My MILF stepmom wanted to be pregnant so I fucked her

My MILF stepmom wanted to be pregnant so I fucked her
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a sexual story. Contains, rough and degrading sex acts and should not be read by people not into that type of thing. All sex acts need full permission from all parties. Please don't do any of this on unwilling partners. DO NOT do this to someone you don't know. This story has been with prior agreement from all. Wife becomes a slut to please husband. I walked into the bar; this was the seventh, bar I walked into in the last few weeks looking for just the right place.

I was very disappointed the bar was rowdy with a lot of people but not the kind of place I was looking for. One quick drink and I was off to go look for another bar.

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Driving around town, I passed a small little bar I pulled into the parking lot and looked around, the neighborhood was a little bit rundown. I thought what the hell, I would give the bar a try it can't be any worse than the others have been. Walking in I could feel eyes following me as I moved towards the bar. Sitting at the bar, I ordered a glass of wine. I glanced around, thinking that, maybe this could be the place I had been looking for.

The bartender was a tall black man fairly nice-looking a little old but he might just be the one I was looking for. Two men walked over to me and asked if they could buy me a drink.


I turned them down flat and just sipped my wine and waited to see what else would happen. No one else bothered me so I started a conversation with the bartender. He wondered what I was doing in his bar; I didn't look like I belonged here that was easy to see.

I guess it's time I explained I'm twenty-two, blonde 5 foot 5 with a nice slim figure married to a great guy. I wasn't a virgin when I got married but I wasn't loose either. After I got married, I found out that my husband often needed me to have sex with his colleagues and bosses to help his career.

I didn't mind at all I enjoyed sex and because he condoned it that made it even better for me. My friends often said I was too submissive but my answer was always the same.

Maybe I am submissive, but I'm having a great sex life and wonderful marriage all at the same time. When my husband asked me to sleep with somebody to help his career, I was pleased to help him and thrilled to have sex with someone else, life was good.

I love my husband and he loves me we have a real wonderful relationship so if there's something I could do to help him either in business or with our sex life, I would do it without question. Here I was sitting in a bar in a rundown neighborhood looking for sex. Not for me but for my husband, you see he likes looking at sexy pictures on his computer. His favorite pictures are of a young white girls being fucked by some black men.

My husband said the color contrast was very sexy and exciting and often said the only thing better would be if she looked more like me. I had a plan to give him pictures he would really enjoy, me being fucked by some black men. That's why I was looking for the perfect place, a place like this.

Being the only white person in here and being female, I was out of place. Yet, this was the kind of place I had been looking for, the place that would help fulfill my quest to please my husband.

Talking to the bartender, I told him I had a problem and maybe he could help me out, he smiled and said he would enjoy helping me out, and anything I wanted if he could do it he sure would, his name was Harry. I pulled six pictures out of my purse slid them across the bar to him. His eyes got big as he looked at them. In the pictures, a blonde girl was having sex with three black guys.

"These are very nice pictures but I don't recognize the girl, if your looking for her I can't help you," he said. I smiled and said, "No I'm not looking for her, these were in my husbands computer, and they make him hot. The thing is, that if these pictures were of me doing what she's doing, I thought he would like that even better.

Maybe you could help me work something like that out, what do you think." I asked. He studied the pictures a little bit longer looked at me and said if I was interested in doing what was in the pictures he could definitely help me out.

"There's a few things I need before we could work it out, first in the pictures notice that there are three guys. I was thinking more like four guys because somebody has to take pictures to prove I did what she is doing.


Is there anyway we could work that out," I asked. He studied me as if I was crazy then he said four guys wouldn't be a problem but it would have to be after hours when the place was closed. He could have a private party here, if that was okay with me. I could feel my body getting warm at the thought of that and said, "A private party sounded just fine.

When should I come back?" He gave me one of those looks like I was pulling his leg, he asked why come back tonight was as good as any night and the bar would be closed in less than an hour so he could have the party tonight. I glanced around the bar, I saw about a half dozen men sitting around drinking.

"I guess I could select three guys from what's here," I told him. He studied the pictures; "It looks like this girl really enjoyed her time with the brothers. You look like you have a body that's as good as hers a bit thinner but nice and if you can suck as well as it looks like she does, we can have a good time.

You do like sucking cocks don't you?" he asked. Without thinking and said, "Yes, I love sucking cock." "Well if your husband really likes these pictures and you want to get him super excited with pictures of you being fucked. Trust me I can promise you after a party here you will get loads of pictures to show him.

