Flat broke stud lets naughty pal to poke his ex gf for bucks

Flat broke stud lets naughty pal to poke his ex gf for bucks
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The first time I had more than one partner was fantastic.

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At the tender age of fifteen I was de-flowered by an eighteen year old senior on the boy's basketball team. That was quite a night. He was experienced. he had a reputation for screwing anything in a skirt and let's just say I liked the feeling of having an older boy ogle me when I walked by. After about ten rolls in the hay, Mike, my first, had a few friends over one night and he invited me to join him as his "date".

He told me that we were going to have a night to remember, but when I got there it quickly became apparent that I was the only female at the party. I pulled Mike aside, "where's all the other girls?" He smiled, eyed my cleavage and leaned in, "you are the only one invited, and you are the entertainment for the night." I asked what he meant, I was so naive, I thought he wanted me to dance or sing or something silly like that. Mike licked his lips and then kissed me on the neck. "I want you to do every guy here by the end of the night, I don't care how you do it, I don't care how many you do at a time, just make sure that they all get a taste." I tried to laugh it off, I pushed him away and tried to walk out of the hallway, but he had me cornered.

"Don't do that, don't make this difficult," he said, "they all know what a good lay you have become, so they asked, very nicely, if they could take you for a test drive." He snickered and pushed up against me, "I told them all about you, how you like to moan while you are sucking cock, how you rub your own tits when you are on top, and most of all, how tight your pussy is." By this time Mike was running his hands all over my body, he was turning me on, making me horny, but I was still unsure.

"Don't worry," he said, "no one wants to hurt you, they just want to feel the warmth of tight, almost virgin pussy." He kissed me hard, sticking his tongue in my mouth and gently swirling it while pushing the front of my black strappy dress down to reveal my bra. "Don't fight it Candace, I know you want to try it," he said as he pulled away.

"What do you say?" I nodded in agreement and he told me all about his plans. I was to take Devon first, because he was Mike's best friend, then maybe Aaron and Brent, Chad and Sam were to follow and finally Tomas. I was in for one hell of a night. Mike demanded that I remove my thong and give it to him, he took a whiff and put them in his pocket and let me off the wall. He slapped my ass as I walked by him and said to have fun.


All the guys were in Mike's living room, they were watching a Lakers game on TV. I pulled out a bag of chips from the pantry and grabbed a bowl from the kitchen and entered the living room. I placed the bowl on the table and stood in front of Devon bent over to pour some chips in the bowl.

Devon got an eyeful and my nipples got immediately hard. I turned and Devon's face was flushed, he had a smile on his face that looked permanent. "Devon, could you give me a hand in the kitchen?" I asked sweetly. Devon got up and followed me into the kitchen, passing Mike on the way, he gave me a wink. "I need to get this bowl way up top there but I don't want to fall, can you hold the step stool for me?" I wanted him to see my pussy from below, get him good and turned on.

"Sure," he said and got behind me holding the ends of the step ladder that Mike had strategically placed near the cabinets. I climbed the three steps and reached forward, bending one knee so that my dress would ride up my thighs. I heard Devon take a deep breath and I knew he could see my pussy. I grabbed a large bowl and climbed down the steps. Devon didn't move, I rubbed up against his body as I got to the bottom of the step ladder. I put the bowl down as Devon reached for my tits.

I leaned back and let him kiss my neck and feel my body. I could feel his cock getting hard against my back. "MMMMMMMMM" he moaned as I moved my body against his. "Damn girl, you're making me want to fuck you." I placed my hands over his and guided him to my thighs, "if that's what you want, then do it." Devon turned me around and kissed me hard on the mouth, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth.

His extra large hands groped and fondled as I undid his belt and zipper. I freed his stubby cock with one hand and reached for his balls with the other. He moaned again and picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to the kitchen table where be placed me on the edge.

He stuck two fingers in my pussy and I moaned in his mouth. Devon was all hands and tongue as he continued to grope me like a typical teenage boy. He pulled me forward and just like that, he was inside of me. He may not have been long, but his girth made the initial entry rather painful. I gasped and pulled back. He pulled out and thrust in again, this time he pulled me right off the table. I reached back and braced myself and Devon pumped and thrusted his cock into my unused cunt. Suddenly the kitchen door swung open and in walked Chad.

"Oh shit," Chad said as Devon and I stared at him, my legs wrapped around his waist, and his pants around his ankles. "Damn man, Mike is right out there," Chad said. "I know, I know, keep watch for us will you?" Devon asked. He couldn't help himself, he had to finish and he never stopped pushing his cock in and out of me. "Why the hell would I do that?" Chad asked. "If you do, you can be next," I said.

