Emo twink Curtis Mitchell plays with his big cock all alone

Emo twink Curtis Mitchell plays with his big cock all alone
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Chapter 1 A musty atmosphere of neglect pervaded the subbasement of University Library. The books on the shelves were covered in a fine layering of dust. There were dim lights over the small study cubicles at the end of each aisle between the towering shelves. The lights produced only enough illumination for the top of the desks, leaving the surrounding stacks and central walkway shrouded in a perpetual twilight.

I had finally found the copy of the 15th century text I needed for my research on the influence of druidic practices on early Celtic society. However, the intricacy of the cover of the neighboring book drew my attention and I brought it along to the desk for better inspection under the light. The cover was real leather and there were no words on the outside. Just some intricate designs worked into the dark brown leather.

It also lacked the fine coating of dust that seemed to cover everything else down here. As I opened the book I felt a strange buzzing in my head that quickly passed.

I shrugged it off as I saw the text on the first page. The letters appeared to be actually handwritten, but were legible. However, the language was not one I recognized. There was no discernable publisher, publishing date, table of contents, or page numbers. I couldn't even figure out if there was a title.

I started turning the thick pages unable to interpret the words. I came to a drawing of what appeared to be demons or evil appearing satyrs with grotesquely large phalluses in all manor of sexual activities.

Curiously the surrounding scenery did not appear Grecian but Gaelic. On the opposite page was a traditional occult diagram of a five-sided star surrounded by a pentagram surrounded by a circle. There were words at each corner of the star and two lines of text at the bottom of the page. I leafed through the rest of the pages but this appeared to be the only artwork. I turned back to the drawing and diagram. The realism and perspective of the figures in the drawing belied the apparent age of the text.

The figures appeared so real the drawing almost looked like a black and white photograph. Paige would love this. With her fascination with the occult she would enjoy trying to figure out the diagram and the language's origin. I decided to trace the diagram's intricate design onto a page in my notebook. Once I was done I copied the words at the five corners and the two lines of text from the bottom of the page.

I put the book back on the shelf and went back to the work I had come down here to do. That night in my dorm room while I was getting ready for bed, I noticed my notebook on my desk was open to the strange diagram I had traced. I walked over in my boxer shorts and sat down at my desk.

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I still couldn't make out what the words meant. Perhaps if I sounded them out, their meaning would become clear… I tried to phonetically pronounce the words at the corners of the star and then read the two lines at the bottom of the page. They still didn't make any sense.

I gave up, turned off the light and climbed into bed. The erotic dream started with Paige slowly caressing my back and buttocks. The caressing transitioned into an incredibly gentle massage starting at my neck and shoulders and running down my back.

My butt cheeks were being massaged apart and I spread my legs and raised my rear as her hand reached underneath me from behind to stroke my erection. Her hand was very warm and felt wonderful as I started to slowly thrust into her hand as she started jerking me off. A huge long warm and moist tongue started playing over my testicles and anus.

It felt fantastic. No one had ever licked me there before. I never knew how sensual it felt. As her hot hand was expertly running up and down my rigid penis, something started probing my anus. It snaked its way into my anal opening, and it started slowly expanding. Suddenly I had the urge to move my bowels, but I didn't care, as my attention was totally focused on my imminent orgasm. My penis was released as Paige suddenly grabbed my sides and jammed her hips against my butt.

I woke up to find myself with my rear in the air. Someone was grabbing my sides and hitting my butt. I jolted fully awake as I felt something expanding in my rectum and realized I was being f*****.

The cock in my butt was still expanding and was becoming painfully large. I thought I could actually feel it moving around in my guts like some kind of writhing python. I looked over my shoulder and my heart nearly stopped. One of the demon satyrs from the book I'd found this morning was screwing me with obvious delight.

He probably only stood about 3 feet high, but he was well proportioned. He appeared to be a conglomeration of animals. He had two bull's horns above his bovine ears. His face was a cross between a human and a goat. His upper torso and arms appeared to be human. His waist, and on down, was hidden by my body, but if it was consistent with the picture, he would have the legs of a goat, a tail of a bull, and a penis the size of a horse.

My shock wore off as I realized the cock in my guts was still expanding. I tried to stand up and fell off of the bed onto the floor as the little demon wrapped his arms around my waist and planted his massive cock tightly into my rump.

With the help of my desk, I managed to stand up with him firmly clasped to my backside and his legs wrapped around my hips. His tail whipped up between my legs and with the dexterity of a monkey's tail corkscrewed around my penis and started milking me. I tried to pull it off of my cock without success. His tail was like a soft steel coil. I tried to pry his arms from around my waist, but again I failed. He was amazingly strong. My rectum was on fire and still the bastard's cock continued to grow.

