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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author. Chapter 5 A young fox pawed its way hurriedly through the snow and undergrowth in pursuit of its quarry. The density of the trees became less and less as suddenly, the fox emerged into a clearing. The rabbit it was chasing stared back at him wide-eyed, frozen to the spot. The fox knew this area well, even in the dark and snow.

A small pool of water lay semi-frozen at the foot of the clearing, surrounded by tall, forbidding trees. The constant gushing of water broke the silence as the fox looked up at the high waterfall that fed this small pool. A small, narrow cave, etched into the smooth stone lay hidden behind the waterfall as the fox took a few steps closer to the cornered rabbit.

Drools of saliva clung to its sharp teeth as the fox opened its jaws in preparation for its kill. Suddenly, the unearthly sound of a magical pop announced the arrival of two humans. The fox looked on in annoyance as the rabbit used the distraction of their arrival to run away into the thicket.

The fox looked at one of the humans, a young man, who was staggering whilst clutching his ribs. Dark, crimson blood seemed to be gushing out of a deep wound in his side as the human dropped to his knees.

',' said the human faintly before he fell limply to the ground. * Harry could feel soft sheets around his body as his eyes slowly flickered open.

The fuzzy outline of a figure was sat next to him; somebody had obviously removed his glasses. 'Hermione?' croaked Harry faintly. 'I'm here Harry,' replied Hermione's voice in relief. Harry felt her hands place his glasses on his face for him.

The room sharpened into focus as Harry tried to sit up. Harry was sat in his bedroom in the tent with Hermione sat next to him with a towel in her hand drenched in his cold sweat. 'Where.when.why?' asked Harry, as he just about mustered the energy to speak. 'You've been unconscious for three days now Harry,' said Hermione as she took Harry's limp hand in her own, 'at first I thought you had died.,' Hermione stopped momentarily as she wiped a tear away from her eye with her spare hand, 'we were at Godric's Hollow remember?

We met Bathilda Bagshot, though it wasn't actually her, it was You Know Who's snake Harry! Then . he turned up.' 'Who? Volde.,' began Harry. 'No Harry, the Hooded Man. He and Draco turned up, we only just got away. The snake took a huge bite at your side and the Hooded Man hit you with a spell I've never seen before. I managed to disapparate us away to here.' 'You're amazing Hermione,' said Harry weakly as he managed to give her hand a squeeze, 'where is here anyway?' 'It's near my house actually,' replied Hermione as she looked out of the window towards the waterfall which hid them away from sight, 'I used to go here when the muggle children at primary school used to pick on me because of the things I could do.' Hermione sniffed as she looked down at the floor.

'Hermione,' said Harry softly as he made her look into her eyes, 'you saved my were brilliant, thank-you.' Harry and Hermione shared a watery smile as Hermione gave Harry a hug. 'Arghh,' Harry grimaced as a white hot pain shot through his ribs as Hermione hugged him. 'I'm sorry Harry,' said Hermione apologetically as she released him, 'you're still really weak, I think we'll have to stay here for a few more days.

Come on Harry, I'll take you for a wash, no offence or anything, but you smell of blood and sweat,' finished Hermione with a little smirk. 'Ha, thanks Hermione,' laughed Harry wheezily as he gingerly made his way out of the bed.


* The living room of the tent was bathed in a dark light, which emanated from a few candles that were floating around the room. A large, bronze basin lay on top a shaggy rug that was placed in front of a roaring fire. Hermione removed from the fire a large iron kettle, full of steaming hot water which she poured into the bronze basin.

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Hermione looked up at Harry who was stood in his boxers by the basin as she took a large, porous sponge in her hand. 'Take off your boxers Harry,' said Hermione quietly. 'Are you sure?' asked Harry, who was swaying slightly with the effort of standing.

