on his arm. Jacob sat up and copied Chris' movements so the boys were facing each other. " Sorry. It is just a sensitive subject." Jacob said sighing. " it's okay. Will you at least tell me what the fight was about?" Chris asked.

He immediately regretted it when he saw a pained expression on Jacobs face. " Sorry, you don't have to-" Chris tried to say. " No, you have to know. The fight. Was about. You." he finished softly. " Me." Chris asked shocked. " My frie- Well someone, started to talk shit about you after you walked past." Jacob said. " So you fought up for my honour." Chris asked gasping. " I guess. It was really mean and he shouldn't say those things about anyone." Jacob said shrugging. Chris heart jumped and he leaned forward in a moment of insanity.

His lips pressed against Jacobs and there was surprise in both faces when Jacob started to move his mouth. Chris moaned and ran his fingers through Jacobs's hair.

Jacob put a hand in Chris' hair as well but he used it to pull Chris away. " Sorry." Chris said breathlessly. " That was. I liked it but no. I'm not a cheater. I'm not. FUCK!" Jacob said standing up in frustration. He started pacing in front of the beds. " Talk to me. Tell me what you thinking." Chris urged. " I'm not gay. I like girls. Sure they are annoying but I have always liked girls.

I'm not supposed to feel like this. Why does kissing you feel better then all the girls I have kissed before? No not particularly better, but right. Fuck. Does this mean I'm gay? It's not like girls are unattractive.

I'd still fuck them." Jacob rambled in frustration. " You don't have to like just one or the other. " Chris said. " What do you mean?" Jacob asked. " Bi sexual. It means you like both boy's and girls." Chris explained.

" But it's not all boys, it's just been you." Jacob said. " I don't look at boys that way. Until now. Fuck. This is going to make things awkward in the locker room. I want to try these things with you, to see how they feel." Jacob said pacing again. " That's called curiosity. Bi-curious. But secretly bi-curious, because I'm sure you don't want this to get out." Chris said.

" Why does everything have to be labelled? Can't we just continue to try things in private but still be the same in public?" Jacob asked. " Okay." Chris said. " I'm guessing you don't want people at school to know your staying at my house either." " Thank you.

It is just so frustrating. How did you get through it? I have all these conflicting ideas and feelings." Jacob said sitting down again. " I just realised girls weren't attractive. Then I realised guys were." Chris said shrugging. " Rhys hey?" Jacob asked. " yeah Rhys. My first gay crush and I think it will be a while until I get over him." Chris said. His crush on Rhys was old news to the school that had become common knowledge.

" He's straight though yeah?" Jacob asked. " Mostly yeah." Chris said blushing at a memory. " What do mean mostly?" Jacob asked confused.

" We kissed once. It was at the ball. He pulled me aside and told me that even though he was straight there would always be a place in his heart for me. Then he kissed me softly." Chris said touching his lips while recalling the memory. " You still think about him a lot?" Jacob asked looking into Chris eyes. " yeah I guess." Chris said shrugging. Suddenly Jacob leaned forward and kissed Chris again.

Jacob was rough and controlling, as Chris loved it. Jacob ran his fingers into Chris' hair and crushed Chris' mouth against his. Jacob's other hand ran down Chris' side finally resting on his hip. Chris' hands roamed all over Jacob's abs and chest.

Jacob pulled away suddenly. " were you thinking about him then?" he whispered. " who?" Chris asked genuinely confused. Jacob laughed and kissed Chris again briefly before laying back on his bed.

" The only thing I could think about is those perfect abs." Chris said laying back as well. " Good." Jacob said with a smile. They both reached at the same time to turn off the lamp. Chris let out a soft laugh and switched it off. Jacobs's hand was still there and it lingered on Chris' on it's way down. Chris fell asleep almost instantly. Jacob heard his breathing deepen and become slower.

