Cum in face gay porn gall Anniversary presents enter all shapes and

Cum in face gay porn gall Anniversary presents enter all shapes and
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****This story is a completely different genre than my first, and one I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. So far, my first tory has not received any comments or ratings so I don't know how people like or dislike it, so I am asking for that here. If you wish to comment or PM me any comments please do. I can't improve unless I get some feedback from fellow readers.**** Well, here it is, I hope you enjoy. As we sit on the couch in the early evening the movie we are watching has just ended and we are curled up together.

I run my hand down through your hair, giving it a light pull when my fingers reach the end and whisper quietly, "I have a surprise for you tonight, one I am sure you will enjoy." Then, as you look up at me, I can't help but grin and pull your hair a little more, causing you to arch your head back so I can kiss you and, give your bottom lip a small bite. As our lips part, you have a questioning look in your eyes, and ask, "And just what kind of surprise it this you have for me?" I can't help but give a small chuckle and shake my head.

"If you want to find out, you'll have to do a couple of things first," and give you a small, knowing wink before I advert my eyes to the door of the bedroom. You look at me, and then over your shoulder to the door and grin, mischievously.

That knowing grin that you give when you know what lies in store. "And just what are those small things you would have me do," you say, almost purr, as my hand leaves your hair and trails down your back. You give a slight moan as I caress your ass with one hand, the other on your leg moving up your thigh, teasing. "I want you to go into the bedroom and leave the lights off.

You will undress and leave your clothes in a neat pile next to the chest of drawers. On top of the drawers, you will find a blindfold, walk over to the bed and put it on and make sure it's on tight. I will join you shortly." My instructions are clear, and by my tone, you know you will obey them.

As you stand, you look down at me, and I can clearly see the mix of excitement and curiosity in your eyes. You turn and walk slowly to the bedroom door, where you pause and turn your head to look back at me over your shoulder. The look in your eyes is still that mix of excitement and curiosity, but now, there is something more, possibly anxiousness. Opening the door, you walk into the dark bedroom.

Closing the door only intensifies the feeling of anxiousness and excitement. You slowly take off your shoes and socks, placing them near the chest of drawers before undoing your pants, letting them fall on top of your shoes. Running your hands down between your breasts, you run your thumb under your panties, pushing them down and putting them on top of your pants.

Standing, you grab the bottom of your shirt and lift it over your head just as you move a step to the side, off your pants. Dropping your shirt on the rest of your clothes you sigh slightly as a tingle runs through you body, wondering what lies ahead.

Undoing your bra you let it fall with the rest completing the neat pile of clothes as I instructed you to do. Reaching out in almost complete darkness you fumble around the top of the chest of drawers before you find the blindfold I said would be there. Slowly finding your footing, you walk slowly over to where the bed is. Bumping it with your knee and then your hand, you find your way to the edge of your side of the bed.

You hold the blindfold up to your eyes and then run the loose ends around to the back of your head, where you tie it securely, again, just like I instructed you to do. Then it starts, the wait in the complete darkness, wondering what comes next. When will I come into the bedroom? Will I turn the lights on? Will I let you know when I'm there? What's going to happen? How long do I wait before I come in……………&hellip.

Then it happens, a gentle brush of finger down your back, starting at your neck and ending at the small of your back. ***SMACK*** A slap of my hand across your bare ass. You jump with pain and turn with your hand going to the blindfold as to take it off. But you can't, my hand is wrapped around your wrist, tightly, and I bring your hand down to your side. ***SMACK*** Another slap on your ass, to the other side.

"Do not try and remove the blindfold unless I say you can, and do not do anything else unless I give you permission. If you do, the punishment will be stricter. Do I make myself clear?" My voice comes from behind you, but it fills your thoughts. With a small whimper you nod, "Yes.

I will do nothing until you say." You remain standing there, next to the bed, your ass warm, stinging, but you don't move. You don't know where I am, but you can feel me watching you. I wait, watch, and then grin as I know you mean what you say, that you won't do anything until I say you can. You feel my hands on your shoulders as I turn you around and give your ass, still hot from my slaps, a small push. You take a step&hellip. you stop as your leg hits the bed. "You will now lay down on the bed, on your back, hands above your head, arms extended," my voice leaves no room for argument, and if to make my point, I give your ass a light spank, but with the sting still there from before, it makes the point.

You extend your hands out to find your place on the bed, and then you lay down. Extending your hands over your head, you find the pillows there and try and squirm your hands through them. "Push them off to the side of the bed.

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Quickly." My tone commanding, strict, yet there is a tinge of amusement there. You start to move them off, but there is a slap to the side of your ass, on your hips, "I said quickly, now move them faster." You seem slightly panicked and with two sweeps of your hands, the rest of the pillows fall to the floor. "Good, now the real fun can begin," I say with an almost sinister voice, but am I playing or am I serious.

That uncertainty plays in your mind as you feel the bed shift beside you. I slowly work my way to you, kneeling beside you before I run a finger up your stomach, between your breasts, up your neck, and up your right arm. I take your right wrist in my hand, and then you feel something&hellip.

soft yet sturdy wrap around your wrist. It's one of our leather restraints. I pull it tight, securing it firmly in place. I do not move, but I do not do anything else. I wait, watch, and wonder if you are still willing to do as you are told. The time stretches out, the lack of movement has you wondering, and that gets the best of you. You move your head, trying to see past the edge of the blindfold. The moment you stop moving your head, you get a slap on the side of your breast, and then another on your other breast.