'Yes,' replied Hermione simply. Harry reached down and lowered his boxers, so that he was stood completely naked in front of Hermione. Hermione lowered her gaze as Harry stepped into the basin, feeling the soothing sensation of the water around his feet and shins. 'I put some essence of dittany into the water,' said Hermione conversationally as she began to sponge away the dry blood and grime around Harry's legs, 'it should help heal some of the smaller wounds and also take away some of the pain.' 'Ahhhh, thanks Hermione,' sighed Harry gratefully as he felt the cuts and grazes on his legs begin to heal.

Hermione replenished her dry sponge with the water in the basin as she began to clean Harry's upper thighs. Hermione watched as the fine hairs on Harry's legs became wet and stuck to its owner's long, slim legs. Finally, Hermione reached the twin globes that were Harry's bum. Hermione squeezed the sponge over Harry's ass and watched as the droplets of water enveloped his bum.

Hermione guiltily watched a few of the droplets slide down Harry's smooth bum and enter into his hairless crack. Hermione shook her head as she stood up and began to soak Harry's back and shoulders. 'Ahhhhh,' Harry moaned in satisfaction as he felt the healing water soothe his aching shoulders. Hermione squeezed the sponge on Harry's shoulders and watched the water stream down his strong chest and tummy before sliding onto his cock. A single droplet of water gradually ran down the length of Harry's soft cock, before slowly forming at his tip and dropping once more into the basin.

'Head forward Harry,' whispered Hermione as Harry obliged. Hermione filled up a silver jug and poured it gently over his head, plastering Harry's mop hair to his face. Hermione placed the jug down as she opened up an assortment of shower gels and squirted a liberal amount into her dainty hands. Hermione dropped to her knees once more and began to lather up Harry's legs. Bubbles and suds formed innocently along Harry's legs as he groaned quietly in satisfaction of Hermione's soft, massaging hands.

Hermione's hands finally reached Harry's bum once more as she heard him softly take in a draw of breath.

Hermione sighed as she began to lather and massage Harry's bum. Harry's ass felt so soft and peachy to Hermione as she squeezed and rubbed in the lotion. Hermione began to squeeze Harry's ass in a circular motion for a few minutes, watching as Harry's bum began to glisten teasingly due to the water and suds. Finally, Hermione stopped when she felt that it was clean once more. She did the same to Harry's back and shoulders as her hands worked her way up Harry's body. 'Mmmm that's so relaxing Hermione,' Harry sighed softly as he felt her hands slowly rub his aching shoulders.

Once Harry's shoulders and back were sufficiently soaped up, Hermione squirted more shower gel into her hand and reached around Harry to rub it into his chest and tummy. Hermione gave Harry's nipples a quick, cleaning rub and felt them begin to harden at her touch. Hermione's probing fingers then went to Harry's faint, but visible abs which she slowly lathered up. Still stood behind Harry, Hermione then took some shampoo and began to rub her fingertips softly into Harry's dark hair.

'Head back Harry,' said Hermione as she filled her jug and poured it over Harry's hair, 'there, all clean now, hope the essence of dittany helped.

Now just to rinse you down and you can go back to bed.' 'You missed a bit Hermione,' said Harry innocently as he felt Hermione pause her movement behind his shoulder. 'O yes, so I have,' replied Hermione, in a would be casual voice. Harry heard her squeeze some more shower gel into her hand, until he suddenly felt her hand reach around and take his cock in hand.

'Ahhhh.' Harry couldn't help but give a little moan as Hermione's hand which felt cold because of the gel, began to squeeze and pull on his soft cock and balls.

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Soon enough, Harry's cock was covered in suds and felt so soft and smooth to Hermione. Hermione reached a little lower and cupped Harry's hanging balls and lightly squeezed and pulled on them.

Hermione then quickly pulled Harry's foreskin down so she could clean Harry's soft head. 'Ahhhh,' Hermione heard Harry moan lightly once more as she circled his head with her dainty fingers.

