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Internet Partner As told by Julie I As you know my sex life with Sam has not that thrilling. It seems all he ever thinks about is his job. He gets a decent income from his work, but the trouble is, it seems that he is always at work.

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I sit at home waiting for him. He comes home eats supper, and falls asleep in front of the television. The odd time I can interest him in sex he plays with my tits for a few minutes, fondles my pussy then mounts me, and fucks me till he ejaculates, then roles over and falls asleep.

I am left with a soggy pussy and still horny. I have not experienced an orgasm in so long I can't remember. Of course you hear about women that get a little on the side.

I have never attempted that. Lack of nerve I guess. What if I got caught? A couple of months ago though, I got curious and I peeked at a website that said it was 'for women who were attached but dreaming of something different, and the men who wanted them.' There were dozens of listings of men who were offering themselves to women who wanted to cheat on their husbands.

As I perused the catalogue of horny men, one or two tickled my fancy. I decided to fill in a bio just to see where this could lead. About a week went by and someone responded to my bio saying that I he wanted more information about me.

He especially wanted to know about my sexual preferences. I can tell you that I put a tight knot in my tummy when I read that. After a while I got up the nerve and sent off a reply. I told him I was not very experienced but I was open for just about anything.

He didn't take long to send me another message asking for more specifics. Did I like it outdoors, or in a hot tub maybe? Do I enjoy receiving oral sex? Do I ever give oral sex? What about anal? Have I ever been spanked? I don't know why but the thought of being spanked made my juices flow. Being naked and turned over a man's knees and having my bare ass spanked really excited me. For sure I had never taken it in my bum.

I wanted to answer but that knot in my tummy just ached. Finally I sent a message back. I said he didn't tell me much about himself either. What did he like? I got real daring and asked about his cock. "How big is it? Is it long? How thick is it? Do you have hairy balls?" I asked. I told him that I had never been spanked, and never had anal. I wasn't sure if I could endure any pain. But yes I do love receiving and giving oral sex.

His next e-mail came quickly and asked me to call him and left me a phone number.

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Sending provocative messages under an anonymous name was one thing, but to call and say 'Hi this is Julie.' was another. I wanted to call, but I didn't want to call. I stared at the phone. I reached for it a dozen times, but no I couldn't just call him. Every time I reached for the phone I got that knot in my tummy again. What would happen if I didn't? Would he stop e-mailing to me? What if I did call, would he want to meet me?

Of course he would! A strong deep male voice answered the phone. "This is 'Looker' calling." I said and held my breath. "You have a nice voice." He quickly responded. "You didn't answer my questions." Was all I could think to say to him, my voice shaking a little. After a short pause he chuckled and said that it was about seven or eight inches long when it was hard, and that he had never had any complaints about the size. I was talking to a strange man about the size of his penis!

He then asked me about my breasts. I told him my measurements and that I have a 'C' cup. Oh my god I was being soooo wicked! Was I really talking on the phone about his cock and my tits? "That sounds like a nice size." He whispered. Then after a short pause, just like I knew he would, he said.

"I think we should get together." I don't know what drove me to make the arrangements for that very afternoon. When we got off the phone, I began to tremble. I had done it! I called him! And I had committed to meet him! I was in a semi-panic! Doubts filled my mind. Should I go? Should I call him back and cancel? What would I wear? The biggest question in my mind was whether or not put on underwear. Two hours later I was outside a small, but respectable restaurant. I had seldom been to this part of town before, so I had little fear of anyone I knew seeing me.

There were a few people when I went inside. In the back there was a small booth with a man sitting alone. I knew it was him, so I went right to the cubicle. "Hi, are you the one called Snake?" I asked.

"Yes I am. Won't you sit down Looker?" He invited. "You certainly picked the right handle, you really are a looker." I felt the blood rush to my face. He seemed to be exactly as he described himself on the Website. He was about my height, maybe a little overweight, but not fat.

He was good looking with a warm smile. "Well you don't look like a snake." I replied, sitting across from him. "It is not me, it's the body part you are so curious about." He chuckled. My face got hot again. "You certainly undersold yourself, you look terrific." He continued, his gaze kept returning to my breasts. I had decided to leave my bra at home and show off my tits. I had no idea where I got the nerve, but I boldly reached up and undid the second button on my blouse so he could glimpse at my deep cleavage.

He licked his lips.

We sat and drank our coffee making small talk. He told me his name was Ben and that he was a business owner. I told my name and said that I was a housewife. We talked about the Website we had used. He told me again how impressed he was with my looks. His eyes kept wandering back to my partially open blouse. It took all my will power not to make a move to cover myself. I wanted him to look at my tits. After a short time Ben excused himself and went into the washroom. When he came out he sat next to me in the booth.

