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"Baby, you ready to go?" Logan asked as he grabbed his bags. "Of course I am, my sodding idiot." I said with a smile as I walked past him out to the car. "You know, you can't call me that while we're in England. People will think you're yelling at me." He followed me to the car and loaded it up.

"Of course I know that you sodding idiot. I am just using it as much as I can before we go. It is on my ring after all." I said with a big smile and kissed him before getting in the car. "See that last one didn't sound like a pet name. That one sounded like you were really insulting me." "Well maybe playfully but not bad." I laughed as Randy started to drive us to the airport.

We were headed for London for the week so Logan could meet with his new employer and finalize everything and so we could look for places to live. We told Randy the night Logan proposed and my parents the next day.

Now, a week later, we were ready to make our plans to move and then make plans to officially get married.

It was a quick and hectic situation rushing into moving to another country but this trip was just to set things up before actually moving. ******************************************************* "LOGAN!

ZAC!" was the scream we heard upon exiting the plane and walking out to baggage claim. "Hey!" Logan said back. Susan ran over to us and gave Logan and me a huge hug and kiss. Nate was right behind her and gave us both a big hug "Welcome to the family brutha," he said as he hugged me.

We got caught up on everthing going on. We told them about finishing school and how Logan proposed and they told us how they were both living in London as well and that their dad was very happy to hear about the news.

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"How's mum?" Logan asked. "Who cares? Don't worry about her." Nate said angrily as he drove the car to our hotel. "She's fine but still isn't getting any better about you two. Nate tried talking to her a couple more times but refuses to speak to her anymore." Susan tried to explain Nate's frustration.

"Da is great though and you really shouldn't be upset about it. She's stubborn but still loves ya. This is a happy time. Let's go out tonight and have some fun." "Oh I'm not worried. This is a happy time and I'm not going to get upset anymore over her ignorance.

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I'm sure we'd love to go out but I'm tired and think I'd rather just unpack and relax tonight and go out tomorrow. If that's alright with you guys?" Logan replied. "Whatever you want babe, I'm kind of tired too." I answered and they nodded their heads and dropped us off until the next day.

******************************************************************** "How did it go?" I asked as Logan walked into the restaurant.

I was with Susan and Nate having lunch while Logan met with his new bosses. "Great. I'll be starting work In mid January so we have plenty of time to move and relax before I start." Logan said as he slid a piece of paper in front of me. "Woah!

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What's this?" I asked. "My signing bonus for coming out here. Now, I can still turn this down and take the check back. Are you sure you want to do this?" "I'm positive Logo." I said with a smile. He continued to explain what they offered him. He was making six figures per year right away and his signing bonus was on top of that.

It was more than enough to put a down payment on a house or to buy an apartment or whatever we decided on. That meant the money we had would now be used to furnish the place and once we got back to the States we could sell Logan's car and use that money to buy a new one in London. Everything was working out even better than planned. Logan also told me that they were able to get me dual citizenship through their connections so that there wouldn't be an issue with my living in England.

They also said that if I was interested, I could work for them as well in their pro shop store. They would pay to have me take any classes or training I needed to eventually run their store and manage sales.

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I was in shock. I had a degree in business but I wasn't qualified for that. I suddenly realized how much of a big shot Logan must be at what he does for them to be so impressed with him to offer all these other things to get him. "So you want to do this for sure? Because they want me to sign the contract tomorrow." "Sign it baby. Sign it and let's do this. It's your dream job and they really want you here.

Plus it looks like I just got a job too." I laughed and he kissed me as we had decided to really do this. "Alright, I will sign it tomorrow, but in the mean time we have a meeting with a realtor in twenty minutes. We can look at some places and hook back up with you guys tonight and go out, ok?" He looked at his siblings who nodded in approval and we left to meet the realtor. We walked a few blocks to a real estate office and a woman was waiting there for us. We did our introductions and she began asking us about what we were looking for.

"So, I was told to find you whatever you two are looking for and really show off the city to hook you on London." "Really, they hired you too?" I asked in astonishment. "Yes, well I usually find players places to live so they want to stay with the team or join the team, but I also sometimes help executives find homes as well.

