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I awoke above my bed with a slight headache and a whole lot of confusion. I groggily floated down to an insistent and annoying buzzing sound. I took me a moment to realize that the buzzing noise was my alarm clock on my phone. It took even longer for to remember why I had set it. That's when the memories hit me. The Kick, Paleos, Gods, Ava, Newspapers, Plans, Everything came rushing at me so fast I would have fallen down if I hadn't been sitting.

I shook my head, trying to clear out my confusion, but that only seemed to make it worse. "Cut it out daddy, you have work that needs to get done!" Said a small voice the came from somewhere behind me. I whirled around trying to find the source of the voice but saw only an empty space. "No silly," A different voice giggled, joining in the strange conversation. "We're not out there, we're in here!" I stopped as I realized that the voices reminded of someone, or more accurately, two someones.

"Sienna, that you?" I asked hesitantly. "Aww, c'mon daddy, don't tell me you've forgotten us already!" Sienna said with laughter in her voice.

I rolled my eyes as I pictured her scowling face that barely contained the infectious giggle that was building in her chest. "Of course not baby, I just woke up groggy." I said with a small shake of my head. "If you guys are done goofing around, daddy has stuff he needs to do!" Said a slightly cross Shawnita. I chuckled as Sienna and I replied, "Yes Ma'am!" at the same time. I got up and stretched, thinking about the events that lead to these two little polar opposites to become my daughters.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Que?" "We want you to be our father." Sienna said, sounding more confident "" I said trying to form coherent thought and failing miserably "We want to be your children, because, well you made us and we've always felt well, empty without and, um we promise to be good and listen to what you say and not to get on your nerves or anything and um." Shawnita rambled having the same problem as me but having much more success.

"Wait, wait,wait,wait,wait." I said trying to calm everything down. I felt like someone had thrown me in the deep end of the pool without floaties to keep my head up.

"Why, out of all people, would you want me to be your father? I'm not exactly the best role model." I said rubbing the back of my head. "That;s not true!" Sienna and Shawnita said at the same time. "You are amazing! The way you look after your sister when she gets into trouble, help your mother when she swamped with work and has a headache and you rarely complain about when things get tough for you." Shawnita said finding her voice.

"Yeah! You're alway like 'Godlike powers? Sure I'll take them! Big bully terrorizing you? I'll knock him down a couple of pegs! Giant storm prick want to fight me? I'll eat him with one hand tied behind my back!'" Sienna added with a grin. "But that's not.I mean it is but." This wasn't working I needed to find a way to let them down gently. "Look girls, I think it's sweet and all that you want me to be your dad and everything, but I don't think I can.between how things are going outside and how messed up I am.I just think I'd be able to love you like you want me to." I was just starting to pat my back for not sounding like a total idiot when I noticed the tears in both girls eyes.

"Huh? Wait what's wrong?!" I asked slightly alarmed. "W-w-w-why d-d-d-don't you w-want us? D-d-d-on't you l-l-love u-u-us?" Sienna sobbed wiping her eyes as they poured out more tears. "D-d-did w-w-we do s-s-something w-wrong?" Shawnita cried her expression mirroring her sister's I was so out of my element right now. Someone had picked me up from the deep end and threw me right into the ocean.

"Nononono!" I said trying to reassure the girls "I do love you two! I love you both so very much!" As I hugged them close to me I realized that I had meant what I said: I really do love the two girls, no matter where they came from.

Not sure how this will work exactly, but I'm sure we'll figure out something. "I'm sorry babies, Daddy was just being stupid." I said looking into the bright blue and slightly orange eyes of my two girls. "D-Does that mean you'll-" Shawnita asked before I cut her off "I would be proud to have you two be my daughters." I said with a grin. Both girls looked at each other before tackling me in a hug that made me fall on my ass. I just laughed and hugged both of them close to my chest, we sat there for a moment until I realized something important.

"Sienna.Shawnita." I said putting a stern look on my face "Yes daddy?" Both girls replied batting their eyes innocently at me. "Did you to just trick me into saying I'd be your father by fake crying?" I asked letting my suspicion bled through my voice. Both girls looked at me with wide incredulous eyes. "Noooo." Sienna said trying to stifle the grin that was spread across her face Shawnita, however was unable to contain her giggles and burst into laughter, a happy sound that made my heart flutter and put a smile on my face.

