Horny floozy jock licking scene japanese and hardcore

Horny floozy jock licking scene japanese and hardcore
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Bob couldn't believe how his night was progressing. He honestly had not thought she'd be there let alone that she'd actually look like her picture.

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He'd heard all the horror stories about meeting women on the internet, but there was something about her that had piqued his curiosity and drawn him to her. He had kept telling himself upon entering the party "Don't get your hopes up, Bobby…she's probably not even here&hellip.and how would you know if she was with all these people here?" But, she had been there&hellip.and he had known her upon sight. The minute Kaci walked out of the ladies room door, he had known she was exactly what he had thought.

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Her costume was perfect showing off her ample curves to perfection and using the "good girl" story to show off a "bad girl" personality. And bad girl Kaci definitely was. He had never ever in his wildest dreams thought he would actually do the things he had done thus far that night…and the night wasn't over. As Bob drove the rental car to his hotel, he couldn't stop stealing glances at the woman next to him.


She had been very blunt about her appearance. About 5'3", dark hair with the darkest blue eyes, pale skin…and then there were her curves&hellip.Bob couldn't get over the way her F cup breasts pillowed on top of her corset and the way her hips flared out from her waist proportioning her just the way he liked. He heard a loud noise notifying him he had veered off the side of the road and quickly pulled the car back to the road and tore his gaze away from her.

He heard Kaci's giggle and couldn't help but smile. Bob inhaled the scent of her perfume&hellip.both from the bottle and from between her legs as she unfastened her seatbelt and leaned in close to him."Tell you what…you stare straight ahead and I'll make sure you're ready for what's coming next." She spoke softly into his ear.

He wondered what she was talking about briefly before groaning to himself as she placed her small hand on his temporarily soft cock. He could feel her massaging his balls through his pants and knew what was next&hellip.relished what was next&hellip.her giggle as he began to swell at her touch. "This won't be so hard, after all." She mused and leaned over to lay her head on his crotch. "No way" Bob thought to himself. "There is no way she's about to do what I think she's about to do&hellip.Oh my God&hellip.she is." Kaci unzipped and unbuttoned Bob's pants and pulled his cock out deftly.

Then, like a little girl with a lollipop, she began licking up and down Bob's cock. "You know, this is one of my favorite things to do," Kaci informed him. "Licking a man's cock&hellip.putting it in my mouth and sucking on it&hellip.tasting him&hellip.it makes me so wet." Bob could not believe he was actually getting road head. And amazing road head at that.


Kaci had told him she felt herself pretty proficient at taking care of a man orally……she'd severely understated her abilities. He struggled to keep the car on the road as his vision blurred and he felt his muscles tighten with control.

"You have got the most amazing mouth…" Bob started to say, but was cut off when Kaci sighed and briefly hummed with the full length of his cock down her throat. Almost too soon and yet not soon enough he saw the sign for his hotel and pulled into the parking spot in front of room number 12. He was thrown off balance when Kaci abruptly released his cock from the vacuum of her mouth and threw open her door.

It appeared she was in as much of a hurry as he was. Not bothering to cover himself, he made his way to the door and somehow managed to unlock it and opened it allowing Kaci to enter first. He flipped on the light which barely illuminated the room and threw the keys onto the table. As Kaci turned to him, something in Bob snapped. He was tired of playing cat and mouse&hellip.he was ready to give this woman the fucking of her life.

Bob grabbed ahold of her and began kissing her letting his lips roam over her face and neck while his hands adeptly removed the clothing that was getting in his way.

When he had let her skirt drop to the floor, rid her of her garters and stockings, and finally unlaced her corset to release her full breasts, he thrust her from him. He smiled at her momentary look of confusion and stepped back from her to survey her as he removed his clothing. There she stood…&hellip.with her dark hair flowing around her face, her lips swollen from his rough use of them, her nipples beige peaks of arousal and her pussy neatly shaved except for the "strip".

He could see the wetness oozing from her and knew that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Well, she'd get him. Stepping forward again, Bob grabbed Kaci's hair in both hands and began hungrily kissing her, pushing her body back toward the bed with his.