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As Hermione gave Harry's cock a few more tugs and pulls, Hermione began to feel it grow in her hand. 'There,' said Hermione as she quickly removed her hand, 'all clean, now let.' 'Hermione,' said Harry gently as he turned to face her, his cock now rock hard and covered in soapy bubbles, 'Hermione,' said Harry once more as he placed his hand on his dick. 'No Harry,' said Hermione firmly as Harry slowly removed his hand from his cock and looked her in the eye.

'Harry,' said Hermione a little more gently, 'I know we've had sex together but that was a long time ago. I fell in love with Ron since then and now he's dead I have no one.

I love you Harry, but I love you as a brother now, not as a lover. I hope you understand Harry. You're still very frail, let's just get you cleaned up and into bed ok?' Harry paused momentarily as he looked deep into Hermione's eyes.

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'Ok Hermione, I understand,' said Harry as he gave Hermione a warm smile which she returned. Harry turned his back to Hermione and spread his arms wide like an angel so she could rinse down his glistening body. Once he was clean again, Hermione wrapped Harry in a voluminous fluffy white towel. 'You've been so brave Harry, let's get you to bed,' said Hermione gently as she helped a slightly limping Harry back to his bedroom to rest. *3 days earlier* Ron stormed into the kitchen of Malfoy Manor, smashing pots and pans in anger as he went.


'Out!.OUT!!' Ron screamed at a quivering house-elf which dodged his poorly aimed kick and fled from the room. Ron stopped at the sink as he turned on the tap and splashed the water roughly over his face. 'Potter got away again! I was so close.I failed the Dark Lord.,' panted Ron through deep, angry breaths.

Ron heard the doors to the kitchen open, thinking it would be Draco coming to calm him down. 'So,' said a different voice, causing Ron to turn sharply, 'you failed.' Bellatrix Lestrange stood by the doorway with a peculiar look on her face. 'So what,' spat Ron as he turned to the sink again, 'you should know how failure feels like.' 'O I'm not mocking you Ron,' said Bellatrix as she walked closer to Ron and placed a hand on his back, 'the Dark Lord will forgive you for this.

I hear you almost killed Potter?' 'Yeah, nearly,' replied Ron, his breathing becoming calmer and calmer as he ran his blood stained hands under the tap, 'I hit him with an extra powerful sectumsempra spell but that dirty mudblood got him away before I could finish him.' 'O how unlucky,' said Bellatrix in a simpering voice, 'but as I said, the Dark Lord will forgive is the Dark Lord these days? Nobody sees him these days except for you and my delightful young nephew.' 'He's fine;' said Ron indifferently, 'busy.

yer'know.' 'O I'm sure,' replied Bellatrix as she rubbed her hand more gently on Ron's back. Bellatrix's mind was whirring like an engine as she thought about what she could do.

Bellatrix's popularity with the Dark Lord had reached rock bottom and there were talks she could be usurped from the Death Eater's and thrown in Azkaban. But, she thought, if she could become Ron's lover, then the Dark Lord's affection for him could save her. Bellatrix sighed lightly as she prepared for what needed to be done.

'So you want to.fuck?' said Bellatrix's a little reluctantly. Ron turned to face her with confusion in his face. 'What?' he asked sharply. ''re hot Ron,' said Bellatrix in what she thought was a girly voice, 'I can be your lover if you want me too.' Ron eyed up Bellatrix up and down as he made a quick glance to the open kitchen door. 'Let me think first,' said Ron darkly, 'Diffindo!' Bellatrix's clothes tore and fell away from her body, so that she stood naked in front of Ron.

Bellatrix had heavily lidded brown eyes, and high cheek bones which defined her face. Her hair was dark and was styled upwards in an almost bee-hive like fashion. Bellatrix had small, but perky looking B sized breasts but a rather flat looking ass. For a mid thirty's girl, her body wasn't too bad Ron thought as he eyed her body. Bellatrix was relatively slim, with only a tiny roll of fat around her otherwise flat tummy.

Her pussy had large lips and a thick matting of black hair surrounded it. Bellatrix watched Ron give a little nod, obviously impressed as she his eyes glance to the open door once more. 'Alright,' said Ron finally as quick as a flash, he whipped off his robes, revealing his young, teenage body to Bellatrix, 'on your knees Bellatrix,' commanded Ron as he began to pump his hardening shaft.