The sting is intense; clearly there will be a welt on each breast when the sting goes away. "You were warned, and you are punished. Next time, it will be worse." A moment later you feel another restraint go around left wrist, this time not as gentle as the first one. I cinch it as tight as the first, and when I finish I let your hand fall where it will. The bed shifts again, and it seems I'm off the bed, where I am, you can't tell. A tight grip around your left ankle is the only warning you get before I give you a slight jerk down the bed and start securing another restraint.

Finished there, I grab your other ankle and tightly secure the last restraint, but this time, you hear a faint 'click', and when I throw you leg down, there's a tug on it, like it's being held in place by something.

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Movement on your left ankle and another faint 'click' lets you know that even if you wanted to, you couldn't move your legs from where they are. Time stretches out and you are unsure of where I am, or what I am doing, but one thing is certain, I am watching you.

Aware of this, you do not move, you know what will happen if you do. You remain still and hope that I am satisfied with your obedience and won't punish you to much. You wait, and moments later you feel me move onto the bed again, and with no punishment needed. You feel me grab your left wrist, and you hear the faint 'click,' and then something feels odd about the way your wrist is moved, as if it is anchored to something.

I let your wrist fall to the bed, and move to pick up your right wrist, and hold it tightly. You feel your left wrist move, but in an odd way, as if something is pulling on it from what ever it is secured to. It is dragged a little towards your right wrist, and then you hear the 'click' again. Your right wrist now secured and you have the sense that both of your wrists are connected somehow.

Then you can feel my hands on your head, moving back, past your ears, following the blindfold. I untie it, and lift it away from your eyes. The lights are on, and it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the light. As you are trying to focus, you notice I am naked, kneeling next to you with something in my hands.

You turn your head slightly and notice that it's some sort of metal, shaped with a ring in the center and two bars on each side flowing back to straps of leather. With a devious grin I reach down and grab your lower jaw, pulling on it, forcing you to open your mouth.

"Wider. Open as wide as you can. I don't want this to hurt too much." When I am satisfied that you have opened up as much as I want, I grin and move the piece of metal to your face.

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Your thoughts are racing, wonder what I am doing, and then, with a moment of comprehension, I put the metal ring in your mouth, the bars flowing back over your cheeks. I let it go, securely in place, and move both hands around your head to buckle the leather straps in place, hold the gag in place, unable to be moved. I nod to myself in satisfaction and turn around to pick up something from the nightstand next to the bed. When I turn back around, I have many things in my hands, but you are unable to get a clear view of them.

One seems to be made of glass, the other a bottle of some type of liquid, and something else. The expression that crosses my visage is a mix of excitement, mischief, and.…… unspoken deviousness?

I set the items on the bed next to me, hiding them from your view and start to grin slightly, "Let's see, what shall we use first?" My voice seems to be bored, but you can clearly hear the amused and excited undertones. "I think this should go in first, since it will be important later. Yes, this will do nicely," and I hold up something made of glass. I move it so you can get a clear view of it, and you know it's a plug. A glass butt plug. I grin when recognition crosses your face, "Yes sweetie, tonight you start off with glass." I then reach for a bottle, and you see it's our favorite lube, and I apply a generous coat to the glass.

I bend over your body, and with one hand sliding under your back, down to your ass, I lift your hips and ass off the bed. I then move the lube coated glass plug between your legs, and a moment later you can feel the tip sliding on the outside of your pussy lips, to the erogenous zone between your pussy and ass. A moment later there is a slight pressure as the plug is slowly inserted. It spreads your ass wider and wider, and then, fully inserted, your ass clenches around the smaller part of the plug, securing it in place.

I move my hands away and let your ass fall back to the bed, pressing the plug in a bit more as it does, but it isn't uncomfortable.

I sit there a moment and watch to see how you will react to what I have done. Just putting the glass plug in your ass and leaving it there. Your ass is filled, tight, but the strange sensation of the toy being glass feels good. You try to smile, but with the gag in place you can't do more than move your lips slightly. I watch with a hint of amusement in my eyes and you sense more than see me reach for one of the objects lying on the bed next to me.

I pick up something, but with your head positioned the way it is, you are unsure what it could be. Instead of turning back to you face you, I lean forward propping myself up on one elbow and lay on my side so my head is near your thigh. I reach out with my hand towards your left ankle, and a moment later you feel a sting in the top of your foot.


It almost feels like a small needle pressed against your tender flesh. I slowly move my hand towards your knee, and as I do, there is a new small sting along your foot.

It's some sort of toy, sharpened metal. As the path starts to slowly and teasingly painfully leave your foot, traveling up the side of your calf you realize what it is. It's the pinwheel I told you I was going to get. The small, spiked, metal wheel leaves tiny red dots up the inside of your calf as I drag my hand up your leg. As it reaches your knee, it moves from the inside of your leg to the top, traveling slowly up your thigh.

A small shudder passes over your body, and when it reaches your legs it causes the spikes to dig in a bit deeper, causing a bit of pain before you can stop. I grin and in a quietly hard voice say, "If you can't control your body better there could very possibly be more dots than was intended.

Who knows, you might even draw blood if you are not careful." All this being said as the tool of both pain and pleasure makes it way up to your hips. As the shudder subsides, you can't help remember the glass plug in your ass, as it seems to want to come out, and the only way you can stop that is to force your ass down on the bed.