For you two I was asked to give you the same treatment." She explained as I sat back in amazement. "So what do you think you'd be interested in? A house, apartment, inside the city, outside the city?" "I guess we haven't really thought about that yet. What do you think, Zac?" "I think a house would be nice but is that really available in the city?" "Well most of the nicer homes we'd be looking at would be found in various neighborhoods in or near the city or just outside of the London area.

So it depends how close you would like to be to work or to the center of the city?" "I think it'd be nice to live close to work and in the city, but we could take a look at some of both." I said and Logan smiled in agreement. "Ok then I'll pull some homes out for us to visit and see what you think. Also, I think for inside the city, I have a few really great apartments that you might prefer." "Sounds great." Logan said as he looked at a couple folders she handed us.

"Now, how many rooms are you looking at?" "Um, not sure." I replied totally clueless over these questions that seem pretty standard. "Well, we'll look at places with one master bed and bath then it depends what you want after that? Maybe you'd like an office, a guest room or two? Do you see children in your future or maybe you are looking for something smaller now and maybe something bigger down the road?" "Wow, that's a lot more to think about than I thought." Logan looked over at me sitting back in my seat, "Are you ok baby?" He paused.

"Um, could we have a moment to look at some of these and talk about it?" He asked her. "Absolutely, I'll go and get us all some tea and be back in a few minutes. Take your time. It's a big decision." She stood up and walked out of her office. "What's wrong baby?" Logan asked rubbing my back.

"Nothing, it's just a lot of stuff I never thought we'd be deciding so soon." "Is this because she mentioned kids?" "No. Well, yeah kinda." "Zac, if you don't want to have kids then that's ok." "No I do. I mean, if you want to. I don't know. This is just a lot to decide right now." "We're not deciding right now. It's just how many rooms we want. If we get a place with some extra rooms then we can have kids down the road or we could just make them guest rooms or offices or storage or game room or whatever we want.

We don't need to make a decision on kids right now." He assured me as he rubbed my back. "Ok, yeah that makes sense I just got a little overwhelmed is all.

Let's look at these places." She walked back in a few minutes later with a tray of tea, "Are we doing alright now?" "Yes I think we are. How about we look at some larger places and we'll decide what to do with the extra rooms later.

I don't think we plan to move again." Logan said for the both of us as I grabbed a cup of tea and relaxed a bit. She began showing us some really nice homes and apartments. We narrowed them down to five places, two houses and three apartments. "Perfect, there's still time today if you'd like to see two of these apartments and we can see the other places tomorrow?" "Sounds great, let's go." I said now feeling much better about everything.

The first apartment was nice but I didn't really like the building. It didn't have a very good view outside. We looked around the apartment and it did have an amazing kitchen and bathroom. We then went to the second apartment. "This one, I think you will really love. It has a great view of the city and is a bit bigger than the last one." She said as she unlocked and opened up the door. We walked in and I was ecstatic. "This is amazing!" "I knew you'd like it. Beautifully stained hard wood floors, very open living area, spacious kitchen with island and marble countertops, 5 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths, step out balcony and beautiful full length window out to the balcony with view of the city." She explained the details more and more but it wasn't necessary.

We walked through the apartment.


It had a huge master bedroom with master bathroom that had a giant tub with jets and a walk in shower with six different showerheads. The other bedrooms were smaller but really nice and perfect for an office, two guest bedrooms that share a bathroom, and another room that could be for kids in the future or like more private guest bedroom as it had it's own bathroom, and a basic bathroom that only had a toilet and sink.

The balcony wasn't too big but it was really nice and could fit a few chairs and end tables to sit out and look out onto the city. The view was beautiful and too good to pass up. The kitchen was giant and living room perfect with a fireplace. "This feels way too expensive.

I feel like this is a millionaire's home. Can we really afford this?" I asked. "Yeah, there must be a catch to this place?" Logan added. "No, I was given a price range by your potential employer and they gave me the go ahead on paying your initial down payment. You can buy this apartment and set up a payment on a loan that would be insured by the team and the down payment covered. Your salary would cover the monthly payments and if your partner here," she looked at me, "also works, then you will be able to live here quite comfortably." "Wait they offered to pay the down payment?" Logan asked.

