Piss drinking babe get goldenshower and sucks cock in groupsex

Piss drinking babe get goldenshower and sucks cock in groupsex
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ok first some back story, my mom and dad got married when they found out they got pregnant with my sister ,one year went by and shortly after they figured out they were pregnant again dad filed for divorce. in the custudy battle my mom got full custody of me and my dad got full custody of sydney.15 years later im 15 and shes sixteen and dad being the genius he was punched a cop.

now i dont know how he did it but he hit him at just the right angle and broke his neck/jaw/face and killed the officer, he was convicted of manslaughter,battery,assaulting a police officer, etc. etc. so so my mom was given custody of sydney. :: you ready to go yet honey? mom said as she knocked on the bathroom door, HOLD ON PLEASE IM ALMOST FINISHED WASHING UP!!

well hurry up, your sisters plane is going to land in 30 minutes! JUST GO GET HER WITHOUT ME! GOD DAMMIT CHRIS YOUR COMING TO THE ARPORT OR ILL PUT THE PARENTAL LOCKS BACK ON YOUR COMPUTER! NO!! i screamed as i jumped out of the shower. i rushed down the stairs out the door and lept onto the car being as dramatic as i possibly could, after a look of pure evil left my eyes i got in the front seat,threw on my headphones and passed the fuck out.

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When i woke up i was being dragged out of the car by my my mom who proceeded to drop me on the concrete. WAKE UP AND MEET YOUR SISTER, by that time i was so pissed off i could have killed her but i decided that was alittle harsh so i stood up and brushed myself off.

Hi sydney its nice to meet you i said kinda staring, wow she is stunning, 5 foot 4,105 pounds, blonde curly hair, deep blue eyes,a nice round ass,and from the looks of them size 36b breasts. she giggled and said hiya little brother! ok can we go now? she said eager to see her new house, ya im starving mom.


not 2 minutes later we were going 80 on the freeway again. when we finally got home i devoured a piece of left over pizza and sat down on the couch next to sydney. what do you wanna watch? i dont know. do you wanna watch a movie? OH OH lets watch zombieland thats my favorite movie!! ok i said as i walked towards the bookshelf. wait did you unload your stuff from the car yet? no wanna do it for me?

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i guess but your helping (i said as i opened the front door) ladies first ok ill grab my suitcase and you grab everything else =) ok then but hold on a second. im sorry that i was mean earlier.

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i get really cranky when i first wake up. its ok she said as she hugged me, i wasnt expecting the hug and i had my hand on her butt.

OOPS i said as i released from the hug.


SHAME ON YOU she screamed as she play slapped me, now you have to carry the suitcase too though she said as she started to walk away she wagged her ass the whole way to the door. as she closed the door she left it open about a half a foot and looked back at me and bit her bottom lip.

was she flirting with me? oh well. i just shrugged it off and made four trips putting all her stuff into the bedroom across the hall from my room.

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alright im done, HEY why did you start it without me? i dont know she said getting up from the recliner how about we go unpack my stuff instead? umm ok i guess.

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when we got into her room she closed the door and handed me a box. put those into my dresser please. allright i said walking to the closet (who puts a dresser in the closet?) when i opened the box i found nothing but panties and bras, hey sydney whitch draw.

i stopped mid sentence as i looked back at her.

um syd where is your shirt?. its on the floor right in front of you she said as she walked toward me, bent down, and picked it up really slowly. when she stood back up she was face to face with me as she pushed me back into the closet wall and kissed me. i kissed back then realised what had happened. WAIT!! we cant kiss thats sick and wrong! you didnt think it was wrong when you grabbed my butt, she said as she leaned onto me putting her tits onto my chest.

IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!! even if it was, your friend doesnt seem to mind kissing.

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she said as she pointed out the huge bulge in his pants. infact i think he wants to come out and play! she said as she got on her knees and took my pants down and simultaneously shove my dick in her mouth, HEY HEY hey oh wow.

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that feals fantastic.(now she was massaging my balls with her left hand, stroking my shaft with her right hand and licking the tip. after what felt like hours but was probably a few minutes she changed it up, she started deepthroating me and rubbing my ass as i reached down and played with her pink nipples,hey how i see it, if it was really wrong it would feel this good.

oh my god sydney. this is awesome. when she pulled my dick out of her mouth it made a POP! sorta noise,we both giggled alittle bit, hey chris? she said while still stroking my 7‘5 inch cock, ya sydney?

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i said, voice cracking alittle, we should go to the mall, what?! i asked kind of in shock, can you at least finish first? duh she said as she stood up, but first. go lock the door. alright i said as i kissed her and walked to the door locking it as fast as i could, when i turned back around i saw her sitting on the dresser complety naked now waving at me. TO BE CONTINUED.