Chad smiled and nodded his approval. Devon continued his adolescent groping and screwing. He was very inexperienced, but he was making up for it by rubbing my clit with his thumb and pulling on my nipples with teeth. Chad was getting hard and hot for me, i could tell because every time I looked over at him he was closer to us. Finally, Chad was right up to us, watching Devon's cock enter and exit my wet, tight, hot cunt. "Hurry up man," Chad begged. "Shut the hell up Chad," Devon muttered under his breath.

His breathing was labored and he was sweating and grunting more with each thrust. My pussy hurt that good pleasurable ache when you are good and fucked. I was close to cumming when Devon gave one last grunt and then held me in place.

I felt his hot cum rush into me as he spasmed and moaned in my ear. "Don't move Candy, don't you move," Devon said. When Devon emptied his wad into me he put me back on the table and pulled away. Cum rushed out of my pussy as he pulled up his trousers. Before Devon was even out of the way, Chad was pushing up against me.

"Not here Chad, let's go in the laundry room, where we won't get caught." I said. I led Chad to the laundry room where he proceeded to pull his pants down and push me onto my knees.

Now I had been deflowered the month before but Mike had educated me in the art of the blow job for months before that. I was good, he enjoyed it so I knew that Chad would as well. Chad, however, was MUCH bigger than Mike. I was afraid that I would gag on his uncut, long, fat cock. I didn't gag even though he pushed my head from behind onto his cock. I licked and sucked and rubbed and stroked. I was loving it and I could feel Devon's cum sliding down my legs. Chad was moaning and grunting as he fucked my mouth.

I could hear someone coming down the hall toward us and suddenly Brent was standing in the doorway. I kept on Chad's cock and eyed Brent closely. He was staring at my mouth then looking at my hard body.

"Damn Candace, Devon told me you were fucking Chad but I didn't believe it." He grabbed his crotch and rubbed his bulging manhood. "Can I, you know, be next?" He asked softly.

Chad was working hard, slipping his cock into the back of my throat. He grunted and I felt the tension in his balls. I pulled him out of my mouth and he sprayed his cum all over my face. "Holy shit," he exclaimed. "Damn, I am sorry, I didn't mean to cum on your face." I stood and pulled Chad's shirt up from the seam and wiped his cum from my face. I kissed his lips and said, "Later you can get some more." I grabbed Brent's hand as I walked through the doorway and pulled him out of the room.

We were in the kitchen when Aaron entered to see what was going on. Chad walked past him and said, "You gotta fuck her too." I looked between Brent and Aaron trying to decide what to do next. I didn't want this to get out of control. Tomas and Sam were still in the living room.

By now Chad and Devon had told them what was going on. I led the two of them into the master bathroom. I was determined to get the most out of this experience. But I was not prepared for what happened next. Brent and Aaron were my age, sophomores and just as inexperienced. Both of them immediately pulled their pants down when I closed the bathroom door. Devon's cum was drying on my legs but I knew that my pussy was still wet with his juices.

I felt sticky and not very sexy. But Aaron changed all of that. He pulled my dress off and told me to take my bra off, which I did.

Aaron then told me to shower, that he didn't want some other guys cum all over me when he fucked me. Brent turned on the bath water and I got in the tub. The boys didn't allow me to close the curtain, so they watched as I lathered and scrubbed my body, they got harder and more turned on as I continued to clean myself.

I stepped out and dried myself off as much as possible before Aaron grabbed my hips from behind and pressed his cock against my ass. "MMMMM I can't wait to get in you now." He sat on the toilet and removed his shirt. Brent stood their in awe as I straddled Aaron's cock and impaled myself. I moaned loudly and so did Aaron. "Damn, that is soooo good." He reached up and played with my nipples, sucking and stroking them with his thumbs.

I rode him hard, the position was optimal and I came quickly. As I moaned out my last gasp of orgasm Brent snapped into action. He had been standing in the corner just watching his teammate screw me. Finally he stood next to me and stroked my hair, finally he pulled my head toward his dick. "Please," was all he said, it was barely audible. I think the strain of his hard on was hurting him. I licked and sucked him while Aaron continued to thrust into me.

I was wet and Aaron was slipping in and out of me easily, he continued to stroke and suck my nipples. Suddenly Aaron's thrusting slowed and his face tightened.

He came in a final thrust and grunt, his hot cum spewing deep inside me.

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He held me still while my head bobbed over Brent's dick. "Suck him, make him cum," Aaron said. "Yeah, just like that," Brent said. He reached down and rubbed my clit, making sure not to touch Aaron in any way. I started moving my hips to his rhythm, I was enjoying his finger rubbing my nub when I felt Aaron getting firmer and firmer. My movement was making him hard again.

I grabbed Brent's balls and sucked them while stroking his cock. "Fuck, don't do that," Brent said and pulled away. Too late, he spewed cum all over my tits. Aaron was pumping into me again, his cum and my juices lubing his movement in my tight pussy. I leaned back and rode him with all I had. Aaron came again inside of me.


