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Fbailey story number 217 Stitch And Bitch Club Hello, My name is Gloria and I'm fourteen years old. I have been a member of the ladies quilting group for about a year now. Mom took me to my first meeting when I turned thirteen because she wanted to keep an eye on me. She told me that it was so that I could learn a hobby and I did. I learned a whole lot more than just a nice hobby too. I learned just about everything that I know about sex and the people in my community from our gatherings.

I affectionately call our gatherings the 'Stitch and Bitch Club.' The women are all much older than I am and some are really old like my grandmother. I found that if I kept quite they would forget that I was even there and that they would talk about anything and everything.

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They talked about whether or not their husbands were fucking them or their secretaries. They talked about past sexual encounters that they had had and things that other women had told them about. They talked about accidentally catching their sons jerking off in the bathroom, finding porn magazines under their mattresses, and wishing that they could find a nice girl to have sex with. Eventually they realized that I was part of their group and that I had grown up considerably. I don't know if grown up was actually the way that I would describe myself but I had matured and aged.

At four feet eleven inches and ninety-two pounds I was the smallest girl in my class. I had just gotten into a 30-B bra and zero size dresses were too big for me. Anyway the ladies started grilling me about what I knew about sex, if I was sill a virgin, and if I was on the pill yet.

They told me all about oral sex, anal sex, and sex in general. One lady demonstrated how to suck a boy's cock using a carrot. One lady suggested that mom buy me a dildo while another lady told me to take a cucumber or a couple of hot dogs to bed with me at night.

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Before I knew it one lady took me into her bedroom and showed me how she fucked herself with a big rubber cock. She gave me a smaller one and told me to try it.

It was embarrassing to have her watch me remove my shorts and panties and try to get it in my tight virgin hole. Soon the lady was shoving it into me and she broke my hymen. At first it hurt and I cried a little bit but like she had said it did get better. She even helped me clean up afterwards and told me to keep the dildo.

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She told me to sleep with it in my pussy at night to get used to the feel. The very next week all of the ladies knew about what had happened to me and were curious.

I admitted that I had slept with the rubber cock in my pussy every night and that it felt nice. Since we meet at different houses every week that woman took me into her bedroom for my next lesson. She taught me how to Jill off as she called it. I knew that it was masturbation and that I had been doing every night for about a year. I even told her so but she wanted to make sure that I knew what I was doing so she gave me an orgasm with her finger and then she had me give her one too.

It felt strange to touch another girl's clit but it was exciting too.


That was how it started that I would get a lesson for an hour from the lady of the house and then spend the next hour telling everyone all about my lesson. As the weeks went by I learned something new from each lady. They taught me how to French kiss, how to eat pussy, and even how to enjoy a thin dildo up my butt. Just when I felt that I had learned everything one lady took me into her son's bedroom and showed me how to give him a blowjob.

She actually sucked her own son's cock first and then let me suck it. Another woman let me suck her husband's cock with her and yet another one showed me with her next door neighbor.

The 'Stitch and Bitch Club' loved the way that I compared one penis to another, the taste of their semen, and their gentleness. I compared the size, shape, and length of their cocks too. All of them were circumcised but I had heard about uncircumcised cocks too. Soon it was obvious to everyone that it was time for me to get fucked and to loose my virginity.

A very handsome eighteen-year-old boy was to my first. He mowed the lady's lawn in the summer and he had graduated from high school already. He was definitely my dream guy. He was tall, dark, and very handsome. He was gentle and he kissed very well. I willing let him undress me and take my virginity. He was everything that I had ever wanted in a boyfriend however he was a one-night stand as they say. He had a girlfriend and he was going to go to college in just a few weeks. I was just a girl that he was asked to teach about sex.

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He even got paid for it. When I found that out I felt so humiliated.


The women could not hear enough about my first experience. The lady had picked him out special just for me. He was everything that she herself had ever wanted and more. He was a terrific guy, a perfect gentleman, and he made sure that I enjoyed myself. We made love twice with him eating my pussy, sucking my nipples, and kissing me very passionately. There was soft music, lighted candles, and a scent of Lilacs in the air.

He even took me into the shower with him afterwards too. Every woman was jealous even my own mother. That day I started a new patchwork quilt with a piece of his underwear and I embroidered his name and the date on it too.

The following week was quite different. That women let her own husband make love to me but this time she charged him for the privilege. Quilting supplies cost money of course and sewing machines certainly did too. His cost to fuck me was a brand new sewing machine and not a cheap one either.

I got a Deluxe Singer sewing machine that would last me the rest of my life.

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I felt much better afterwards but I had a big discussion as to whether or not I was a prostitute. My mother told me that all women were prostitutes in one way or another. If your date takes you out to eat and to a movie you generally reward him with sex afterwards. If you want an expensive dress you offer your husband something special in bed in exchange.

Apparently all of the women used sex in one way or another to pay their husbands. Anyway her husband was old but just as nice as my first boy had been.

He knew that he was getting almost a virgin and that was why he had agreed to my expensive gift. He worshiped my young budding body, he kissed me all over, and he made love to me much better than the younger boy had and much better than he even does to his own wife. I told her things that he had done to me that he had never done to her before. I could feel her jealousy.

That summer each week I had a different son, husband, or neighbor make love to me but never the same man twice.

The women in my 'Stitch and Bitch Club' wanted me to get experiences that they themselves had never experienced. I had small cocks and I had big cocks, I had thin men and I had heavy men, and I had short men and I had tall men too.

I even learned to enjoy gentle anal sex. I had sex with mostly white men but I did have sex with a black man once and with three women that had paid to have sex with me. When school started that fall I had plenty of money for clothes, makeup, and to get my hair done.

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Quickly I was a huge hit around school. The other girls in my freshman class could hardly believe it when I was asked to go to the 'Fall Festival Dance' by a senior boy. His older brother was the one that took my virginity. Thanks to my 'Stitch and Bitch Club' high school was going to be great, college was going to be even better, and my husband would be the luckiest man in the world.

The End Stitch And Bitch Club 217