Cogiendo a mi novio pareja paraguaya)

Cogiendo a mi novio pareja paraguaya)
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Author's note: This part of series involving fictional former Playboy Playmates. They are all sisters and will each have two stories the first one will be interracial, the second will be incest. Editing thanks go to Todger65. Chapter 1 Stephanie closed her eyes in the candlelit bathroom, lying slowly back in the bathtub and resting her arms on its edges.

The 48 year old moaned slightly as Jules, a 19 year old college student, squeezed warm water from a wash cloth all over Stephanie's huge breasts, rinsing them of sudsy bubbles. Jules grabbed a giant breast, running both hands around it in circular motions, smiling softly at the relaxed, shoulder-length blonde-haired vixen she was sharing a bath with again.

Jules leaned down, like she's done on many previous evenings with Stephanie, bringing a nipple to her mouth, flicking her tongue across it before taking it into her mouth. Stephanie moaned again, running a hand through Jules' short brown bob-style cut hair, as the girl hungrily sucked at one of her breasts.

She loved the way it felt. Not having been touched by a man in four years, mostly due to a busy schedule which morphed into a lack of desire and satisfaction with her collection of toys. Stephanie was perfectly content to have this college girl she met at a book store, "play" with her, as they referred to it. Jules did just that and more. Several nights over the past year or so Jules would come over to spend the night with Stephanie, kissing, licking, caressing, and exploring every inch of her spectacular body, while she lay there in the bed soaking in the attention.

Jules would bathe her, massage her, pamper her Stephanie loved it. "I'm not gay," she thought to herself after that first orgasm many months ago, "I just know this feels amazing." They never once asked each about their sexuality. Jules would simply come over and worship the older woman's body.

Summer break, while Jules went home to Los Angeles, was a little boring for Stephanie. She was able to cope with help from her reliable toys. She didn't need a man. It'd been four years since she had a man inside her. Four years since her divorce and one last goodbye session of sex with her future ex-husband. Not long after that she moved to Atlanta from Minnesota, leaving her adult children, and starting a new chapter.

However, during her time away, she realized she didn't need to move to begin with. Tonight was special. It was the last night Stephanie and Jules would "play." Jules released a nipple, sitting up in the tub, prompting Stephanie to open her eyes, "You ok sweetie?" Jules sighed, looking down into the bubble-filled water, "I'm really going to miss you." "Aww, sweetie, it's ok," Stephanie said, pulling the girl onto her chest, letting her use a breast like a pillow.

"I get why you're moving back to Minnesota, but I'm just going to miss you so much," Jules said, sniffing. "I'm going to miss you too. You're such a sweet girl. I'm so glad we've become friends," Stephanie replied, caressing Jules' arm and holding her against her chest.

"I'm thankful for you," Stephanie said, grabbing Jules face, bring her mouth to her own and kissing her softly. "It's Thanksgiving after all right?" She asked with a smile. "Yeah, it is. I'm thankful for you too," Jules replied, kissing her back. Stephanie had spent most of the day at her younger sister's house, eating with Tiffany, her son, along with a nearby cousin and her son. She left after dinner and met Jules at home for a nice, quiet, final evening together.

"I love you," Jules told Stephanie. "I wished you were my mom." "Oh sweetie, I love you too. Come here," Stephanie replied, pulling Jules in for another kiss and embrace. "Just remember what I told you. When you go home for Christmas break next month, be as nice as you can to your mother and I guarantee she won't seem as grumpy or annoying." Jules nodded, sitting back up, looking into Stephanie's eyes.

She smiled, getting into her favorite position; interlocking her legs around Stephanie's, smiling as their clitorises found each other under the warm bath water. The mirror steamed up due to their heavy breathing, the water splashed slightly out of the tub; Stephanie and Jules went at it until they were exhausted, cuddling each other nude on Stephanie's bed afterwards.

They said goodbye the next morning in the shower, then again on the bed, and then again after breakfast. Stephanie wiped a tear as Jules drove off in a car her roommate let her use while she was home for Thanksgiving break. Stephanie sighed, seeing Jules drive out of sight, her clit still tingling from their wonderful time together.

It was time to get a little packing done before she went to lunch with her friend Janet. Chapter 2 "Oh good, you're here. Hurry up!" Janet motioned for Stephanie to pick up the pace as she walked toward her desk. "What? What is it?" Stephanie asked her friend.

"Cover for me," Janet said, standing up to head to the restroom down the hall.


"Wait, what?" Stephanie asked dumbfounded. Janet was an executive assistant, mostly sitting at a desk all day, but Stephanie wasn't too sure what to say if the phone rang.

"Five minutes. I'll be right back. Thanks!" Janet said heading to the restroom. Stephanie shrugged and sat down, putting her purse on the desk. After a few moments passed she heard an interesting sound.

It was a sound she's heard before, mostly recently from her own mouth. It was a moan, a woman's moan coming from behind the large closed doors to her left. It got louder and louder. Stephanie started to giggle, thinking maybe Janet's boss, Bob, was having some fun. She got up and approached the doors, putting her ear against it. The woman moaned again, much louder this time, "Ohhhhhhh!" Stephanie blushed, thinking the woman must be enjoying herself.

She heard another moan and muffled talking. Stephanie covered her mouth to prevent her giggle from being heard, as if it could over the woman moaning, "She's not faking, that's for sure." Stephanie heard Janet approaching and rushed back over to her desk, attempting to hide the sneaky smile.

"Whew, thanks. Ready?" Janet asked. ********** After a nice lunch, spent discussing Stephanie's upcoming plans, including her daughter Carrie and son-in-law Patrick traveling from Minnesota to help her move, the two friends headed back to Janet's office.

She enjoyed the lunch, thanking Janet for it on way back to her office. However, Stephanie's curiosity got the best of her. She couldn't help but tell her of what she heard, "So was that really what I think it was?" "Oh yeah, it happens often. That was Fernanda and Fat Rob in there. They had an emergency meeting scheduled with Bob today on the status of this new shopping center they are developing. They are all work-a-holics. You'd think they'd be home with their families this week.

The meeting is why I was dragged in today, answer phones and other boring things, blah blah blah. Anyway, Fernanda is Bob's main project manager for various things and Fat Rob is, well, he 'finds talent' for lack of a better term talent for some of the magazines the company publishes and well, some of the adult entertainment too," Janet explained.

"Uh what?" Stephanie asked. "Yep, they are building a new strip club in the shopping center," Janet replied. "I'm guessing Fernanda and Fat Rob were updating my boss on its status. Fernanda sleeps with everything that walks, plus my boss is a bit of a naughty old man, plus Fat Rob is well, Fat Rob. So I'm sure the three of them had a great time!" Stephanie quietly wondered why they called him "Fat Rob" as they pulled into the parking lot.

"Can you cover for me again for a few minutes? I'm not in the mood to deal with Fat Rob hitting on me again. Their meeting should be over soon and I'm hoping to avoid seeing him as they leave." Janet asked. "Um, well ok, sure," Stephanie replied. Taking her seat at Janet's desk, she was slightly startled when the two double doors opened a moment later, followed by a very tall, light-brown skinned woman of some sort of Latin decent and a very tall, African-American man, who she presumed was Fat Rob seeing as how Janet's boss was an older white gentleman.

The woman, Fernanda, seemed flustered and exhausted. Her hair was slightly messed up, her skin looked sweaty, and her business suit looked as though it had clumsily been put on. She had that tell-tale smile on her face of a woman who had just been royally fucked. Fernanda quickly nodded to Fat Rob and made her way down the hallway. Stephanie thought she noticed a slight limp to Fernanda's walk, causing her smile, coughing to mask a giggle. Her cough caused Fat Rob to turn from watching Fernanda walk down the hall and to divert his attention to the blue-eyed blonde, with large breasts that her jacket could barely hide, smiling politely, sitting in the place of Janet.

There was a slight pause before Fat Rob spoke. "And just who are you? And where is Miss Janet?" he asked, pretending to be upset by finding the mystery woman in her place. Stephanie giggled once more, "I'm uh, I'm Miss Stephanie." "Mister Bob didn't tell me he hired an absolutely gorgeous blonde as his new assistant!