I could actually see my abdomen move as his monstrous penis slithered through my intestines causing my stomach to cramp. I slammed my back into the wall to try to crush him.

All this did was push him harder into my rectum, and his horns stabbed into the muscles of my back. I pitched forward trying to get away from the pointed horns and ran into my desk. I could see the drawing in my open notebook. It was glowing. The lines appeared to be written with florescent ink.

I grabbed the paper and tore it in half. A flash of light blinded me and an electrical shock shot up my arms making them tingle. The demon's tail stopped jerking me off and uncoiled to slide limply off my unbelievably erect cock.

He let go of my waist and hips and fell heavily onto the floor with a thud. Despite lying on the floor and me still standing his cock was still in my guts. I quickly stepped away from him before he could recover. This ended up pulling about another foot of cock out of my rectum.

His gargantuan snake of a penis plopped wetly onto the floor like an empty fireman's hose. It was at least four feet long. I grabbed a pitching wedge out of my golf bag against the wall, and holding the club like a baseball bat, walked slowly over to his still prone form.

He didn't seem to be recovering very fast. In fact he appeared to be barely breathing. As I approached he slowly turned his head towards me and spoke. "Opening the portal an invitation makes. Cut off from Aether's vitality, withering does commence. Forever be you cursed for this deed most evil." He paused to draw a ragged breath. "When next you gaze upon a creature not your kind, its purpose you shall have.

But three suns you have to gather into yourself that creature's seed, or that creature's kind be yours." His pupils started to reflect an eerie reddish glow as he looked up at me.

I was viciously erect. I blinked and my ears suddenly popped. When I looked back down at the little demon he was not on the floor anymore. I ran to the light switch on the wall and turned on the overhead light.

Using the golf club I lifted the covers on my bed up to look under the bed from a safe distance. Nothing there. I checked under my desk and then carefully opened my closet. He wasn't anywhere in my room. I sat down in my chair as my arms and legs started shaking as the adrenaline rush slowly passed.

My back and rear end were aching. I got up and looked at my back in the mirror over my dresser. There were two puncture wounds, but they weren't bleeding anymore and didn't appear too serious. My anus was another matter. I couldn't see my rectum, so I put my hand to it.

I was wide open. I could fit my fist into my asshole. If I squeezed down, I could barely feel my sphincter tighten. I put on some underwear and then wrapped a towel around myself and went down the hall to the shower.

I took a long hot shower and gently cleaned my backside. It seemed that my anus was slowly contracting and returning to normal. Once back in my room, I took the pieces of paper with the diagram on it back to the restroom and tore them into smaller pieces as I flushed them down the toilet. Feeling satisfied I had prevented him from coming back I went back to my room and lay down on my bed with the lights on. I didn't think I would be able to fall asleep, but I was so exhausted I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 2 When my alarm started buzzing I reflexively jumped out of bed, turned it off, wrapped a towel around my waist, and with my eyes barely open I marched off to the shower with my shampoo and soap. I didn't wake up enough to remember what had happened until I got in the shower. It seemed like some sort of horrible nightmare. But I could feel the wounds on my back and my anus burned and still felt very loose.

What was that thing? I've got to find someone to translate that book. Paige would know what language it is and who could translate it. I finished my shower, got dressed and, skipping my first class, went to the main library. I found the same stacks where I had checked out my book on ancient druidic lore, but I couldn't find the leather bound book anywhere.

I checked several stacks but it was nowhere to be found. I described the book to a librarian to see if anyone could have checked it out, but without a title, author or even a subject he couldn't help me. Now what? I had already missed my lecture on Italian Renaissance architecture and I was about to be late for Dr.

Hoffman's seminar on 18th century British political science where attendance was part of the grade. I picked up my bookbag and sprinted across the Quad to Milton Hall. I sat down, but my mind kept wandering. I wasn't paying any attention to Dr. Hoffman as he started his rather dry discourse on the Enclosure Acts. I couldn't stop thinking about last night.

I noticed movement to my left and looked up to see Phil enter with his seeing-eye dog. He was a beautiful and very likable German Shepherd Dog named Schultz. The dog always made instant friends for Phil wherever he went. Phil had told me that Schultz was out of old Soviet bloodlines. He had explained to me that one of the things the Soviets did right was to keep alive the original intent of the German Shepherd Dog, which was to be a strong and powerful, but agile and intelligent, multipurpose dog.

To that end, Schultz was very powerfully built. He had strong front legs, nearly as big around as my wrist in the pastern area, just above his paws. His head was wider than any other German Shepherd I'd ever seen before, but beautifully proportioned.

