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Hot ravenhaired vixen receives an anal creampie brunette cumshot
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Warrior Revenge (This is my second story and I made story better and more interesting and please comment below hope this story entertains you.) (This is important, read this) There in the time of the dark ages there was a brave and tuff warrior, some thought he was their savoir sent from the gods others thought he was demon come to kill mankind well I thought this man will set us all free from the evil lord Sebastian the terrible who sent out a disease to kill all male to have all the chicks to himself but the warrior is immune to it and won't let that fat bastard win with help of his companion Max and Shirley he would later meet in the story, he would not fail, his name is John Spader and this is his story, enjoy.

Chapter 1 Along the island of banshees deep into hells bound and no sight of any good the Hero's continue they adventure to stop all evil and lot of sex (all for you)………………… Hello I'm john I weigh about 134 pounds, I have a 9 inch and not that much muscular but I'm athletic and I'm just a delivery guy who going to have one hell of a trip.

Along the roads of the great walls of Halla, I walked down till my feet were bleeding. My strength was great but I cannot walk any further so I rested by a tree and when just suddenly I heard a noise coming from across the bushes, it was a chick vampire doing some kind of dance. She was so slim her tits were average size and she had the perfect ass too, her skin was like a pale setting and her hair is dark red as her dress was hugging her body.

I shot a straight boner in my pants, she was so hot and perfect I wanted a closer look.

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As I was watching her I tried to lean closer to have a better look of what was happening but stupid me I step on a stick and made a noise. She quickly turned around my heart beating she didn't see me but she knows someone's there. I took a quick peek and she was not there, "oh shit" I whispered. I turn around and she was there, "hey there, ohh you look cute I could just eat you up" she said.

"Nooo no no noo just skin and bones babe" I said scared like hell.

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"But look at all that flesh and meat, you just turn me on" she said. I finally got a closer view at her face and she was the most beautiful creature I ever seen. "So why you came here mortal, did you come to slay me to rape me, huh babe" she said with anger.

"No I just saw you, please don't hurt me I'm just a deliver boy, I mean no harm" I said. She let go of me but she was still silent, I tried to say something but I was still scared from what from our surprising encounter, well surprising to me but the point is I starting getting all hard all of a sudden.

I thought of it but she's a damn vampire, so I just want to her and tell her I want to fuck her hoping she won't bite my neck.


So I went to say hi to her, she look at me at a strange way. Are you flirting with me human "no nnoo" I said.

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So why are talking to me with when build a tent in your pants. Oh shit, she was know what I'm doing suddenly she just pulled me closer, her mouth near my neck; I was scared she was going to bite me.

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"Oh babe you make so horny why must I can't control myself" she said. She rip off my shirt literally I mean she just rip off my shirt, it was so hot, she was feeling down my member, massaging both of my balls. I started to take of her shirt, I thought what's with this girl sex on the beginning of my story guess this is going to be one heck of an adventure, her tits were magical I started to suck on them"oh yeh suck my hard tits, come on you fucker". Jesus this girl was amazing her moan sounded like the angel of death with her pale skin made her even sexier.

I started to feel under her skirt, feeling her nice ass, it felt so good. Her pussy was so wet, oh my god it felt so good this was one of the best day ever I was going to sleep with a vampire.

I pulled down her skirt with only her panties on. This was amazing, I started to feel around her body she started to get goose bumps but the weird thing was I couldn't feel her heart beat but I still liked it.

She took of her panties showing her glorious shaved pussy. "Are you going to stand there or are you going to lick my fucking pussy" she said. I went closer to her; she was lying on the ground splitting her legs showing her pussy I came closer.

I started to feel her pussy lips she lightly started to moan, I went to lick her undead pussy from hell she moans even louder and I started suck her more until after her 5th orgasm "I want you to fuck me babe mmm… take me away whooo!!!" she said. This girl is crazy god "hey what was your name?" I said "Jen. Jen. Jenny. Oh yes." said Jenny. "Well Jenny get ready to feel pleasure bitch!!" I said. "Yeh I love it when you want to make me feel good" said Jenny.

just right then I inserted my 9in.

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she moaned like hell it so good her pussy was so tight, man she has not been fucked for a long time I mean she want almost about cry and I didn't even know that was possible. I didn't know how long I was fucking her, it felt like this was never going to end, bad luck, the sun started to rise and she quickly jumped off hissing at the sun.

Can this day be any weirder I'm mean really.


I started to get up to find my shirt and pant, bad news was my shirt was rip in half and where did my underwear go, thank god I had carried a spare close. Holy crap I forgot all about my delivery, how worse can this get, not that it's all bad just of a sudden the skies went dark.

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I really need to keep my mouth shut. (Tell me if it's good and I would continue thank you for reading this part of the story.) To be continued&hellip.