What do you say you going to stay for a party?" he asked. I felt butterflies in my stomach and replied, "I would have to think that over." "I think you're still pulling my leg, why don't you come back behind the bar here for a minute so I can see if you're for real or not." "Fine but I need to use your restroom first," I timidly said.

He pointed to the back and told me to use the men's room the lady's was out of order. I headed straight to that restroom, not that I needed to go but I wanted time to think about his offer. In the rest room I built up my courage, I told myself that I had been looking for a place like this and now that I found it, I should go ahead and do it. My husband was out of town but due back in two days I could do it and surprise him when he got home, I told myself.

I was nervous as I left the restroom and walked back to the bar. Glancing around I saw only three men still sitting in the place, which made me feel much better. The bartender invited me behind the bar looked me over for a minute then told me to place my hands on the bar as he stood behind me. I felt his hand touch my leg behind my knee. The minute he touched my leg I spread them open for him. His hand moved up inside my leg until it contacted my pussy.

I didn't say a thing as his hand moved my panties aside and he slipped a finger inside me. When he pushed his large finger in my pussy I moaned and push back down towards his hand, forcing his finger even further in me. He slowly pulled his finger partially out and pushed it back in causing me to moan once more for him.

It felt strange and exciting standing behind the bar having the bartender finger-fuck me, while his finger was playing with my pussy he told me to look around the bar, I saw that the men knew what was going on just by the smiles on their faces. "You can see, these guys know what's going on, and you feel hot and ready to be fucked. There's no reason why they shouldn't get to fuck you, is there?" he asked. God, his finger felt so good, there was nothing else I could say but a simple "No, they can fuck me." "You want lots of pictures of you fucking the brothers and you'll get them if you let me give you the kind of party I want.

You agree?" he asked. His finger was still deep inside me, "Yes, whatever you want is fine with me, I need a hard cock in me." I moaned.

He called out to one of the guys and told him to lock the door saying a party was about to begin. The door was quickly locked and I was now trapped with nothing to do but throw a party for the guys.

He fingered me some more making me hotter and hotter, "When you first walked in I thought you were a real lady but now I think you're just a slut that wants black cocks.

That's right isn't it you're just a slut aren't you," he asked. I whispered, "No I'm a lady not a slut." He wiggled his finger in my pussy, "That's too bad we only fuck sluts here not ladies." My whole body was on fire as his finger played inside my pussy.

I could feel an orgasm building in me; the need to be fucked was overwhelming. I hung my head and softly told him I was a slut not a lady. "Then we can fuck you, fuck you like a slut is that right," he asked. "Yes, Yes I cried and mumbled, that I had two cameras in my purse reminding him I wanted pictures of when he and the others fucked me. He laughed, saying that I would have my pictures to remember this night. Removing his finger, he brought me to the front of the bar I was facing the men and he told me to start to undress.

Two men were holding my camera's as I started undressing slowly making a show of it. Unbuttoning my blouse I let them see my bra, they could see the size and shape of my tits through the lacy bra. They couldn't see how my perky nipples were pushed out hard excited and in need of some fondling, not yet but soon they would see that also. I made a big show of dropping my skirt showing off the lacy panties knowing they could see the wet spot his fingering my pussy had left.

"She's hot, we're really going to enjoy fucking her," the bartender told the men as his hands played over my body. I was feeling like a slut standing there with only my panties and bra on as his hands rubbed my body. His hand neared my mouth and he rubbed a finger over my lips, he said, "Look at her perfect mouth made for sucking cocks." "Fine but what about her pussy," one guy asked.

He turned to me and in a low voice told me to finish undressing and tell them what my pussy was for and what I wanted them to do. My bra hooked in the front so it was easy to unhook, I unhooked it and dropped it to the floor. Reaching up I began to fondle my breasts with both my hands.

I rubbed and pinched my nipples, Looking out at the men I said, "I loved to have my nipples sucked and fondled. One hand continued to play with my nipple the other went down and rubbed my pussy.

Telling the guys as much as I love my nipples played with it was my pussy they would enjoy the most. I lowered my panties and dropped them to the floor. Showing off the nice clean shaved pussy, I rubbed it saying, "My pretty pussy really wants hard cocks in it, I hope all you guys will fuck me, fuck me hard, and let me suck your cocks. I felt so wicked as my own finger rubbed my pussy then slipped inside me. I moaned and asked them what were they waiting for, come, and fuck me.