He stood up tall on his paws and walked proudly, unlike the drooping rear end of the Americanized German Shepherds that you usually see. And, despite his 90 lb muscular build, he was nimble, quick and light on his feet, which really showed when we threw a ball or Frisbee for him in the Quad, between classes. And Schultz's intelligence was amazing. Even though he was blind, Phil had taught him all kinds of tricks and other tasks, beyond his normal duties as a seeing-eye dog.

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Schultz seemed to always be looking for some new way to help or please Phil. He was truly a magnificent specimen, putting to shame the Americanized, AKC style German Shepherds usually seen in this country. Just as I noticed Shultz, and was going to reach out to pet him, a terrible pain struck me in my groin, which doubled me over and took my breath away. It was like being punched in the lower gut and kicked in the balls at the same time.

I gripped the edges of my desk as the pain slowly subsided somewhat. I felt sort of sick to my stomach and got up to go to the restroom. Schultz looked at me with concern in his eyes, with his head tilted to the side, as he often did when we were talking to him.

Due to the pain, I couldn't quite stand up fully erect as I walked out of the classroom and down the hall to the restroom. I sat down on the toilet in one of the stalls. I pulled my sweatpants down to see what was hurting. A pitiful little moan escaped my mouth as I looked down in shock at my genitals. They weren't human. They had been transformed somehow into what looked like a dog's cock.

My pubic hair was gone and in its place was a soft tan fur. It was covering most of the sides of my scrotum, but the lower part of my ball sack was much more sparsely covered. And the pigment of the skin on my scrotum was now dark charcoal gray/black.

My penis was encased in a fur-covered sheath, which extended to within an inch or two of my navel. The skin was also dark colored right around the opening to my new sheath. I put a tentative finger into the sheath and quickly withdrew it as I felt it touch the tip of my penis.

My dick felt alien somehow. I tried to pull the sheath of skin down but it was firmly attached to my abdomen. However, the manipulation caused an erection. I was even more shocked as a moist pink piece of flesh grew out of the sheath. My dick was deformed. It was about the same diameter as it should be but it was pointed at the tip and my glans was missing.

Then I noticed a bulge just inside of the sheath. I pulled down on the skin and the bulge popped out. "My God !", I thought. "I've got a knot like a dog!!!" This caused my dick to become fully erect and the bulge to expand. It looked like my penis had swallowed a large lemon or apple or something as it bulged at the base. This is what a dog's dick looks like! When it finally stopped growing, it was much longer and thicker than it had ever been before, and I had been amply blessed before.

My mind reeled. I reached down to touch it. "OH SHIT!!" It was unbelievably sensitive. I could hardly stand the feeling of just my fingertip gently touching it. There was no way I could stand to actually grasp it around the end or on the shaft. I tentatively touched the knot. Ok, that was better. I found that I could touch my penis and hold onto it at the knot. The knot was as hard as a rock and now almost softball sized. My emotions, plus the new feelings in my groin and abdomen, were so overwhelming that I nearly passed out.

I hung onto the toilet tissue dispenser with my left hand and braced my right hand against the other side of the stall. What was happening? What the hell am I going to do?

It must be tied into what happened last night somehow. What was it the demon said? Something about the next time I saw a creature "not your kind" its "purpose you shall have"? Shultz was the first creature not of my kind I had seen since last night. But why did I have a dog's cock. If I was to have Shultz's purpose, it would be to see for the blind. This doesn't make any sense. And it's not possible. But it's real. How do I reverse it? What if I can't change it back?

Questions were whirling too fast for my mind to process. I had to slow down and take a deep calming breath. I've got to get help. I doubt a doctor would know what to do. It's not like this is a disease. I'll tell Paige. But what will she think of me? It dawned on me that she would probably think it was neat. She really likes animals, and always took time to pet or play with Schultz when she saw him and Phil.

But what if she's repulsed? I can't think of anyone else I can trust. Maybe she's read something in her studies of the occult that could help. While I was thinking, my knot had shrunk and my cock had retreated into my sheath. I pulled my sweatpants back up and quietly retrieved my bookbag from Dr.

Hoffman's seminar. Schultz looked at me with a questioning and even concerned look as I passed by him. I made my way to Bradley Hall and waited for Paige to come out of her Germanic Philosophy seminar. When I saw her emerge from the classroom in a knot of other grad students I called out to her. She wove her way over to me and grinned.

"Scott! How's my little 'beast' doing?" "Please, not now." I groaned. "I thought you were spending all of your free time working on your druidic chapter for your thesis.

What's wrong? You look upset." "Paige.I've got to tell you something." A lump formed in my throat choking off my words. I leaned against the wall to try to regain my composure.


How do I tell her? She put her hand on my shoulder. "Scott, what's wrong? Is something wrong with your parents.your brother.your sisters.?" I shook my head. "Paige, there's nothing wrong with my parents, brother or sisters. I need somewhere where we can talk in private." She recognized my serious anxiety. "Let's go to my office." She suggested.

