Alice banged on card by MetsSFM Alice Madness Returns)

Alice banged on card by MetsSFM Alice Madness Returns)
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Stella and I were sitting on her bed. There was nobody else around, just her sister in her own bedroom. We were talking about personal things. Then I finally had the nerve to do something. "Stella?" I asked in the most polite way I could.

She answered me with a simple, "Yes, what is it?" "Can I tell you something?" I replied, my heart was racing. I loved her. She needed to know such a thing. I've had this crush on her for months. Too long now. "Go for it," she smiled. "I-I have a crush on you." Stella looked at me in the strangest way.

Like she needed to hear it again. She sat there and nodded at me. What was in store for me?! "Ooh Marlee." She smirked seductively. "Who wouldn't?" That's when things got deep. Both her hands touched each of my cheeks. She stroked them gently. Her beautiful eyes locked with mine. She licked her lips. Stella then brings her lips closer to mine and we fall into passionate sexual kissing. My heart was beating 1000 times a minute I swear! She finally pulled back from our amorous kiss.

A trail of saliva formed as we drew back from each other's lips. "I love you," I whispered.

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"Me too," Stella softly cooed. "Can we-? Can we have- uh-" I stammered. Then Stella put a finger to my lips and she whispered, "I'd love to." She stared taking of her clothing piece by piece until she was down to her bra and panties. The colors complimented each other nicely. Fuchsia and teal. Nice. Her panties were an elegant lace turquoise thong. Quite attractive. She looked at me and gave me a gesture to strip down. I did the same.

I could see Stella admiring my C cup breasts. Hers were slightly smaller, at about a B. My bra was a laced black. My panties were a red bikini style, that framed my hips nicely. Stella laid me down on her bed and thoroughly kissed me once again moaned. She put her finger to my lips. "Ssh. My sister is in the other room. She can't hear us.

Emma's only 14. We're 16. She can't know about this. Emma will tell mom and, I'll get," Stella paused.

"Punished. Both of us Emma and I." "Don't worry Stella. We can trust Emma. Let's just hope she doesn't walk in on us." I reassured Stella.


"Thanks Marlee," Stella kissed me again and again. My arms wrapped around her. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute.

Stella unhooked my bra and slid down my panties. I unhooked hers and slid down her panties as well. We tossed them off the bed. We were now both completely naked, exposed. Stella put her lips around my right breast. She sucked on it, then gently nipped it, leaving a mark. I moaned from her touch.

She kissed my nipple then brought her kissed down to my navel and then down to my pussy. Her tongue slid into my opening.

My core shook with excitement. I could feel Stella's tongue against my rough vaginal walls. It sent anxious chills throughout my body. Her tongue got faster and harder, I moaned a bit louder, then was at my climax.

I squealed, quietly. Stella told me to sit up. She did the same. Her hairless pink pussy was exposed. She told me to get closer. Before I knew it, our pussies were touching. She rubbed hers up and I rubbed mine down. We were grinding pussies. The wetness was what was making it so easy to rub against each other. The sensations we were sending throughout each other's bodies was very good. It felt so good! We were both moaning loudly, each other's names. "Aah! Mmm! Yes. Just like that!!

Mm! Yes Marlee baby," Stella was groaning. "Aah! Stella! Holy shit harder and faster Stella!! Aya!" I was moaning. Then just when we were about to climax, Emma bursted though Stella's door. "Sis?!" Emma said shocked. We both finally orgasmed, screaming each other's names. Stella also looked shocked. She threw a blanket at me, to cover myself. Stella wrapped her bathrobe around herself as well. "Emma! Didn't I tell you not to bother me!?" "Yes but," Emma paused.

"I heard screaming and I thought you two were murdering each other! I was just trying to protect you Stella!" "You better not tell mom. Understood?

You know the punishment.


I don't want to go through it ever again." Stella looked directly into her younger sister's eyes. Emma nodded understandingly. "And Marlee! Treat my sis nicely!" I nodded. Emma didn't leave. "Well? Aren't you going to leave?" frowned Stella. "Can I stay? This looks sexy," Emma smirked and winked at me. Stella squealed.