A moment later, the plug is back in the right position and there is a knowing grin on my face. The spiked wheel makes it way across your lower stomach before making its path down your other leg. This time, it travels more slowly, taking precious minutes, almost painful minutes before it reaches the top of your right foot.

However it doesn't stay still for to long. It starts a path that takes it across the inside arch of your foot, across the tender part of your foot, and up to the knobby ankle bone on the side of your foot. It then travels up the outside of your leg, traveling up your thigh, and when it reaches your hips, moves over to your stomach.

At this point I sit back up on my knees so I can look down at you and watch all of your reaction, savoring every expression. I can't help but wonder what you are thinking about the pinwheel. Now resting on your stomach, that very tender place just below your waist line, where the top of your panties normally would be, the pinwheel starts to move slowly up your stomach.

It moves slowly up your stomach, between your breasts, and finally stops when it reaches the small "V" at the base of your neck. As it comes to a stop there, it's evident that it's having an affect on you, as your upper chest and shoulders start to rise in goose bumps, some even on your upper arm. As I move it down, towards your tits, the sensation has the same affect, as small goose bumps dot the pinkish flesh around your areola, and cause your nipples to grow slightly hard.

I grin, and as if reading your mind, the pinwheel slowly moves down your right breast and starts to make a circle around your areola. It circles your nipple, teasingly closer with each circle, and then, as you arch your back slightly, I allow you what you want. I run the small spikes of the pinwheel across your erect nipple.

The result is exactly what I had hoped for, a small spasm of pain and pleasure causing your stomach to clench. I guide the pinwheel to the bottom of your right breast and then along the soft flesh below it, moving slowly over to your left breast, starting at the bottom.

I move it up and around to the outside of your breast before backtracking and bring it back, under your breast, stopping in the middle of your chest. Slowly, very slowly I move it over onto your breast, repeating myself, making smaller and smaller circles around your areola until I come to your nipple. This time I make you wait, your breathing heavy with anticipation, but I make you wait.

Then, as you inhale deeply, I move, the point of the spike resting in the middle of your nipple, and sliding into the soft flesh just barely. A gasp escapes your gag filled mouth and I turn to look at your face.

Your eyes are closed but the expression you wear is one of pleasurable pain and excitement. Nodding to myself, I mutter to your quietly, "Now, it's time to push things a little further." Your eyes come open quickly and you look down at me, trying to say something, but the gag in your mouth doesn't let you move your mouth to be understood. I pull the pinwheel off your body as I slap your hip, stinging you as you try and move away. I slap again in the same spot, doubling the heat you feel and the sting.

"You do not say no to what I have in store for you. That expression and muttering for me to not do more is cause for punishment. And trying to move away from the punishment," I slap your hips again, this time harder, hard enough that it's going to clearly leave a hand print, "that will only bring on worse. Now, if you are done trying to stop me, we will continue." I wait, my hand poised to slap again, until you nod slightly for me to continue. I hold the pinwheel poised over your chest, directly between your breasts for a long moment, taking my time to do things, on my schedule, not yours.

When I feel the time is right I slowly lower the wheel till the first small spike touches your skin, directly between your tits. I move it slowly, very slowly down your body, to your stomach where I make a couple of small circles around your navel. As you look up at me with the gag in your mouth, I can see mixture of anxiety and excitement playing across your features, accentuated by the gleam in your eyes. As I move the pinwheel lower, near the soft patch of hair above your clit and pussy you start to writhe at the new sensation.

I pass through the hair and draw closer to your clit, but move to the right side of the mound. The metal stings prick the soft, sensitive skin of your outer lips as I move down the right side. I move slow, as the red dotted trail evident of its passing.

With my other hand I start to play with your tits, massaging them quite roughly, and your nipples aren't spared either. I pinch, twist and pull on each one as the pinwheel moves down to that erogenous zone of flesh between your pussy and ass. I slowly move the pinwheel up the left side of your pussy, and again the trail of tiny dots rise along your lips. I turn and whisper lightly, "I want you to cum for me. The pressure will build, and I don't want you to hold it in, not yet anyways.

I want you to squirm, to writhe, and to scream as much as you feel you need to as you do cum." The pinwheel finishes it circle around your pussy and starts again. This time though, my finger parts your inner lips as the wheel travels down the outer. As the wheel reaches the bottom again, it stops. I wait as I notice your breathing start to shallow and I grin. Slowly, very slowly, the toy travels between your lips, directly across your pussy, spiking your inner lips along the right side. I never reach your clit on this passing, but move back down, back over your pussy, and then very slowly back up the left side.

My hands on your tits continue to pinch, pull and twist on your nipples this entire time. Now, now you feel the first tremors passing through your body. The time is getting close, pleasure starting to numb your senses. The pinwheel stops near the top again, and again it travels back down to the bottom.

I continue to repeat this circuit along your pussy, nearing the top but stopping and then going back down to the bottom and up the other side. Three more times I make this circuit as your breathing shortens, your back arches, your hands make fists. As I make the fourth trip up your inner lips, I don't spare you this time. My thumb pushes back the hood of your clit as the pinwheel reaches the top of your inner lips.