"Yes, they are very eager to have you accept this position." "Um, will you excuse us for just a minute?" I asked politely as I walked Logan over to the balcony.

"Baby, is this for real? Can we really afford this place?" "I guess so. They said the realtor would take care of us and get us a great place, but I had no idea they would pay for the down payment and allow us to buy a place like this." "And you're positive that they are paying the down payment and that is separate from the signing bonus and we can really afford this place?" I raised my voice and asked across to the realtor.

"Yes sir, they would write the check and you could move in immediately if that's what you really wanted. The salary negotiated earlier would absolutely afford you this place and any other I show you." She assured me with a smile.

"Baby, I want this apartment." I said quietly to Logan with a huge smile. "It is amazing." "We don't even need to look at anyplace else, it couldn't possibly get any better than this. It's close to work; it's beautiful with plenty of space and has an amazing view. I want this place so much baby. Please Logan, can we live here?" I begged him as he looked out onto the balcony thinking. He looked at me with a smile, "If this is what you want then of course we can live here.

Your right, it's perfect and if it makes you happy then it's even better." He turned around and we walked back to the realtor. "We'll take it." "Wonderful.

There are a few things I should tell you before we sign anything. This isn't like a normal apartment where you pay monthly rent to live here.


You are buying it just like a house so it is yours. You will however, need to pay monthly service and membership fees for the building which covers many things including utilities. You will have one free parking space in the garage, but can also purchase a second one for a small extra fee each month.

All maintenance will be taken care of by the building management and is available 24/7 upon your request however after hours requests are an extra charge unless it's a major problem that needs immediate service like, electricity, broken window, flooding, or something like that.

Um, there is also a gym downstairs that you will have access to and for another extra charge there is a house keeping option for someone to come in and clean up once per week. They clean the floors and windows and take out the garbage and clean the bathrooms. They don't do dishes or laundry or make the bed as those are person things that you may like done a certain way. I believe that is everything you need to know, but I will also give you a folder of information about the building and the neighborhood." "Sounds fantastic." I said holding Logan's arm in excitement.

"So, are we decided here?" "I believe so." Logan said as he looked at me with a smile.

"Perfect. I will draw up the papers tonight and you two can come by tomorrow to sign and make arrangements to move in. I don't know if you would like to see the other places or just come in and sign?" "Nope, we want this one. I'll come in right after my meeting to sign my contract with the team." ***************************************************************** "Hey boys. How'd the meeting go? Did you see anyplace that you like?" Susan asked as we met up at a pub downtown.

"Yes you have to come see it tomorrow. It's amazing!" I blurted out. Logan ordered us a few drinks while the three of us went to get a table. "You mean you already found a place?" Susan asked as we walked. "Yes! We went to one place and it was nice but then we went to another and it was amazing.

It's huge and has wood floors and marble countertops, huge bedrooms and bathrooms, balcony and gorgeous view. We couldn't pass it up." I rambled on explaining all of the details as Logan sat down and passed out our drinks. "Baby, you could leave something out for them to see on their own." Logan said as I continued rambling. "Sorry I'm just really excited." "I just can't believe you already decided on a place." Susan said still in shock.

"Yeah how do you know this is the right place if you only went to one other apartment? Don't you think you're moving a bit fast?" Nate added. "Well, tomorrow I'll sign my contract and we can all go to the apartment to sign the papers and you'll see for yourselves." Logan replied confidently. "As long as you guys like it then great. So since you're going through this so quick, what else do you even need to do while you're here?" Nate asked.

"Well, the team has taken care of almost everything for us so we really don't have much else to do. We'll sign tomorrow and we can move in immediately so we will just have to make arrangements to move everything here and get situated but nothing we can actually do just yet." Logan explained.

