Wet dreams of trans in love Full Movies)

Wet dreams of trans in love Full Movies)
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Two curious friends #3 This has gotten a lot more attention than I could have ever imagined. I know it's not much for a story but I'm rather trying to tell it as how I remember it as if I was in front of you telling you. It's kind of fun thinking back on these times. I wouldn't do it now but hey it happened when I was younger and so what can you do.

Here goes. Friday rolled around and I had already begged my parents to let me stay the weekend at Colby's and they said yes! I couldn't wait. School dragged along because we both couldn't wait to hang out again.


We had already made plans to first play in his back land which was about 3 acres. He wanted to try out his new BB guns.

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When school finally ended we headed straight to his house and got the weekend started! We changed into some play camo clothes and headed out to the back land. Once back there we picked up his BB guns and wondered off into the wooded area to hide from each other. We were playing shooting each other, not really trying to hit each other.

Colby just had to shoot me though, square in the shoulder and knocked me on my butt. It hurt but mostly caught me off guard. I was a little upset but instantly It gave me an idea! We gathered in the middle of some heavy trees and I told him he owed me for shooting me. Colby looked puzzled and said sorry but what can I do to say sorry? I smiled and said well how bout you give me a hand job out here.

Colby replied with a smile and said right now? I indeed said yes! So he waisted no time. He unzipped my pants and we layed down on a piece of cardboard. We got right next to each other and he began jerking my cock.

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Only took me a minute to get rock hard because I love when someone else touches my cock! He always felt the need to tell me how much bigger my dick was them his. I didn't mine hearing that, in fact it made me kinda proud.

As he got into the handjob he finally admitted to me that he liked giving me a BJ. I could only reply with a simple, we'll that dosnt bother me at all! So he then decided to lower his lips to my cock then and give it a tease with his lips. The way he barely touched it at first always drew my cocks great attention! I absolutely loved just watching the way his lips devoured my cock, it was so hard to even go for more than minutes.

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Colby loved to put my cock in his mouth and just suck away and keep it in his mouth like a sucker. We just had a bliss time out in the open of the woods, something about being out in the open made the whole experience even better!

There was just something about being on the edge of getting caught that always got me going. I pulled his head back and said lets just lay here and finish by jerking each other off.

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Colby agreed and released his fully hard cock and we began to swap pre cum and jerk each other. It didn't take long for both us to hit our climax and I wasn't ready to touch his cum yet so I let of but he continued to jerk me with my cum spilling all over his hand.

He kept going for a minute then licked his hand free of all my cum. I could tell he enjoyed my cum, even though he never directly said it. We got finished and got dressed, we headed back to the house. He or especially I felt dirty but yet that feeling came back about almost being caught.

It was hard to explain but telling his grandparents that we were just having fun playing BBs and really we were doing much more. We went home and put in some pizza( our favorite thing to eat then) and got on the computer.

We looked up some porn and he would always find his way into my shorts, even though everyone was right around the corner. I don't even remember what we watched because my mind was on his hand that was controlling my dick.

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We just kinda had a little play around fun. Then we just got on Facebook and thought of ideas for the night. He told me he had a good idea.

I listen and he informed me he found his grandpas porn collection and he found one called Debbie Does Dallas and he wanted to watch it with me. I agreed with a smile and then he informed me he found a odd looking vibrator that was technically for back massages because it had a flat side that vibrates but we would eventually use it for our dicks :) I literally can't wait for tonight but I had to hide my enthusiasm.

We had to participate in family dinner that night, needless to say for what I was thinking about it was a little awkward seeing everyone. We dodged most every question about what we had done all day. The porn on the computer wouldn't be a problem because his grandpa looked at it and no one would expect it to be us. We played around outside for a bit after dinner but it was far from what we had on our minds.

Right before everyone headed to their rooms Colby snuck into his grandparents room and took the movie and grabbed his new found vibrator from the bathroom and stashed it in his room. When it finally got late and everyone was in bed we decided it was time to go lay down.

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Ha ya right, we quickly closed the door and locked it and he put the disc in his xbox 360 to play. LATER THAT NIGHT.


If you would like to hear just say. :) I enjoy the comments