My goodness…" Fat Rob trailed off, cocking his head to get a better look at Stephanie. "No, no, Janet is still here. She's in the restroom!" Stephanie explained while blushing. It was the first time she noticed a man checking her out in a very long time, not to mention, one doing it so blatantly. "Ah, I see, I see. Well I must say Janet has some lovely friends. She must hang around many young ladies like you.

You a college student?" Fat Rob asked. Stephanie burst into laughter, "No! I'm an old lady!" "Old lady? What are you, 28, 29, 30? That's not old Miss Stephanie!" Fat Rob said, a knowing smile coming across his face. Stephanie cleared her throat, "I'm 48 Mister, what should I call you?" "I don't give my name to liars.

I don't like being lied to," He said with another smile, knowing she wasn't lying about her age. Fat Rob sat on the edge of Janet's desk, smiling down to Stephanie. She stole several glances at the large black man sitting near her.

He was wearing a very nice black suite, with a solid red tie, on a darker red shirt. His fingers were adorned with rings, and he was wearing a gold wrist watch on his right arm, he also smelled amazing. His cologne caused Stephanie's eyes to flutter.

She also noticed how wide his shoulders were. He had a slight belly, but this man didn't appear fat, just large and bulky. He was eyeing her, not even attempting to conceal the fact he was staring at her chest with a smile on his face. It excited Stephanie. Stephanie cleared her throat and shook herself out of her trance, "Well my driver's license says I was born 48 years ago, so perhaps I've been lied to," she said quietly. "Well either way, 48, 30, you are stunning. I go by Fat Rob," He answered.

"Well that's not very nice," Stephanie replied with a playful pout. "You aren't fat. You're," She paused looking over his hulking frame once more, "mountainous if anything." Fat Rob chuckled, "Thanks." Their eyes met once more and for a second they said nothing.

They were interrupted by the sound of his cell phone ringing. Fat Rob glanced at it and declined the call. "Listen, I have to go, but I would love to take you to dinner tonight." "Oh, I uh, I'm not sure," Stephanie replied.

"A nice dinner at a nice restaurant, that's all." "Well," Stephanie looked to the side, thinking about her moving situation. She was leaving in a few weeks. She wondered what harm it could be to go out to dinner with someone who seemed nice, though a bit sleazy.

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She recalled Fernanda moaning in ecstasy earlier, blushing inwardly at the thought of herself receiving a little of that before she moved. She pushed thoughts aside and shrugged. "A woman as lovely as you deserves a nice night out every once in awhile. That's all," Fat Rob smiled warmly and shrugged, as if it was all just a nice, innocent meal.

Stephanie agreed with him. She couldn't remember the last time a man took her out. "I, uh," she paused, "sure!" "Great," Fat Rob extended his hand and pulled her to her feet. He glanced over her body once more as he dug in his pockets for a pen to write down her address with. Stephanie gave him her information, they agreed on a time, and that he would pick her up.

Fat Rob took her hand, kissing it gentlemanly and then took his leave. Stephanie sat back down at Janet's desk, chuckling at herself, wondering what the harm was. Janet returned a moment later. "Oh good, I missed them. I wasn't in the mood to deal with that." "He asked me out to dinner," Stephanie said, an excited smile on her face. "What?!? Oh no," Janet frowned.

"What? It's just for dinner. I'm leaving in a few weeks, it's no big deal." "I know, but just be careful with him. He's kinda shady. Not that he'd hurt you, but still, just be very careful and don't do anything you aren't comfortable with," Janet explained. Stephanie cocked her head to the side, wondering if Janet had a history with Fat Rob that she wasn't disclosing. Janet looked fairly concerned. "Do you think I should cancel?" "Yes. I mean, no, I mean," Janet paused and sighed.

"Just keep things surface level. He may try to sell you on various things or convince to go here and there with him. He loves women. He loves them like decorative items." "Well in a few weeks -" Stephanie said. "I know, you'll be moving," Janet interrupted her.

"So maybe I'm being paranoid," she said with a weak smile. Stephanie stood and hugged her friend goodbye, assuring her she'd be fine, telling her she'd call her again before she moved and afterward when she arrived in Minnesota. They parted ways and Stephanie headed home to resume packing smaller items. Chapter 3 "Hi Patrick!" Stephanie answered her cell phone.

Her son-in-law, Patrick, was calling to say hello like he occasionally does, but to also finalize the moving plans. He seemed more excited that she was moving back to Minnesota than her own daughter, his wife, Carrie, did. "Hi, lovely lady.

What are you up to?" He asked. Stephanie smiled at his perpetual flirtatious ways. He always hugged her, sat next to her, chatted with her during visits; he has always been so very sweet to her. Patrick was similar to her own son, Dan, except more attentive and affectionate due to his obvious innocent crush on her.

"Well, if you must know I'm getting ready to go on a date," Stephanie said holding a black top up against her large naked breasts, turning to the side to examine it in the mirror. "What?!? A date? Awwww," Patrick feigned heartbreak. "Yes! Hard to believe isn't it?" Stephanie chuckled as she heard Patrick sigh heavily on the other end of the phone.

"You're breaking my heart!" "Now, now, you'll always be special to me!" Stephanie said tossing the top on the bed, moving to her closet to find another, slightly more revealing one. "Ok, I guess I can live with that," He replied, pretending to be sad.

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"We can't wait to see you soon and get you back up here." "I know! I can't wait either. Thanks again for your help with the move," She held up a long red dress against her trim, toned hourglass body, shaking her head, the sound of Fernanda's moans in her ear. She decided for something shorter. Stephanie tossed the dress aside and sat on her bed, still naked, as Patrick went over the plans for their arrival.

They had a moving truck reserved and would drive it down and then back. They talked about how it would be a nice road trip for the three of them. She laid back, running her hands over her toned midsection, "You should take Carrie out tonight." "Nah, she doesn't seem interested in doing much lately. Not sure if she's upset at me or what," Patrick replied, the slight hurt in his voice apparent. Stephanie sighed, knowing her daughter was still very moody, even at the age of 27.

Patrick changed the subject, "Ok well, I guess I'll let you finish getting ready for your big date." Another exaggerated sigh was heard by Stephanie over the phone. "Hey, when you get here, you and I can go out on a date. How's that?" Stephanie asked. "Really?!? I mean, sure, whatever," Patrick said, still messing with his mother-in-law.

"I guess I can find some time to take you out." They laughed and chatted another minute before ending their call. Stephanie returned to her closet and found a light blue two piece dress a very short skirt and a halter-top styled top. She admired her body in the mirror when her phone rang again. She picked it up and smiled from ear-to-ear. "Hey there," She answered in a playfully sultry voice.

"Hey yourself," the voice answered. "I can't wait to see you soon," Stephanie replied, always being sure to be extra nice to this caller, knowing his girlfriend, Alice, recently dumped him. "I can't wait either, it'll be great," The man said. "So, uh," there was a slight pause with laughter, "what are you wearing?" followed by a snort and a chuckle.

"Mmmm, wouldn't you like to know?" She replied, their playful banter might be considered inappropriate, but it was all in good fun. "I'm wearing a short blue skirt, with a matching top that's showing a pretty good amount of cleavage," Stephanie answered. "Um, why?" the voice asked. "Because I have a date tonight," She answered. "What? No way! Really? Are you serious, mom?" her son, Dan, asked in amazement. "I'm serious!" "But you're moving in a few weeks, I mean " "I know!

It's just dinner, that's all." Dan sighed, "Alright. Well listen just be careful ok? You haven't dated since you and dad. You're a very nice looking woman and," he trailed off. "Just make sure he behaves himself." Stephanie laughed, "I will! It'll be fine. It's just dinner, no big deal." She looked at her dress again in the mirror, pulling the skirt down a bit. "Gosh, it's so short." "Huh?" Dan asked. "Nothing darling. I gotta go, Mommy loves you, can't wait to see you in Fargo for Christmas," she rushed her son off the phone, in the process subtlety reminding him to start getting ready for the holidays since he volunteered to have Christmas at his new house in Fargo, North Dakota.

"Ok, I think this will work," Stephanie said, tossing her cell phone on her bed, turning in place a few times admiring her outfit and body.

She gave her butt one hard playful slap, laughing at herself, grabbing her purse and coat, and heading downstairs. She wasn't wearing underwear. Chapter 4 Stephanie and Fat Rob exited his white Escalade at the restaurant. He had opened the door for her, complimented her dress, held his arm out for her, and rested his hand on the small of her back as they walked into be seated.