We didn't stay out too late so that we could go sign his contract early and show Nate and Susan our new place. *********************************************************************** "This is crazy Logan." Nate exclaimed as he walked back into the living area after the tour. "Yeah, there's no way you can afford this place." Susan skeptically commented. "Hey, don't ruin it.

They can afford it if they say they can." Nate scowled. "You seem awfully excited we're getting this place, Nate." Logan laughed. "Well, my place is tiny so I wouldn't mind coming over here and spending time with my big brutha." "Oh so you plan to mooch off of us?" I laughed. "Well we'd love to have you over here whenever you'd like." "Well not whenever you'd like." Logan laughed. "He'd never leave if you tell him that." The realtor pulled out some papers and handed them to Logan, "I drew it all up last night for you both to sign.

You won't need to make any sort of payment until the beginning of the year." We signed off and were officially home. "Here is the number for a wonderful interior decorator. She can work with you if you have your own vision for what you'd like or she can give you several different ideas of her own if you aren't sure." She reached into her bag.

"Here are your keys. It's all yours now. I'll work out the payment with the team and I will be in touch to set up your payments starting next month. I do have other appointments so if there's nothing else I'll be on my way?" "I think that's it." I said looking at Logan.

"Yeah, thanks so much for all your help and we'll be in touch." Logan replied as he walked her out and closed the door.

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"This really is amazing you guys." Susan said as she stood by the balcony looking out at the city. *********************************************************** "Hello there! We spoke on the phone. I'm the designer." Logan opened the door to an incredibly enthusiastic and cheerful woman. "Hi, yes, I'm Logan and this is my fianc?ac." "Oh you two are adorable." She walked in and immediately started roaming the apartment "And this is wonderful.

You realtor sent the plans over to me so I could get a feel for my workspace but this is absolutely beautiful. So!


How are we feeling?" "Um, good." I attempted to answer wondering where she was going with this. "No, I mean how are we feeling about the design? What would you like to do here? What is your vision?" She asked me then turned and pointed to Logan, "or are you the man to talk to about design?" "Neither of us really have a vision that's kind of why we need you." Logan replied.

"Wow, well I'll be honest you are my first gay couple without a clue." She sighed and slapped her hands together "Alright, let's get started then, shall we?" She reached into her bag and pulled out a giant booklet and opened it up on the island in the kitchen.

"Let's get our starting point. What furniture, kitchenware, d?r, et cetera to you already have that you will be moving here?" "Well we have some random things here and there" I looked at Logan and tilted my head "but I suppose we could just get rid of all that there and just bring our clothes and stuff like that?" "Yeah, let's go ahead and start from zero." The decorator looked at both of us back and forth with a grin until we confirmed we were starting from scratch, "Perfect!" She was very excited and went off on a tear going through her giant book of ideas.

She bounced a thousand concepts off of us in a short amount of time. We walked from room to room as she went on about her vision. It was insane and I didn't understand a word of it even though I responded and somehow got a solid idea of what we were doing. By the time we were done almost three hours had passed. "Wonderful. Well how many days do we have to pick out design?" "Isn't that what we just did?" I asked, apparently stupidly because she just smiled and laughed.

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"No, we just designated what each room will be and a simple layout. Now we need to go to pick out furniture and bedding and drapes and kitchenware." She said excitedly. She was clearly in the right career path because she seemed to be aroused by draping.

"Well we have the rest of today and tomorrow then we leave for the States to finalize everything over there. Then we should be back here just before the new year." Logan explained. "Oh dear, so how would you like to do this. Normally we would spend several days picking out designs and furniture you want then several more working out everything once the movers bring it all here." "Oh wow, well what do you think would be best?" Logan asked.

"Well I suppose we can look at furniture today and tomorrow very quickly and we can meet back up when you return to do the rest." "What if we pick everything out these next couple days and you can put everything in place here while we are away and we can just see what you come up with when we get back." I suggested. "Are you sure? I wouldn't want to be in your home without you." "Yeah, we can have Nate or Susan let her in and Susan can probably help out." I added Logan nodded his head "Yeah, that should work.

