Exceptional hottie is popping out her stretched yummy vagina in close range

Exceptional hottie is popping out her stretched yummy vagina in close range
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The last few days before "the weekend" were hard to take. I had to make an excuse about having to go home to meet with relatives, but being blackmailed by my father didn't leave me much choice but to lie.

I was stressed over what I was pretty sure would be a repeat performance with my father, but whatever his shortcomings he always kept his promises.and It was partially my fault for the closet Incident.

Either way, submitting once more would allow me to walk away once and for all. I dressed in jeans and a Michigan college sweatshirt. There was a foot of snow on the ground and zero temps and decided to be warm. I drove to the house and parked in front of the garage. My mother's car was gone as expected. I thought about just driving away, but couldn't risk it.

I had taken 2 Benadryl to calm myself down, and it was helping. I walked into an empty kitchen. Not hearing a sound I walked into the living room.also empty. For a moment I thought my father had changed his mind, but then he walked into the kitchen, poured himself a glass of scotch, and barely glanced at me standing by the couch. I had nothing to say and neither did he as he walked into the room and handed me a drink.a very large, strong rum and coke.

I didn't think it would be a problem with the Benadryl, and I needed to be a little more numb. There was a football game on TV. He sat in a chair while I sat on the couch and quickly finished my drink. It helped.maybe a little too much as I felt a little lightheaded.

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15 minutes went by without a word until he said, "I wasn't sure you'd show up.I guess you're smarter than I thought because I would have had no problem talking to your mother and your future husband and showing them your closet stunt." In an emotionless voice I just said, "Whatever.I don't want to stay longer than necessary to so why did I have to come here?" Staring at me he said, "Soon you'll be gone for good from this house, and I won't be sad to see you go; but I figured it was time to collect for having to put up with an arrogant pain in the ass like you." It wasn't like him to use profanity, but I was passed caring.

Finally he said, "Stand up." I did.and was surprised how unstable I was. "Take off your shoes and socks." It seemed a little weird but I complied.having to sit on the arm of the couch because of my dizziness.

"I have overheard heard some stories about you from Vicki. She says you have become quite the little slut in the last two years." I knew Vicki was friends with some of the guys I had dated and had sex with, mostly because she had always enjoyed luring my boyfriends away.

I also knew she had a big mouth.especially when she drinks.


"I haven't done anything most other girls my age haven't done.so what is this, an interrogation?" I noticed my speech was a little slurred. "No" he said, "This is what I said It was.a final goodbye and good riddance.now remove your jeans." I figured this was coming, and just wanted it all over with.


It was a little difficult getting out of my jeans in my condition, but soon I was standing alone the couch in my plain white panties, sweatshirt and bra. "Now the sweatshirt." I picked out the most boring white bra I had, but it was still a little lacy and showed off my 36C tits.

I was having a little trouble focusing my eyes now and began to wonder if it was the Benadryl and alcohol or something else.

Surprisingly I didn't feel embarrassed.mostly just resigned to my fate.and trying to stand without falling. My father had just finished his drink and just sat in his chair looking at me from about twenty feet away.

Vicki walked around here without a bra on under her sweatshirts half the time and never pretended to be anything but what she is, but you were always so virginal and superior.but not now huh?" With all that was going on and my condition, I didn't realize there were 2 people standing behind me.

They must have been in a room down the hall. I heard the phrase "Nice ass" and turned to see Don Mudget's father.Don Sr. I crouched down behind the couch and tried to cover myself. Then a second voice "Now suddenly you're shy.what a joke!" I was shocked to see my brother John standing there with a big smile.

I knew I was in no condition to run.not sure I could even walk. Don and John sat on the sofa between myself and the kitchen door. Stand up Becky.you know our deal.and you know I'm not kidding." Heart pounding, numb and unstable, I stood up -- one had across my bra and one covering my panties. My father laid it out. "Do what we say, when we say it, or your life will be minus a family and fiancée.

Now take off the bra. I was telling Don how great your tits are, something his son found out first hand. Do It now." Again, feeling defeated, I reached behind me and undid the clasp and just shrugged it off of my shoulders and let it lay on the carpet.