He was wearing another suit. It was dark gray, with a black shirt, and white tie underneath the coat. She smiled inwardly at his large hand on her back. She was 5'7" normally, but in high heels, she was at least two inches taller, still dwarfed by his six feet frame. "So you're moving to Minnesota? Why is that?" Fat Rob asked, pouring her another glass of wine.

"Well I moved here to Atlanta around four years ago from there to start fresh with a new job and new life after my divorce. It turns out I could've started fresh and not moved away from my kids." "I see. How many do you have?" he asked.

"Three." "There you go with those lies again. There's no way a woman with a body like yours has had three kids." "I'm not lying!" Stephanie laughed. "Well, whatever you're eating or doing in the gym, is working wonders." "Thank you," Stephanie blushed again, seeing Fat Rob glance at her cleavage.

"You ever do any modeling in your younger days?" Stephanie blushed again, "Well, actually, I um," she trailed off, thinking of how to word it.

She looked to Fat Rob's face to see him waiting. "I posed in Playboy a couple times about 20 years ago." "Mmhmm, right." Fat Rob replied, as if he already knew this information.

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"Did you already know that?" Stephanie asked. "No. I'm just not surprised by it. And I bet," he said, leaning closer to Stephanie, placing his large dark hand on hers, "you look even better now than you did back then. Just like fine wine, aged to perfection." Stephanie blushed, "Thank you," she said again.

"My family has good genes. My sisters posed too," she said quietly. "I can believe that as well. I'm sure they are all gorgeous specimens like you," Fat Rob said, lightly circling her hand at the table. That chatted for another couple hours about their lives. Stephanie explained she was born in Tampa Bay, Florida and spent most of her younger years there before moving to Minnesota.

Fat Rob explained a little more of what he did. Talent search and relations for a few magazines was included in his description. He also mentioned, running a few high-class, gentleman's clubs in the Atlanta area. "We're always looking for beautiful women of all ages," he told Stephanie, winking suggestively, making her blush again. ********** Fat Rob put the Escalade in park in Stephanie's driveway.

She smiled softly at him, "Would you like to come in?" "I'd love to," He answered, getting out of the vehicle on his side, walking over to hers to open her door. He placed his hand on the small of her back, slightly lower this time, causing shivers to run up Stephanie's spine.

A few minutes later, they were sitting on the couch, Fat Rob's arm around her, his hand caressing her shoulder. Stephanie took a large gulp of her wine, "Would you like to see?" "See what, Miss Stephanie?" "My pictures," she answered.

"Ah, those pictures, I'd be honored." Stephanie smiled, hurriedly hopping off the couch, heading down the nearby hallway to a small office room she had, and returning with a photo album.

Fat Rob pulled her in close, his arm around her torso, his hand resting on her thigh. Stephanie flipped through the book, displaying several nude photos of her in various poses, eliciting soft moans from Fat Rob's mouth as he saw them. The collection wasn't huge, but impressive nonetheless. "Beautiful," he said, when she showed him the last photo, closing the book. "But I was right." "Right about what?" Stephanie said, turning to face him.

"Like fine wine. Better now than 20 years ago," He replied, tipping her chin with his index finger, placing a soft kiss on her lips. "Have you ever considered dancing?" "Like at one of your strip clubs?" She asked, an eye brow raised. "Gentleman's club, and yes." "My older sister did that for awhile, but I never have." Fat Rob leaned into her ear, while caressing her arm nearest him, trailing it with his fingers all the way down to hers.

He guided her hand to his thigh, where Stephanie thought she felt the tip of something large. "Would you dance for me, right here and now?" Stephanie's fingers slowly moved over large mass within Fat Rob's dress slacks. She gulped, realizing what it was, and then slowly nodded her head. Moving without thinking, she rose from the couch, standing before him, slowly moving her hips from side to side.

He nodded and watched her every move. She wasn't a trained dancer by any means, but she was unable to say no, attempting to dance as sexy and as seductively as she could. Fat Rob seemed enjoy it, motioning her with index finger to turn around. Stephanie complied, moving her hips back and forth, weaving her butt to and fro in front of Fat Rob. "Come back, on my lap," He instructed her. Stephanie did without question, slowly grinding and gyrating her ass against his crotch, feeling that hard, large mass in his pants, smiling and knowing what it was and what she wanted it to do to her.

She loved this feeling. It was just the two of them and he made her feel so sexy. Suddenly she stood up, turning around to look down at Fat Rob relaxing on the couch. Looking at the bulge in his pants, the grin on his face, she undid her halter top, letting it fall revealing her huge breasts. She unzipped her skirt, sliding it down, stepping out of it. She went to her knees in front of him, not taking her eyes off his. She unzipped his pants, reaching for her prize, reaching for something she hasn't had inside her in years, reaching for that big black cock of his.

Finally fishing it out, her eyes widened part in amazement and part in fear as she stared at the huge, thick mass that her hand couldn't fully wrap around before her. Her mouth watered. "Well, I think I see why you're called Fat Rob," Stephanie said, unable to look away from it, both afraid and desiring for it to be inside her. Fat Rob gently ran his fingers through her hair, gripping the back of her head, slowly pulling her toward it. Stephanie found her mouth instinctually opening, Fat Rob guiding her to it.

Stephanie felt the tip on her tongue, her mouth kept stretching, opening wider and wider as Fat Rob guided her head on to it. Finally it was in the back of her fully stretch mouth, unable to go any further. It was too thick. Fat Rob slowly moved her head up and down, gripping her hair, his fat cock making her mouth hurt.

"That's it, just like that. Now work the tip," he commanded. It seemingly filled her mouth. It was so delicious, so thick, larger than her ex's, larger than the three other people she's been with in her lifetime so far.

She didn't care if it stretched her mouth out to an unattractive proportion. She simply kept bobbing her head over it, weaving back and forth, attempting to suck its massive girth. Perhaps Fat Rob had run into issues like this in the past - a cock so fat that it's difficult to pleasure orally.

Perhaps he knew that her mouth on it for a few minutes was enough to get him 100% ready to destroy her vagina. Either way, he smiled, and politely stopped her. Stephanie nodded and scooted back on the floor. Fat Rob stood, pulling his pants down, stepping out them, placing them neatly over the couch and sliding his shoes aside.

He undid his jacket, carefully removing and folding it in the same manner. He took off his watch, his rings, and guided Stephanie to her feet. He squeezed her tit, checking its ripeness like the melon it was. He bent downward, bringing it to his mouth, his sucks sending tingles down her spine. Releasing the nipple from his mouth, he guided Stephanie to the couch, moving behind her. "Ready?" he asked, slapping his heavy member against her butt cheeks a few times.

Stephanie looked over her shoulder and nodded. Her dripping wet pussy needed no further stimulus. With a hand on her waist and the other guiding his massive meat to its intended destination, Fat Rob slowly attempted to enter her. Stephanie almost yelled in a mixture of agony and pleasure. He was so thick, so huge; she'd never been stretched like this before.

As Fat Rob gingerly guided himself in, pulling her back on his fat dick, Stephanie moaned loudly, just like she heard Fernanda earlier in the day. When Fat Rob was all the way in, all the way to the hilt, Stephanie's body began tightening up and shaking, she was cumming. Fat Rob moaned behind her, his hand yanking her head back, while her pussy convulsed and massaged the huge cock which stretched and stuffed her to the brim. When her orgasm subsided, Fat Rob began his true assault.

Holding her in place from behind, he began his powerful thrusts, sliding his cock in and out, causing Stephanie to moan with each direct hit of his cockhead against her g-spot. It was so huge and thick; it couldn't help but hit all the right places. It felt like a fist was pummeling her pussy. The next hour went by incredibly fast. Stephanie had lost track of time. She was gripping the couch in the living room, straddling Fat Rob while he buried his face in her chest, kissing, licking, coating her tits in saliva.

She lost track of how many times she climaxed. Wildly bouncing up and down, Stephanie feared they may break the couch, until Fat Rob finally spoke, "Get that cum." Stephanie knew just what to do, moaning as his cock slid out of her, she went to her knees again, plopping her big tits on his lap, engulfing his cock. "Those tits are perfect for big dicks," Fat Rob noted. Stephanie nodded, her mouth slurping and sliding all over the cockhead as best it could. When the semen erupted from the tip, she felt his cock swell and pulse in between her tits before her mouth stretched and covered it.

