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Brunette affraid of cum when fucked hard on fake photo casting
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*Author's note- Characters and events belong to me so no stealing. This explains The Master's background on how he became a Daemon. Each name has a meaning in this story.

Kerberos-Demon of the pit. Aikaterine-Pure. Akeldame-Feild of blood. Adelphose-of the same womb. Beniamon-son of the right hand and Demogorgon-Grim demon. Hecate is the mother of all witches. I chose these names to correspond with the character's personalities and such.

And Cyprus is one of the acclaimed birthplaces of Aphrodite. I did my homework. Enjoy I originally posted this on my account, xxxArtemisDawnxxx, on* '.' thoughts. Chapter 5 *Part 13* Kerberos' (The Master) Story.

Cyprus, 323 B.C.

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"C'mon Kat. Please." I say as I tug Aikaterine's hand. Her mahogany hair and violet eyes darkened by the light white material of her dress. I pull her against my bare chest. My wrap only covers from my waist to my knees. Her violet eyes meet my green.

So much love swims within them its almost staggering.

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'I don't know Keb, I love you so much, but there would be many consequences if anyone found out we did this." I scoff. "Who would find out? Your brother?" I smile plays across her lips. "Adelphose would most likely hunt you down and slaughter you while you sleep." "Adelphose doesn't scare me! Nor does the whole Grecian army! Zeus and the mighty Gods couldn't keep us apart!" She clasps her hand across my mouth, "Be quiet you fool. Do you have a deathwish? The Guards will hear you." I pull her hand away.

"Oh what does it matter Aikaterine? You will be my wife soon enough." I feel her still on my chest and glance at her. "You jest Kerberos. That is not funny." "I would not joke about something as marriage.

I've already spoken to your father, he thinks its a wonderful idea. You know we were going to have a big dinner tomorrrow where of which I planned to ask your hand." She stares at me open mouthed and I smile. "However if you think I'm jesting I'll just have to." Her mouth crushes against mine, almost throwing me off balance. She pulls back, the light dancing in her eyes. "Is that a yes Kat?" She laughs. "Yes you dense lovestruck fool." I wrap my arms around her waist.

"So will you go with me now? To Aphrodite's temple?

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You will be mine by name soon enough, why not by body as well?" Her smile widens. "Alright, we shall become one in front of the love Goddess. Maybe she'll see it as an offering." I clap my hand over her sarcasm. "Do you wish her wrath to rein down upon us woman?

You need to take the Gods more seriously." I say seriously but she sees the humor in my eyes. She tugs my hand from her mouth. "Come, let us pay a visit to Aphrodite to ask for forgiveness." I cant supress my smile as she pulls me toward the temple. *** I feel mine and Kat's excitement as we near the temple. There is no one around, the Guard's route doesnt include the temple, no one would dare desicrate the city's Goddess in such a way. Its quiet and secluded. Perfect. We get nearer the alter, which earlier in the day I lined with roses, lavender and red votive candles, incense burning at the base of it.

I hear her sigh in awe. 'She likes it.' She turns to me, her eyes glittering with passion. "I see you planned ahead naught boy." I chuckle. "Ah yes, the mighty Kerberos, predictor of the future." She wraps her arms around my neck. "Can you predict what I'll say next O Mighty One?" "Hmmm, Is it.I love you?" "You can predict the future. What do you see next?" "I see me wrapping my arms around your waist, pulling you close, and then I." I swoop down and kiss her deeply.

I feel her fingers tangle in my hair. I pull back slightly, our noses touching. "Do you trust me Aikaterine?" "Yes. Yes I trust you Kerberos." I smile at her and grip her waist, turning her back to me.

I press myself against her, letting her feel my growing member. I hear a slight moan escape her lips, I run the tip of my tongue over her ear and feel her shiver.


"I love you baby." I whisper in her ear. "I love you too." She gasps as I cup her sex through her dress. "You're wet for me already." I see her swallow.