"Sienna made me do it!" She said from in between laughter "Guilty as charged!" Sienna said sain with a goofy smile to show that she was totally unrepentant about her actions. I sighed, knowing full and well that having these girls around will be a hassle, but a fun one at that! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shifting back to the present, I pulled on a simple light and dark grey shirt with stripes, A black pair of jeans.

I looked outside my window, and saw the darkening clouds that heralded a coming storm. I went searching through my closet for a good jacket to throw on, when something caught my eye.

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It was a black leather jacket that resembled something that a NASCAR racer would wear, minus the bright advertisements. It also had a black hoodie that looked a little big. I shrugged and tried it on, figuring it couldn't hurt.

The jacket was surprisingly tight-fitting and warm. I tried on the hood and was surprised to see that it covered most of my face. I went into the bathroom to see how I looked and was stunned to see a dark looking figure standing illuminated in the bathroom light with most of his face covered by the large black hood. The only piece of color that was on the entire outfit was a stray piece of my hair that hung right below the rim of the hood. I decided to leave it like that to make this my new look from now on.

"Ooooh, You look very scary daddy!" Shawnita said breaking my train of thought and cause a small grin to escape my lips. I made sure that I packed my phone, my keys, headed downstairs to the door and headed out. As I walked down the street, the wind whipped angrily at my face, but because of how big and heavy the hood that covered my face was, I barely felt it. Smiling, I sent a text to Ava telling her to get in position. I waited until I was in front of school, however, to send out a different text to Jo, telling her to meet me in the front of the school once the final bell rang.

Once I finished part one of my plan, I sat down on one of the bench that were scattered around the front of the school. About a half a second of waiting I started to panic.

"What Jo doesn't show up? What if Ava doesn't show up? Even worse.what if both of them Do show up?!" I began biting my fingers as I worried myself to death.

"DADDY!" I was shaken out of my stupor by the combined voices of my girls yelling at me. "Huh? What is it?" I asked whispering quietly, trying to avoid looking like a crazy person as I talked to empty air. "You need to calm down." Shawnita said, sounding surprisingly soothing and calm. I felt myself beginning to calm down as well.

"Good, now look. You have already planned everything out and have everything you need to fix this big mishap so you can stay with auntie Jo and still be friends with miss Ava." "Or not," Sienna said interrupting her sister. "I mean, no one can blame you for wanting to stop this and try and stay with miss Ava instead of auntie. She is a great kisser after all." She added I felt myself blush and could imagine Shawnita doing the same.

"Sienna!" She cried. "Yes, sister dearest?" Sienna replied with a false air of innocence. "Why would you say that?" "What? She is a great kisser, and that thing she does with her tongue." "SIENNA!" "You think she'll want to play with daddy?" Sienna asked completely ignoring her sister indignant cries. "Oh my god, I can't with you!" I couldn't help it, I started laughing out loud, not caring if someone saw me or not.

"Jeez.thanks guys.I feel alot better now." I said wiping tears from my eyes. "No problem daddy!" Both girls chirped happily I talked to the girls for a little while longer, until I heard the bell ring. I sighed knowing that was not going to be easy and pulled my hood back over my face. I didn't have to wait long. Kids came out in droves, with friends, family, making catcalls and generally enjoying life. I didn't try to look for Jo, but instead searched for her mental pattern.

After a few minutes, I found her, standing next to the front doors with her back turned toward me. I wasted no more time and started towards her.

People moving out of my way easily, casting me surprised or scared looks. I didn't let them bother me cause right now, I was on a mission. As I got closer to Jo I saw her talking to two of her friends, one that was on the basketball team and another that was on the wrestling team. Both of them stopped talking when the saw me approach, their narrowed eyes and suspicious silence made Jo turn around, expecting a fight.

What she saw instead, shocked her instead. Her twin brother, standing dressed in all black, looking like a thug who would jump someone at the drop of a hat. His usually calm electric yellow seemed more dangerous and vibrant.

As I read this from her head, I felt a small sense of pride in knowing I Was now longer that little kid that let bullies beat him up whenever they felt like it. I focused back on the present and turned to Jo's friends. "I need to speak to Jo. Now." I said trying to sound as intimidating as possible. The basketball girl seemed to hesitate slightly, but the wrestling girl barely flinched. "Oh yeah? Well sorry, mr. tough guy, but we were just leaving." She pulled on Jo's arm to get her to move.

I sighed figuring that this was not off to a good start. I quickly grabbed the other arm of Jo and spoke to her. "Jo, we need to talk. Now." I said dropping back to my original voice.