When we were done Aaron and Brent got dressed and left me in the bathroom alone. I decided that another shower was in order, I couldn't get dressed with all this cum on me. When I was done, I realized that only Tomas and Sam remained, how were they going to top Aaron and Brent?

By this time Sam and Tomas were fully aware of what they could have. Tomas caught me coming out of the bathroom and pulled me into Mike's parents bedroom. Mike's parents were freaks in the bedroom, they had a mirror on the ceiling.

Tomas laid me on the bed and pushed my dress up, sticking his fat fingers into my cunt. He kissed me and made his way down to my pussy. He licked me and continued to fingerfuck me. I moaned loudly and writhed against his face and fingers. Tomas was better at eating pussy than any of the other boys I fucked in high school. His tongue worked on my clit while his fingers moved in and out of me.

I was so lost in watching us in the mirror that I didn't hear Mike come in. He was suddenly right next to me on the bed. "You want to suck my cock baby?" I nodded vigorously, I loved his dick, it was perfect and sucking it made me hornier than any foreplay could.

"Too bad, Sam needs to go first," he said and got off the bed. I moaned as Tomas hit my g spot with his fingers. Sam entered the room at Mike's urging. "She wants you stud," Mike said to Sam, who I later found out was a virgin until that night. Tomas got up and asked me to strip. I got off the bed and disrobed. Tomas motioned to Sam to get on the bed. Sam and Tomas stripped nude and Sam laid on his back on the bed.

He looked nervous but I took charge. His cock was hard and waiting so I straddled him and slid him into my wet pussy. He moaned as my tight, hot cunt wrapped around his unused cock. My tits bounced up and down as I rode him hard and fast.

Tomas was beating himself off in the corner. I could hear him stroking himself and making soft moaning noises. I looked down and saw Sam's face, he was in ecstacy. He reached up and fondled my tits, pulling on the nipples and kneading my breasts like they were balls of dough.

He sat up and pushed himself deeper into me, he licked my nipples. He moaned and I pushed him back down. "Let me do the work," I said. I pumped my hips up and down and his cock slid in and out of me in fits and starts. I loved it, I felt like I would cum when suddenly Tomas was on the bed and sticking his cock in my face.

I reached up and grabbed his cock and pulled it into my mouth. I sucked and licked him and stroked him. I felt Sam shoot his wad into me suddenly, he moaned loudly and he face turned bright red.

He lasted all of five minutes but he got off. Tomas, on the other hand, wasn't nearly done with me. Tomas was a bit rougher than I was used to. I thought he was going to really hurt me.

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The sexual pleasure was immense and Tomas became a steady partner for a few months following this night. Tomas liked anal but I wasn't ready for it. He ushered Sam out of the room and pulled his own pants on, "I'll be right back," he said, "stay there." I was so turned on, I cleaned myself of Sam's cum in the bathroom.

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As I waited for Tomas to return I played with my nipples, keeping them hard and fingered my clit. Tomas slipped back in and locked the door, I was a little leery when he did that. He had a beer bottle in his hand.

I lay there on the bed, legs open, mouth soft and wet and waiting. Tomas approached me and kissed my inner thighs. "You're gonna love this Candace, I promise." He whispered in my ear, "and if you don't, oh well." He laughed and put the bottle on the table next to the bed. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up, "Ouch, what the hell Tomas?" He told me to shut up and pulled me, sitting up, to the edge of the bed.

His thick thigh rubbed against my pussy. He kissed me and ran his hands over my tits. He pulled me up and turned me over on my stomach. "You ready for me?" Before I could answer I felt the cold tip of the glass bottle pushed up against me pussy.

He plunged it in hard and deep.

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I screamed out and tried to get up. He held me down with his arm on the upper part of my back, "don't do that again," he said. He pushed and pulled the bottle into and out of my pussy several times, each thrust harder and deeper than the one before. "You like it don't you," he whispered into my ear. "No, Tomas, it hurts." He moaned deeply in my ear. I could feel his cock on my back.

He got off me and pulled the bottle out of my cunt. I got up on my knees and he said, "right there, don't move." He spread my ass cheeks and licked my anus. "What are you doing?" He moaned in response and tongued my hole.

He stuck his fingers in my pussy and I started to move to his rhythm. I moaned and lurched and got away from Tomas by crawling across the bed. Thank goodness I didn't get away from him for long. He caught me by my leg and pulled me back, I turned over and lay with my legs spread. Tomas wrapped his hand around my neck pushed up against me and slammed his cock into my pussy.

I yelped and he moaned. Tomas and I found a rhythm, his fingers wrapped around my neck. I came about five times before he wadded on my belly.

I was spent. I fell asleep after another shower and went home the next morning bruised and used but sexually satisfied.