She moaned at the taste of semen. It had been too long. Another hour passed, they had moved to the bed room. The mountainous man Stephanie had met earlier that day was renewing his assault on her pussy, shaking the bed, dripping sweat down on the middle-aged, former Playboy Playmate as he worked. ********** Stephanie limped to the bathtub the next morning after saying goodbye to Fat Rob. She was sore and exhausted. He said he'll call her. She reminded him she's moving. He told her he knows but there was no harm in spending a little more time together.

Stephanie agreed, sliding into the warm bath, letting the water sooth her stretched out pussy. She pinched a nipple, sliding deeper into the warmth. She couldn't wait to see him again. Chapter 5 "Ahh yess!" Stephanie cried out a week later. Fat Rob was behind her, holding her down by her neck with one hand, the other on her hip, holding her in place while he tore her to pieces. She felt defeated, helpless, taken, and she loved it. They had been meeting up every evening for the last week.

Fat Rob would show up, ask her to dance for him, compliment her moves, her body, have sex for a couple hours, then leave. After every session he would say how wonderfully she moved and suggest she think about dancing at one of his clubs for one night only.

Stephanie would always shrug and say "maybe." She knew she might give it a try, anything to keep that cock of his embedded in her until she moved. Her pussy was used to his girth now, allowing her to ride him with less discomfort. On this Friday night, she agreed to accompany him to a club. They showered, Fat Rob picked out a short black dress for her to wear, and the headed out around 10pm. "Dance for me," He told her, taking her out to the dance floor. Stephanie was shy at first, having never been to a club before.

Fat Rob told her to pretend it was just the two of them. She did just that, dancing for him, moving and shaking her hips against his bulging crotch to the fast dance music. He loved it. "You gotta come dance at one of the clubs I manage. They would love you," He said. "I don't know. I'd be nervous," She replied, shouting over the loud music.

"Please? I'll pay you with this," Fat Rob said, glancing downward. Stephanie's eyes widened as she saw his cock hanging out the crotch of his pants. He had taken it out while they were dancing. "Rob!" she exclaimed. "Look around you. You could bend over right here and let me have that pussy and no one would notice.

Have some fun before you leave." Fat Rob said. Stephanie looked around the crowded dance floor. No one was paying attention to anyone else. Every single couple was in their own little worlds, grinding, dry humping, and dancing. She slowly turned around, looking from side to side, and slid up her dress. Once more she wasn't wearing underwear. Then she felt it. That wonderful stretch. Fat Rob was guiding himself into her from behind. They started dancing to the music once more, except this time his cock was embedded into her pussy.

Lights flashed, hip hop beats played, and Stephanie pushed thoughts of what her daughters and son would think of her as the 48 year old had sex on the dance floor with a black man. ********** "We're here," Fat Rob said, putting his Escalade in park. It was the next evening and Stephanie agreed to do a quick, simple, dance on stage for Fat Rob at one of his clubs.

He told her to pretend it was just her and him once more. Pretend all the men watching her weren't there. Stephanie took the cock she had been sucking the entire way there out of her mouth and sat up in the passenger side. "Ok, I'm ready," she sighed. Fat Rob escorted her into the club. She felt and looked slutty in a new short, light green, mini dress he had purchased for her.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she liked feeling that way. She waited back stage, making small talk with a few of the girls, after she had changed into a gimmicky, red sequined bikini.

She was the oldest woman there, noticing many of the girls were in their 20s or maybe younger. It didn't bother her that much as they were all very friendly. Probably because they knew it was her first time and it was a one-night only thing.

She wondered if Fat Rob brought in guests on more than one occasion. Stephanie checked and adjusted her bangs in the mirror one last time and adjusted her bikini top, making sure her breasts wouldn't fall out too soon. She was getting very excited. Just before she was ready to go on stage, she thought about her sister, Diane, who had done this for years.

One of Diane's daughters, her niece, Sandee, became a stripper. She wasn't sure if she still danced though. It was time to go on, time for her to focus. She was ready and was actually looking forward to it. The light was so bright, yet she found it comforting. She could barely see the audience. The music was so loud, but it didn't bother her. She couldn't hear their cat calls or comments. When her eyes finally adjusted to the light, she could see most of the men were indeed black.

Swinging around the pole in a manner nowhere near as skilled as some of the other dancers, she pretended they were all hard for her, she pretended their cocks were all as big as Fat Rob's. This made her hornier and hornier by the second. She wanted to see and feel them. She wanted to confirm she was the woman causing their arousal. She started moving more and more seductively to the slow music.

Fat Rob had given her a few pointers for if she saw money land on the stage. Watching, waiting, constantly moving, she looked for money to appear - a five there, a dollar here, maybe an occasional ten, every time she saw one, she'd position herself in front of the man that planted it. Closing her eyes, getting lost in her own world, envisioning the man's erect cock waiting for her pussy to engulf it, she would dance just for him for a few moments, inches from his face.

She was naked, rolling around, sliding around, and squatting down in front of the men sitting around the stage. It was liberating. She could see why her sister loved doing it for years. Her song was over in a few minutes. She collected her money and went back stage to find Fat Rob waiting for her. He hugged her tightly, saying how proud he was of her. "You gotta stay in Atlanta. You're a natural at this. I need a sexy middle-age woman at a new club my employer is building. Please stay," he pleaded.

She smiled and shook her head. Fat Rob led her to where her dress was. "Ok, listen I'm going to be back here tending to some business. Go out and walk around, if you want to give private lap dance, please feel free.

The only rule is that you keep whatever money you get on stage, but the private lap dances, well, the club gets a cut. Think of it as a product we sell. Alright?" Fat Rob explained. Stephanie nodded, unable to take the smile off her face as she changed into her dress, and headed out to the floor near the bar.

*********** Stephanie was having an amazing time. Three hours passed since her dance on stage and she had lost count of how many men asked her for a private lap dance. Some were young, some were old, some were gentlemen, and some didn't keep them hands to their selves. Stephanie didn't care.

She grinded and dry humped herself across their bulging, concealed, hard ons nearly to orgasm each time. She felt so wild and naughty. She wondered what her recently dumped son would think of her. Of the few white people there, one happened to resemble him; she couldn't help but think of Dan as she pulled her dress up, revealing her massive tits to the guy, straddling and grinding on him. "My poor baby. Heartbroken and alone. Maybe mommy can dance for him!" She thought to herself, laughing out loud, confusing the poor guy she was grinding on.

"Oh sorry, you look a little like my son," Stephanie told him. "It's kinda funny." "He's a lucky son then. You're really hot," he said. "Thank you. You're sweet." Stephanie dumped her huge tits in the young guys face.

She thought about taking his cock out right there and sucking it, but she didn't want to get in trouble. ********** Later she was counting her money from private lap dances - $2000. She did the math. They were $40 a song, so she did 50. Fat Rob's club gets half of that. She smiled happily at earning $1000 in one evening and went off to search for Fat Rob.

She walked around backstage, but never found him. She even asked some of the dancers, the security guy, and some other employees if they had seen him they all answered no. Stephanie started getting nervous. He was her ride home. She called him several times but no answer. She then did something very stupid she left the club to go look for him.

Panic was overtaking her as she made her way to the Escalade. Fat Rob wasn't there. She thought about calling her son, she wasn't sure why, so she dismissed that. She thought about calling the police, but why? He was still around, but she couldn't find him. She decided to head back inside and look again. On her way back, she passed a group of men that she didn't recognize from the club.

They looked grungy, and might have been homeless, but she had no way of knowing. They followed her and when she turned around to see them slowly trailing her, the idiocy of her choice to leave the club to look for Fat Rob fully kicked in. She was wearing a tight, revealing, slutty dress she wondered if they thought she was a prostitute. She started walking faster and faster, they matched her speed.

She thought she heard one of them say "hey" or "come here" but she wasn't sure. She was panicking, cursing Fat Rob, as she walked as fast as she could, and then breaking into a light jog. They followed her still. She looked around; one of them blew smoke into the night air and started jogging after her.