Wrestling girl saw my hand clamp around Jo's wrist and stopped moving away to try and slap my hand away. When that didn't work, She tried to push me away. I sighed and simply moved out of the way, sticking my foot out to trip of the very first techniques I had picked up to fight derrick. It worked just as well. The tall girl would've gone sprawling across the floor if I hadn't snapped my hand out and grabbed the scruff of her shirt lifting her up effortlessly and setting her back down gently.

"What the.What the hell was that Maria?!" The basketball girl said finding her voice at last. "I-I don't know." Said the dazed Maria. She shook her head and refocused her gaze on me. She started glaring at me before pushing herself away, towards her friends. "Look you, I know Jo's brother and he will beat the crap out of you if you lay another hand on her!" Basketball girl said pointing a long finger at my face.

I sighed angrily, Now this was getting ridiculous. I pulled back my hood showing the three girls my face. "I am her brother dumbass!" Jo, merely looked away, but the other two gasped at the revelation. We all stood there for a few minutes. The two girls looking between me and Jo, me looking at Jo, and Jo looking at anything else but me. "Look I don't have time for this!" I cried throwing up my hands "If you're done ignoring me, then meet me on behind the bleachers at the school stadium in ten minutes." I walked away, letting my words sink in, before turning around to face Jo again who still had her back facing me.

"And for the love of god, leave your 'Bodyguards' behind." I said putting air quotations around the word bodyguards before turning away with a disgusted scoff. I felt a pain in my chest as I walked away from Jo, but I ignored it. There was more important things to worry about.

My plan was falling into place. I went to the bleachers in our school stadium, which was really just a field the football players used for practice and games and a couple of steel bleachers that were placed alongside the field.

Ava was already there waiting for me. She seemed nervous, shown by the way she kept looking around anxiously. When she saw me, she seemed to relax, but not by by much. "J.P! There you are! For a second there I thought you weren't going to show." She said with obviously false cheer.

I tried to ease her nerves with a smile of my own, but in reality, I was just as nervous as she was, If not more. The more I studied my plan, there more holes I found and the less reliable it looked. I shook my head and willed myself to stop thinking about it.

Nothing good would come out of this if I psyched myself out at the last moment. In the end, it was Ava that put an end to my self-reciprocating. "So when exactly is this plan of yours going to start? My foot is falling asleep." She said with a nervous giggle. I was about to reply, when I heard the rustle of grass not to far away.

I took a deep breath and hoped that whatever gods and goddesses that gave me this power would also give me the power to not screw this up monumentally. Cause it was show time. I pointed at the entrance of the bleachers and said "It starts with her." Ava looked scared as she saw someone walk out of the shadow that hid most of her for the short time that she had been there listening to the conversation, but visibly relaxed as she realized who it was. "Oh it's just you Jo.

What are you doing here?" Ava said a light-hearted, yet confused smile on her face "Actually ava, I was just about to ask J.P here the same question." Jo said, her voice so full of venom that Ava took a step back, though none of the anger had actually been directed at her. "If you were to wait a minute I would explain everything." I said with a icy cool smile that battled with Jo's heated glare.

Poor Ava stood in the middle of all of this, not really sure what was happening but knew that something big had happened between the two siblings. She wondered if any of this had to do with the rumor she heard with Jo kicking the shit out of J.P during lunch.

"I've called the both of you here because I need to explain something to the both of you." I said said trying to sound grave. My voice must've had the intended effect, because both girls looked at me expectantly. Now that the spotlight was on him, I began to feel the pressure of what I was doing. I heard the echo of Sienna's voice, reminding me that I didn't have to do this if i didn't want to.

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No one would blame you. Then I looked at Jo's face and remembered how hurt she had sounded when she had seen the picture, And Ava who had absolutely no idea about what was going on, but was still willing to put up with me and my bullshit, no matter what happened to her. 'Yes, I do have to do this.for them.' I thought to myself. "Ava, you know about what happened when I was sick right?" I asked Ava nodded, the story of how J.P got struck by lightning was almost a legend.

She honestly didn't believe any of it until he came back to school with eyes like lightning and hair like pure electricity. "Well after I had basically died and came back to life, I had decided that I was going to live life to the fullest." I said spinning the lie as I went along. "I thought i'd start by telling my childhood crush just how much I loved her." Jo now looked like she was about to cry, throw up or kick me in the balls again.Maybe all three.