Bellatrix instantly dropped to her knees, as Ron moved forward sandwiching her between himself and the table. Ron placed his hands on her cheeks as he prodded his hardening dick at her pursed lips. 'Open your mouth then Bella,' ordered Ron. Slowly, Bellatrix opened her mouth to allow the young Ron's dick into her mouth. Without a moment's hesitation, Ron thrust his hips violently forward so his semi-hard dick slammed into her mouth.

'Yeahhhhhhh,' moaned Ron as he began to mercilessly mouth fuck her.


'Mmmpf.mmmmpf,' Ron heard Bellatrix splutter as she placed her hands against his groin and try to push away. 'Just go with the flow bitch,' laughed Ron as he began to thrust even harder and deeper into her mouth. Ron could feel blood rushing to his dick, making it harder and harder until finally his fat; 6 inch cock lay fully erect in Bellatrix's mouth.

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'Ahhh yeahhhh,' groaned Ron as he felt Bella's saliva coat his hard cock. Bellatrix's eyes were screwed up in pain and disgust as Ron continued to use her mouth as a fuck hole. Ron laughed as he heard his balls loudly slap into Bellatrix's pointed chin continually as his cock moved in and out of her mouth like a blur.

Ron suddenly shot his hips forwards and remained there, so that all 6 inches of his dick were in her mouth. Bellatrix soon began to protest, her fists beating into Ron's hips and bum and her face turning a dangerous shade of blue. 'God yeah that's good,' moaned Ron as he felt Bellatrix's hot, saliva juices envelop his young cock. Finally, Ron removed his shaft and rubbed in the many strands of saliva that covered it as Bellatrix recovered her breath. 'See that wasn't too bad was it?' said Ron mockingly as he forced her to her feet.

'No.not at all,' as Bellatrix gave a loud, rasping cough. Ron quickly picked her up by her ass and placed her on top of the sideboard, so she was sat a little higher then Ron was stood. Ron hastily spread her legs and plunged his dick into her pussy as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

'Fuck its tight!' Ron panted as only a few inches of his dick erupted into her pussy, 'when was the last time you fucked?' 'Quite a few years,' panted Bellatrix, 'just push hard,' she begged. Ron smiled darkly as he stood on his tip-toes to get more leverage. He pulled his hips back slightly before powerfully pushing them forwards. All of his cock suddenly burst into Bellatrix's dry pussy. 'Ahhhhhh!' they both moaned as Ron's cock finally came to a halt when his balls hit her pussy.

Ron rested for a moment to allow his cock settle in Bellatrix's pussy. As he did, he dove his head straight into Bellatrix's small tits and began to suckle and bite on her pert nipples animalistically.

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'Mmmmm,' moaned Bellatrix as she felt Ron's young cock throb and pulsate inside her pussy. Whilst still sucking on her breasts, Ron began slowly to thrust his hips forward and back and soon picked up a steady rhythm.

Ron backed off her tits to admire his suck work on them. Both of her nipples were now rock hard and were wobbling with the motion of his fucking. Ron smiled and gave them a quick slap as he increased the speed of his thrusting into Bellatrix. After a few minutes, Bellatrix felt her first orgasm in nearly 15 years as a fiery sensation overpowered her body.

'Ahhhhhhh ooo Ron,' she groaned as a trickle of liquid coated Ron's cock, lubricating it even more. 'Hahaha, nice,' moaned Ron as he felt her pussy juices leak out of her pussy and land on his tight balls. After a few more moments, Ron wrapped his hands around her waist and carried her roughly to the kitchen table. Ron sent pots and pans flying everywhere with a loud clang as he bent her over the table.

Ron spread her left ass cheek wide as he guided his hard cock straight into her pussy. With a quick slap of her ass, Ron picked up a fast pace as they both began to moan loudly in delight. Ron dug his fingers into her ass as he felt a sense of empowerment over the woman below him. Ron gave her ass a flurry of slaps as he groaned and laughed in delight.