Before they could move, a side door opened and in walked the three guys that were in the bar before I had used the restroom. This made it seven men, I was too hot to care how many there was, I needed a hard cock. "You men missed my little dance but your more then welcome to fuck me," I boldly told them. In no time, all six men were standing around me. Hands explored every inch of my body, some groped my pussy and ass others felt my hard nipples. One guy forcefully pushed two fingers into my wet pussy, sending chills all over my body.

He was busy fingering my pussy when the bartender pushed him away. "I don't care who fucks her but I'm first," he told them. I was hoping he would be, by the looks of the bulge in his pants he had a nice big cock for me. He pushed me back away from the men, I kept backing up until I bumped into a table, I reached down and unbuckled his pants, and they dropped to the floor.

I was right he had a nice large hard cock ready for me. I dropped to my knees quickly engulfed it in my mouth, tasting the pre-come. I sucked hard on his cock and rubbed his balls. I only got to suck on it for a few minutes before he pulled me up and said he wanted to fuck me. I got on the table laid on my back spread my legs wide for him and told him to go-ahead I was ready. My pussy was wet as the head of his cock pushed my pussy lips open and his cock slide into me.

He began fucking me with hard fast driving thrusts using its full length as hard and fast as he could. I liked the incredible feeling of being taken, while the other men watched, it turned me on and made me feel like a real slut. His long hard thrusts were pounding my pussy, driving me crazy, my body was burning up as I cried out, "Yes, fuck me, fuck me hard." He continued to pound me hard, and my body started to shake as the first orgasm of the night exploded deep inside me.

It felt like an eternity that he pounded my pussy; before he mumbled, he was about to cum and I felt his cock start to quiver as he began filling my womb with his warm semen. He continued to fuck me, pumping more of his cum deep into my womb, only pulling out when he was completely satisfied. When he pulled his cock out, I saw it was dripping wet with his cum and my pussy juice. That site and the thought that that was the first black cock to fuck my pussy turned me on.

I licked my lips and told him, "I had the perfect mouth for his cock, and asked if I could suck his cock." He moved up close to my head, my lips parted and he stuck his slimy cock into my mouth. I tasted the mixture of his semen and my juices and began sucking hard on his cock.

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I did love tasting semen mixed with my pussy juices, I always sucked my husband's cock after he fucked me. I stroked his cock with one hand, rubbed his balls with the other and sucked hard on his cock trying to get ever drop of his remaining semen from him, I kept that up until he pulled away.

"She's a good fuck and sucks cock real good," he told the other men, then moved away. As soon as he moved away another man got between my legs and began fucking, me not as hard or as fast but it felt nice having a cock back in my pussy. My mouth wasn't forgotten a man held his cock out towards my lips and I sucked him as I had the bartender.

His cock was thin but long enough to reach the back of my throat when he pushed it all the way into my mouth. My lips held it tight as he fucked my face. The time flew bye and soon the cock in my mouth began to shot sperm into it. I pulled him closer forcing his whole cock into my hungry mouth, so I could swallow all of his hot sperm.

When he was done and pulled out, I realized the guy fucking my pussy was ready to fill me with more sperm. He shoved hard as he shot his load into me, pumped a few more times, and then had me lick him clean. The next two spun me around on the table, so I was lying across the shorter part of the table. Leaving my butt to almost hang off it and my head did hang down over the other side of it. Immediately a cock rubbed over my moist lips waiting to be sucked.

I opened my mouth and as it slide in I felt another hard cock push into my now soaking wet pussy. I tried to squeeze my pussy tighter so he would enjoy fucking me as much as I would enjoy being fucked by him. I felt hands started to rub my nipples, I was glad they haven't forgotten what I had said about how much I loved my nipples played with.

As both men in unison were sliding their cocks in and out of me. The hands tightened around my tits and began squeezing them, as a man sucked on my hard nipples causing my body to react as I softly moaned. The sucking got harder, I moaned louder and both men began to pump my body harder. These men were really using me as a slut and enjoying my body. There was no reason why they shouldn't, I felt like a slut and was more than happy to let them use me that way.

It seemed much too soon when the guy fucking my face, started to unloading his cum into my mouth. His come tasted bitter but I swallowed every drop, and sucked even harder on his cock.