I don't stop though. Holding the hood back, I slowly move the pinwheel up, sneaking past the small folds of flesh of your hood. Then…&hellip. Everything turns to black, then stars, and then &hellip. Nothing… pleasure untold racks your body, your muscles lock, you mind numbs, and the orgasm racks your body. I hold the pinwheel gently so it won't cause injury, but keep it in place as your hips buckle, thrusting up, and then down, and your ass clinches around the plug, driving it deeper into your ass.

Your juices flow, and in great quantities as I reluctantly remove the pinwheel from your clit. I allow you to ride the waves of pleasure, but not without playing with you more. My thumb presses down on your clit, massaging it as my other hand continues to pull and twist on your nipples. As your body slowly subsides from the waves of ecstasy I slowly remove my hands from your body, allowing you to finish your ride at your own pace.

You lucked out this time, because for the rest of the night, things won't be quite this slow or gentle. I have to get you warmed up somehow. With that in mind, I decide to let you know again who's in control here. I reach out and give you a slap on the face. Not terribly hard, not yet, but one to get your attention. Your eyes snap open with either horror or pleasure, but they are wide, and focused on me.

"Good, you rode that one out, but we are far from over. You will not cum unless I say you can, and you will continue to do as I say, or I will punish you even more. Do I make myself clear sweetie?" You look up at me and nod quickly, as if fearing that I will punish you for not answering fast enough.

I look down at you, with your mouth forced open, waiting for me and I grin. "Now, that looks too good to pass up. Something needs to go there," I say as I turn in my kneeling position to face you.

I rise up on my knees and you can see that I'm already hard, and you know exactly what I have in store for your mouth. I walk up to your head on my knees so that they are almost even with your breasts and look down at you with a knowing grin.

I swing my right knee over your tits, and plant in on the other side of your body, now straddling you I lean forward slightly. My balls lightly brush against your chin, my hard cock taking up your vision.

I chuckle lightly before I lean back while reaching down and grabbing my cock. I tilt it down, and then slide it through the metal ring in your mouth. The head of my cock brushes against your tongue as it slides in, and as I lean forward more, I shove it further into you mouth.

Into your throat it slides, the head almost near the back, filling your throat, causing you to gag slightly. I pull out a bit, allowing you to get a breath before I slide it in deeper. My balls rest on your chin for a moment before I start to fuck you mouth. My thrusts are slow and deliberate, rubbing against your tongue, the ridge running along the top of your mouth, "I want you to suck on my cock.

I'm not going to do all the work here," I whisper, and to make my point clear, I give you a slight slap on the face. Not one hard enough to leave a handprint, but it stings. You suck as best you can with the ring holding your mouth open, gasping for air, but you know if you don't, the punishment will be worse.


I moan slightly with approval as I continue to fuck your mouth, slowly. I sit up a bit straighter so more of my weight is on your upper chest, above your tits, but not enough to hinder your breathing. I reach behind me with my right hand and give your left breast a light slap on the outside.

From the sting of the slap causing your surprise, your throat opens up more, and with a slight grin I force my cock a little deeper into your mouth. I then take your nipple between my index finger and thumb and give it a slight pinch before twisting it slightly. I pinch it again before twisting it again as my other hand runs through your hair on the top of your head. As I lean back more, arching my back slightly, my hand leaves your tits and trails down your stomach, past the small patch of hair, and finally coming to rest at the top of your clit.

I place two fingers gently to either side of your clit start to massage it, slowly and gently at first. I move in small circles before allowing them to drift down your outer lips, trailing down almost to your pussy, and then back up.

At the top, my fingers leave your pussy, and then a gentle slap across your clit and pussy with my fingers. You're startled as the combination of pain and pleasure course through your body. Arching your back you try and buck, and for a moment, while gagging on my cock you force me deeper in the process of bucking. I look down at you past my cock, into you eyes and gently say, "It's time we get things warmed up down there, yes?" and then give you another slap with my fingers, this time a bit harder.

My hand stays in place and a finger slides between you lips and pushes ever so slightly into your pussy. I stop, and then my hand leaves again, only to slap a bit harder. This time my hand stays there, my middle finger slides inside your soaking wet pussy, as the palm of my hand massages your clit.

My index and ring finger gently stroke your outer lips as my middle finger gently strokes your g-spot. The mixture of pain coursing through you body followed by the pleasure seems to override your senses, making you unsure of what you are feeling.

The sensation is&hellip. thrilling. All this while I still hold your hair in my hand and fuck your mouth. The ridge of the head of my cock brushing the top of your mouth, and you reach up with your tongue to slide it across the bottom of my head and shaft.

I thrust deeper, forcing you to gag even more, and then I give you a slight reprieve as I slide my cock out and let you catch a breath. When I'm satisfied you have, my cock is thrust back in, deeper, harder, and then I start to fuck your mouth again, long hard thrusts that force your head back into the bed.

"Good, you are warmed up, primed for the things to come, both pain and pleasure," and as your eyes grow larger in fright and excitement, I lean forward, reaching something above your head. As I straighten back up, you see what it is I was reaching for; it is the small deerskin flogger. It is the smallest of our collection, but one used for both pain and pleasure. My hand that has been working you pussy, fingering your g-spot and massaging your clit moves away as I pass the flogger from one hand to the other.

I turn to look back down at you for a moment as I say "It's now time for the true play to start," and I sit back some, letting my cock slide out of your mouth, through the ring, free. I bring my right knee back up and over your body and settle it next to your body as I give you a grin.