Jacob couldn't sleep. His mind was still racing from the kisses and what it meant about him being Bi-curious. He had a girlfriend. It might be going through a rough spot but it was there.

Rumours would fly if Jacob's friends knew he was accused of being gay with a boy and now sleeping at that boy's house. Jacob hated it but it meant a lot to him what others thought. It was how he was brought up. Why didn't he just tell Chris the fight between him and his ex-best friend Saxon, was about Saxon thinking he was gay and calling both of them names. The last thought Jacob had before drifting into sleep was, " I don't want Chris to get hurt over this." The morning was uneventful.

Chris woke up first and he sat there for a little longer then required just looking at Jacob sleeping peacefully. Chris had gotten dressed and was about to start on his chores when he was met at his door by Erin.

"He is really hot." Erin commented looking at Jacob as well.


" yes and he doesn't need to be disturbed by the likes of you." Chris said closing his door behind him. "No fun. Don't forget the horses need feed." Erin said. Chris was out in his stables, singing to his horses while feeding them. He loved watching them nod their heads in time to the music. Today was from a TV show he had watched called "That's so raven".

"Listen to my perfect voice!" he belted out. " I Am." he heard behind him. That stopped him in his tracks but also made him smile. The deep honey voice that belong to Jacob echoed around Chris' head. " Don't let me stop you." Jacob said as Chris turned around slowly. Jacob was leaning against the entrance wall, his hair slightly messy and a tired and sad look in his eyes. " I was just finishing up anyway." Chris said shyly. " How was your sleep?" " it was alright.

It was a bit cold." Jacob said. " Are you alright?" Chris asked worried. " Yeah I'm. I. No I'm not." Jacob said finally looking down. " What happened?" Chris asked. " I got sent a picture this morning. It was taken last night at a party that I didn't even know about." Jacob said tensing up.

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Jacob pulled out his phone and passed it to Chris. Chris noticed a giant crack in the screen that wasn't there yesterday. " Look at the last message I was sent." Jacob said almost through gritted teeth. Chris quickly went there and saw a photo of Jacob girlfriend Celeryn on top of Jacobs best friend Saxon, kissing intimately. " Oh no." Chris said shocked.

" Yeah. My reaction was a bit more violent." Jacob said. "Is that what happened to your phone?" Chris asked cautiously. " Yeah. It was either my phone or your wall," he said shrugging. " Have you talked to them yet?" Chris asked. " No. I got frustrated, threw my phone, cried a little, and I swear if you ever repeat any of this I will hurt you, then came to see if you could calm me down." Jacob said stepping towards Chris. " Well after you have calmed down a bit I think you should talk to them.

Or just Celeryn." Chris said. " later. For now I just need a distraction." Jacob said taking another step towards Chris. Chris smiled and took the last step towards Jacob. Their bodies pressed together and they could feel each others growing erections. Chris moaned and Jacob crushed his lips against Chris'. Chris ran one hand through Jacobs's hair and put the other on his shoulder. Jacobs's hands went to Chris' hips, grinding them together.

Slowly Jacob pushed Chris back until he was up against the wall. Jacobs knee went between Chris' thighs, pressing gently against his growing erection. Chris moaned and put both arms over Jacobs shoulders. Jacob pulled back slightly and looked at Chris hesitantly.

" What's wrong?" Chris asked. " I want to." Jacob leant forwards so he was right next to Chris' ear. " I want.

To touch it. I want to feel It.," he whispered making Chris' heartbeat quicken. Chris couldn't speak, all he could do was rub his cock against Jacobs leg.

" I'll take that as a yes?" Jacob asked with a slight laugh. Chris just moaned and pulled Jacob's mouth back to his. Jacob slowly inched his hands across Chris' stomach to the top of his pants.

He hesitated briefly with both his hands and the kiss. Chris kissed him again as if to say, " Go on." Jacob smiled, kissed back and put his hands down Chris' pants one on either side. Chris moaned as the cool hands touched his warm legs. One of Jacobs's hands came out and pinned Chris to the wall by his shoulder. The other slowly moved across until it was brushing against his cock.

