Sexy blonde MILF bitch takes stiff white

Sexy blonde MILF bitch takes stiff white
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This is the first time I have ever written anything like this so please forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes This is actually a true story of which I never thought I would happen or even enjoy for that matter.

It happened only a few days ago I was driving home after a very long few days away on a course it was late about 1130pm and I was tired so I pulled into a lay-by to get a bit of rest, the lay-by was deserted and it was quite hot so I pulled up turned my lights off and rolled the window down, after I had a cigarette I pushed my seat back and reclined it and was asleep in minutes few.

I awoke to a noise not sure what it was I sat up and noticed quite a few cars had pulled in and to my surprise there where quite a lot of people walking about in the dark, this spiked my curiosity and I lit another cigarette and looked around as my eyesight accustomed itself to the dark I noticed what was going on and was a little shocked to say the least, there was a man sat at a picnic table with his flies undone with his cock out openly wanking himself off whilst these other men walked by, one of the men walked up to him and took his hard cock out of his zip and offered it to the young man who eagerly took it in his mouth and started to suck and I mean suck it better than any woman I had ever been with.

I surprised that my cock was getting hard as I had NEVER even thought about sex with another man EVER!

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But here I was with a raging aching hard-on, anyway I leaned back and undid my zip and started to wank myself off slowly at first but gently built up a rhythm without even realising it, I was that engrossed in what I was looking at I didn't even notice the man who had come up to the window and started watching me, the first thing I knew was when he reached in and took hold of my cock I was startled and froze as this man gently took slide his hand up and down my hard 7 inches but bloody hell it felt good better than any hand job I had ever got from a woman he pulled away from the window and opened the door, I quickly turned off the interior light and he knelt down and slowly took my cock into his mouth I had by now lost interest in everything else that was going on around me and was solely concentrating on this mind blowing blow job I was getting, he undid my button and pulled my trousers down I don't know why but I lifted my bum so as to help and he started playing with my balls which where quite full as I had been away from the wife for a few days and hadn't had a wank his touch sent chills through me, but he gently work on my balls and sucked my cock, the feeling was unbelievable and I just didn't know what to think so I just enjoyed it, then he pushed my knees apart and started to work my arsehole with his middle finger I lifted my arse slightly I don't know why because I wouldn't until then even let my wife anywhere near it(even though she had tried almost every time we had sex )he slowly worked his finger in small circles and slowly working it further in every few circles till he had all his finger inside me I nearly blew my load there and then but he stopped there and told me to get out of the car, I did as I was told and I followed him to the front of my car he bent me over and pulled my trousers down to my knees before starting to finger my arse again this time he managed to get 2 fingers in whilst reaching round and wanking my cock off again the feeling was out of this world as he took his fingers out and replaced them with his hard cock he slowly pushed forward whilst I slowly pushed back in no time at all he was all the way in and slowly fucking my until then unfucked arse and I was loving it he was building up speed and rhythm and I was pushing back as he fucked me and wanked my cock he then let go of my cock and grabbed my hips and really started fucking me hard I cam a few seconds later without even having him or me touching my cock at the same time he shot his cum up my arse, WOW what a feeling I slumped onto my bonnet and he slipped out of me, I then became aware of how many people had been watching and quickly pulled my trousers up and got back in my car as I was adjusting my seat and starting the engine he came up to the window and said "this was your first time wasn't it?" I just nodded he then said thanks and that he bet I would be back chuckled and walked off, I drove home as quickly as I could, the wife was still awake when I got in waiting for me, she greeted me with a big hug and kiss and asked how everything went on the course, I told her about the course and then said I was tired after the long drive back so we went up to bed I had shower first but couldn't get what I had done out of my head I felt guilty ashamed but mostly turned on which was evident from the hard-on I was sporting when I got into bed, the missus didn't take long to get her hands on either she was gagging for she sucked it for a while before climbing on top and slowly riding me till she had an orgasm then as she always does she got off and started sucking my cock again slowly sucking and wanking me off and as always she tried sliding a finger into my arse and she had said before that she had heard that it makes the mans orgasm better well I know knew it did and to her surprise I let here and even spread my legs for her well she went mad enjoying it more the more I let her and when I did come it gushed out like never before and she did something I thought she would never do, she kept her mouth around it and swallowed all of my cum.

She laid down next to me and we cuddled for a bit, think she was working up the courage to ask me something so I said "what's up babe? Normally we chat a little after sex" to which she replied "yes but normally you don't let me do that to you!

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Are you alright?" well I slowly started to tell her about what I had saw at the lay-by but before I could go any further she said "and you thought you would let me do it to see if you liked it then? And do you?"I replied babe you can do that to me anytime you like" She grinned and we made love again this time she knew that I would let her do what ever she wants to me and she did, she has even gone out and brought some toys and a strap on just to use on me of course I have never told her what else I did at the lay-by and I never will but I have been back quite a few times and have been told that I give an excellent blow job which isn't hard I just copy what my wife does and they always like it.

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That's it for now hope you liked it might be more to come if I have things my way …