I then move my body so I am straddling your face again, but this time I am facing the rest of your body, my balls hanging close to your eyes. I then lean forward, over your body, and with my free hand, guide my cock back into your mouth. I do not move for a moment before giving your left breast a slight slap on the outside, "I know you haven't forgot yet.

I am not going to do all the work. Suck my cock or this will be more painful for you," and I wait for you to obey. I do not have to wait long as you do what I ask, in fear of being punished and a desire to please me. As I feel your tongue start to stroke the ridge around the head of my cock I moan lightly and then resume fucking your mouth. Each thrust slow and deliberate as it brushes over your tongue and finds the back of your throat each time, causing you to sometimes choke or gag.

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After a few moments to allow you to get used to my fucking your mouth, I lean forward even more, and with one hand near your stomach, I hold my self off you. The next moment you gasp in pain, buck your hips, trying to force them into the bed, away from the stinging pain that assaults your pussy. What was it? Multiple stings along your pussy lips, clit, and both below and above your pussy. While thinking what it could possibly be, it hits you again, this time a bit harder.

Then you realize it's the flogger, slapping against your sensitive skin around your pussy. The multiple tails of the flogger strike again at your pink, soft, sensitive skin around your pussy, small welts rising before the tails can strike a fourth time.

However, the flogger doesn't fall al forth time, instead it's my hand. Fingers slap between you thighs, landing on your clit and pussy, causing you flinch away from the pain. As you lay there, my hand leaves your pussy and makes a trail up and over your thigh, and down the outside of your leg. It finally finds its way between your ass cheek and the bed, coming to stop on the outside of the glass plug resting securely in your ass. I give it a small slow twist, and the sensation causes you to clench around it, to tighten up.

As I feel the resistance increase I grin, and twist it a little more, and as I do, I lower myself onto my other arm. My mouth is now just below your navel, and my hot breath can be felt along your waist line. I continue to slowly fuck your mouth and play with the plug in your ass as I lick my way down through your soft patch of fur.

As I near your clit you can feel my breath, hot, wet, and steady. I reach out with my tongue and barely caress the hood of your clit with the tip, licking from the top to the bottom. I spread your lips slightly as my tongue delves your inner velvet folds.

I almost growl with pleasure and murmur, "Lets see how you taste tonight, sweetie. I know you have your sweet nectar waiting for me. Let's just see how much," and then I lick lower, probing, until my tongue finds and enters your pussy. I make my tongue as stiff and long as I can before burying it as deep as I can inside you.

As much as I can I slowly lick your pussy, savoring every drop that I lick from you. I slowly remove my tongue from you wet pussy and lick my back up through your inner lips, all the while twisting the glass plug in your ass.

As I reach the hood of your clit I part it with my tongue before I suck on it, hard, pulling it into my mouth. I hold it there with the suction for a few moments before you can feel my teeth slowly start to squeeze on it from the top and bottom. The pressure increases to the point of pain, mild pain, but pain nonetheless. I give it one more small quick increase in pressure, a nibble of sorts, and then release all the pressure. The constant slow thrusts of my cock in your mouth quicken slightly and they are increasing in intensity as well.

Each one causes you to force your head into the bed slightly to relieve the pressure in your throat and so you can get some air.

With a twisted grin I mutter into your pussy, "Now, that's not what I said you could do. You would do well to remember my instructions, and not vary them unless given permission." As my words trail off, I move my legs slightly further apart and thrust my cock deep into your throat and pin your head down. I do not let up; I keep my place there, making breathing all but impossible. You try gasping for air, but it's hard with my cock blocking your air way. You start to gag, choke, and finally after what seems minutes I lift myself up, pulling my cock half way out of your mouth, allowing you to breath.

When I am satisfied you've recovered enough I start to slowly fuck your mouth again. At this point in the play the twisting, pulling and pushing on the glass plug starts to intensify. I pull on it enough that the large ridge that is buried in you threatens to come out of your clenched ass. I twist it and push it back in only to pull on it again. I move my other arm that has been propping me up so it is closer to your hips, and when I get comfortable I reach for one of the objects I put on the bed earlier.

A moment later you can hear a faint buzz. As my thrusts in and out of your mouth start to quicken slightly you realize that what I have is a bullet vibe.

I tease you by placing it just below your pussy, close to the glass plug and hold it there. You squirm slightly as I touch your flesh with it, just the reaction I was hoping for.

With an almost evil grin I move it down, and then press it against the glass vibe. The vibrations from the bullet transfer into the glass, causing it to vibrate while buried in your ass. I grin as you gyrate your hips, trying to get more pleasure from the vibrating glass plug in your ass.

I chuckle lightly and take the vibe away, and nod slightly as you moan when I do. I start to tease you even more, now by touching various spots on your outer lips with the vibe, gently brushing the pink flesh, pulling it away, and then touching another spot.

As I continue to tease you I say loud enough for you to hear, "You've been a good girl so far, obedient for the most part, and responsive in the ways I want you to be.

As a reward I'll let you cum again. Yes, I want you to cum for me," and with those words I place the vide on your clit. I hold it there and grin I see your body start to tense. The sensation fills your vision, your thoughts, and body.

The small tingles race from your clit, through your stomach, you chest as your nipples stiffen and then your neck and head. You choke a bit more around my cock. I slowly pull it out, allowing you to breath and suck in the air you want as you ride the waves of pleasure coursing through you body.

