Big booty babe shows off

Big booty babe shows off
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Who the hell it would be. I got up and went to open the door Standing in front of me was PRANALI-my mami's((maternal aunt's)) younger sister She was wearing a skimpy cream colour saree the colour just as same as her skin and a cream-golden coloured semi-half sleeve blouse she had a wheatish complextion more on the fair said,her hair where open and the husky breeze was blowing through her soft silky long black hair which she had kept open she has brown eyes she had me completely mesmerised Pranali-She was 29-30 yrs old 5-6 years elder to me married and has a kid of 7 yrs old Coming to her stats she posses a vert sexy figure I still cant understand how has she maintained this much even after her marriage 34/24/36 (though her ass has bulged up a bit say a size or two more but that has,just added to her personality) -Coming back to the story- Pranali-Hey Hi Harry.What took you so long to open the door's?

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her voice brought me out of my imagination Me- I was was wearing my headphones hearing music so I didnt hear the doorbell.Sorry about that. Pranali-Oh Ok Me-Come in.

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Il get the baggage (As she walk past me Wow she smelt superb.made me go week in knees I almost fell down) Me-Ammm. Pranali you have brought this suitcase and all is everything OK with your in-laws??


Pranali-Oh,its absolutly fine. I had a friends marriage on the city outskirts so I thought il attend the marriage and stay with you people for a week or so.But where is everyone?

Me-I guess u dont knw but mom dad and yogita are not here they are gone to our hometown and wont be back till next one week and I have got exam's so I have stayed back Pranali-Oh is it? what should I do?

what do you think.Are you comfortable if I stay here? Me-Oh absolutely I don't have a problem After our convo.


she said she needs,a hot bath and went to yogita's room and acomodated herself there I was very hungry and decided to grab a parcel before going I thought of asking pranali whether she wanted anything I went in her room Pranali-No need to bring from outside il make something to eat but u have to promise me something Me-ok Pranali-harry I need a favour See I am very tired and I need a massage so will you give me a body massage Me-Ok.Il give no problem I was just waiting for the moment where I could give her a massage Soon we finished our dinner and I shifted to her room I laid my bed on floor when she suddenly said,"no no dont sleep down u can share the bed,as it is you have to give me a massage I want a thigh message ok Me-ok but wont you change your saree could come in my way Pranali lifted her saree up her thighs and said now is it ok I smiled and said it enough I asked her to lay down I started giving her a massage she had her legs joined but then I asked her to part her legs.

I pushed her saree up her thighs(lyk I was rubbing her thighs got my hand inside her saree that means btwn her saree and thighs turned my towards,her crotch and glided up) so I could also enjoy rubbing her thigh first few seconds it was just a plam full above knees then it went a lil above and then mid thighs and then barely covered her crotch now I literally rubbed her thighs like caressing them running a soft hand through them and pinching them when she asked what I was doing I just said in lame way giving u a massage soon I could sense she was getting tensed she had arched her back and could get an orgasm anytime but she was resisting so I glided my hand inside her saree up her thighs and touched her crotch.

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She couldnt resist anymore she got up and hugged me and then I planted a french kiss on her lips we kept on kissing for few minutes in which I tounges where entwined with each otherwe broke when we ran out of breath we again kissed but these was a simple but seductive one then I moved down towards her neck and licked her left side of the neck and then shoulders licking and kissing I went from her left shoulder to her right shoulder over the saree's pallu(has anyone realy smealt a saree gosh.

I really dont underatand how do they smell so sexy) and then upto her neck and then again kissed her. Now I gently lay her down and remove the pallu frm her chest revealing her b(.)(.)s to me they were pointing towards me b(.)(.)s as if shouting to get them out of the blouse I cupped both the b(.)(.)s in my hand and pressed them like a soft toy pranali took my head I dug me inside them I licked her bare part of her chest while I kept pressing her b(.)(.)s then I got up and removed her blouse and I entered her bra clad b(.)(.)s which I pressed bite licked sucked them like a mango I got the nipple out of the bra and started licking it and sucking I reached for her bra clip and within seconds I made her b(.)(.)s free from the bra Wow OMG delicioucs lovely mouthwatering beautiful sexy I was full on into them I didn't leave a mm of her b(.)(.)s which I didn't lick or kiss or caressed I slid down her stomach still my hands on her b(.)(.)s I played with a stomach I was licking her stomach when I pinched her nipple she suddenly arched her back and gave a sudden moan.cause of which my teeth scratched her stomach nd she gt a small scratch but instead of pain she got more excited and let another moan.

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Pranali-ahhhhh.ahhhhhhh.harry.its feeling good. I stopped playing with her b(.)(.)s and I plunged down the saree which with all this effort I had brought up had again gone down cause of all the mischeif we had been doing now I went on to her toes and fingers I did the same thing when I was massaging her and which made her moan Pranali-stop it.ahhhhhh.its feeling good.go on.ahhhhhhhhh.

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I m the saree please.she got up to,remove the pleats but I stopped her and she came and wetting her saree It was time for me to raise the curtains I kept my hand over her drenched saree and started moving upwards I glided my hands like a snake over her saree and reached for her waist which had held the saree now I got my hand inside her pleates and searched for her desert and soon I got it but what I could feel is there were no panties that made me excited I tore apart my shorts and t-shirt and jumped back on her thighs slowly I started removing the pleats of her saree I made sure the pleates rubbed her pantyless pussy she surely liked it because she was letting out small moans and was biting her lips.

Slowly slowly I removed her saree and there I could see was her love hole it was pinkish and was well maintained the pubic hair was cut just a few days ago.


I felt it was getting boring and monotonous I did tell her and asked her to think of something while I had an idea so I went kitchen reached the fridge and took out the box of jems pranali also followed me to get something and when I asked her she said you'll come to know in room she went past me stroking her hair with her hand on my chest Ohhh.

it felt so sexy.

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she appeared a few moments later with a pineapple-strawberry cake she looked at me with a wicked look and a killing smile I asked her what was she upto she pushed me down on my back and she placed the cake on and around my rock hard cock and the strawberry on my cock tip. she started eating the pastry making sure she also licked and got a taste of my manhood soon she finished eating the pie and now was the time for the strawberry with one shot she gulped the strawberry and went in her was my 6inch long cock she kept on bobbing just for few seconds and needless to say with all such development and so much of excitement I came immediately my shaft spilled a hell lot of load pranali tried to gulp all the cum but as she was on top of me she couldnt hold on too much but whatever she had she drank it I was so horny that I rolled her over me and brought her on her back I asked her for a 69 position and accepted I took the jems box opened it and inserted each and every jem inside her pussy then instead of licking I started eating the jems with giving gentle bites to her pussy lips and folds with

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