I'll give Susan a call and see if she'd be up to it." "Make sure Nate is here too. Don't want to let Susan make this place too girly." I laughed. Logan called and both agreed. We went out to several places to pick out furniture. We picked out couches for the living room, chairs for the living room, office, and bedrooms, coffee and end tables for all of the rooms, window fittings and curtains for all of the windows, and dining room table and chairs plus stools for the kitchen.

The next day we managed to pick out beds for our room and the guest rooms, desks and office furniture, bathroom stuff, kitchen stuff like knifes, dishes, pots, pans, silverware, glasses, and seemingly hundreds of other little things. The real fun was picking out the TVs, computers, stereos, and speakers for the whole apartment.

We left exhausted and I made sure that Nate would be there when all the stuff was moved in because I had a bad feeling that the designer and Susan would make the place very feminine.

We came in under budget so I told Nate and Susan to go ahead and pick out d?r items like paintings, photographs, and other decorative things. Logan was active in picking out everything and was confident that everything would be fine but he understood why I had Nate check up on every decision.

********************************************************************* "You alright?" Logan asked as we sat on the plane ride back to the states. "Yeah, why?" It was a late flight and the lights were mostly out as almost every passenger was trying to sleep through the flight.

"You just look a little on edge." It made sense for him to be concerned as I was just sitting up not trying to sleep at all and I probably did look on edge. "It's just the chaos of the week. It's crazy how much we went through in just a week. At least there's nothing else to do but settle everything when we land and say goodbye to my family and friends and when we come back our place will be ready for us." I replied with a half smile. Logan looked concerned, "Are you okay with all of this?

Are we going to fast for you?" "No, yes, I mean, no it's not too fast and yes I am fine. I'm just a little burnt out from the week." I leaned in and kissed him "Don't worry baby, I love you and can't wait to get all of this stuff done so we can start the rest of our lives together." I began to lean back over to sit back in my seat but Logan held my head and kissed me again. He reached down and under my shirt. "Woah" I whispered and grabbed his hand. "What are you doing?" "Well we were so busy all week we haven't been able to have any time just the two of us," He reached his fingers into my pants under my waistband.

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"We can't do that here." "Why not, we could go to the bathroom and nobody would know. Everybody is asleep anyway." "You serious?" He didn't reply. He just stood up and walked to the back of the plane.

I watched him go into one of the bathrooms and sat there in my seat for a moment before I took a deep breath and stood up. I walked to the bathrooms terrified someone would see but everyone was asleep and I made my way back to the door Logan entered and I opened the door a crack and slipped in quickly. "Seriously?" I laughed. "Hey, give me a break, it's been a long time, I'm anxious." Logan replied already nude with his clothes on the small bathroom countertop. "Ok, but how the hell are we going to do anything in this tiny space?

And you are dreaming if you think you're fucking me cuz I'm not about to do that and then sit the rest of the flight home without a shower." Logan smiled and chuckled to himself "Ok, I suppose we don't do that but oral isn't out of the question." He sat down on the toilet as I stood in front of him.

He grabbed my pants and undid the button and zipper. I put my hands on his bare shoulders as he dropped my pants and began kissing my groin. As he got going I began breathing heavier. He stopped. "What, don't stop!" "You're gonna get us caught." He said as he reached over to his clothes, grabbed his underwear and handed it to me.

"You're too loud." "I'm not about to shove your underwear in my mouth. You've been wearing them all day and through the airport." "Either that or a sock." He smiled as I gave him an unsatisfied look. "Come on." He slid his finger around my ass and made me squirm "here I'll do it" he balled up his underwear and slipped it into my mouth and gave me a big grin before returning to my groin.

His hand continued at my hole as he sucked licked and kissed my eager erection. Then Logan unexpectedly turned me and bent me over the counter as his tongue darted into my crack.

The feeling was long overdue but was very short lived. I instantly had precum dripping from me and onto the floor. Logan turned me back toward him and gulped down my hardon as I erupted. Again, this was short lived as we had already been in there too long. He finished with me and I quickly spit out his underwear and pulled up my pants. "Ok, we gotta hurry" I said starting to kneel down. "Don't worry babe, this won't take long at all." He wasn't lying.