To help with your orgasm I move the vibe from one side of your clit to the other, and then back again. Finally, I pull your hood back with a finger and gently lay the vide directly on your clit, and at this, it sends your body over the edge.

Bliss takes control and your vision darkens, you body spasms, and if it weren't for the weight of my body on top of yours you would be arching your back, but as it is you press your stomach up against mine. I grin as I hold your body in place, beneath mine, controlling what you are able to do even as the pleasure racks your body. As you start to breath deeper and the orgasm subsides I slowly slide off to one side of your body and gently remove the vide from your clit, allowing you to fully relax for a few moments.

As your breathing returns to normal, you hear me half whisper, "I believe it now time to pay some attention to that sweet, supple ass you," and I move down to the foot of the bed. You hear a distinct 'click', and followed a moment later by another.

You know the tension is gone, and your ankles are free, but you do not move, knowing that I have not given you permission. I watch, wait, and wonder how long you'll be able to wait. I decide to test your resolve and move to somewhere in the room, or leave the room completely. You are not sure, but you do not dare test me. You only have an idea of what tonight will hold, and it makes you itch with anticipation. I continue to make you wait, watching you from somewhere. You know this. "Now, turn over on to your stomach.

I want you up on your knees, and quickly," and you obey, quickly spinning over on to your stomach and bring your knees up, almost under your stomach. "You have learned well, and I am pleased by your obedience," and each word seems to be closer, as if I'm walking towards you. You are facing the headboard so you are unsure exactly where I am. You finally understand what it is restraining your wrists. They are tethered to a spreader bar, roughly fourteen inches across.

You should have known before now, but there it is before you. These thoughts race through you mind a moment before a stinging SLAP sends a wave through your body, beginning at your ass. Your eyes go wide with shock as the pain courses through you body, and then another slap, on the other side of your ass sends another. "Now, we need to warm things up, don't we. However, I think for now, this can be set aside," and then you slowly but firmly remove the glass plug from your ass. The heat from my slaps blurs any sensation that you would have felt, and you have just enough time to wonder what comes next as I put the plug off to one side.

Another slap, harder, and then another, one for each side, lets you know that this is just the start. "Mmm, now that does nice, a very nice shade of red for us to start with." A moment later your face is pulled off the bed by my hand tangled in your hair and pulling hard. You are unable to sit up straight due to your restraints, but I pull hard enough that your arms are stretched as far as the restraints will allow. Your back is arched and I continue to pull, pulling your head back till you are almost staring at the ceiling.

"Now, do I need to give you another reminder that you need to obey me. You think I that when I tell you to do something I don't mean it. You started off bad tonight, delaying on what I told you, and dallying on others. You know better. I taught you better, so I will need make my lessons more memorable, ones you won't forget," my voice heavy in your ear, just before your feel me starting to nibble your earlobe, and then down your neck. The next is a bit of a shock, but it serves its purpose.

A HARD bite on your upper back near the middle. It doesn't break the skin, but by how hard I bite and how long I hold on, you know it will leave a mark for a while. As I release you, all the tension in your back, arms and neck is released and you slump onto the bed. Your arms and back feel like water now that there is no strain in them. Still being up on your knees you feel my hand caress your ass and it sets off flares of heat as it flows over the red handprints that are there.

Allowing you your moment of reprieve you can feel the bed move under you, but are unsure exactly what it is I'm doing. You feel something move around your wrists, but with your muscles feeling like water, you really don't know what it is. "Now it is time to admire your full beauty," is all I say before you feel your arms begin to lift towards the ceiling.

You can only stand or have your arms pulled in the wrong way. You do stand, but your arms continue towards the ceiling until they are over your head. I am standing behind you and you dare to look above you, just moving your eyes.

I've secured the rope attached to the spreader bar restraining your wrists to the large screw-eyes in our ceiling beams. I've left the rope a little slack, allowing you some movement, but not a whole lot. "Now, that is much better. Now, I am able to see you fully and judge your reactions. This will be the final lessons of the night……&hellip. If you learn from them." I reach up and undo the leather straps holding the spider gag in place and for the first time since the lessons of the night you can breathe without a problem.

You work your jaw a little to loosen it up and then wet your lips. I move back to the side of the bed and step down. One last slap on the ass for a reminder is given before I leave the bed and leave you there, naked and unable to do anything.

Leaving you standing there, arms above your head and feet planted on the bed, I slowly make my way over to our walk-in-closet and make my way to the back.

I am gone only a few minutes, but during that time your minds race with what I could be picking out for the rest of the night. Catching a glimpse of me from the corner of your eye, because you know better than to move and look around, you see me carrying at least two floggers and a black bag, one holding something inside. I walk behind you and then around to the side of the bed. You quickly glance down and notice one of the floggers is no longer in my hands and the one I still hold is much smaller, and of deerskin, one specially made for sensitive areas.

I then hold up the black satin bag so you can see it clearly, and wait. As you study the bag, I continue watching you, waiting for your reaction.

Then it happens, understanding hits you as to what's inside, and as you pale slightly and your eyes go slightly wide, my grin only deepens. I then upend the bag, spilling its contents out onto the bed. Clothespins. I don't touch them, I don't move, I just let you wonder where and how many. I watch your face and can't help but give a diabolical grin as your expression changes. Fear. Anxiousness. Remembering the last time. Exquisite pain. Ecstasy. And then I stand on the bed next to you, and slowly lift the bag.

