Eu nao quero q machuque eu quero q me arrebenta

Eu nao quero q machuque eu quero q me arrebenta
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My Family #8 I knew that Dad would be home tomorrow and had the whole week-end off. He and I were going to pick up a Christmas tree and the whole family would decorate it. As soon as I had fucked Ester real good making her climax several times and faking mine. I put her under a hypnotic sleep and told her she would go to bed by 10:30 because she was really tired and would sleep until 7 AM. We sat around after dinner and watched T.V. At 10:30 Ester said she was tired and went to bed.

Mom and I pretended to watch television for another half hour and turned it off at 11:00. I took Moms hand and lead her to her bedroom. We stood at the foot of the bed and I removed Moms robe and gown. My eyes took in her beautiful body with her nice firm tits that tilted down slightly and staring at my chest. As I placed my hands on those gorgeous tits I thought, I have to be the luckiest guy in the world. She stood there letting me massage her breast and manipulate her nipples as we looked at each other.

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A tear ran down her cheek as she reached out and took me in her arms and whisper, "Why is it so wrong for a mother to want to have her son inside her. You have made me want your cock in me every waking moment? God help me but I love you so." I moved her backward so that she was forced to sit on the bed where I spread her legs and got onto my knees. I pulled her puffy cunt lips apart and lowered my head to her vagina. I slid my tongue up and down that opening and smelled her fragrance that tasted like mint.


I could feel her abdomen rise and fall against my forehead as my tongue penetrated her wet hole. In and then up went my tongue, tickling and circling her clit. I could feel her pussy lips try to tighten around my tongue as it entered inside her.

When my tongue in- circled her clit her Ass would come up slightly and her body would quiver as she climaxed. I inserted two fingers into her vagina and began to finger fuck her as my thumb rubbed her clit. She began to moan, "Oh god Eric, what you do to MEEEEEEEEEE, and she came again.

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I found her hard "G" spot and began to rub across it as my fingers went in and out of her hot wet hole. "Oh my god Eric, that is soooooo, oh shit baby yesssss I'm going to, Oh shit yesss my god iiiEEEEEEEEEE, ahhhhhh" she screamed, and a flood of water- cum came pouring out of her cunt like she was a squirt gun. Her Ass reared up at the same time as her hands grabbed my head and forced my face tight into her pussy.

Her juices flooded my face and mouth running down my chest and soaking the end of the bed. She collapsed and it took her almost ten minutes to come down. I lifted her and placed her up on the bed so that her head rested on the pillow.

I placed myself between her legs and inserted my cock into her pussy. I began to suck and knead her nipples. I did not try to fuck her; I just laid there on top of her with my fully erect cock deep inside her belly and waited for her. I kept sucking and kneading her wonderful breasts until her legs began to stir restlessly. I then began to move very slowly in and out of her for a very long time. I could feel her have several small climaxes as I fucked her. I increased my speed and she threw her legs up and around my waist placing her heels on the small of my back.

Faster and faster I went. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held me tight as she began to work her Ass in unison to my strokes. I was soon fucking her as fast and as hard as my Ass could pump my cock in and out of her. I could only hear her muffled grunts each time she came. When I felt that urge begin to fill my balls I pulled her legs high over her head and plunged my cock like a jack hammer in and out of her hungry hole. As I began to erupt I grabbed her Ass cheeks and pulled her pussy tight into me and came deep into her love cavity.

We collapsed into each others arms and laid there kissing one another with our tongues deep inside each others mouth until we fell asleep. I didn't know what time it was but I woke up with mother on her knees straddling me and my cock deep inside her Ass. I just laid there and enjoyed it. I looked at the cock and it was 3:30am.

She fucked me like that for over an hour before I finally came. When I did I herd my Mother groan. She slid up my chest and kissed me and she said, "That felt so good honey, I have never been able to cum when your father has had sex in my Ass.

But for some reason I cum almost as much when you're in my rectum as when you're in my vagina. I told her that it was more natural to say Butt hole or Ass than rectum and to call her vagina a pussy, cunt or twat.

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I set the clock for 6:30 so that I could get back to bed before Ester woke up. Dad got home about 8:10 and Mom fixed a nice breakfast. When Mom sat down next to me I reached over between her legs and rubbed her pussy. She grabbed my hand and pushed it away and gave me a scowling look. After breakfast Mom and Esther left to go see about a dog. Dad and I went and picked out a 7' tree and later Ester, Mom and I decorated it.

Dad supervised us. Ester was real excited when she got home. She had decided on a German Shepard and she could pick him up the day before Christmas.

She said he was eighteen months old. That night as I was going to bed I heard Dad fucking Mom and I got a little jealous so I went into Ester's room and gave her a real long fucking. She wanted me to sleep with her so she could tell me all about her dog she was going to call King.

I told her I was tired and went to bed. She came to my room about 6am and gave me a blow job before I fucked her again. Sunday the whole family went shopping for Xmas gifts. My Aunt Jenny had given me $200 for helping her all summer.