Suddenly, a voice at the open door slowed Ron's thrusting down for a moment. 'Ron! I've been looking for yo.o hello Aunt Bellatrix,' Draco smirked as he stood in the doorway and looked at the scene presented to him. Bellatrix had her face down in the wooden table and her ass high in the air as Ron stood over her, legs wide apart in a power stance as he rode her like a pro. 'Later Draco,' Ron smirked back as he gave Bellatrix's ass a hard slap, causing her to moan loudly.

'Sure,' smiled Draco as he shut the door behind himself to let Ron continue his fast fucking. Bellatrix's pussy by now was sopping wet and perfectly formed to the shape of his fat cock. Ron could feel his knees begin to buckle in pleasure as he pulled out of her and flipped her round on the table to face him. Bellatrix's hair by now was all over her face as she smiled back up at him.

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Ron spat on his hand to lubricate his cock some more before he tapped it all over her now red pussy. With a bend of his knees and a swift thrust, Ron entered her once more.

Ron placed his hands around her waist and began to slowly, but deeply pound his cock into her pussy, loving the sight of her tits and the flesh on her tummy bounce each time he thrusted. Bellatrix by now was moaning loudly as she went through her second orgasm, coating Ron's dick even more in hot juices. Ron felt her pussy walls clamp tightly onto his cock as he pounded deeply into her. Ron's moaning and thrusting soon began to become more erratic as his hands travelled up to her boobs which he kneaded and squeezed.

'Don't cum in my vagina Ron,' whispered Bellatrix in between pants. 'Right.whatever,' grunted Ron. Ron, however, was nearing his climax and had no intention of pulling out of her pussy.

Ron sealed his lips tight so that no moans would escape his lips and betray his impending orgasm. Ron's face went bright red with the effort of not moaning as he began to feel his powerful orgasm approach. 'Arghhhh fuck, take it all!!' groaned Ron loudly as at the point of climax he could not hold his moans no more. Ron felt a powerful electric feeling spread throughout his body as he pounded his hips forward and unleashed a torrent of cum deep into Bellatrix's pussy.

'Ron? .Nooooo,' screamed Bellatrix as she felt Ron's youthful cum paste the inside of her pussy. Bellatrix tried to push Ron off her but Ron forced his weight onto her so she couldn't move. 'Ahhhhh.ahhhhh.ahhh.ah,' Ron moaned as his orgasm began to subside. Ron kept himself on top of Bellatrix, using his own softening cock as a stopper so that his cum would go deep inside of her. 'You bastard! You bastard!' shouted Bellatrix as she punched her fists into Ron's chest like a little girl.

'Shut it bitch!' grunted Ron as he gave Bellatrix a hard slap across the face, silencing her instantly. Finally, Ron removed his soft cock from her pussy and wiped it down with his hand. He wiped his sticky fingers clean on Bella's tummy and went and re-dressed as Bellatrix lay on the table with her hand on her face where Ron had struck her. 'Do you think I didn't know what you were up to Bella?' Ron sneered at her as he pulled up his trousers, 'you thought that if you shagged me you would become the Dark Lord's favourite once more.

Unlucky Bella, you weren't a bad shag, but if you think I'm taking you as my lover then you're laughing.' Ron began to laugh loudly as he went to leave the kitchen. Suddenly, Bellatrix moved off the table and grabbed her wand from her ripped robes on the floor.

'Crucio!!' she cried, mustering every bit of hate for Ron she had.

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Without even turning around, Ron raised his silver arm behind his back and deflected the spell away from him as if it was as weak as a paper bullet. 'Now you've done it Bella,' laughed Ron as he eventually stopped to turn and face her by the doors, 'wait till I tell the Dark Lord you tried to curse me, bye for now Bellatrix,' said Ron as he swaggered out through the doors, leaving a fuming Bellatrix to weep at her plight.