All you see is my grin for a brief moment before bag goes over your head. I pull the drawstrings just tight enough to hold it in place so you can't shake it off, if you tried or wanted to. I give your right breast a slight slap on the side before I move away from you for the moment.

"Now, for the first stages of the last lessons. We will begin by you listening and obeying instructions and we will go from there. The better you listen and obey, the less severe the lessons will be." Then silence. Long, long moments that seem to stretch longer than they are because of the hood covering your head.

You can only tell I'm still on the bed because of the way my weight has not moved. Then the tension is broken by a finger running up your inner leg, and as it nears the top of your thigh I whisper, "Now, spread your legs for me." My hand only puts a little pressure on your leg, but you voluntarily move the other. "Further, because things will be interesting if you don't." With those words, you spread them further, and when my hand stops pushing out, your stop moving your legs.

You shudder slightly in anticipation as my hand slowly makes it way up the rest of your leg and slowly rubs against your pussy. I part the lips with a finger and can't help but smile as I feel your wetness. "Mmm, already wet. Good. Perhaps, if you learn the lessons quickly enough, I may just let you have the climax you are wanting. However, that's only if you learn the lessons." A second finger joins my first and slowly parts your lips.

The darkness of the hood, the unknowing what it is I'm doing or what I intend to do, and of course knowing that there are lessons in store all but cause your body to shake with anticipation. Then you feel it. A slight pinch between you legs.

Along your left outer lip, near your clit the pain starts to radiate through your nerves. A moment later it's magnified a hundred fold, and you can't stifle the small gasp, followed by a short scream. The pain doesn't go away, and the gentle caress of my hand seems like a distant memory as your legs quiver and you feel as if on fire.

A moment later there is another pinch followed by another painful application of a clothespin. Just as you think the pain will go away, or at least subside a little, the clothespins are flipped, probably by my finger, and a new wave of pain threatens the use of your legs. I give you a moment to recover briefly before I repeat the pinch and application of another clothespin twice more on your otter left lip.

At the conclusion of the fourth clothespin I allow you a reprieve. I can hear your sharp intake of breath between your teeth as you hold in your pain, not allowing yourself to scream out like you want to. "You are very much under control, but, by the end of the lesson this control will weaken." After a pause of minutes, you can only wonder what is going to happen next.

Slowly, the pain from the clothespins is subsiding, but if you move, even slightly, the pain shoots through your outer lip and causes your knees to weaken again. I allow you to stand there, to wonder when the lessons will continue, and allow the pain to subside to just barely tolerable and then I start again.

I start again by applying the first clothespin on the right outer lip near your clit, but I apply each one very slowly, very deliberate. Moment by painful moment I apply the first, second, third, and finally the fourth. Each one directly across from the one on the left lip, the ends of each perilously close to it's opposite, nearly meeting in the middle. After a few moments of the eighth close pin being applied, I give your ass a hard slap, and the shift in your weight from my slap causes the clothespins to click against each other and clamp on your lips.

A wave of pain from my slap, followed by the pain between your legs is too much and you are unable to stifle the gasp of pain that escapes you.

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"That's it. You can't fully understand tonight's lesson or enjoy the fullness if you don't allow yourself. Trust me, by the end of the night you will fully enjoy it if you only allow yourself." Then I give your ass another slap, this one harder, causing the clothespins to shake violently along your lips. Now it's time to wait. I give you time to grow accustomed to the clothespins, how to deal with them while moving as little as possible, and to control your breathing while focusing on and accepting the pain for what it is, a reprieve before the next step in the lessons.

"Now for the next step in the lessons, one that if you accept and heed, will be the second to last step for tonight," and then as my words trail off something racks your body with pain, almost blindingly so. It radiates from your ass, and it's as if a hundred needles have stuck you at once. Just as your mind starts to try and figure out what it is, it strikes again, this time a bit lower, and this time not all the stings strike you at once. As your mind numbs and your eyes start to moisten you realize it is one of your favorite floggers.

As the third blow lands, a couple of stray strands strike and curl around your upper thigh, sliding between your legs and lash out against the clothespins. The sensation of two sources of pain striking so closely is to much and you scream.

Nothing loud or prolonged but enough to show that tonight's lessons are taking hold. "I believe your ass is warmed up enough for now, but we still have some reinforcement that we need to see to," and then the deafening silence.

Waiting and unknowing, and your mind starts to race with what I might have in store for you. A moment later and you find out. A quick slap to the outside of your left breast, and then another, and then a third, but the last lands just above your nipple. As your breathing sharpens, I turn my attention to your right breast. Three quick slaps, as hard as the previous three and each landing in the same area's. Two to the outside and the third just above your nipple. "Mmm… A nice rosy color, but still not quite right.

I think the solution for that," and then you sense me moving on the bed, but what I'm doing you don't know. Then it hits, the same sensation of a hundred stings, this time on your breasts. One our mini-floggers that were made for this purpose specifically. First your right breast, and then your left.

I repeat this instruction three more times on each breast, and then stopping as I hear your scream. It's not a prolonged scream, just a short loud scream as the blows land.

I stop and grin as I say; "Now we are just about done. You've finally given in and allowed yourself to accept the lesson and learn from it." You can feel me working on the drawstrings of your hood, and a moment later I slowly lift it up, exposing your tear drenched face. "Now, now, the lesson is just about over with," I say in cool yet semi-comforting voice.

