Jugando Con Mi Boxers Ajustado

Jugando Con Mi Boxers Ajustado
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I placed a platter of cheese, fruit, crackers, and cream cheese on the table and she started eating, trying hard to conceal how hungry she is. I returned to sit where I was, knowing that in squirming around on the recliner, her short skirt had ridden up on her smooth, creamy thighs and a hint of black panties is apparent. Natalie is Russian Canadian from a wealthy Canadian family and estranged from her Russian husband.

She is a former Miss World and a enterprising business woman. We talked for about an hour about her situation, her financial mess, and it is as bad as she said, and her family background. " My family won't even talk to me any more because they feel like all I need them for is more money and it's been that way for awhile so I don't really blame them. I keep telling them it will get better but it's a lie and they all know it.

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My sister and brother are really successful but I don't exist in their world. Mom and dad are very wealthy both are very successful in business. They are tired of pretending they had any hopes or dreams for me." I sat for a few minutes, watching her nibble at the food that is on her plate and sip at the wine that is doing a good job of loosening her tongue. " Natalie, I can help you, and I'm willing to do that, but there are some conditions that you may find offensive or intrusive.

You might want to discuss this with Trish and have her tell you about my quirks and requirements. I'll give you the money for your business venture tonight so that is no longer a problem." " She wouldn't tell me much," she replied, " just that I had to trust you and believe in you." " That's true," I replied, " and the trust must be complete. That doesn't sound like much but it isn't as simple as it sounds. You have to be prepared to do whatever I tell you without argument. That doesn't mean you can't ask questions, only that the outcome must be the same in the end.

If, at any point, you decide I'm asking too much or demanding too much of you, you can leave, and our relationship will end without bitterness or bad feelings on my part.

Does that make sense to you?" She is squirming around in the chair more now and the black panties are easily seen. With my knowledge of panties, I decide that she is wearing either hi thigh cut panties or brief bikinis. " What kind of things do you demand of me?" " We'll discuss that as time goes on IF you decide to work with me to change your life.

Think about it, talk about it with Trish, whatever you want to do, but before I can give you any more money, we have to be in agreement on my conditions." " Can't you give me some idea of what you demand?" she asks. " Yes, if you really think you are willing to trust me." " I have to, Mr.

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Malone. I don't have a choice." " You always have choices, Natalie. Always! You just have to be sure the choices you make are going to benefit you and that you can live with your choices." " All right," she said. " I'll try, Mr. Malone." " First of all, my name is John, not Mr. Malone. We have to be comfortable with each other and I'm not comfortable being called Mr.

Malone." " All right, John." " Stand up, Natalie," I ordered. She pushes the table away from her and stood slowly. " Now go over to stand by the television." She walks over turning to face me.

"Are you sure about this now, Natalie?" She shrugs her shoulders but finally mutters a hesitant yes. " Remove your clothing, Natalie," I order. " What?" she asks, amazed at the order. " Remove your clothing," I repeat. " All of it, and place it on the chair next to you." " I didn't realize." she begins. " I know that, Natalie, listen to what I'm saying. I'm going to repeat it one more time. You must be able to trust me completely and do exactly what I tell you to.

If you choose not to do it, you may leave and I will still invest. I will not touch you tonight and I will not come over to where you are.

I just want you to remove all of your clothing right now." Her hands are shaking as she slowly begins to strip and I begin to get hard.

When she got down to her bra and panties, I had her stop and stand with her legs slightly spread and her arms away from her sides. " Turn slowly for me, Natalie," I requested. If I got much harder than I'm right now I'd have to have it treated in the emergency room.

She turns slowly and I'm absorbed in the study of her beautiful body, with small, very firm breasts, and an ass that is rock solid and high, with the most beautiful swell to it.

" Now the bra and panties," I order. I see the stress in her movements but this is a necessary step if I'm to achieve my goals. Now she stood there, completely naked and absolutely beautiful.

I knew that I had to possess that body at some point but it would take time and patience or I'd lose the chance. " Turn your back to me, Natalie," I order.

When she had done so, I gave her an order that I knew would test her willingness to cooperate. " Bend over, please." " Oh god, this is so embarrassing," she mumbles, but she did as ordered. " Now reach back and grasp both cheeks of your ass and spread them apart, please." " Oh my god," she said, loud enough to be heard plainly, but she did as I said and I got a good look at her pussy, pink and inviting, and the puckered button of her anus, just as pink and beautiful as can be.

It is all I can do to keep from throwing her to the floor and taking her right then. " You may dress now, Natalie," I said, unwillingly, and not without a great deal of regret.