Suddenly my nipples were yanked hard and the man between my legs shoved his cock super hard into me and blasted his load of cum into my pussy. The pain from him yanking so hard on my nipples caused me to explode with another orgasm unlike any I had before. I was breathing hard after having been fucked so much but I knew it wasn't over, two other men still wanted to fuck me.

Both men let me know they wanted to fuck my pussy before I sucked them. Even being as wet as I was, the cock being pushed into my pussy felt very nice. He pushed it all away in and I realized that wasn't very long, but it still felt nice when I clamped my pussy tight around it and he clamped his fingers over my nipples.

I just started enjoying it when he twisted my nipples super hard and shot his load into me. I screamed as pain shot throughout my body as it felt like he had tried to rip off my nipples. He released them leaving me disappointed in how quick he had come but glad he was finished using me. I hoped that the next guy would last longer much longer and be gentler on my nipples. The guy that hurt me moved up to my head and had his cock at my mouth leaving my pussy available for the last guy to fuck me.

I was sucking on the cock giving him more enjoyment then he deserved after the way he treated my nipples and his quick unsatisfying fucking of my pussy. The last man move between my legs and as I felt him press against my pussy, I squeezed it tight and hoped he would last longer then the other guy did, I wanted one more orgasm before he was done. I felt him push and my pussy was getting spread open wide, I thought he was possibly using his hand rather than his cock because it felt like I was being pushed so wide open to accommodate him.

I couldn't see him as I was busy sucking on the cock that had just fucked me but as he pushed harder my pussy spread, open and it slide in. Damn, if it was his cock it was the biggest one I had ever had in me. My pussy felt like was stuffed to capacity, as it moved past my pussy lips my pussy wrapped around the shaft.

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It felt like a baseball bat had been pushed in me. I felt his hands rubbing my belly and then moving up and started to rub my breasts his fingers played with my sore pointed nipples as he pushed a little more and, he asked the guy I was sucking if he was done yet because he wanted me off the table he wanted me to ride his cock. When a man yelled to just go on and shove it in me, he refused saying he didn't want to hurt me and he wanted me to decide how much I could take.

The guy I was sucking pulled his cock out my mouth and told the man he would like to see how much I could take also. The man didn't pull his cock out of me but grabbed me and lifted me off the table. Somehow, he managed to get on the floor with me on top of him and still have only the head of his cock in me.

He told me he wanted me to ride his cock and I could decide how much of it I wanted. I couldn't see it but damm it was big and it hurt a little even after being fucked by so many men. My pussy was stuffed to capacity but I slowly slid down on it, I could feel the massive head moving up in my body. He propped his knees up behind me held my waist and told me lean back. Leaning back on his knees I slowly moved up and down on his cock adding a little more each time I slide down.

He placed my hands on my belly and as I slowly moved down, I could feel it inside me moving up, his cock head was huge. I was crying and moaning yes, yes, as I rode his cock moaning because I liked his big cock and how it filled me but crying a little from the pain as I forced it up inside me. I had never been fist fucked, but now I knew what it must feel like. The head of his cock felt like a small fist and God it felt good and bad at the same time. The length and thickness of the shaft although smaller than the head was thick and long.

The pleasure from its size had caused me to orgasm repeatedly as I rode his cock. I slid down until I felt I couldn't take any more of his huge cock. I knew there was more of it but I had enough and began riding up and down on him.

I continued to ride him feeling the head moving inside me filling me up as no other cock had before. I felt wild and wicked having such a big thing inside me. I could hear the guys saying that with my thin waist they could see my belly bulge out as it moved inside me. Sometimes you get what you hope for and fortunately this time I got what I had first hoped for, he lasted much longer then any of the other guys. I rode his monster for what felt like eternity, a wonderful wild eternity.

I was glad and yet disappointed when he finally told me he was ready to come. When he did come, it felt like he turned on a fire hose as his sperm sprayed inside me. It felt like he had unleashed more sperm, in that one shot than the combination of all other guys had put together, it filled my belly completely filling me with a wonderful warm feeling.

I was exhausted as he lifted me off him, and gently laid me on the floor where I lay motionless trying to catch my breath. As I lay exhausted, I could hear comments about how much of his cock I had taken.

Most couldn't believe a little girl like me would be able to take so much of his cock. Even the local whores wouldn't do that I heard them say. I felt proud but wondered just what with my husband would think when he saw this, his little wife taking more cock then a whore.

