Reife Knick Orgie 3

Reife Knick Orgie 3
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"Summer vacation bitches!!" some girl screams from down the beach. The people are starting to pile on to the hot white sand bringing towels, suntan lotions, and everything else that could possibly fit into their vehicles.

Pooling around their feet, the items are left behind as the crowd scatters in every direction heading mainly for the clear blue ocean that lays ahead of them.

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I forget the people as my tall and lean bikini clad body is caressed by the sun. I grab the suntan oil that was laying right beside me, and shake the bottle. " Here baby, let me do this." Cade, my boyfriend, gently takes the bottle out of my hand and pours a dab of oil into his large masculine hands. His hands find their way onto my shoulders and down my back, massaging the oil deep into my skin. "Mhmm.

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Babe that feels amazing." I moaned in pleasure. I closed my eyes and enjoyed what his hands were doing to me. I rolled on my stomach so he could have better access to my back. His hand traveled lower and lower, working there way to the top of my bikini bottoms. Without even realizing it, Cade slips a hand down my ass massaging the oil on to both of my firm muscled cheeks.

The oil slides into the crack of my ass and over the dark rosebud of my anus. Making me remember exactly where I was laying. "Babe," I gather myself before someone witnesses, "you've got to stop this." I look over my shoulder to see Cade shift back to his feet. I notice a forming bulge in his swim shorts that wasn't there when he walked over from the RV that was down the beach. "Sorry, I just can't help myself around you. You know that." He's sheepish grin did nothing to hide the fact from what he was thinking.

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We are both going to be seniors in the upcoming school year, and this was our last weekend before we were forced to go back. Cade and I have been dating about a year, and we were both virgins. This hasn't changed that fact that we've gotten hot and heavy under the bleachers at a football game, or the one time we've snuck into the band hall and I gave him a blow job. I was just reluctant to give away my virginity.

"Come back to the RV with me, Shelby.

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I want to give you something that you deserve." He said this with a sly grin on his face. Which gave me a hint that he wanted me to take care of the fast growing bulge in his swim shorts.

I laughed, "No Cade. We just got here, and I want to enjoy the sun for just a little bit longer." "Fine, I'll be out in the water.

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I'll check up on you later." He pushes out his bottom lip in a pout before walking his six foot muscular frame down to the water's edge. "Later dork!" I say as I continue to laugh. Laying my head back down on my towel I tune out the world and focus on my tan.

********************** "Hey Cade, I'm going to jump into the shower real quick while the grill is going." "Want me to help with that?" He winks as I step inside the RV. I gather all of the essential items for a nice long shower. Dropping my towel to the floor I reach up and untie the strings to my bikini.

My perky C cup breast spring free, and my pink upturned nipples harden instantly from the rush of cold air hitting them. I tweak my right nipple and moan from how sensitive it is. Running my hands down my flat stomach I pull the strings on both sides of my bikini bottoms causing the small piece of fabric to fall to the floor.

Moving my right hand over my trimmed pubic hair, I slowly travel down into my soft velvety folds of my labia. I surprised myself by finding how wet I was. Sliding my middle finger through my hot pink slit until my clit. I jumped at my own touch, and continued to circle my middle finger around the hardening little nub.

Moaning as the pleasure increases through my body. I use my left hand to tweak my left nipple. Rolling the tip between my thumb and forefinger and pulling with every shot of pleasure.

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Leaning back against the sink counter, I move my fingers from my sensitive clit to my fuck hole. I enter my middle finger first. Feeling it slide easily, through my juices, all the way to the knuckle as my tight walls squeeze, molding to the shape of my finger. Removing my finger from my cunt I immediately replaced it with two.

Working them in and out to my knuckles. My juices slicked down my thighs as I was close to giving myself an orgasm. My left hand leaves my hard nipples, and begins flicking and circling my clit.

My right hand works faster finger fucking my cunt with two fingers. A bead of sweat forms on my forehead, and works its way down over my lips, off my chin, and splatters on my swollen breast.

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Moaning in immense pleasure, I feel the walls of my vagina contract around my fingers as I climax in an orgasm. I drop both of my hands away from my quivering pussy, and ride out the waves of pleasure I had just given myself. Feeling my female juices flow from my virgin cunt.


Taking my slick fingers I slide them up my slit one last time before I touch them to my tongue. I taste my sweet cream as I clean my fingers of my white cum.


Taking my fingers out of my mouth I pick up my toiletries and turn on the water to the shower. I step inside, and began to clean away the vaginal juices the had made it down to my knees. I clean my body, and think about the ways of how I could seduce Cade into taking my virginity this weekend.


End of part one.