Logan had pretty amazing endurance but it had been a very long time and we had been really stressed lately so he was very ready to relieve that tension. It was only seconds after first contact with my mouth that I had his long overdue load pouring down my throat. As quickly as we had started, we had finished and got Logan dressed. I began to open the door when a flight attendant walked up. "Is there a problem here?" She looked at me very suspiciously.

I froze, "Uhhh, um." "Sorry if we hogged the loo or made any commotion, he was just helping me clean off this shirt. It appears I spilled some wine on it. But all is well now, we are very sorry." Logan interrupted. "Oh, no harm done. Just making sure everything was alright." She smiled flirtatiously at Logan as he smiled back and we returned to our seats. "It worries me how much you can get away with with your charm." I said as we sat down.

"We're just lucky she's an American. The accent doesn't work on European flight attendants." "Yeah well, thank god we're going to be living in London because you can get away with anything." "What are you worried about? It doesn't work on you so all I can really do is charm flight attendants and your mum." He smiled, leaned over and kissed me "Hmmm, you taste like jizz." "You're so perverted." "You love it." He teased making me smile. "Oh, I guess it does work on you." He gave me a big smile and leaned back in his seat as I punched him in the arm.

*********************************************************** Logan tossed his bags to the ground as we entered his apartment.

I did the same and we went straight to the bed, got undressed, and collapsed. Completely exhausted from the flight and trip as a whole we just need to sleep. That didn't last long. At least it didn't for Logan. In the middle of my slumber I felt Logan squeeze me as he shifted his body.

I woke up and turned my head to him "Why aren't you sleeping?" "I did sleep, now I want you." He whispered. "I'm tired." I replied wiping my eyes. Logan vanished underneath the blankets and I returned to my side to go back to sleep. Logan proceeded to remove my underwear as I groaned. He spread my cheeks and began eating me.


I was not going to win this battle. There was no coming back and I was waking up. I turned to my back and lifted one leg over Logan as he never broke away from me. He tossed the blankets off and lifted my thighs up to give himself better access to me. Licking, kissing and sucking my ass ferociously, Logan was relentless. He loved rimming me and it made me crazy. It felt so good but it became torture. "Fuck me baby. Please fuck me, Logan!" I grunted over and over begging him as he tongued my ass.

Finally he forced me to my stomach and got on top of me. He lined himself up and penetrated me tight ass for the first time in a long time. It hurt like my first time but the pain didn't last long.

Logan forced himself inside me deeper and deeper as he slammed himself inside harder and faster. Turning me on my side with one leg on his shoulder he began thrusting again. Sweat building on his body as I moaned and grunted for more. He turned me to my back and had both of my legs in his hands in the air thrusting harder as I clenched my cock in a fist and with the other hand felt Logans sweaty stomach gently grazing his skin accomplishing nothing but moving sweat around.

Dropping my legs he leaned over me sweating like a pig and dripping onto my body. His endurance was back as an hour had past and my insides were raw. Logan continued fucking me with my legs wrapped around his waist. My hands felt all over his drenched back and his face was planted in my neck occasionally lifting up to my face to kiss. Finally Logan picked up his rhythm once more before he shot deep inside me over and over until finally falling to the bed. He lay on his back panting and holding me as I laid my head on his bicep.

We hadn't showered in two days, we had spent too long in an airport and on a plane and had just had over an hour of sweaty sex. Needless to say there was some serious body odor right in front of my face as my head on his bicep left my mouth and nose facing his sweaty armpit. An average person would be disgusting for me to smell in this state, but it's interesting how you don't mind the smell of the man you love.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't encourage him to sit there and ferment like that but for the moment I was content and still aroused by his fragrance. We lay there for a few minutes before I sat up and patted his chest "Let's shower and get goin'.

There's plenty more to do before we can fully relax in our new home across the Atlantic." I smiled. "Alright sweetie but let's not make the same mistake of stressing out and going without sex for weeks again." "I think that's a very good suggestion.

Maybe one we can put into practice in the shower." I smirked as I walked out of the bedroom.