I was lifted off the floor and laid back on the table; the guy asked if I would suck his cock. I reached out to rub his cock and bring it over to my mouth. I began to lick his cock; the head looked like a mushroom and was too big for my mouth. His hands moved slowly down my body, over my tummy, and stopping at my pussy, his fingers gently rubbed my pussy, as he told me what a nice pussy I had. I finished licking and cleaning his cock as his one finger played inside my stretched pussy.

Finished with him and the others I simply lay there completely exhausted and worn out. I heard the bartender ask if any of the guys wanted anything else from me before they called it a night. Two of the younger guys came over and wanted me to get them hard again.

I sucked and played with their cocks once one got hard he moved to between my legs but commented on how wide my pussy looked from the last guy.

I was quick to tell him my ass hadn't been fucked yet and he should fuck it. Sliding his cock in my pussy for a minute getting it wet he pushed it in my ass. While he fucked my ass, I sucked the other guy. I was in heaven with one cock in my ass and the other in my mouth. Both men fucked me better then they had the first time, lasting longer and giving me multiple orgasms before then were done.

After them, I thought all the other guys were finished with me, the one that had squeezed my nipples wanted to play with them some more but Harry stopped him, saying I had enough and my night was over. The bartender opened the door and let all the guys leave before he walked back over to me. He placed his hand on my belly rubbed it gently and said it was the perfect place for everybody's cum and anytime I wanted more he would be happy to throw me another party.

He helped me off the table and walked me over to the bar sitting me on a stool he poured me a drink and then went gathering up my clothes. I sipped the wine as the mixture of my juices and guys cum dripped out of my pussy onto the stool and down to the floor. The bartender said he was amazed at how I did with Big Ben.

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He didn't think my little body could take so much cock and he didn't think Ben even had a girl take so much of his cock most girls wouldn't let him fuck them because it was too big for them and they were afraid of it. I asked if he came here often, he was a regular and hang out there most nights. We talked while I finished my wine, then I went to put my clothes on, the minute I tried to put on my bra I yelled ouch!

My nipples were too sore and swollen for me to wear it, so I didn't brother with it and just slipped, it in my purse. Harry reached over and rubbed them, causing me to softly moan, sorry, Jake likes to be rough on girls.

Telling him it was fine; I slipped on blouse and skirt then my panties if for no other reason to stop the dripping of cum from my pussy. Dressed I went to stand up and found my legs a bit wobbly, Harry helped me to my car and told me to come back anytime. I've never had a black man fuck me before tonight or that many men in one night.

The whole thing seamed unreal but natural at the same time. I drove home, first thing I wanted was a hot bath, but when I dropped my purse on the table, I remembered my cameras. I looked in my purse and there they were. I wanted that bath but first I wanted to see if I had any good pictures from the night. I turned on one camera and saw that the memory card was full so was the other one.

I noticed that who ever had used one camera had taken some movies with it; I sat and started to view the movies. I watched myself fucking and sucking those black men thinking my husband would really enjoy seeing that. The last movie was when I was riding Ben bouncing on his huge cock, I started to feel hot all over as I touched my pussy.

It felt wide open and I hoped it would return to its normal size before my husband got home he liked my tight pussy. My husband got home the next day and the first thing he wanted was sex. My pussy still felt large and I didn't want him to realize what I had done, not yet.

I removed my panties lifted my skirt and squeezed my pussy as tight as I could and he took me right there on the floor in our living room. His cock felt nice in my pussy, even after having, six normal size cocks fuck me and Big Ben just the night before, to him it looked and felt normal. I was glad he hadn't tried to play with my nipples they were still puffy and sore.

After making love, I asked if he wanted to see some pictures, ones I promised would make him hot. He did and I told him to turn his computer on, I had a surprise for him.

I had loaded all the pictures on his computer in a folder called "Your slut wife" he saw it and asked if it was a joke. "Open it up and see," I told him.

He did just that and as he looked at the folder, he remarked, "It has over six hundred pictures." "Yes I didn't go through them to delete the bad ones, thought you should see them all first," I sweetly said. He started to look at them, saying how hot he was getting seeing me being fucked.

I crawled between his legs and offered to suck him as he looked at them. His cock was hard before I started to suck it, sucking his cock he surprised me by cumming once more, I licked him clean and stood up. He was still thumbing through the pictures and I asked if he really liked them. "Like them, I love them but I'm surprised you were so bold as to do that, you could have been hurt, who are the guys and who took the pictures," he asked.

I told him the whole story, how I met Harry the bartender and how I acted like a slut, hoping he would be happy with the pictures the guys took. I showed him my tits and how puffy my nipples still looked then told him how one guy, Jake had squeezed and twisted them so hard he made me climax.