I bought Mom and Ester each a nice scarf and Dad a hunting knife like the one I lost of his on our last hunting trip. I bought Aunt Jenny two cheap dog collars because the one's her dogs were worn out. Just before Xmas I got my Aunt and Ester each a 7" dildo at the local porn shops.

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I told them later that I did it so they could think of me when I wasn't available. Dad told us at dinner that he had until January 2nd off. I thought OH shit I won't be able to make love to Mom for 8 days. That night after hearing my dad fucking Mom again I was pretty dejected.

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Ester wanted to know what was wrong when she came to my room. I said nothing. She tried to cheer me up by giving me a nice blow job and later she sat on me and fucked me until I came. After she went back to bed I laid there remembering Moms soft velvet pussy hole and how she would clamp down on my cock milking my sperm from me.

Suddenly to my surprise I started thinking about Sally and her beautiful breasts and perfect camel toe. I fell asleep dreaming of her sitting on my face. Monday at school just after second period, I met Miss. Widner my History teacher from last semester in the hallway. When she looked at me her face began to flush all the way down her neck into her cleavage showing above her dress top.

I remembered the command I had given her about her becoming hot between her legs and her pussy getting wet from excitement each time we faced each other. I hadn't fucked her all summer and only twice since coming back to school. She stammered, "Err, Eric remember the social is this Friday and were counting on you to perform your hypnosis act.

Can you come to my room after sixth period drama class is meeting and I want you to pick some people for the stage?" I thought, Oh shit I had forgotten about that, what with all that had happened recently. I told her I would come to her class as I noticed that while standing there she kept rubbing her knees back and forth and it made me smile knowing my command was working in her subconscious.

She hurriedly went into the ladies room to masturbate as I had instructed her. I had lunch with Sally and she asked me if I would walk home with her after school? I told her about having to go to Miss. Widner's drama class and couldn't. She told me that she was in the drama class and would see me there. She gave me a big smile just as her boy friend Jerry walked up and told me to get lost.

Sally jumped up and told him she could talk to anyone she wanted to and if he didn't like it he could get lost. He stomped off and said, "Fuck you Sally, were through. After he left she said, "He made it easy, I've been trying to think of a way to break up with him. And she reached over and squeezed my hand. That afternoon when I arrived at Miss Widner's class I pulled the curtains closed and dimmed the lights.

There were 23 students in the class, fourteen girls including Sally and Fran who I had used at the last social and nine boys. I told them what I was about to do and that no one could make them do anything they didn't want to I lied.

I said if there was anyone who didn't want to be hypnotized could leave. Three of the boys and two girls left leaving six boys and twelve girls. I told them to relax and listen only to my voice and to go to sleep a deep, deep sleep. They were soon all under including Miss Widner. I told Miss Widner she would hear nothing of whatever I told the class but would only remember that everything went well. One of the girls was rather fat and pimply faced with hardly any tits and two were so skinny with no tits or Ass's.

I would use them on the stage but the other nine were very fuck-able. I gave each of the nine the same command so that whenever I said teddy bear they would go into a deep sleep and obey my commands. Two of the girls were still virgins by the name of Patty and Faun. Faun was an American Indian who I found intriguing. She had a very round but rather flat face with big almond shaped eyes.

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Her nose was somewhat flat and she had a very tiny mouth. In her way she was rather attractive but she always wore dress's that buttoned to just under her chin so it was hard to tell what her figure was like. Patty was very plain looking with dishwater hair but with a large set of knockers. Fran who was the other gal that had been on the stage with Sally had only fucked her present boy friend. The other six were Billie, Barbara, Ginger, Peggy Ann, Tracie and Sally.

I had brought a recorder with me and I told each of the nine that I was their gynecologist and they were in his office needing an examination as well as to answer question about their sexual activity. The Boy's names were John, Dave, Frank, Robert, Peter and Bob. I gave each of them the command big bear putting them in a deep sleep.

I also put the two skinny gals and the fat girl girls back into a deep sleep I led Faun to the back of the room told her to remove her cloths for her examination which she did.

Her tits were different, they were cone shaped and her nipples and areola were as one. I kneaded her breasts pretending I was looking for lumps. I had her spread her legs and I attempted to shove a finger up her vagina.

Damn but she was tight, I could just barely get one finger all the way in. Her pussy was beginning to get a little wet from my playing with her tits. I pushed my finger hard up her twat and I felt her hymen.

I finger fucked her for a couple of minutes until I made her climax then I had her dress and took her back to her seat. I did the same to all the other girls but Sally who I had already seen. The girls told me how many boys they had fucked. Sally (2) including me; Billie (2); Barbara (2); Ginger (2); Peggy Ann (3) and Tracie who had fucked six included a girl when she was at summer camp at the age of 13 as well as her brother a senior and on the football team. It also turned out that Tracie in her confession told me she was fucking Frank.

I decided to have some fun and walked over to the door and locked it. I told everyone accept Tracie and Frank to go into a deep sleep.