When she is dressed, I had her sit down again. "That is the type of thing you must be prepared to accept, Natalie. I didn't touch you, and I didn't threaten you.

I never lie, and I never do anything without your knowledge. I will not physically damage or emotionally abuse you at any time. Now, I want you to take your money, invest it and take some time to think about this.

I can help you, just as I helped Trish, but you absolutely must give me your complete trust." " I can't cheat on my husband," she replies. " That is a subject for discussion later," I said. " I want you to call me the next time you need more money if you want to proceed but be sure, Natalie, be very sure.

I am prepared to slowly guide you through some financial steps to guarantee you a successful business, happier life but not without benefit to both of us. I will tell you this, right now. You have to decide what roll, if any, your husband will play in your life when you no longer need his financial help." I went over and lift her to her feet. " Thank you for trusting me, Natalie. I will never abuse your trust. Now go home and get some rest. Don't worry about anything and don't think about our possible relationship, if it should come to pass.

Right now, you have to get some sleep and eat better. You need to think about yourself more and stop letting the problems get to you. There is help for you.more than you could possibly know." I hug her tightly, the warmth of her breasts pressing into my chest.

I know for a fact that she feels the hardness in my slacks but she didn't give any indication that she had. When she is gone, I turn off all the lights, strip naked, and lay back on the couch to get relief from the pressures of desires gone wild, then fell asleep right there with my cock in my hand.

I didn't hear from her for almost three weeks but I knew it is inevitable, I just had to be patient. When she finally did call, I could tell she had been crying by the soft hiccups that she couldn't stop.

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She is being hurt and hurt bad and she had no where else to turn. I had the edge, I knew from past experiences that I'd need to go slow. very slow to accomplish my goals for this woman.

" Take your time," I advise, as she tries to talk and cry at the same time. " Tell me what happened." " My estranged husband is angry I got the money from you for my business." " How did he know that?" " I left it in my purse, in an envelope, while I went to take a shower. While I was gone, he took it and left." "Are you at home?" I ask. " Yes," she sobs. " What is the nearest intersection to your home?" I ask.

" Wood and Galvin," she replies. " I'll be there in about twenty minutes," I replied. " I'll pick you up on the corner and we'll go to the bank." Twenty minutes later, I see her standing on the corner in white shorts that showed off her long legs beautifully, and a halter top that enhanced rather than conceal.

When she got in the car, she leans in and I got a good look at those breasts I remember all too well. " Good God John," she finally complains, " How do you expect me to pay you back for all this?" " We'll discuss that Friday night.

Be there by six and I'll have dinner ready. What will you tell your estranged husband?" " He will be back in Russia to care by that time." she replies. She left in the cab I called, a happy woman, and I drove off, a very satisfied man with an erection that is growing by the second.

Friday night, I had steaks on the grill along with some grilled vegetables and a salad. We ate on the patio without discussing the cost she is to pay until everything is cleaned up and taken care of. I motion for her to come stand close to me, which she reluctantly did. " You have the choice whether to proceed or not," I stated. Should you choose not to, the cost of the bank loan and the insurance and inventory will be made into a contract which you will have to pay off.

It will take a long time but you'll be able to make them. Our arrangement will end right now and we will part as friends. It is time for you to make a commitment one way or the other." Natalie has not had sex for the last four months and is apprehensive about this arrangement.

I took Natalie to the bedroom having her undress and lay on the bed. I lean over her breasts, nipping each one as my stubble teases them erect. Natalie purrs in satisfaction reaching for me. She rolls over onto her stomach to kiss me, I grab both of her wrists forcing them down onto the bed. Raking my nails lightly down her back as I straddle her upper thighs wrapping her thick black hair around my free wrist.

I pull it tight, making Natalie gasp as her eyes water. I lean down placing my mouth on her neck, whispering to her. " I've been waiting for you to accept my offer," I murmur.

" I need to be satisfied tonight." " Apparently. Now let me up. I need to leave." I turn my wrist just enough to tighten her hair enough for her to realize she isn't going anywhere. Not until I'm done. She tenses. What kind of 'satisfaction' did he need exactly? She'd known me for less then a year and when her Russian husband abandoned her in New York, she had contacted Trish for help. Trish knew I was in New York and she called me explaining the situation.

Natalie knew my reputation and is working up the courage to let me know she had not had sex for a while. She is craving forcefulness now.

The way I'm keeping her forced down on the mattress, not enough to harm her, but enough to know she couldn't get away made her feel feminine and helpless. She feels my hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks and moans. I flex my hips, shoving it more forcefully against her. " You like that don't you? You like it rough.

