Male celeb gay porn video Strap yourselves in for one of the most

Male celeb gay porn video Strap yourselves in for one of the most
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I was in 4th period when I saw him. A senior, this guy named Brian.

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He was about "6,3" tanned and had the most defined abs I've ever seen. After 4th period was over it was lunch. I usually sit alone at lunch but today my lunch by myself changed. Brian was walking towards me! 'Omg what do I do what do I do' I thought to myself.

He sat next to me! "What's up" he said to me in his honey glazed voice that made me hard instantly.

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"Nothing. Just eating alone. Again" I said with a shaky voice also while trying to hide my hard-on in my jeans. There was an awkward silence between us.

He finally spoke.

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" I know you stare at me in 4th period" he said "So, what if I do" I say back to him The bell rang for lunch to end. For the rest of the day I was pretty much content. I finally got home and laid down in my bed. Then there was a knock at my door. I ran to answer it.

Standing there was Brian! "How do you know where I live?" I ask him "You put it on Facebook" he replies I invite him in. Almost immediately he grabs me by my waist and kisses me so passionately. I melt under his kiss. He picks me up and throws me on my couch. He rips my clothes off and his. His cock is 12 inches! Omg! He turns me onto my stomach. Pulls out a bottle of lube and puts it on my hole. God it felt good. "You must be a virgin." He says " too bad I don't go easy on virgins" He lines up his dick and my ass and plunges his whole 12 inches in me.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh" I scream while he ferociously fucks my ass. After a while the pain left and left only pleasure. "Ooooh yeah fuck me" I scream. "Oh yeah this ass is mine" he says behind me. He grunts and fills me with cum. This put me over edge and I cum so hard. "I'll call you" he says putting on his clothes and leaving.

I stay on my couch recovering from my fucking. The next day was normal until 4th period. He sat next to me. While sitting next to me he reached over a grabbed my 4 inch dick. I tried as hard as I could to stay calm. I asked the teacher if I could go to the nurse. On my way there I noticed that Brian was following me. I arrived at the nurse but she wasn't there so I laid down in the cot.

Soon enough Brian was in here too.


He laid on top of me and kissed me. I melted again. He move down to my neck and kissed there too. "Mmmmm" I moan as he kissed my neck. " you like that don't you?" He asked me."Oooh yes" I moan back. He gets up and leaves me in the nurse's office. Once again he was at my my house. He fucked me even harder that last time.

I came 3 times this time. He left me again on my couch, filled with his cum. The next day I avoided him.

But I went to the restroom and he was there! " you've been avoiding me Kevin" " so" I reply " so stop and suck me off NOW!" I get on my knees and lick his cock from his shaft to his head.

I try to go down but I gag. I keep licking and sucking until I hear him grunt. I brace myself and he cums buckets in my mouth. " swallow it bitch!" He commands I immediately comply and swallow all of it. He slaps me and spits on me.

He leaves me cum filled and covered in spit. This goes on for a few weeks. He would do whatever he wanted to me at what ever time he wanted. We were in 4th period again. He walked over to me. " take off your clothes NOW!" He commanded me. " yes master" I comply and strip.

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He told me to sit on his lap and I did. He grinds his dick between my cheeks. I moan loudly.

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He stick his cock up my ass hard like always."Ahhhhhhh" I scream like always."ride me NOW!" He commands."yes master" I comply and bounce on his 12 inch dick, moaning on every movement.

I cum. He tells me to stand up so I do.


He bends me over and fucks me even harder. I cum. Finally he fills me with his cum."that's my little slave" he says chuckling. He leaves out of the room after slapping me and spitting on me.

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I leave and go home and my mom calls my phone. "Hello" I say. "Stop being a slut!" She says and hangs up.

I just go to sleep like normal after it. Soon enough Brian was over at my house everyday, fucking, spanking, slapping, and spitting on me. I enjoyed this daily routine. Then he brought a friend. Quickly we were naked.


His friend shoved his cock in my ass, while Brian shoved his cock down my throat. Brian was slapping me, while his friend was spanking me. Pretty soon I was covered in spit, cum, and bruises.

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Soon Brian left to college. And he cums to visit sometimes and if I'm lucky, with a friend or two. One time he came to my house with five other guys. Two of them fucked my ass. One fucked my mouth. The last two I jerked them off. Brian always loved to watch me get fucked by his friends. I loved how he watched me get fucked.

It made me cum even more than usual. He jumps in occasionally but rarely. But finally he came by his self and fucked me harder than ever.

It hurt. I screamed while he mercilessly fucked me. After he left my ass was sooo sore I couldn't stand or want to. I don't know why I stayed in a relationship with Brian but I did.

Our relationship lasted until I was a senior.