He reached for my hand and holding it firmly brought it down into his lap. His zipper was open! He just looked at me and smiled. "Did you want to meet Snake?" He asked.

My face was hot again, but I smiled. With my heart thumping in my chest, I slowly moved my hand inside his pants and found his unprotected dick. It felt hot to my touch, and when I closed my fingers around it, I felt it twitch with joy. I was sitting in a public restaurant with my blouse partially open and my hand in a man's pants holding his cock.

I felt like a slut. Worst of all I was enjoying what I was feeling, and doing. I had crossed the point of no return. I knew I had to fuck him. Looking around the room I could see no one was paying any attention to us.

Ben put his arm around my shoulders and lifted his other hand tenuously and slid it inside my invitingly open blouse and gently fondled my unrestricted breast. His quivering prick seemed to grow harder in my grasp as he flicked my rigid nipple.


My heart was really thumping in my chest now. It seemed so loud that it could have brought attention to us. Presently he removed his hand from my tit and dropped it down under the table. "If you let go of Snake for a moment I would like to explore under your skirt." He whispered. Like the newly inaugurated slut I had become, I reluctantly let go of his cock and put both my forearms on the table and nervously spread my knees lewdly apart allowing him the access he wanted.

His bold hand went underneath the hem of my skirt and gradually moved up my inner thigh as he kept his promise. My pussy flooded. Yes, I had worn panties just in case this sort of thing happened. My crotch was soaking wet. He just looked up into my face and raised an eyebrow as his zealous fingers slid along the crotch of my saturated underwear. Without a word he moved the hem aside and stroked my treacherous unshaved shaggy pussy. I tried to sit still as a thick finger split my lips apart and easily slid up my sodden hole.

Ben slowly finger fucked me as I squirmed on his hand, my skirt riding up my legs. If anyone in the restaurant even cared what was going on all they had to do was glance our way and they would know what Ben was doing.

I felt like a teenager experimenting with her first boy. "Oh God Ben, I need more privacy. I just have to fuck you really soon." I whispered. He quickly rose out of his seat and led me out of the restaurant, explaining that he lived just down the street. I walked beside him on shaky legs. I could feel that my panties were still askew, leaving my soggy pussy exposed under my skirt. The air felt chilly as it cooled my dripping cunt, and that only added to my agitation.

It turned out that he lived in a very nice luxury high-rise apartment building. He squeezed my hand as we rode up in the elevator I looked down and noticed that his fly was still open.

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He fit his key in the lock and ushered me inside. He turned and faced me as soon as the door closed. Pushing me back to the door. His hands went straight to my aching tits. I moaned as he squeezed them mercilessly, tenderly enclosing my nipples between two fingers.

I felt a rush that went straight down my back to my slobbering pussy. I used all my strength to grab at his now exposed rigid cock. He put one hand behind my head and pressed his mouth to mine. Our tongues fought for supremacy. Suddenly he began to drag me into the nearby bedroom. Before I knew it, I was sprawled across his bed. My skirt flew up around my hips and my bare legs were willingly spread wide apart, lewdly inviting him to mount me and fuck my drooling pussy.

He dropped his pants and reached to remove my soaking panties, tossing them over his shoulder. Without any further ceremony, he mounted me with authority and drove his magnificent, thick cock deep into my eager steaming cunt.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmyyyyyyyygggoooodddd!" He immediately began to pump in and out of my ravenous twat making lewd squishing sounds, but neither of us lasted long, we were too excited. If he penetrated into me fifteen times I would be surprised. In next to no time he was spewing his load deep into my burning twat. I was rolling around the bed shuddering and moaning as my first orgasm in god-knows-how-long completely enveloped my sweating body. He rolled off of me and lay on his back panting for breath.

As soon as I recovered my senses I stood up and took off my tousled blouse and skirt.


He lay there on his back watching me undress, still wearing his rumpled shirt. He was naked from the waist down, his exhausted joint lying across his muscular leg. As soon as I was naked I crawled back onto the bed and grasped his depleted woman pleaser to see if I could put some life back into it.

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Believe me I wanted more life in that beautiful cock. Nothing could deter me as I bathed the monster with my tongue. I moaned when I found the taste of our combined body juices lingering there. It took little effort to restore 'the snake' to its full potential as a fuck machine.