Her heart racing, she rounded a corner, illuminated by street lights. In the distance she saw hope, she saw help, she saw a parked police car with an officer's silhouette inside it. The window was down. Stephanie was running toward it. "I'm not a prostitute! I'm not a prostitute! I'm not a prostitute!" she yelled as she ran toward the officer parked inside. "Ma'am?" He got out of his car.

Stephanie nearly ran into his arms. "Those men are chasing me," She said frantically looking over her shoulder. "I lost my ride home " "It's ok, it's fine," The officer said, watching the men slow their pace, some pretending to change direction and back off. "Go ahead and get in with me. I can get you home." Stephanie nodded, making her way to the side of his car.

There was something about this officer that was familiar. He was black and very tall, taller than Fat Rob, not as bulky, but appeared to be very muscular probably spending his free time in the gym.

She glanced over at his direction, watching him put on his seat belt. She smiled politely. She knew him. ********** Back at the gentleman's club, Fat Rob was waiting in the back alley in the backseat of one his employee's own Escalade. "Here she is FR," his associates said, opening the back door. He gently nudged a young, dark haired, woman toward Fat Rob. "Ah, hello.

Glad you made it. Turn around and let me look at you," Fat Rob instructed the girl. "Mmmm, you look great. Get in." "So you want to apply for a job here?" Fat Rob asked. "Yes sir," the girl replied, climbing into the back seat, while Fat Rob's associate closed the car door. "Well then," Fat Rob unzipped his pants, fishing out his massive member, jiggling it in the girl's direction, "if you're going to work here, you gotta be able to handle a lot of black dick seeing as how that's mostly my customer base.

Thank you can do it?" "Absolutely," the girl licked her lips, her eyes widening, going to her knees in front of him, grabbing the base of his cock, swirling her tongue around the tip. "Good, I gotta stretch that pussy of yours out first.

Understand?" Fat Rob asked. The girl nodded and smiled devilishly up at him. "Get to work then. What's your name by the way?" He asked.

Pulling up her, short, black dress to furiously rub her clit while she slobbered over his thick cockhead, she paused and replied, "Jules." Chapter 6 Riding with the police officer, she was fairly talkative. Stephanie explained that she was there with a friend, whom she lost, she panicked, headed outside and those men were following her, thinking perhaps she was a prostitute. She chastised herself playfully for her foolishness.

The officer understood and said he was glad to get her home safe. Stephanie still couldn't place why she thought he looked familiar but she knew she knew him from somewhere. "I'm so sorry for rambling like this, but you look really familiar. I know it sounds silly, but I know I've seen you before somewhere," Stephanie said.

"Well, you look somewhat familiar too. But I see a lot of people every day." "Yeah, maybe, but it seems like I saw you many years ago, when you were much younger," she said, glancing at his huge bicep while he drove. If she did know him when he was younger, he was much smaller then.

"I was born and raised down in Tampa, lived there until I was an adult," The officer said. "Tampa," Stephanie said. "I used to live there too! My sisters and I were there for many years.

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I have a sister that still lives there in the house we grew up in." "Hmm, ok," the officer kept driving, glancing over the Stephanie as she studied him. He smiled awkwardly. "My father and grandfather live there still.

They've been there for many years." Stephanie thought more about this man, who looked to be in his 30s, driving her home. "Well the only black men from Tampa that I know personally, was a man name Tony and his son named TJ," Stephanie said, turning her gaze to the front of the car. She felt a little silly. The odds of this being that young man that lived next door were rare, she thought.

She did hear through her sister that the TJ kid from next door became a police officer somewhere, but this probably wasn't him. The officer cleared his throat, "Ma'am, my name is TJ and my father's name is Tony." Stephanie's eyes widened and a smile came across her face as she turned back toward him. "Well, TJ, I think I can recall where I've seen you before!" She smiled warmly to him, then immediately feeling embarrassment at her situation.

"Oh wow, look at me." TJ laughed, "It's ok ma'am, I mean, I'm not sure I recall your first name. I want to say it's Tiffany." Stephanie laughed, "Close! That's my sister's name. She also lives in this area. I'm Stephanie." "Ah yes, I remember now. You were the next one down from the oldest, Diane, right?" TJ asked. "That's right!" She excitedly smiled. "I remember Diane's two kids." TJ said. "Yep, you went to school with them, you three were around the same age." She replied.

TJ nodded, "Yep, Valerie and Sandee. Your nieces and I were friends at school." TJ said, immediately his thoughts going back to his teenage years, relentlessly pounding Sandee from behind, her moans, her screams of pleasure matched only by her sister Valerie, whom he'd take next on their many nights of pleasure in high school. They loved his cock. Stephanie smiled, "What a small world. Please don't think poorly of my, um, attire. I was with a friend and we " "Steph, it's fine, really," TJ chuckled.

"I've seen far, far worse things. Besides, you look great.

I guess that's why I confused you with your youngest sister," he admitted. She blushed, looking downward, the patrol car coming to stop at her house, "Will you have a look around?" "Sure," He smiled warmly, humoring the woman, knowing whoever was following her on the street miles back at the strip club wasn't out here in her neighborhood. TJ walked around the outside of her home, while Stephanie waited on the front steps, "Looks good, no forced entry, it's fine." "Good.

Care to come in for coffee?" She asked. "Well, my shift is almost over. I have paperwork waiting for me. But, It was nice running into you, so why not?" He shrugged and headed inside. Stephanie started a pot for him and they chatted more about her upcoming move, her children, and general information about her life. He did the same, stating he's been in Atlanta for a few years, but wanted to move back to Tampa soon.

Stephanie watched him as he spoke, her eyes trailing his frame, soaking him in; he was so tall, so muscular. She was in awe. She wasn't even paying attention to what he was talking about - something about his stepmom and his dad. "And so, yeah, I don't always get along with my father," TJ said, looking down to his coffee as he stirred it.

When he looked up, his eyes shot open, his mouth dropped along with the spoon into the coffee cup. Stephanie stood there naked, smiling softly at him. "Thank you for helping me tonight," She said. Chapter 7 She knew why she did it. She knew why she quickly slid her dress off while TJ was distracted and offered herself to him.

Perhaps it was a combination of the fact she moving away soon and would probably never see this guy again. Perhaps it was the thorough pummeling she had received all week from Fat Rob that made her feel extra confident and horny. Perhaps there was one reason and one reason only to why Stephanie undressed for this police officer and offered her body to him she did it because she could.

She didn't care if her family knew his. They weren't extremely close anymore. Even if he told his father and word got around to Stephanie's sisters that she did this, it wouldn't matter. Diane would praise her and ask her how it was. Her other sisters would act shocked and playfully scold her. "I only live once," she thought to herself, taking a step forward toward a nervous TJ.

"Uh ma'am, Stephanie, I don't think " TJ tried to say, nervously looking to the side to her nakedness. "Can you keep a secret?" Stephanie asked. "I should go, I could get in trouble," TJ replied, moving to the side a little. "Can you keep a secret?" Stephanie asked once more, placing her hands gently on his large shoulders, her breasts squishing against his uniform.

"I, uh " "Are you married, do you have a girlfriend?" she asked, slowly undoing the top button of his uniform. "No I don't, but I'm on duty, I " "If you can keep a secret it's ok," Stephanie said, undoing another two buttons. TJ nodded, his hands slowly moving to her wrists to remove them from his shirt. He undid the rest of the buttons while looking into her eyes. She began working his belt. "Wait, I should do that," TJ stopped her, carefully removing his belt which contained his gun, flashlight, and baton.

He placed it on the kitchen counter and resumed removing his shirt. He was left with a bullet-proof vest that he removed as well, leaving only a tank-top undershirt. He grabbed Stephanie, pulling her in tight against his body, running his hands through her blonde hair, he kissed her hard.

She moaned as his tongue entered her mouth. She unbuttoned his pants, pulling his tank top out of it, and began running her hands over his abs, slowly pulling his shirt up while he kissed her. Once he removed his shirt, letting it fall to the grounded, the rollercoaster peaked over that first drop and sped downward.

Kicking off his shoes, picking her so she was straddling him, he whispered to her, asking her were her bedroom was.

She directed him, holding on tight, her hands gripping his dark flesh around his shoulders. TJ gently placed Stephanie on her bed and stood up, unzipping his pants, sliding them down. Stephanie watched as his boxer shorts came off next. Her heart fluttered, she nearly gasped, when she saw the sight of his impressive cock. It wasn't nearly as thick as Fat Rob's, but it was longer, and darker in color.