We walked into the next building where the philosophy grad students were given small offices, which were probably converted broom closets. The office was barely big enough for a desk and two chairs, but it would do. Paige listened attentively while I told her about the strange book and about how I had copied the pentagram. "Then I pronounced the words phonetically, but I still couldn't figure them out or even get a sense of the language's origins. Now it really gets bizarre." I told her about how the demon appeared.

I couldn't bring myself to tell her what he did to me, so I left that part out. "I panicked and tore the paper with the pentagram. This seemed to hurt the demon somehow and I think he cursed me before he disappeared." She had listened without saying a word.

Then she smirked. "Well, it's not April Fools. Are you serious? Do you expect me to believe you actually conjured a demonic force in your room last night?" She looked me straight in the eyes. My vision started to blur as tears started to form in my eyes. I looked down and wiped my eyes. "I'm totally serious. It really happened and I wasn't hallucinating or dreaming or any thing like that." She digested this for a minute, perhaps still trying to figure out if I was joking. "We should get that book.

We can go to the library right now." I shook my head. "I was already there and the book is gone. And there is no way of finding out if it was checked out because I don't know the title, author or even the God-damn subject.

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In fact, I just remembered there wasn't even a call number on the spine of the book." "All right, I can do some research and see if I can find it through cross referencing.

But why are you so upset?

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The demonic force is gone, right? You said he disappeared." "I'm pretty sure he's gone." "Then what's wrong?" "The curse.I think it is real." I stopped. I was too embarrassed to continue.

She asked. "What was the curse? Tell me how it was worded." "Well, the grammar and syntax were unusual. He said something about if I see a creature not of my kind then. I would have its purpose." I looked up to see her reaction. She didn't react much at all. "'A creature not of your kind.' Could mean any non-human animal. The 'have its purpose' is a little vague. What do you think it means?" I tentatively asked.

"Do you think it could be referring to the primal instinct of procreation?" "That could certainly be one interpretation. It could also refer to the primal instinct of self preservation among other things. It's too vague to tell for sure." I hesitated. "I'm afraid my guess is probably the correct one." I was still having trouble getting it out.

"What do you mean?" "I've been changed. Physically changed." "I still don't get it. Changed how? What's different?" "Substitute 'cock' for 'purpose'." Paige thought a second. Then her eyes widened and she grinned. "You mean the 'little beast' is really a little beast?" When I didn't laugh she said.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Well, what kind of animal did you see?" "Schultz.Phil's seeing eye-dog." "So we'll have to call him little Schultzie?" She chuckled.


"I don't know why you think this is funny." I was starting to get pissed at her lack of compassion and seriousness. She put on a serious face but her annoying mirth was bubbling just under the surface. "I'm sorry. Okay, then show me." Despite my irritation at her, I stood up and slowly untied my sweatpants. I let them fall around my ankles. I lifted my shirt up.

The irritating grin she had worn since we started this conversation suddenly disappeared. Her expression changed to one of amazement and disbelief. She reached over and gingerly touched my sheath, and then touched it again. Her mouth dropped open. "Oh my God. It's real! What happened?" I dropped my shirt. "What do you mean 'what happened'? I just told you what happened." She lifted my shirt back up and touched my sheath again.

Then she cupped my low-hanging, fur-covered scrotum in her hand, and lifted it up to look underneath. She pulled on the fur and skin of my sheath.

I couldn't help myself, but feeling her stroke my genitals started getting me hard and my pointed penis started emerging from my sheath. She paused and then touched my penis. I sucked in my breath at the feel of her touch.

I was ashamed about becoming erect and the strange appearance of my genitals. I stepped back as far as her tiny office would allow, and bent over to pull my sweatpants back up. She seemed disappointed.

"Don't be embarrassed. This is exciting. Are there any other changes?" I froze. I hadn't even thought about that possibility. I did a quick mental check patting my hands over my body. "No, at least I don't think so." I relaxed a little at not finding any other changes.

"What I need to know is how to change back." She rolled her eyes. "I haven't a clue. Though there's usually a recipe to save the afflicted outlined within the curse itself. Was there any more to the curse? Did he say anything else?" "Now that you mention it, there was a second part. Let me think&hellip. Something about sun and seed.three suns.I have three suns to get a creature's seed, or something will happen.

There was one last part.

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Oh right, the last part was 'or that creature's kind be yours'." "Three suns is obviously a deadline. You have three days to get a creature's seed or you will become that creature. According to the terms of the curse you change into a dog in three days if you don't get a dog's seed. Seed must refer to either the ovum or sperm, but which, and what do we do with it once we get it?"