I run my hands to the top of her shoulders and I slide her dress down her body. I marvel at her perfection as I walk around her. Pale but glowing. Dark hair, dancing violet eyes. I see her get shy under my gaze and smile. "You are beautiful my love." I unwrap my cover from my waist and let it fall to the marble floor.

Her eyes immediatly train to my massive 13 inches. I walk towards her, my erection poking her belly as I pull her close. "Don't worry baby," I whisper into her hair. "I will be gentle with you." She pulls back slightly, curiosity in her eyes, her hand twitches towards my cock but stops.

"Go ahead baby. Touch me." She hesitantly puts her hand on my shaft and grips as much as she can. She seems unsure of how to proceed so I put my hand on hers. "Like this." I start sliding her hand up and down my shaft and over my head.

"Thats it baby." I say as I release her hand and my eyes drift shut. She starts pumping me faster and I thrust into her hand. My hand goes up and grabs ones of her breasts, playing with the nipple. She gasps and arches her back. I pull back slightly, her hand falling away from my cock, I see indignition in her eyes before I put my mouth on her nipple. One hand clasps her back, pulling her close and keeping her steady, the other toys with her other nipple.

I feel her fingers wind in my hair as I lick, nip and suckle her breast. I feel her moans vibrating throughout her body and smile. 'Closer and closer little Kat.' My hand cupping her breast slides down to her sex. I run my index finger over her clit and I feel her go stiff and buck her hips against me.

I go farther back and slowly insert my finger into her virgin hole. I hear her gasp above me, her fingers curling tighter in my hair.

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I stop when I come to her barrier, but thrust my finger slowly against it. "Oh Keb.y-yes." She pants. I stop suddenly and pick her up in my arms and craddle her against my chest.


"I'll show you what else I can do for you." Her eyes widen slightly with fear, "Not that yet my love, I will get you ready first." I feel her relax as I carry her over to the alter and lay her down upon the stone dias.

Surrounded by rose petals with a gentle flush creeping across her skin, I've never seen anything more beautiful. I walk around to the end where her legs are and and pull her towards me to were her bottom is almost hanging from the edge. I spread and kneel between them, placing them on my shoulders. I admire her pussy. Swollen and pink with blood and lust. She even somehow shaved herself as she's completly smooth. I blow genty on her clit and feel her legs flex. I take my hands, spreading her lips apart and pulling the hood back from her clit.

I lean forward and gently run the tip of my tongue over her sensitive nub, her reactions are instantaneous. She bucks her hips and gasps, her legs tense viselike around me.

I smile and do it again. I lick her softly. When at last I suck her into my mouth. I feel her body shaking uncontrollably, her moans growing louder. I suck it, drawing more blood into it, occassionally grazing it with my teeth. I feel her juices on my chin as I get closer.

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I replace my mouth with my thumb, rubbing circles as my mouth hones in on its next conquest. My tongue lightly probes her glistening hole. Her hand goes to the back of my head, urging me forward.

I smile against her and oblige. I sink my tongue into her. It grazes her barrier, but I make sure to not put strain on it. 'Something else shall take that delicacy.' I swirl my tongue around. Pressing against the top wall making her whole body tense while she irresistably moans above me. I start to pump my tongue inside her, letting my teeth grazy her pussy lips while my thumb continues its onslaught of her love button.

At last she reaches her climax. I feel her whole body shudder and she screams my name. Her cunt clenches around my tongue while it squirts its juices into my mouth. She tastes divine. She continues shuddering as I withdraw my tongue and lick up her sweet nectar. I lift her legs off my shoulders and stand. I push her up on the dias to where I can crawl up with her. I kiss as I work my way up her body, I feel light shakes and shudders as her orgasm starts to disappate.

I reach her mouth and kiss her tenderly. I pull back and she smiles lazily at me. "I think you are ready now my love." I say as I grab my cock and position it over her hole. I see fear mixed with anticipation cross her face, and she wraps her arms around my neck and nods. I start to push forward, I see pain flash across her face but I dont slow.