Ava, on the other hand, looked deeply interested, like this was a movie she was just seeing for the first time. "We started dating a few weeks ago and everything been great, until she saw the newspaper that we were in." I said hanging my head to hide the sudden blush the crept over my cheeks. "Needless to say, she confronted me about it and left me wishing I had brought protective padding to school that day." I said with a light chuckle that caused Jo to blush with embarrassment.

"Anyways, I had to bring you here to explain that what happened at the park was totally not my intentions. I won't try and say that it never happened or that i didn't enjoy it, or that I would be totally against it happening again.I'm sorry, what were we talking about?" I said with a small grin to show them both that I was joking.

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I received a small chuckle from both women, and allowed myself a real smile for the first time since I've been here. I might just pull this thing off after all!

"Don't worry J.P I completely understand where you're coming from. I'm just glad you were able to come up and tell the truth, unlike most of the other guys in this school." She said with a lighthearted smile.


"I do have one eensie weensie tiny question though." Ava asked her smile still in place. At this point I was so relieved about the fact that I didn't manage to piss off my new friend that I didn't even hear the alarm bells ringing in my head. "Why is Jo here?" She asked her tine carrying a sinister undertone that immediately sobered me up and put Jo on edge. "Uh.what do mean why is she here?" I said trying to stall for some time to think of an answer. "Don't play that bullshit with me cain, something wasn't adding up with your story and Jo being here is even more suspicious.

First you say that you had a childhood crush and that you finally told her how much you love her or whatever, but you haven't been seen with anyone outside or inside of school except your sister, and you can't tell me that she doesn't go to this school, because the only way she would have been able to hear about what happened between us is if she read the school newspaper, which you have to go to this school to get." She said laying out all the holes in my story.Just like I knew she would.

"Not to mention the rumor I heard that Jo kicked your ass in the cafeteria this morning "So what are you saying?" I asked her trying to sound as scared as possible, but really, I was glad that everything was going according to plan. "The only thing that is making any sense right now sounds absolutely insane." ".J.P, are you honestly trying to make me believe that you and your sister have some type of weird relationship thing going on?" Ava asked accusingly and Jo stiffened in apprehension and moved closer to me to hear what I was about to say.

"No, of course i'm not." I said with a light-hearted chuckle. I saw Jo relax visibly from the corner of my eye and let a small grin slip. "I'm trying to tell you that me and my sister are dating each other." I said with a smile.

For a long while, the only sounds that was heard was the sound of the wind blowing through the trees nearby. Jo was gaping her mouth, trying to figure out what to say and failing horrendously and Ava had a look of controlled composure that was on the verge of breaking.

"Well then," Ava finally said. "I take back what I said about you earlier." "What do you mean?" I asked innocently "You are just as full of shit as any other guy at this school. Actually, y'know what? You're worse than all of them put together!" I pouted slightly as I watched her temper begin to get the better of her.

"Aww, that's not fair." I said as I counted down silently. 3,2,1. "Well it's not fair to ME that out of everybody in this school you're the only one who has the GALL to try and feed me this heaping plate of BULLSHIT! I mean, REALLY! Do you think i'm stupid or something? You can't actually be dating your sister without someone finding out about it by now and spreading all around the school?!" Ava yelled jabbing her finger in my face.

"So, what would you do if I can prove that i'm not lying?" I asked keeping my mask of composure upheld. "If you could somehow prove that you and your sister are dating, well&hellip.I'd&hellip.I'd be your personal servant!" Ava scoffed crossing her arms across her chest.

"But unfortunately for you that's never ever going to happen in a million-" The rest of her sentence was cut off in stunned silence as I pulled Jo close to me and kissed her hard.

Jo's eyes nearly bugged out of her head, either from the surprise that we were kissing in front of someone, or because I was kissing her with enough force to crush a car, and began to slap her hand against my chest in protest. But I was determined to get Jo just as aroused as Ava had gotten on our last kiss and refused to let up. I had just been with Jo this morning, but it felt like forever and I made sure I let her know that. She eventually stopped beating on my chest and instead started pulling me closer to deepen the kiss.

I smiled as I heard the near-silent sound of a shutter clicking. Almost time for the final phase of the plan, just let me finish up with Jo. I let my tongue slide around Jo's lips, as if asking entry. Jo barely hesitated as she opened her mouth and returned the gesture. I grinned and began the war between our two wrestling organs. The kiss became steamier, until I finally trapped Jo's tongue with my own and drew it into my own mouth, sucking on it lightly while pushing my lips back to hers.