This time I didn't even bother to cover up, just looked down at the floor. My father spoke up, "Let's see that pose again.hands behind your head, back arched.give them a good show." I was so out of it I couldn't cry or even get tears in my eyes. I was humiliated but somehow didn't care. I lifted my arms high above my head, intertwined them, and then moved them behind me s I arched my back.

With my eyes closed, all I heard was one quiet "Holy shit" from Don Sr. My brother spoke next. "Take off the panties sis.you wouldn't give me a good look during our strip poker game or in the tent when you showed me your tits.

Yeah.I told dad all about it at the time. I also knew about the camera in the pool area.wanted dad to see what great tits you have so I set you up." Now it all made sense. I thought I was in control then but never was. Still struggling to stand, I pulled down my panties, almost falling when stepping out of them. Don Sr.


spoke to my father, "Damn John, you were right.she is really built. I can't believe my kid got to play with those tits when he was in high school." My brother cut in, "Vicki also went out with Don later. Your son told her that Becky also gave him a really good blowjob." Then my father added, "Becky told me she also let him fuck her on a later date." Don Sr.

sat up straight, "No shit??? Is that true?" Still looking at the floor I nodded once. Next I heard my father say to Don Sr. "Go ahead.It's all part of the deal." I looked up to see Don Sr.

unzip his pants and pull his half hard cock out. My father looked at me with a smirk.

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"Go ahead and show him what a good cocksucker my daughter is." No way had I expected this. I just assumed the public humiliation of stripping would be enough. I hesitated.then my brother got up, walked over to me and pulled me by the arm across to the sofa. He pushed me down on my knees in front of Don Sr. My brother always was more crass and nastier than my father, "Suck his cock you little whore unless you want the whole world to know what we know." Head spinning, and with no choice, I lowered my head and took is cock in my mouth.

He wasn't as big as my father, but large enough that as he got hard I could only get about two thirds of his cock in my mouth.

Unlike my father had been, he was very verbal. "Oh my god.ooooooh my god.Is she good!!! Shit.she really knows how to use her tongue!!! Slow down.slow down!!" I wanted him to cum as quickly as possible, but it was not to be. The next thing I knew my head was yanked back by my hair, and I was thrown back on to the thick, expensive carpet.

Dizzy, a little drunk, and maybe drugged.I lay on my back sprawled open, legs apart and head spinning and with the taste of precum on my tongue and lips. When I opened my eyes, I saw my brother standing above me.naked.playing with a very large, hard cock. I started to protest with a slurred plea of "Fuuuuck nooooooo," but they were prepared.

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Each of my hands were quickly tied to legs of the couch. I tried to turn over but Don Sr.

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grabbed one leg and my brother sat on the other. Finally tears were coming to my eyes, but I had no strength to fight. I heard Don Sr. say, "Damn.I'll bet that's tight," and I heard my brother laugh a little.

My eyes were closed, but I knew he was jacking off while looking at my cunt and tits. I opened my eyes a little to see Don Sr. lean forward and then felt a single finger press between my cunt lips. I gasped at the penetration. "God damn.she is tight.and wet." It was not intentional. Nothing about this was enjoyable.

I guess the drugs; booze and stripping just caused the response. I felt my brother move between my spread legs.

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"You should have shown me your cunt in the tent and let me fuck you then rather than just watching me cum. But at least you showed me those big tits you are so proud of.

Now I get to play with them while I fuck you." I began to shake my head side to side pleading quietly "Please don't…Please don't" and he just laughed. "Shut the fuck up Becky and enjoy." I felt the head of his cock being rubbed up and down my wet slit.

Unlike my father, my brother just rammed his cock all of the way into my cunt in one hard thrust. I cried out.having no time to adjust to his size. And he just kept thrusting hard, making me move a few inches on the carpet with each thrust.

Finally he slowed and put my limp legs over his shoulders and fucked me more slowly, reaching up to play with my tits. The pain was gone.and I almost relaxed from his soft manipulation of my big tits. I could still feel his cock inside of me when he stopped moving. In the next instant, there was searing pain as he crushed both of my nipples with his hard, strong fingers. Reacting to the extreme pain, I screamed more loudly than I can ever remember. He then fell forward on my body, knocking the air out of me and covering my mouth with his hand.

"Shut the fuck up or I'll do that again." I would have done anything to not have that nipple pain repeated. He went back to his kneeling position, legs again over his shoulders, and he continued to slowly fuck me. "Damn Becky, you really are a good fuck, but I'd like to sample that mouth that dad, Don and others talk so highly of." He moved off to the side.and then surprised me by untying my hands.