"We have to be quick, I have to clock out soon and I'm not authorized for overtime tonight," TJ said softly, moving on to the bed above her, his cock dragging across her tummy. Stephanie nodded, accepting another kiss from TJ, before he lowered himself and began to enter her. Stephanie's legs opened as wide as they could, wrapping around his muscular body, her feet interlocking at his butt.

Stephanie groaned when TJ entered her. He pushed slowly all the way in. He was in further than Fat Rob, pressing and pushing against her cervix. Once he was all the way in, it began; the slow, methodical thrusts, the dragging of his lower abs against her engorged clitoris, the moaning as he kissed her neck she was cumming within a minute.

Her fingernails dug into his dark brown skin as her pussy convulsed around his shaft and her core shook. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she let out a deep soulful moan. TJ began picking up the pace, pumping his hips harder and faster it was his turn. It was so much better than Fat Rob, so much more loving and gentle.

Stephanie felt another orgasm building as TJ's own approached. Within another minute she was clinching her teeth and shaking again. "Ahhh yesssss!" She moaned. TJ was cumming too; he pulled out just as his cock began to erupt, spraying semen on Stephanie's breasts and stomach.

She pushed her tits together to catch as much as she could, writhing in pleasure as rope after rope of his cum landed on her.

When he was done, his head thrown back, looking upward, she sat up on the bed and began to clean him. Licking and sucking his cock of every last bit of sperm she could find. "I'll," he was out of breath, "I'll call you tomorrow when my shift is over. I'd like to see you again before you move." "Please do, TJ," Stephanie smiled, giving his cockhead one final kiss before she walked downstairs with TJ to see him off, her body still covered with his semen splatter.

He kissed her goodbye, got her number, and headed off to clock out. Stephanie didn't bother bathing. She went straight to bed with a smile on her face, letting the air dry the cum on her body. She thought about the wild and crazy night, and to some degree, the week she had had.

She was enjoying herself and letting whatever happened in the next couple weeks before she leaves, happen. She never assumed she'd see TJ again. Stephanie was wrong, when an hour and a half later her cell phone rang, waking her from her light slumber. It was TJ.

Within ten minutes he was at her home again. They had sex for the rest of the evening until they fell asleep at dawn. Chapter 8 Stephanie stood looking down at her purse. It was the next evening, TJ would be over soon after his shift, and she decided to straighten up her home a bit. She was naked, never bothering to put on clothes after her late morning shower sex session with TJ. She casually lounged around the house nude, thinking about TJ's dark chocolate body above hers, licking every inch of his glorious cock in the shower as the water trailed down his body that morning.

Stephanie was looking at the $2000 in various bills at the bottom of her purse. She hadn't given Fat Rob his cut.

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"It's only a $1000; I'm sure his gentlemen clubs make that much in 5 minutes." While she was annoyed at Fat Rob for the night before, she didn't want to steal from the guy. She decided to call him tomorrow. ********** Stephanie collapsed on top of TJ a few hours later. She was exhausted. Her hair was a sweaty, slicked back mess. TJ's body glistened with sweat in the low lit room. She was heaving on his chest, her sensitive nipples causing her to wince when they came to rest on his chest.

If there was milk in them, TJ would've sucked them dry long ago. After they caught their breath, she smiled softly and climbed off him. A small flashing light catches her eye. She recognizes it as her cell phone. She had silenced it, but the light flashing indicated she had some missed calls.

Her heart tinged with slight sadness when she saw she missed a call from her son. "Mommy was being bad," She laughed to herself. She had a different reaction when she saw she missed not one, but five calls from Fat Rob.

"Oh no. I forgot to call him," she thought to herself, just as she felt TJ's rock hard cock rest against the small of her back. She put her phone down, thinking "I call him back first thing in the morning." Stephanie turned around, grabbed TJ by the cock and led him back to her bed.

********** Stephanie forgot to call Fat Rob again the next day. She had errands to run with her sister, Tiffany, lost track of time and was riding TJ to climax over and over late that night before she remembered to call Fat Rob. The next morning TJ said his goodbyes, reminding her he can't come over that night, but will the following.

Stephanie decided she needed to get some packing done and happily went about her work, humming and thinking about TJs body as she did, pausing to speak to her son on the phone for awhile all while remaining nude for the fun of it. That night just before she fell asleep, she remembered she forgot to call Fat Rob again.

"I will tomorrow," she said out loud, before rolling over under the covers. A couple hours later her eyes shot open in the dark room. There was a loud banging on the door. She heard it again and got out of bed. Creeping to her bedroom door, she slowly opened it and made her way down the hall. She heard the loud banging and the voice of two or three men talking. She started to panic. Peeping around the corner of the hallway, she saw one of them turn on a flash light to shine in the house.

She wondered if they were Fat Rob's employees. She wondered if he was really that upset about the $1000. "She's not here or not answering," one man said. "Ok, we will." Stephanie reasoned he must on the phone with someone. "What'd he say?" The other man asked. "To leave her a message," the first man replied, raising her arm back. Stephanie saw from around the corner an object in his hand.

She gasped and tried not to scream when the object crashed into one of the side window panes of the front door, breaking it. She ran back to her room, closed the door and called TJ. She could hear the men leave, muttering about how Fat Rob was angry. "He doesn't like missing money. A penny, a dollar, or a grand," one man said, causing the other man to chuckle. They got in their car and left.

"Please answer, please answer," Stephanie pleaded into her phone. ********** Nicole was TJ's partner. She was just getting back from vacation and was spending time with TJ.

She was bent over on the bed, her huge, muscular ass illuminated by the moonlight. TJ groaned as he pulled his cock out, allowing it to rest on her butt. Nicole flexed it against his cock, see-sawing his long rod in between her cheeks.

TJ moaned again, feeling his shaft tightened and pulsate, in between her cheeks. In a moment semen erupted from the tip, the moonlight shining off the slick, dark cockhead. Nicole moaned as it landed on her back. He slapped her cheek playfully and made his way to the bathroom. His phone was on counter and rang as soon as he was washing his hands after flushing.

"Steph, hey, how are you?" TJ answered. "TJ there were some men at my house and they smashed a window. I don't know if they were trying to get in or what, but there were two of them and " Stephanie frantically explained. "Steph wait, wait, are they gone now?" "Yes, the left after they smashed a window. I was giving lap dances and I forgot to give a portion of the money to the club owner and " "Ok, ok, it's alright now they're gone.

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Let me come get you, I'll check things out. Call 911 though alright?


They'll send an on duty officer by. You'll have to make a police report," TJ said, attempting to calm Stephanie. He hung up and started getting dressed.

"Who was that?" Nicole asked. "It was a friend. She said some guy smashed in her window and left," He said, putting his jacket on.

"I'm going to go and check on her, she seemed scared. Feel free to hang out here if you want." "Nah, I gotta go.

I need to check in on my son. It was good seeing you again, like this, I mean," Nicole smiled, sitting up on the bed. "Feel free to shower if you want," TJ said, bending down to kiss her.

"I will and I'll lock up when I leave," she returned his kiss.


TJ smiled and said goodbye, he loved having a white partner whose body was built for black cock. Chapter 9 "Ok it's fine, you just forgot to call the guy. Tomorrow I want you to call him first thing," TJ told Stephanie shortly after they arrived at his apartment, had sex, showered, and now lay in his bed. "I will. I guess he's serious about his money. I bet he's difficult to work for," Stephanie pondered out loud. "I'll ride over to your house tomorrow and check on things.

Stay here for as long as you want, ok?" TJ said, holding her gently against his body. She smiled, kissed his chest, and went off to sleep. The next day TJ rode by her house as promised. The broken window pane was taped up, but there was no new activity and no new damage to the home.

"I'll be home soon, ok?" TJ told her. Stephanie smiled, curled back up in his bed, still nude, and flipped through the channels on his TV. When he arrived later that evening, Stephanie was waiting for him on the couch. TJ smiled, unzipped his pants after taking his belt off, sat down and enjoyed Stephanie's wonderful oral skills. She was moaning and slurping loudly on TJ's cock. TJ's head was rested back on the couch cushion. The two didn't even notice TJ's temporary roommate arrive.