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A moment later I kneel down in front of you and push your legs a little further apart, and as I do, the clothespins tremble, causing shooting pain to pass over your pain racked outer pussy lips. I let your legs tremble a bit more before I decide to relieve a portion of your pain.

I remove one clothespin, and as I do there is a new stinging sensation that stabs through your outer lips. It's the blood flooding through the area that was just previously blocked by the pinching clothespin. Then moment by pain inflicting moment each clothespin is very slowly removed from you flesh leaving behind indentations and red splotches where your lips were previously pinched and held in their grasp.

As the last is removed a gentle moan mixed of pain and relief escapes your mouth and you look down at me with red puffy eyes. I then slowly stand up in front of you and give you a small kiss, covering your still slightly trembling lips. I reach up over your head and with two faint clicks release your wrists from the spreader bar that they were attached to.

They fall to your sides as if they were attached to lead weights, and you are unable to move them for now. Moving behind you I help lower you to the bed, whispering "The lessons are just about finished. Just a little bit more." You lower yourself down to your knee's and rest there but a gentle nudge from my hand pushes you down so you are on your hands and knees. Kneeling behind you I whisper, "Now, we will conclude tonight's lessons," and I push you down on to your stomach.

As your breasts brush the sheets, they send a whole other series of waves of pain through your body, but not nearly as painful as before. I pin you down with a gentle hand in the middle of your back and you gasp at the sensation. Looking over your shoulder you watch as I straddle your legs and move up near your ass.

I slap it one time, hard before I reach down and barely part your thighs with my free hand. A moment later I start to guide my stiff phallus between your legs, the head brushing against your inner thighs. Then the pains shoots through you body and you give a faint whimper as the head brushes against your still tender and heated outer lips.

I then firmly brush past them and my cock slides into your wet pussy, filling you completely.

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As my cock fills your wet pussy, my stomach brushes against your ass, sending waves of heat and pain through you body from another source. Three very distinct and different sources of pain mixed with the pleasure of my filling you is a combination of sensations that quickly threatens to overwhelm you.

I start out with a slow methodical pace, each thrust slow and hard. Each thrust splitting your outer lips, sending waves of stinging pain racing through your pussy and thighs, and each thrust is accompanied by my body slapping against your ass and causing your breasts to rub against the sheets, causing the pain to radiate through your body from each source. Then, as the moments pass, my thrusts start to grow faster and harder.

Each one of my thrusts just slightly faster and harder than the last, and each one causing your body to be racked with pain from three different points of origin. The pain seems to be overwhelming, but the constant thrusts of my cock in and out of your pussy seem to intensify.

Then the tears streak down the side of your face, soaking into the sheets almost as soon as they reach them. As you whimper from the pain, and your body shivers from the pleasure, your vision starts to blur and it becomes harder and harder for you to distinctly tell the difference between the two. As your vision dims and your pussy starts to tingle, you can feel the starting waves a powerful orgasm building deep within. My cock continues thrusting through your painful outer lips as your wetness slowly covers them.

As my body continues to pound against your ass, sending out wave after wave of pain I reach out and grab a handful of hair, pulling your head up off the bed, causing the friction between your breasts and the bed to intensify. "I want you to cum, and now. Cum on my cock and the lessons for tonight night will be over." My commanding words seem to push the buttons within you necessary for a response because within seconds pure pleasure races through you body, melting away any trace of pain.

Your body starts to spasm in pleasure, mixing with the pain washing through you from your ass, breasts, and of course your outer lips. As you start to ride the waves of pleasure I start to fuck you harder and faster, racing with you to see who will climax first.

I can tell you are getting close as your hands grip the sheets in a white knuckle fist and grin as I can feel myself reaching my own explosion.

Then I decide to hold off, just a few moments. I slow my thrusting for those moments and ride your body as you ride the waves of pleasure. As the last wave washes over you, I quicken my pace and finish my own ride of pleasure. My hot cum explodes inside you as I moan with pure pleasure with the lasts thrusts of my cock.

My body gives two more spasms involuntarily and then all is still. I lay on top of you for a few brief moments before I slowly roll off of your prone body and onto my back. The minutes stretch and neither of us move, exhausted and taking in all that has transpired. Leaning up on my arm I move to give you a kiss on the lips, letting it linger before leaning back and looking into your eyes. "I hope tonight's lessons were well taught and learned," and with a smile I reach over and trace a finger down your back, but stopping well short of your ass.

"It was exactly what I wanted. Nothing to harsh, but strict enough with enough anticipation to keep it exciting. Thank you, love. It was great," and then you turn to lean up on your arm so you can face me, and allow me to see your full beauty after a night of pleasure and excitement. Sitting up on the bed and swinging my legs off to the side I stand and continue to look down at you with a small smile.

"I do hope that you will join me for a shower. It's been a long night and a shower will help soothe and cool things off a bit." I then turn and walk to the bathroom, leaving the lights off, and waiting for you to join me. The night of lessons has come to an end, and only the following days will tell what each of us learned and what will have to be gone over again.

With a blissful sigh you stand and gingerly walk to the bathroom to join me, the pain between your legs, across your ass and breasts a sharp reminder with each step, but fading slowly. Yes, it was an exquisite night of lessons.