The result was nearly instantaneous. Jo's whole body shuddered and shook and I felt my pants leg suddenly grow wet.

Jo broke the kiss, her lips puffy and swollen, with a gasp and we spent a few minutes in silence trying to catch our breath. "Damn.that was so hot." Both me and Jo looked over to see a flushed Jo licking her lips and fidgeting slightly. "Oh shit! Sorry Ava, I had forgotten you were there." Jo said blushing slightly.

"Don't be! As good a kisser that he is, it's a wonder that you two don't stay attached at the lips!" Ava said with a giggle that spurred one from Jo as well. After they had calmed down, I looked to survey the damage done to my jeans and was glad to see that the wet spot was only visible if you stared at it right.

Both Ava and Jo looked at my soaked leg in amazement.

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"Wow, did all that really come from her?" Ava asked staring transfixed at the sight of all the cum on my pants. "Yep, she can get kinda messy!" I said with a laugh as Jo hit my chest again, her face a fiery red, before laying her face on my chest and breathing a sigh of contentment.

"Okay, I guess I owe you an apology then J.P" Ava said looking embarrassed. "Don't be, Just make sure that you are the best personal servant you can be and we'll call it even." I said with a smile. "What? You actually thought I was serious?" Ava said looking startled. "I don't why you thought I would think otherwise. I was under the impression that you were not the kind of person to go back on their word once given." I said keeping my eyes on hers at all times.

"Was I wrong to believe that?" "Well no, but-" She started, but I cut her off in mid-sentence. "Well good then, cause I would hate for out of everyone in this school that you'd be the only one who has the gall to try and lie to me just to get out of a deal that you created." I said cooly, flinging the words she yelled at me earlier back at her.

I saw her wince as she realized how it must've sounded when she said that and sighed. "Alright, you win. I'll be your personal servant." I had to laugh at how downcasted she looked.

She acted like a reluctant child being told to go to bed. "Cheer up will you? It's not like i'm going to tell you to strip and run around the school singing 'I'm a Little Teapot' at the top of your lungs." Ava frowned at the thought but didn't say anything on it and instead asked a question. "But I thought that you'd have me acting like some kinda sex slave or something." She said, looking at me with searching eyes.

"Well, I never said that. Besides, I don't really want a slave and if I were to ask you to do something carnal, It would be your decision on whether or not you want to do it." I explained with a grin.

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"Okay then, what exactly am I supposed to be doing as a personal servant then?" "Actually, you'd be acting more like a secretary than a servant. Your main job is just to keep me up to date with things that are going around and make sure that I stay on track to my schedule." Ava blinked slowly, then nodded.

"Alright then, that doesn't sound too bad I guess." I felt my grin widen as I decided to play with her a little bit. "There is one little catch though." I said I saw Ava's whole body tense up as she prepared to her her first humiliating task or something just as degrading.

"From now on," I said raising my finger in the air for emphasis. "You are to address me as sir, no if's and's or but's about it!" I said trying to sound stern but giving her a sly wink to let her know that it was all in good fun.

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Ava only shook her head in disbelief and addressed Jo. "Is he always like this?" Jo opened her eyes and raised her head slightly, A small smile adorning her face.

"Yeah, he's kind of a pain in the ass, but he has his uses." Jo let her sentence trail off with another giggle and re-buried herself in my chest. Me and Ava looked at each other before sharing a laugh. We sat down for a while just enjoying the peace and quiet when Jo spoke up. "Oh yeah, I had meant to ask earlier, but why did you ask to meet here?" Jo questioned while laying on my stomach.

"Oh right! It was so the peeping tom that's been tailing me and Ava could get a better view." I said, nonchalantly studying her hair. Both girls sat up so quickly, it was like the had been electrocuted. "WHAT?!" Both of them screeched looking around for the hidden peeper. I stood up slowly, stretching out my joints, before walking over to the wide edges of the bleachers and whistled loudly. Something from the top step began to make it's way down, slowly at first then at a more moderate pace.

I waited until my special visitor arrived, calm and composed like always. Jo and Ava were waiting at my side, their eyes filled with a mixture of worry and rage.


The figure finally made his way to the end of the bleachers and came into to view, causing both female's to gasp in surprise. "J.P." Jo said warily. "Who the hell is this?"