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Don't you?" I pull hard enough on her hair to cause her to cry out, then moan. " Tell me what I want to hear. Now!" " Yes. Yes! Yes, I like it." Natalie rasps. " Please," " Please, what?" " Please, more.,"she feels the slick wetness between her thighs and wants more.

She can't believe I'm doing this. Treating her this way. Her insides burn and quiver. Oh God. I'm going to fuck her. Really fuck her. She moans in relief. I ease back pressing her knees apart so I can move between them. I let go of her hair and roughly grab her waist, pulling her back onto her knees, leaving her face down on the pillow.

Gripping my hard cock in one hand I rub the tip of it back and forth across her dripping cunt, causing her to squirm, a muffled moan coming from the pillow.

I pause pulling her back up against my chest, whispering against her neck, " You like being treated rough, don't you? You like it hard. Rough. You want to feel my big hard cock inside you?" My eyes were dark, " Dirty." She feels my teeth graze her with each rasping word. Her eyes closed, she shudders as I pinch her nipples hard. Grunting, she twists out of my arms turning enough to reach my mouth with hers. She mashes her lips against mine, teeth grinding against me until I open my mouth, tongues dancing madly.

She sucks on my lips, my tongue. Tasting me. She growls into my mouth, frantically needing me inside her.


I shove her down on the bed spreading her legs ramming my hard cock into her to the hilt. She screams " OMG, Your so big. Oh God your hurting me," I slam her fast, hard and deep, causing the bed to slam against the wall. Natalie spreads her legs as wide as she can to let me fuck her as deep and hard as I can, screaming. " AAAAAAAhhhhhhh.AAAAAAAhhhhhhhh." Her body heaving and bucking with every thrust. Her cunt contracting trying to accomidate my big cock. Slowly sheathing and unsheathing my cock with every stroke.

I feel her beginning to cum but I'm not done with her yet. Slamming my cock all the way into her as her orgasm rips through her. As she slowly recovers I pull my cock out of her. Natalie blinks looking back at me, " Wha.what's wrong? Where are you going?" " Shhh.shhhh. I'm not going anywhere," I smile at her and standing up standing in front of her.

" I want you to lie down over here with your head hanging off the edge." I position Natalie with her head hanging off the foot of the bed and I stood behind her, " Now open your mouth. Good. Good." I push into her hot wet mouth. I groan and start pumping into her welcoming heat. Every time she sucks on me I moan, thinking of her tasting her own juices. She took me in all the way to my balls, licking it.

I force her head back more, leaning over her, my hands on each side of her waist gripping the bed. Fucking her mouth. When I open my eyes I see her beneath me fingering herself frantically.

I lean forward as far as I can licking her. She screams around my cock, vibrating on my balls, nearly causing me to cum. I suck her clit, licking it with my tongue, thrusting my fingers roughly inside her. In and out with my fingers. Climbing back between her spread legs I slam my cock in and out like a piston. I feel my balls tightening with every thrust deep in her. Her pussy tightens around my cock as another orgasm rips through her, causing her to arch taking me all the way into her.

She lay there, head hanging off the bed, lips swollen, and eyes glazed with passion. I smile wickedly.

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My balls are so tight they hurt. I need to cum, I want to be in her, deep in her, when I came. I drag myself away from her tight pussy and situate myself in place to enter her from behind.

I pull her relaxed body until Natalie is on her hands and knees on the floor in front of me, her round ass sticking up in the air. I drop to my knees behind her placing the tip of my throbbing cock against the tight ass. I shudder as her tight ass envelopes me to the hilt. I plunge into her, feeling Natalie's ass clenches tighter with each thrust into it. She rocks back into me, meeting my every thrust with her own. I draw her up until she is flush against me, wrapping one arm around her waist, the other pinching her nipple, twisting it.

She whimpers, not sure if it is from pleasure or not. I buried my face in Natalie's neck, " You love it when I fuck you from behind. You want it hard don't you? Fast. You love me fucking you." My words rasping against the back of her neck sending chills throughout her.

Every time I said the word fuck she clenches and bucks against me until she is writhing and mouthing the word as she fingers herself. I place my hand over hers, moving it faster and faster until she arches back screaming her release. I'm panting as I thrust once, twice, again. I grab her hair, pulling her head to the side and bite Natalie's neck. She shudders as she feels me blasting into her.

The throbbing and jerking of my cock as I came sending tremors throughout her. We collapse our bodies covered with sweat gasping for breath. My cock still buried in her tight ass.