Chris moaned a little loud and Jacob kissed him to shut him up. " sorry." Chris panted. " it's okay, just bite your lip or something." Jacob said kissing him again. Chris bit his lip and Jacob smiled. " That's sexy." Jacob whispered placing his hand on Chris' cock.

Chris started to moan but stopped him self. " Good boy." Jacob said with a smile. Jacobs hand flexed on Chris' cock rubbing in with just his fingers. Slowly Jacobs fingers wrapped around Chris' cock. Jacob looked into Chris' eyes with a nervous smile.

His hand started to slowly pump Chris' penis. " It feels pretty big." Jacob commented looking down. " uhhh hhuuhh." was all Chris could say when he opened his mouth. " about as big as mine." Jacob whispered making Chris quiver. Jacob started to jack him off faster and an impulse made Chris reach out and cup Jacobs's cock through his pants. He loved hearing Jacob moan as he rubbed Jacob's cock. Jacob suddenly stopped jacking Chris off. Chris stopped and looked at him.

" I want to see it." Jacob said. Chris nodded and started to pull down his pants until his 8 inch cock sprung free, desperate for more of Jacobs attention. " It looks about 20 centimetres long." Jacob said smiling. " Yeah about that. Now you." Chris said. He looked around an quickly pulled his pants down enough for his 7 1/2 inch cock to spring out. " just smaller then yours." he said with a smile. Jacob quickly began to jerk Chris off again, who just bucked his hips and moaned in response.

Jacob stepped forward so their penises were touching. Both boys moaned then kissed, rubbing against each other. They had a steady rhythm going and Jacob wrapped his hand around both of the cocks, jacking them off at the same time. The pleasure Chris was feeling from the friction was incredible.

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He didn't know how anything could feel better. " So you like vampires?" Jacob whispered breathily. " Evil ones. get. Staked." Chris said panting. " But what about spike?" Jacob asked tightening then releasing his grip. " mmmm spike can. bite me. Anytime." Chris said almost moaning. " What about me?" Jacob asked kissing down Chris' face to his neck. " uhhhh!" Was all Chris could say.


Jacob kissed Chris' neck lightly grazing his teeth across the skin. Chris could feel himself about to come. " Do it!" Chris demanded. Jacob wasted no time and quickly bit down on Chris' neck. It wasn't hard enough to break the skin but it would leave mark.

Chris couldn't take it. He came all over Jacobs's hand and cock, lubricating Jacobs's hand and making him pump faster. He soon came as well and let go of Chris' neck. " Wow." Chris said rubbing his neck.

" I never knew pain could be so pleasurable." " That was hot. Better then most of the girls I have had." Jacob said leaning against Chris. Chris wrapped his arms around Jacob and was surprised when Jacob wrapped his arms around Chris too. " I didn't think you were the cuddling type." Chris said amused and warmed by Jacob's arms. " There is a lot about me you don't know," Jacob said. " I'm going to have an awesome time finding out." Chris said smiling and burying his face in Jacobs's hair.

They stayed like that for a bit until Jacob started to shiver. " what's up?" Chris asked as Jacob stood up. " My balls are freezing." Jacob said. " yeah mine too." Chris said. There was quite a bit of come on their bodies and Chris watched confused as Jacob took off his pants and boxers. " What are you doing?" Chris asked. " here." Jacob said wiping the come off Chris' tummy and cock with his boxers. He then wiped himself down and put his pants back on.

Chris quickly pulled his own up. " I'm going to need a shower anyway." Jacob said. " do you have spare clothes?

You could borrow some from me." Chris suggested. " Nah, it's all right. I still have the clothes I was taking to my friend's house." Jacob said. " okay. You can have first shower." Chris said grabbing the eggs he had collected before and walking towards the house.