He really got excited when I told him some movies had been taken, I didn't tell him about big Ben, not yet he would see him in the last movie. "Movies, there are movies," he asked. "Well there are six movies, would you like to watch them now," I sweetly asked.

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"Hell Yes, I want to watch them but not until I fuck you again," he quickly replied. He didn't make love to me, he fucked me, as hard, and fast as any of those men in the bar had, it was wonderful.

After he was done, I asked if he wanted to look at the rest of the pictures before he watched the movies. Stating he couldn't possible get hard again, he decided to hold off on both until the next day. We talked about what I had done that night and most of the next day while he looked at the pictures.

Later that night, we watched the movies he really enjoyed them but when he got to the last one, I stopped him. I hung my head and said, I didn't know what he would think of me after seeing this one and hearing what the guys said about me. My husband gave me a funny look, and insisted we watch the last one. He watched the man twisting my nipples as he fucked me and how it made me moan, then he saw big Ben move between my legs, his first remark was he had never seen a cock that big.

He continued to watch the movie, when it was over, he looked at me, "I see why your nipples were so puffy and sore, but I must say it looked like you enjoyed it." I didn't answer him I only smiled at him.

He continued on, "I never saw a cock as big as that one it looked twice as big as mine. It looked like his cock was too big for your pussy especially with that big head but you did it, you fucked him. It looked like you enjoyed that also, was it that good," he asked. I quickly answered him, "Honey I didn't know how big it was when he started to fuck me, if I saw it I probably wouldn't have let him near me, it did hurt, at first, not as much as having my nipples twisted but Yes, I did enjoy my night," I truthfully told him.

My husband smiled, "It's the hottest thing I ever saw," he stood up and pointed to his cock, unbelievably it had gotten hard once more. "I think this shows you what I think," he smiled. I quickly straddled his legs and slide down on his hard cock. I rode him as I had Benny, rising up, almost off his cock then slamming back down on it. My body tingled and small climaxes exploded as I rode his cock. My husband reached up and squeezed one of my nipples sending shivers of pain over my body as I winced.

He asked, "Did that hurt to much," he asked. "No, it kind of excites me, go on keep doing it," I whimpered. He held my nipples tightly and gave them a twist. I moaned and slammed down harder on his cock and for the next fifteen minutes he played with my nipples like that as I fucked him hard and fast.

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Finally, he blasted one more load in me and released my nipples. I had climaxed six times before we were done. I stayed on his lap resting as his cock slowly went limp. He did remark how nice and tight I still felt after being fucked by so many other cocks even that big cock and how twisting my nipples had made it even better. For the next few weeks, we made love or fucked like wild animals every day after viewing the pictures and/or movies.

Once he had looked at all the pictures deleting very few, but getting rid of all of the others, he had so often looked at of the other women. I was thrilled; I was now his number one porn star. It was funny how much my husband enjoyed being married to a slut. My husband was all packed for his next business trip, he handed me two new SD cards for my cameras. Looking at them, I saw they had much more capacity then my old ones. "Honey I've enjoy looking at those pictures and the movies.

The only thing that would be better, would be if I had some more, newer ones, would you like to go back to that bar and do it again, while I'm away?" he asked. "You want me to go back to that bar and have men fuck me," I asked.

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"Only if you want, I would really like more pictures and some longer movies. Would you like to fuck that big cock again I would especially like to see you try to take all of it this time," he said as he kissed me.

"Honey, I'll do whatever you want to make you happy, you know that and Harry said I was welcome back anytime, I don't think I can take all of Big Ben's cock but I can try, for you, if he's there," I said. He smiled, "I bet if Jake was there twisting your nipples enough when you rode Big Ben's cock you could take all of it in that tight pussy of yours, what do you think?" he joked. I felt my nipples get hard and sweetly told him, "Yes, I probably could." "Good, I stopped in and talked to Harry, he would be more then happy to see you again, so would Big Ben and about twelve other guys and Jake said he would treat your nipples to more fun." My pussy felt hot, my legs felt weak, my heart pounded, and my nipples throbbed as I blissfully said; "I would love to have another party at the bar." Dear Reader, I hope you enjoyed this story.

I enjoy comments about my stories and like sex; I can take the good with the bad. Like the last guy that fucked me said, why be gentle just give it to me, I may not like it but so what, I always want more.