He had been gone for a few days to Los Angeles. He cleared his throat, causing Stephanie to rise up with a look of shock on her face.

TJ's eyes widen and stared at his roommate. There was several seconds of silence as the nude Stephanie looked to his roommate and the roommate looked back to both of them.

She was paralyzed with embarrassment. Finally TJ spoke, "Uh, Steph, this is my roommate and half-brother, Ulysses. He was in LA for awhile and I thought he'd be back tomorrow, otherwise we should've taken this to the bedroom." TJ said, laughing awkwardly, slightly embarrassed as well. Stephanie's hand was still frozen to the base of TJ's cock. Ulysses smiled and nodded. TJ continued, "So yes, Stephanie meet Ulysses. Ulysses meet Stephanie. She's a friend of my family that I hadn't seen in a long time.

It's a long story." "Hi," Ulysses said, nodding politely. He wasn't as tall as TJ, but was just as dark.

He had a long ponytail of dreads behind him. He looked like he could be a wide-receiver or perhaps a track star very toned and very muscular.

Stephanie cleared her throat and nodded back. She slowly turned to TJ, then down to the cock in her hand, then back to Ulysses, smiling awkwardly as well. "Um&hellip." Stephanie said, trailing off. ********** Stephanie gripped the back cushion of the couch. TJ was sitting in the middle and he was gripping her hips. Ulysses was behind Stephanie, steadily pumping back and forth. Both men were in her vagina, sliding back and forth, stretching her beyond belief. She had never had two men at the same time, much less two in the same access point.

The three of them were quiet, occasionally huffing and puffing as they worked. Stephanie could feel the sweat trailing down her back. TJ's face was buried in her chest. Stephanie looked over her shoulder, bringing her hand behind Ulysses' head, pulling in him for a kiss while her other hand firmly head TJ's head in between her tits. "I only live once," she thought to herself as her tongue swirled around Ulysses'.

"You're beautiful," Ulysses said, looking into her eyes after the kiss. "So are you two," Stephanie replied. ********** "Still fine, Steph.

Your house looks fine and secure," TJ informed her the next evening when he patrolled by her home. "Thank you so much, TJ. It means a lot to me," Stephanie replied back at his apartment. Her hand was resting on Ulysses' chest below her. She ended the call, lowering herself to kiss him. He grabbed her hips, rolling on top of her. His style of love-making was virtually identical to TJ's.

Later that night the three of them rolled around in bed, writhing, moaning, slithering and sweating, as the two men worshipped Stephanie's body. Having spent the day getting to know Ulysses, in bed, she had forgotten to call Fat Rob again. The next morning, as sunlight illuminated Stephanie's nude body as it lay in between two black men, her phone rang.

It was Fat Rob. "I want my money now! Do you understand me? I know it's not much, but I want it now," He demanded. "Yes! It's yours, all of it.

I'm so sorry I wasn't trying to avoid you, I just " Stephanie tried to explain the previous weekend, how she lost him at the club. "I don't care bitch. Meet me at noon at the front door of the club. I want all of it, you don't get a cut from those dances you sold," he demanded, hanging up on her.

With a feeling of dread, she told TJ of what Fat Rob demanded. He offered to take her to the location and keep her safe if need be. For the first time in a few days she put clothes on and left TJ's apartment. Besides Fat Rob yanking Stephanie's purse out of her hand, calling her a few a few more bad names, while searching through it to make sure she wasn't lying the meeting was actually not as scary as Stephanie thought.

She sighed, getting back in the police cruiser with TJ. "I'd hate it if I WAS a prostitute and he was my pimp," She joked, trying to make light of her situation.

TJ drove her back to his apartment and headed back to his patrol route. Stephanie spent the rest of the day with Ulysses embedded balls deep in her. That night after their threesome, Stephanie spoke up, sighing, "I think I want to go somewhere this weekend.

I have a sister in Tampa Bay I should visit before I move to Minnesota. I just want to clear my head too. You know?" She asked the two men in bed with her. TJ sat up, "I understand, how long will you stay? Will we see you once more before you leave?" "Only for the weekend really and of course you'll see me before I leave.

I'm recruiting you two to help me load the moving truck my daughter and son-in-law and driving down!" She joked. "We'll be glad to," Ulysses said. "I have to go to Miami this weekend.

The modeling agency is calling me down again. If you are ok with staying a couple extra days in Tampa, I'll be glad to drop you off and pick you back up." "Oh I don't know, are you sure you don't mind taking me to my sister's?" "Not at all," Ulysses smiled, lying back on the bed.

Stephanie joined him, her left hand around Ulysses' cock, slowly stroking it; her right hand around TJ's doing the same. "I can't take you, I'm on duty," TJ piped in, moaning lightly as Stephanie stroked them both. They were both rock hard now and Stephanie rose up to face them, guiding them to lay side-by-side so she could orally service their cocks at the same time. "That'd be really sweet of you, Ulysses," she said, kissing the tip of his cock.

She loved these black cocks. "Ahhhh," he moaned, "my pleasure. I like driving instead of flying down there anyway." Stephanie sucked one cock vigorously before switching to the other one. She was looking forward to this. She felt bad about not seeing her sister Julianne for Thanksgiving a couple weeks back. Now she'd be able to before she moved plus get out of town a bit after the situation with Fat Rob.

Her sister in Tampa had gone through some rough times with her ex-husband. It would be nice check in on her in a surprise visit. The night ended a few hours later when the three of them collapsed on the bed in a sweaty mess. Early the next morning, shortly before the sun rose, Ulysses took Stephanie to her house to gather some clothes and a few things for the trip. She gave him the address to enter into his GPS device.

Ulysses did so, backing out of her drive way. Stephanie leaned over the middle console of the car, unbuttoned and unzipped Ulysses' shorts, pulling his cock out and went to work.

She had a seven hour trip before them, plenty of time to service his dick. Chapter 10 The ride down to Tampa was fairly quiet. Ulysses drove the whole way while Stephanie serviced his cock. They stopped for lunch about halfway. It was the only time something other than a penis was in Stephanie's mouth.

The conversation was great. She learned a lot about Ulysses. They talked about his fitness model career. He mentioned there was a woman he works with often that he feels he could easily marry but she's already married, so he doesn't try to pursue it.

Patrick called to check in on her. She informed him things are looking good for next weekend. Ulysses raised an eyebrow when he heard Stephanie banter back and forth playfully with the caller. She informed him it was her son-in-law and that their flirtatious ways were all in good fun. Ulysses glanced at Stephanie's cleavage, "I bet he has a thing for you." "Oh I'm sure he does," she replied.

"Have you ever thought about, you know, you and him?" Ulysses asked, taking a bite of food. "Ha! He is very sweet, but I couldn't hurt my daughter like that, unless it was a very strange situation or if there was alcohol involved and poor Patrick was heartbroken. Who knows?" Ulysses chuckled and nodded, finishing his meal.

He paid the check and the two continued their journey. When Stephanie got back in the car's passenger side, she resumed her cock-sucking position. "Mmmm, you're really good at that. You like it huh?" Ulysses asked as he drove.

Taking his cock out of her mouth with a loud pop, Stephanie said, "I first had sex with a black man a couple weeks ago.

I think I'm hooked!" "There's probably not a lot of black men in Minnesota," Ulysses said. "I'll just have to find a substitute," Stephanie said, lowering herself, engulfing his cock once more. ********** "We're here," Ulysses said, putting the car in park in Stephanie's sister's driveway. Stephanie took the cock she had been sucking the entire way there out of her mouth and sat up in the passenger side.

"Ok, let's head inside," she said. Julianne's face lit up briefly when she saw her sister. She asked why she was visiting. Stephanie explained about her move and wanted to make sure she saw her before she left.

She didn't mention the strip club or the past couple weeks filled with sex. Julianne nodded to Ulysses, unsure of who he was. Stephanie explained he was a good friend that she hitched a ride with. Ulysses used the restroom, politely thanking Julianne, giving her a brief hug. He did the same to Stephanie, telling her he would see her on Tuesday, and then he left. "He seemed nice," Julianne sighed, pouring a glass of water.