He sat on the couch and pulled my face into his lap. "I want the full treatment.hands, tongue.the whole deal or those nipples will sing again." His hard cock was already against my face so I began to lick the sides, ran my tongue around the head, and then began to slowly bob my head up and down, using my tongue on the underside.

I had always enjoyed giving blowjobs, and now it seemed I went into autopilot.

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I'm not sure I had ever felt a cock that hard before. At one point he stopped my head with his hands and pulled his cock out of my mouth, not wanting to cum I guess. Maybe 30 seconds passed. When I turned my head I saw my father naked from the waist down masturbating his large cock, getting a good look of me.a side view of me on my knees, my mouth on my brother's cock, my tits and my ass exposed.

My brother then pulled my mouth back on to his cock and I mechanically continued. I felt a leg brush against mine.soon realizing Don Sr. was about to shove his cock into my cunt from behind. He was not as big as my brother, so there was no discomfort, except from knowing that a 40 something man, the father of an old high school boyfriend, now had his cock inside of me.

I could hear him groan as he pushed into my cunt. He must have been masturbating for a long time because within seconds I could feel him shoot his cum into my cunt in multiple spasms, and he groaned loudly each time.

That must have inspired my brother because he grabbed my head, holding it in place, and began to shoot load after load of cum into my mouth while also groaning. I had never had an issue swallowing cum before now. I gulped as quickly as I could, but because I couldn't move my head.and his cock was so deep.I couldn't time my swallowing. I began to gag and choke until my brother finally let my head up. I coughed up some of his sperm but had swallowed most.

Don Sr. pulled out and I felt his cum run down my inner thighs at the same time. Exhausted and full of cum, I rolled off of my brother and on to the carpet. "Stand up!" my father ordered. It took all of my strength but I managed. I was a sight. My knees red from carpet burns, cum seeping out of my cunt and dripping down my legs, nipples red and raw, and cum on my mouth and face. "Ok John and Don.stand on either side of her." Both were naked and their cocks showed their recent activity.

My father raised a camera, "Ok Becky.take each of their cocks in your hands and smile widely. We want proof this was your idea and you enjoyed it." My father always had the details covered. "Slowly stroke them so it looks real." and my brother added "Smile like the big titted slut you are." It was almost over.and I needed it to be over.

So facing the camera, I smiled, cum on my face, red marks on my abused tits and nipples, and my cum covered cunt…all on display.and me holding two cocks.smiling. A picture that would be around forever. During the picture I noticed my brother's cock was beginning to get hard again.being 25 and all. As Don Sr. was getting dressed, my brother asked my father, "What about you, dad?" My head dropped again. He looked at the guys, "The two of you can leave.

We'll talk later." Looking in my direction, "You just stand there." Within minutes the two guys were on their way out, but my brother couldn't resist a parting comment, "It was great seeing those nice tits again.and the rumors are true.you are a great cocksucker and fuck.better than Vicki." The kitchen door closed and I stood there looking for words.

"John had sex with Vicki?? My father responded, "More like she fucked him. You must know your sister by now." I had to ask, "Did you have sex with Vicki?" He shook his head "No, no desire to go where so many other guys have gone." I suddenly realized I was still standing naked In front of my father.

"Can I go now?" He was still stroking his hard cock like he had been for the last half hour. "I'll give you a choice Becky.you can give me a final blowjob and I will cum in your mouth.or I will fuck you. Your choice. I will never touch you again." I had no basis for a decision.no rationale.

I just lay back on the carpet and spread my legs. He casually got out of his chair, knelt between my legs, rubbed the head of his cock on my cunt lips a few times, and then slid his large cock into me. Still wet with cum, he slid smoothly into me but still stretching me a bit. He fucked me in an easy rhythm, lying between my spread thighs. He laid heavily on top of me, his chest pressing into my bruised nipples.

My father always kept his promises, so I knew this would be it. Then my twisted mind took over. With his large, hard cock slowly thrusting into my 20 year old cunt, I began to thrust my hips back into him.then wrapping my long legs around his lower back.