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"What the fuck Emma??! You're that perverted!? Go watch some porn instead please! Leave us alone!" "Never!" Emma stood there still staring at us. She licked her lips. "Oh, Emma," Stella said. "Whatever you can stay. My vibrator's in the top shelf I cleaned go enjoy your stupid fucking self." Emma stuck her tongue out at her older sister. She grabbed the vibe from the drawer, and started stripping. I admired the curves of her small teenage body.

She was quite attractive, and very beautiful. Emma looked at me with lustful eyes. I winked back at her. Emma's bra and panties were matching. They were a striking hot pink, and contrasted against her pale skin.

Emma then took of her bra and panties leaving her exposed pale teenager body. She walked over to where Stella and I were and ripped off our protections.

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Emma got up to grab the vibrator. She gave me that seductive look again, and gave the same look to her sister. "I'm going to steal your girl sis," Emma winked at Stella. Stella just gave a stubborn humph, and folded her arms. "Well fine then." Emma chucked the vibrator at Stella. Stella squealed. "Entertain yourself." Emma commanded her older sister.

"But Emma this is wro-" Stella started to say. "Who fucking cares?" I was then sitting with my legs spread wide apart, exposed for anyone. Emma put her mouth to my clitoris.

I moaned when her tongue swirled around my walls. My core shook with pleasure. Her young, beautiful eyes looked at me as she ate me out.

She smiled with delight, pleased with me. "Mm! Marlee you taste better than I thought!" Emma praised. "Oh yes! Aah! Mmm! Oh my! Emma!! Yea just like that!" I climaxed. My juices spurted onto her face and she happily licked them up. "Oh Marlee you're truly quite the main course aren't ya?" Emma gave me her signature smirk. She shoved her right ring and middle finger into my pussy and started finger fucking me. I moaned, it felt well.

I rubbed my clit in circles as she penetrated my pussy. She added her index finger then her pinky. Four fingers were moving in and out of my body. Meanwhile, Stella got herself to orgasm with her vibrator. She was moaning real loud and rubbing herself like crazy. Emma and I just smiled at each other. "Yeah your sister's pretty hot too," I winked at Emma, who winked back.

Stella smiled at me and waved. My attention was snapped back to Emma. She added her thumb and was now fisting me! I didn't know my pussy could accommodate all that space! I could feel my muscles expanding to adjust to Emma's fist. She did an in and out motion, penetrating deep. I moaned of pleasure. Emma was quite the charmer! I was brought to orgasm once again as Emma's arm got faster and harder.

She now lies on my back, obviously exhausted from thrusting her arm into me. Stella shifted over to where I was spooning Emma. She was wearing a strap on, and looked ready to roll once again. She came up behind Emma who immediately got off of me and sat hands and knees a few feet away from me. Stella spread lubricant all over her strap on so she didn't have to enter Emma dry.

She placed the tip of it against her sister's pussy and started fucking away. "Mmm sis!" moaned Emma. "It feel so good yet so wrong! AAH!" Stella grabbed Emma's hips and thrusted harder. Emma's small teenager boobs juggled as she was being penetrated. Her mouth was wide open and breathing hard. Stella stopped fucking her sister and told her to go on her back which she did.

Emma was now on her back with her legs spread apart.


Stella told me to join in. I placed my folds onto Emma's mouth for her to taste once again. She whimpered a bit but then stuck her tongue in my sweet dripping wet pussy. Stella starting fucking her sister again. I looked at Stella who winked back at me. Emma and I were both brought to orgasm simultaneously, loud and clear. Our short, shallow breaths filled in the silence. Stella took her strap on off and threw it to the floor. We all three cuddled together under the sheets.

"So wait, you're telling me you're both fine with incest?" I ask.

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"I guess we do now," replied Stella. "We just can't tell mom or dad," Emma added. "Lucky we'll be home alone for a week like responsible children!" "Well you two are both beautiful women and I admire you," I say. "Mmm! Yes we love Marlee. We'll be fighting over you tomorrow!" giggled Stella. "She's mine!" Emma growled.

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"Goodnight girls," I whisper. "Goodnight Marlee!" they reply. We fell asleep spooning each other, intertwined in love and lust. We sleep peacefully, dreaming of our sexual fantasies.