Ben wanted fuck me again, this time with more passion. His intention was not just to fuck me but really romance me with eagerness. He pulled my sucking mouth away from his steel-hard dick, and holding me by the chin, he said. "The last time was for hunger. This time I want to experience the real you." With that he put his arms around me and hugged my naked body. I thrilled when my pebble-hard nipples crushed against his muscular chest.

I put my arms around his neck and frenched his sensual mouth and could feel his beefy hard-on wedged against my abdomen. He rolled me on my back, and placed a finger on my forehead. Slowly, very slowly, his finger descended down along my nose. With sensual determination he leaned over and pressed his lips to the spot on my forehead that his finger had just vacated. The finger by now had left the tip of my nose and was headed for my trembling lips.

The kisses followed to my nose. As his finger traced along my lips and moved on. His lips and tongue soon followed and I received a wet French kiss like I hadn't experienced in years.

His depraved finger traced all the way down between my heaving breasts, his wicked mouth and tongue followed leaving a cold wet trail behind. Each turgid nipple was visited by the finger and was followed by the erotic stimulating mouth.

While my nipples were being licked and sucked, the finger was relentlessly moving ever so slowly across my tummy, heading for my furry crotch. My mind was having trouble dealing with the tongue that was flicking my nipple while the finger traced a path around my pubic forest. He didn't enter my pussy with the finger he just passed up and down on each side of my tremulous pussy lips. When his mouth left my tit and started to follow the trail blazed by the exploring finger.

The precursor was pioneering a trail along my trembling labia. It seemed like an eternity before his lips licked their way up my crotch.

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Once, twice, they traced along the outer lips, then with delicious patience the tongue split my quivering flesh aside and slid across my quavering anus. I bucked my ass up off the bed but he stayed with me and slavered all over my pucker.

But he didn't reside there. Soon he was licking my sloppy cunt. I hit an astonishing peak. The tingling in my cunt was incredible. I had my second mind-blowing orgasm of the day. As soon as I regained control the mouth moved to my throbbing clitoris and sucked it in. The moment he jabbed it with his bawdy tongue I exploded into the wildest orgasm I had ever experienced.

Coming on the heels of my first two, this orgasm was ten times better.

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For the first time in my married life I felt a true explosive climax. To be honest I don't remember all of this astounding event. I do remember feeling my sexual juices flooding my quivering channel. I do remember my whole body shaking. I was out of control. I closed my eyes and just let the whole earth shattering event wash over me. Without warning I felt the bed move.

My orgasm was in the last throes of its pulsing energy, I opened my eyes to see my partner Ben hovering over me. At the same moment I felt his huge cock at the opening to my still throbbing pussy. Before I could react further his monster parted my nether lips and slid all the way up into my slippery cunt.

In no time Ben began the ancient ritual erotic dance. I could do nothing but lie there and enjoy the sensations of my dying orgasm and renewed carnal penetration.

Again and again my lover fucked his hard dick into my energy-fatigued body. I was too exhausted to do anything more than to just lie there and allow him to take his pleasure. To be honest I would not have tried to stop him if I had that energy.

With every manly thrust I could feel my body responding with yet another massive orgasm. At first it was a slight tingle, but as he continued to fuck me, it grew more and more intense. I didn't want this to ever end, so I tried to suppress its progress. But I soon lost that battle. My cunt involuntarily contracted around his hammering rod, causing even more passionate and powerful sensations to course through my trembling body.

Then it hit me again. I felt another massive orgasm regain control of all my senses. The only difference was that there was a long, thick, and extremely hard penis rammed all the way up my drooling love canal. I was like a prisoner impaled by a huge spike that held me in place as I flooded my tunnel.

I could actually feel his penis swell in size then detonate his heated sperm into my cervix. His cannon fired again and again filling me with his man seed. He finally collapsed on top of my overheated body and rolled off to my right side. With all the energy I had left I reached out and grasped hold of his wilting manhood.

I awoke some time later, my hand still held onto his soft, sticky cock. I didn't really want to release my prize, but he moved a little and I could no longer reach. He opened his eyes and looked at his watch. "It may be hard to believe this, but we have been here almost two and a half hours." He said softly.

I sat bolt upright at that news. I would have to be home soon.

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I started hunting down my discarded clothing. He agreed that time was running out for him as well. Pulling up my still damp panties I said. "I want you to know that this has been a wonderful experience for me." "Oh yea," he sighed. "I had more fun than I have in years. You are a really pretty woman and I am glad we could do this. I don't know about you but I would like to do this again." "You can bet I would like to do this again." I agreed hoping that I didn't sound to eager.

"Call me when you are ready then. Besides you still haven't been spanked."