"The faster I do this.the quicker you'll be able to enjoy it." I reach her barrier. "Are you ready Aikaterine?" She looks at me, I see shes scared, but determined. "Yes Kerberos." I thrust into her hard, she lets out an almost bloodcurdling scream. I clamp my hand over her mouth so if there are any passers-by they wont be alarmed. I continue to push until I'm completly sheathed inside her. Her screams have quieted down to moans. I pull my hand away. "Im sorry baby, but see?

Its already dulling off to pleasure." I can see it in her face, and the way her hips are starting to rock against me that I'm right. I start to slowly thrust. Her face cannot hide her pleasure. She wraps her legs around me pulling me deeper. "Y-yes Ke-Kerberos.make me." she moans as I gently rock within her. I put my hands on her breasts pinching her nipples.

I start to rock faster, pumping my cock til I go as fast as I can. I feel her legs shuddering around me as she grows closer again. I lean down on top of her, supporting my weight on one arm while I kiss her and nibble her jaw and neck. My other hand reaches down beside the dias. I look for the item hidden under the flower petals, and smile when my hand brushes it.

I start fucking her harder and with savage glee as I wrap my fingers around my salvation. Just as her orgasm hits her, I sit up quickly, and bring the gold-hilted blade down. It hits its mark piercing her heart.

Her eyes fly open and she stares at me, she glances down, and watches as her life's blood slowly flows around the dagger. She looks back to me. "Why-why. Ker.beros?" "I love you Aikaterine, but there is something I want much more than an obiediant wife, and a boring life of raising children. You, my love, will make my wish come true." I pull out of her and wrap my hands around her throat. I press hard, wishing to end her life quickly, but bring as much emotional pain as possible.

'Just as the book calls for.' She feebly struggles beneath me, but I'm much stronger than she. "I really do love you Aikaterine." I see the light leave her eyes, and she stops moving. I remove my hands, admiring the red mark on her throat. *Part 14* I stare at her corpse. Even in death, she is beautiful. Then there is a loud noise and a burst of flame. I almost fall off the dias but steady myself.

I look sharply to the flames and see a woman. Well, a Demoness. She's completly naked, her skin midnight black with a glowly blue tattoos across her skin.

Her hair and eyes are bloodred. Her wings stretch out behind her gracefully. "Who the hell are you?" I demand as she comes closer. "Watch yourself human. Though you may be within Demogorgon's favor, it doesnt mean I cannot kill you." 'Demogorgon.' "Please forgive me, but I wasnt expecting." "Yes, I know human. I am Akeldama, warrior and messenger of the Master, God and Demon, Demogorgon." I bow to her.

"I have finished the ritual." She laughs and I glance at her. "Finished? You aren't finished boy." "But.I did everything Hecate's book told me." "The witch's book left out a crucial detail, so as to give the caster a chance to deny me. Your sister is very cunning." 'Hecate would be as bold as to leave something important out, she never did trust her dear older brother. Can't say I blame her, seeing as where I am now.' I sigh in frustration.

"What is it that I have to do?" She smiles wickedly at me, running her hand along her breast and between her legs. "For you to gain what you wish, you must finish within the maiden, than as you reach the peak of your must drink her blood." "Desicrate her corpse?.But thats." "Do it if you wish to gain, or I will take your life myself human!." "If I do this, Demogorgon will grant me immortality?" "Yes little human but he will give you so much more as well.

There will be a price to keep it. Every so often, you'll have to consume a human's soul to stay alive and keep your powers." I feel my excitement building. "I'll do it. Whatever it takes." She smiles. "Wise decision human." I look down at Aikaterine's body and hesitate. "Do you want the powers or not?" The Demoness says impatiently.

"Yes. I do." "Then fuck her. Now. Fuck her." I see Akeldama at the corner of my eye. She's masturbating furiously as she speaks. "Fuck her!" I grab my cock and ram it into Aikaterine. "Yesss." I hear the Demoness hiss. I start to thrust into Aikaterine's corpse. I gain speed, pounding away inside her.