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They would hear and see nothing. I told Frank to take Tracie and fuck her on the desk that they were all alone. What a show. Tracie lifted her dress and pulled her panties down.

John lifted her sweater and shoved her bra above her tits. She had nice firm breasts about the size of grapefruits with tiny nipples small areolas and a shaved pussy. When John dropped his jeans and underwear I could see his cock was about the same as mine but skinnier. He shoved his cock into her pussy and started fucking her as fast as he could. It took him about a minute and a half to cum. You could tell she had not gotten much out of it.

I whispered to John to go back and sit down and he would remember nothing except my commands. I told Tracie that Frank was going to fuck her again and to turn around.

I bent her over the table an inserted my cock into her wet pussy. I fucked her hard for about ten minutes making her climax twice and as she came the second time I grabbed her hips and pulled her tight against me burying my cock deep and shot a load of cum into her tight hole. When I was finished draining my balls I had her suck my cock and lick the remaining cum off.

I commanded Frank to come back and eat her pussy until there was no cum left in her cunt because I didn't want any signs when I woke the group up. I had her dress and sit next to John. Before I brought the class out of there hypnotic state I told Miss. Widner that deep down in her subconscious she wanted to make love to me.

That she knew she could get into trouble but her desire was stronger and she was to ask me to help her take her things out to the car. When I touched her she would not be able to resist and would respond to my touch.

I then told everyone including Miss Widner that they would remember nothing but would always respond to my command. I snapped my fingers and everyone came awake and began talking like nothing had transpired. As they were walking out the door I saw Tracie reach between her legs and then gave John a strange look.

I smiled. I started to leave after everyone else had left when Miss Widner ask me if I could help her carry some of her things to her car in about 15 minutes. I said I would be happy to. I went to the rest room and washed my cock off with soap and water and then helped Miss Widner carry her things to the car.

She always parked a block away from the school. I put all the stuff in the trunk and asked her if she would drop me off at my house. We got in the car and as she was looking in her purse for her keys I reached over and slid my hand between her legs. Before she could close her legs I forced my hand up to her crotch and began rubbing her pussy. She Stammered, "Eric, whaaa what are you doing" I pulled her side ways and down on the front seat.

I kneeled on the floor boards and slid her panties to the side inserting two gingers into her vagina and began finger fucking her. "Please Eric stop it. You shouldn't be doing this I'm your teacher." Miss Widner, you are the sexiest women I know. I know you have wanted to fuck me but didn't know how to tell me.

I kissed her before she could say another word. By now my fingers had gotten her pussy sopping wet.

She struggled for only an instant before she responded to my kiss. She threw her arms around my neck and french kissed me back. I then spun her around so her ass was on the edge of the seat.

I raised her legs high so they were on my shoulders and pulled her panties off. I dropped my jeans and underwear to my knees and inserted my cock into her wet hot fuck hole remembering how tight she was the first time I had fucked her under hypnosis. I pulled her dress off her shoulders and shoved her bra up to her neck. As I pounded that pussy with my cock I bent down and took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck like a mad man. I rammed her Cunt hole for about twelve minutes when I felt my balls were ready to explode.

I forced her legs even higher until her ankles were forced against the back cushion as I bored down deep into her cunt and let go my sperm deep inside her.

She shouted, "Oh dam Eric I'm IEEEEEEEEEEEEOHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. It took her almost five minutes to come down off that last climax. I took her into the back seat and we kissed and I fondled her tits until I got hard again. I fucked her for a long time before coming again. She told me that she shouldn't have allowed that to happen but since it had she did not regret it. She was not sure how she was going to handle our situation.

I told her not to worry that I would never tell anyone and I would be discreet about fucking her. She drove me home and parked a few doors up the street. We kissed and I told her she had better put her tits back in place. She looked down at her tits that were sticking out of her dress and we both laughed.

Just before she left she asked me, "Eric did you hypnotize me so you could have intercourse with me?" I looked at her and said wide eyed, how could you think I could do such a thing? and grinned. "I thought you said you couldn't make us do anything we didn't want to do," she said.

Well technically I can't, I told her. "So what you are telling me is that I subconsciously wanted you to make love to me. I guess I told her.

How many times have we already done it and have you ever done this to any of the girls you have hypnotized?" No you're the first, I lied. We had sex five or six times last semester and twice this semester. She just shook her head. "I hope you will never use that power to seduce unsuspecting girls. I'm beginning to wonder if I should let you perform Friday?

You needn't worry it's just that you are so fucking sexy that you give me a hard on every time I'm around you. Speaking of hard ons and I looked down at my dick was slowly coming to attention. "No way Eric, I'm worn out. Now out of the car and go home. I will see you tomorrow." I thought, Oh well, Ester is going to want me to fuck her so I better save this for her.

There was a note on the kitchen table telling me my dinner was in the oven. It was still warm so I ate it and on my way to my room I could hear Mom & Dad were at it again and I felt a twinge of envy.

I showered and when I got to my room Ester was there waiting. (continued) All rights reserved to the Author