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He pushed her down beneath him and began his inspection of her body&hellip.first with his hands, then with his tongue and lips. He heard her sharp intake of breath as his lips closed over one nipple and then the other, his tongue making languid circles around it.

He felt her fingers running through his hair and nearly laughed out loud as they stopped and began pulling when his began tweaking each nipple with his teeth.

"So…you don't mind a little roughness?" He asked her gloatingly, but didn't wait for a response as his fingers found what they had been searching for. He slowly slid them up and down her lips just as her tongue had his cock and looked into her eyes.

"Keep them open&hellip.I want to look into them." He commanded her. She complied. His fingers roved over her lips and crevices…&hellip.and then found her entrance. Quickly, he plunged two fingers into her wetness and felt her hips rise and her breathing become ragged. This had to be the most reactive woman he had ever had the pleasure of meeting. She began to whimper in pleasure as he drove his fingers over and over into her.

He loved that sound…&hellip.but, he wondered how loud she would get if&hellip. Bob drew his head down until he was level with the object of his fascination Kaci's pussy. He inhaled her scent&hellip.and it nearly made him cum. She was so wet and so ready.

He flicked his tongue over her clit as his fingers maintained their rhythm and was pleased to note how Kaci's volume spiked.

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Kaci may be a master at sucking cock, but he certainly could hold his own licking pussy. He began flicking his tongue over Kaci's engorged clit in time with his fingers causing her breath to quicken and her hips to buck against him.

He dropped all pretenses when he latched onto the thick bud and began to suck and pull it between his teeth.

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He felt her muscles spasm and heard her shriek of pleasure as the waves of her orgasm began crashing over her. There was the far away sensation of pain as her nails raked across his shoulders to grab at her head as she thrust her hips up as far she could as though trying to force feed him her pussy.

His tongue went into overtime lapping at her cum as poured from her pussy. When at last Kaci had quieted down, Bob worked his way up her body in kisses until he reached her mouth.

He again marveled at the fact that not only did she kiss him after his face had been buried in her pussy, but licked the remnants of "glaze" from him as though it were candy. "You know we're not through." He asked her. "Not by a long shot." Was her reply.


Bob sat up and drew Kaci up with him. With a gentle push, he showed her what he wanted. Kaci drew herself up onto all fours and spread her legs.


She wiggled her ass and looked back at him coquettishly. Bob lost control as he grabbed her hips and slammed his rock hard cock into her dripping wet pussy.

Never before had anything felt so good. Her mouth had been hot and moist, but her pussy was a sauna. Kaci's rounded ass was the perfect view and he could sense the machinations of her tits as they bounced with his pounding.

The sensations rolling up his cock seemed almost too much as he began to fuck her…&hellip.but, he was not ready for her reaction to his penetration. "OH MY GOD!" Kaci screamed…but not in pain. "Fuck me Bob. Oh yes…Oh my God, you feel so good." Bob couldn't believe how wild she was getting as she pushed back against him, meeting him thrust for thrust.

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It seemed the harder and deeper he pushed into her, the louder she begged for more. "Yes Bob Yes…more&hellip.Oh my God your cock feels so good." He felt her contracting her pussy around his cock and grabbed her hips tighter. The only thing that mattered in this life was pounding this pussy. Her muscles spasmed as she came yet again and still Bob drilled her.

Sweat rolled down his face and chest and he was panting with exertion&hellip.well, that and desire&hellip.as he felt his balls tightening up. "Bob please give me your cum. Please…let me feel you cum inside me." At that, he lost it. With an explosion of sound from his lips, his body jerked and colors exploded behind his eyes as he felt his cock explode inside of her and pumped and pumped and pumped everything that was in his balls into her sopping wet pussy.

He felt his cum dripping out of her and running down her legs and his, but he didn't care. As she collapsed beneath him, Bob went with her, taking care to roll them over until she lay on top of him. Trying to return his breathing to normal, he lay there for what seemed like an eternity, finally rousing himself when Kaci began moving to get up and her skin pulled away from his unwillingly. "We've made quite a mess!" She laughed.

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Bob grinned sheepishly. "Yeah, I guess we did." "Well, I think I'm going to clean up." Kaci remarked as she headed toward the shower&hellip."Wanna keep messing me up?" She laughed. Bob wasn't far behind her.