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I go balls deep each time, feeling her lifeless body accept me with ease. Already she's getting cold. With each thrust, more blood spurts out of her wound and some trickles out the corner of her mouth. 'Fuck, she feels so.good.' Her earlier sex flush is gone, she is now very pale, the only color is her violet eyes and her crimson blood on her breast. I grow closer to my release the more I pound into her. The slapping of skin echos around the temple. I look over at Akeldama and see her leaning against the statue of Aphrodite, thrusting her fingers vigourously into her pussy.

Her eyes are shut and she's moaning loudly. Her lust entices me even more as I feel my cock sliding in and out of the still and cold corpse of Aikaterine. Ive never felt so alive.

And so fucking horny. I grab Aikaterine's breasts and twist. I lean down and take one of her cold rock hard nipples into my mouth and suck on it, enjoying the icy coldness of it. I bite down hard and moan. It starts to warm from my breathe and tongue. I continue watching Akeldama fuck herself as I suck Aikaterine. She drives her clawed fingers far into her sopping cunt.

I turn back to Aikaterine and sit up grabbing her lifeless shoulders and forcing her down onto me. I continue to listen to Akeldama's moans and gasps as she fingers herself. I feel my balls start to tighten and I slam into her corpse with all my might, her dead violet eyes staring at me. I lean down and kiss her, tasting blood.

My tongue enters her mouth and dances with her cold lifeless one. I run my tongue over her teeth and cheeks, tasting her blood everywhere, its like an aphrodisiac.

I pump away inside of her cunt, still slick with her juices. I reach down and finger her clit, remembering her reactions from earlier. Akeldama's moans sending me closer as I imagine them to be Aikaterine's. I fuck Aikaterine's corpse furiously, driving my cock farther and farther into her cold tight cunt. I grip her thighs, bringing them around my waist. Akeldama's moans start getting louder, mingling with mine. With one final push, I explode within her depths, and remembering what the Demoness said, I hurriedly lean forward and start drinking Aikaterine's cooling blood as my cum fills her.

I hear Akeldama's orgasm, drawing out a few more shots of my load into Aikaterine from me. I feel my seed leaking out of her. I notice Im still hard, and I havent pulled from her cold stiffening depths yet as I continue drinking her blood. Just as I stop drinking I feel a heat flash through my body, I gasp and fall off the dias, bringing Aikaterine with me. I struggle to me knees.

It feels as If I'm being burned and crushed from the inside.

I cry out in pain. Akeldama stands over me. I see her juices sliding down her leg. "You have gained Demgorgon's favor Kerberos. You will be the first of a new breed." I feel something grating across my spine and shoulder blades before it tears through my skin. Bones. Muscle, tendons and skin start to form over them, creating bat like wings.

My nails start to grow and thicken.

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My teeth fall out replacing them with sharper more durable fangs. I feel my eyes change, getting stronger. My whole body courses with power. "You are the first Daemon. A father to a new race." Akeldama laughs above me. Then a hear a voice in my head. -I have made you, gifted you with what you asked, and so much more. You will now serve me Kerberos.

You are mine. You will release me from the Underworld.- I feel the fire leave me and I fall forward unconscious. *** *Modern Day* Damien's Cell I snap out of my reverie.

The time with Selene has gotten me sentimental. I look at Damien as he tries to attack me and smile. 'It has been many centries since then. I have worked to free Demogorgon with little help from Akeldama and Hecate's book. From my birth came a new form of human. Bloodline Hunter's. The first being Adelphose's son Beniamon. His family of course created the modern day Tuteur's. This family was the half the key to get my Master free of his prison. 10 pure Tutuer souls, and my son, Demkian.

We are so close now. We are so close too freeing you Master.' "You cant keep your Daemon locked up Demkian. You are my son after all." I enjoy seeing Demkian's pain.

'Soon Master, you shall be free.' *Feekback is nice. If youre wondering, this was a flashback that happened during the end of chp. 4 when he visits Damien. The next chapter will explain more. I hope you enjoy.