There was a brief hesitation on his part, and then he continued to fuck me. Plan B continued as I pulled his face down to mine and began to kiss him passionately, my tongue caressing his lips, then pushing into his mouth. Apparently he didn't care about his son's dried cum on my face and in my mouth, or all he was focused on was his cock in his daughter's cunt. Between kisses, still holding his face in my hands, I began to whisper "Ooooooh my god!.your cock feels so good.fuck me harder.fuck your daughter's cunt." For the first time in his life, he began to react emotionally.

In between my kisses he began to mutter. "B e c k y.you really&hellip.are a little…&hellip.whore" "And aren't you enjoying fucking your little whore daughter?" "Yes" "You like fucking me more than mom?" "Yes" "Do I suck your cock better than mom?" "God yes." Again between kisses and while still sliding in and out of me I increase the lies.

"You know dad, I loved giving you that blowjob the other week.and I loved getting fucked by your big cock. Don't you know I wanted you to see me naked.hoping you would fuck me? That was why I was looking forward to coming here today, hoping you would fuck me again?" His breathing quickened.luckily he is a runner with some stamina.

I wrapped my legs around him tighter. "Cum in my cunt father.fuck your slutty daughter Becky. He straightened up into a kneeling position, yanked my legs over his shoulders, and began to pound into my cunt, an almost agonizing look on his normally composed face.

His hands grabbed my bouncing tits and he mauled them. I was meeting his thrusts with as much force as I could.both of us slick with sweat. My act wasn't finished.my back arched.I begin to fake an orgasm. Then I heard a long exhale, a gasp and a long "Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhh goooooooooooood" while his cock exploded inside of me for what seemed like forever.

I could feel every spasm, and I end my performance by arching my back again and moan loudly. He slowly fell forward, laying on my body.both of us breathing in gasps.

As things subside he slowly rolled off of me and on to his back. A few minutes later I was sitting up and looking down at his semi flaccid cock. I felt gobs of cum running out of me on to his expensive living room carpet.and smiled. My father sat up on the carpet with his back against the couch with his head back on the cushion.

I sat with my back against the recliner facing him, continuing to formulate Plan B. If he wants a slut; I figure I will show him one. As he looked toward me, I reached down to my cunt and with two fingers scooped up some of his cum. I held up my fingers, the cum about to drip off, and let it drop into my mouth.then sucked my fingers clean. Now, with a smirk of my own, I told him: "I'm hoping, my dear father, that you realize you are a pathetic fuck and my only enjoyment these last ten minutes was using you for a little cheap fun.

The only value you have as a human being is a decent sized cock…period.

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Did you enjoy my act?" That was the first time I saw him confused. Next I slowly crawled over to him on my hands and knees.

My big tits swinging as they hung down. In one last parting gift, I lean forward and cleaned his cock with my mouth and tongue.tasting both of us. Impressively for a man in his mid 40's, he begins to harden a bit again.

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I added, sarcastically, "Would you like your daughter to suck your cock for a bit before I leave daddy?" He was speechless. Licking the shaft with my tongue and using it all around the head I then lick his large balls and massage them as I began to suck on his shaft in earnest, using my lips, tongue, and fingers. In only a few minutes he was responding again so I picked up the pace.

"Last chance to cum in your daughter's mouth daddy. You're a lucky guy.you get to cum in my cunt and my mouth in the same afternoon." Easily recognizable signs tell me he is about to cum, having been doing my very best with my hands, lips and tongue.

Moments later he filled my mouth with 3 healthy spurts of his semen. I hold his cum in my mouth and look at him.showing him his fresh sperm.then let him watch me swallow it with a smile. He never moved while I put on my shoes and socks, bagged my clothes, and only put on my calf length winter coat. I opened my coat while standing in front of him and said, "Soon another guy will be fucking this cunt whenever he wants, playing with these big tits (I bounce them with my hands for him), and I will be sucking his cock whenever he wishes.

You, on the other hand, will never see or have this body again. You'll have to settle for fucking mom.or maybe Vicki. Yes, I know, she will fuck anyone.probably even you. By the way.you give me any shit, and I will charge you with incest. Did you forget I have a cell phone that takes pictures? See what that does for you reputation. And by the way, I'm taking your camera.thanks." As I walk out the door I feel a little cum begin to drip down the inside of my thigh.

It felt quite erotic. Comments would be appreciated.