Stephanie moved behind her and rested her chin on her younger sister's shoulder. She had been through so much heartbreak, the sadness was apparent. "I missed you at Thanksgiving. I feel like we should've come here, but it didn't work out that way," Stephanie said, still holding her sister. Julianne was 44, a couple inches taller, had similar blond hair and bangs, and breasts that were impressive, although not as huge as Stephanie's. She like all her sisters had an amazing figure still.

They chatted a bit, about nothing important, and then decided to go out to dinner Stephanie's treat. Julianne confessed it had been months since she left the house. Stephanie asked her if she was on any medication for depression. Julianne said she was. The conversation got fairly sad pretty quick. Julianne said she doesn't talk to her children much, as she doesn't want to bring them down. Her daughter Gisele, a recent college graduate, didn't come home for Thanksgiving and her son, who lives in Tampa, doesn't stop by much.

Stephanie couldn't help but feel for her younger sister. Knowing how horrible divorce is, she could empathize what Julianne was going through; though what Stephanie experienced was nothing compared to the betrayal and heartbreak her sister did.

"A nice, big cock would make you feel better," Stephanie said to herself, making herself chuckle softly. "What?"Julianne laugh. "Oh nothing, I was just thinking about pretty your hair looks. In fact, how pretty you look as a whole," She replied, patting her sister's hand from across the table, attempting to make her feel better.

Julianne faked a smile, probably assuming her sister was trying to be nice. That evening they watched a few movies and Julianne fell asleep on the couch.

Stephanie woke her and helped her to her bed. She stood in the door watching her sister go back to sleep. She felt so bad for her. Chapter 11 The next day Stephanie woke early and made breakfast.

Julianne thanked her and slowly ate. Afterward, Stephanie began cleaning her sister's house. It was very sparse, as her ex-husband took almost everything, but was very dusty and needed cleaning. "Yours look great, sis," Stephanie said, flipping through an old Playboy magazine.

It was the issue Julianne posed in. "Not as nice as yours," She muttered, grabbing the magazine from her hands and tossing it on a nearby book shelf. After a few hours of cleaning, dusting, arranging boxes and furniture, Stephanie took her sister shopping. She bought her a couple of dresses and other outfits.

The clothes were a vast improvement on the dreary and frumpy clothes she seemed to wear around the house. Maybe a change in look would give her a slight injection of happiness. "An injection of something else, might work too," Stephanie thought, the image of a glorious, sperm-spurting, black cock popped into her head. Stephanie cooked dinner that night. Julianne thanked her and found her usual spot on the couch. About midnight, Stephanie had dozed off on the couch next to Julianne.

She was awoken about an hour later by a car door slamming shut in the driveway next door. Getting off the couch to peer through the blinds, she saw a very tall, older black man get out of the car. "That must be Tony, TJ's dad," She thought, as she watched him enter the home. She had nearly forgotten he still lived next door. She raised an eyebrow when she saw him undo his belt and unbutton his pants as he was walking up the driveway to the front door, illuminated by a street light. Stephanie moved to the kitchen in order to follow the movements in the house next door.

The houses in the neighborhood were pretty close together. Some windows matched up with similar windows on the houses next to them. If a neighbor had modesty they would keep their blinds closed at night. Luckily, for Stephanie, this man named Tony did not have modesty. She watched the kitchen light come on from Julianne's own darkened kitchen. What Stephanie saw made her pussy start to leak.

Tony had entered the kitchen, apparently fully nude, and was standing at the refrigerator's open door. She could see his bare back, her hand sliding into her shorts, admiring his large muscular frame just like TJ's. She watched Tony prepare a drink of some sort and head out the back door of the house.

Stephanie had to change to another window to afford a good view of his back yard. She watched the nude black man make his way to a lounge chair near the swimming pool and hot tub that was facing away from Stephanie's view. She watched him take a sip of his drink every few seconds. Stephanie's peripheral vision picked up some movement coming from house. She gasped when she saw two more naked people head to the back yard where Tony was lounging by the pool.

When she turned to see who they were, she saw two, young, white girls, holding hands, walking slowly toward Tony. They were both the same height and had the same long, brown hair. From what Stephanie could tell, the two girl's breasts weren't very large, but their asses were perfect little bubble butts.

Stephanie was furiously rubbing her clit, as she watched the two girls sit with Tony, running their hands over his naked body, and appear to lean down and pepper it with kisses. She gasped again when one of the girls brought Tony's long, black rod into view and licked one side while the other girl licked the other side.

Stephanie let out a soft moan when she saw its impressive size just like TJ's. What transpired over the next several minutes was each girl taking turn riding him to hushed orgasm. They appeared to try their best to be quiet. Stephanie knew Tony was still married, at least she thought he was.

Tony lay motionless for most of this. When it was his turn to cum, the two girls pressed their butts together, trapping his cock in between them, and began sliding their asses up and down his dark rod. When he ejaculated it was like a fountain erupting, spewing semen on both the girl's lower backs. Stephanie's mouth hung open as she watched. Frantically searching through her sister's top dresser drawer for sex toy, she found nothing. Instead Stephanie settled for rubbing herself to several orgasms before falling asleep in the guest bedroom.

Chapter 12 "So does Tony still live next door?" Stephanie asked Julianne the next morning at breakfast. "Yeah," Was her solemn reply. "Ah. Do you ever see him?" she asked. "Not really," Julianne shrugged, eating her eggs. "He was married right?" Stephanie prodded. "Yeah. Still is I think. Her name is Joanne." "Do they have children?" "Yeah one between them. She lives across town. Joanne had a few kids from her previous marriage.

Not sure where they are. I know the twins still live there in the house. They're in high school by now," Julianne explained. Stephanie nodded slowly, taking it in. Those must've been Tony's stepdaughters servicing his cock last night in the back yard. She decided to change the subject. She also decided on something else, but needed Ulysses' help.

He would be there in a couple days. The rest of the day dragged on. Stephanie took Julianne shopping again.

This time it was for a couple of lingerie items and much to Julianne's reluctance, an adult store. Stephanie bought Julianne a modestly size dildo, telling her it's just for fun, and to use it if she ever felt like it. Stephanie knew deep down that it may not get much use. She knew when someone is depressed, their libido can suffer. She also bought a dildo for herself.

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It wasn't so modestly sized. Julianne just rolled her eyes, watching Stephanie pay for the toys. She also spoke with TJ, who had checked on her house daily.

No one was there, no more forced entry. Stephanie assumed since Fat Rob got his money he was done with her. The next two nights were a repeat except with one minor difference. Stephanie watched from the kitchen window, late at night, the twin girl's suck, lick, and ride that delicious cock of Tony's. The only difference was that her own delicious dildo was lodged into her pussy, slowly going in and out, as she stood there watching the show.

The girl's erect nipples in the cool night air being pinched by Tony as they slid their bubble butts up and down his shaft. She came with them and she came with him.

She wanted to join so badly, she wanted him inside her. It had been a few days since she had any cock and she was getting very restless.

Ulysses would be there tomorrow. ********** Stephanie dug her nails into Ulysses' back, trying her best to be quiet as he pumped his hips manically into her after he slammed her onto the guest bed. She nearly dragged him into that room so she could use him to take the edge off before the three of them went out to dinner. "Hi there, I love that new dress I got you," Stephanie told Julianne a few moments later after her quickie with Ulysses.

He was in the shower and the two ladies chatted about where to eat. Dinner was pleasant, though a bit rushed. Stephanie jacked Ulysses' cock under the table while sitting on the opposite side from her sister. Julianne had a few glasses of wine, following Stephanie's suggestion. The wine was working too. Julianne seemed far more upbeat and friendly while she chatted with Ulysses. Stephanie was happy to see her smile more. Back at Julianne's house after dinner, all three were enjoying more wine Stephanie had picked up from the store.

Ulysses sat in between them on the couch. "No, Steph don't!" Julianne begged her sister not to bring out Julianne's Playboy issue. Stephanie didn't listen and plopped the magazine on Ulysses' lap. "Check her out. She was 35 when she posed.

So gorgeous," Stephanie said, sitting back down next to Ulysses. They looked at her photos, much to Julianne's embarrassment. Stephanie complimented her in each photo, admiring her breasts, her legs, and her face, much to Julianne's continued dismay. "Ok that's enough," Julianne grabbed the magazine, standing, walking back to put it on the shelf where it belonged.

She sat next to Ulysses on the couch and downed her wine. Stephanie happily poured her more and checked the time. It was almost midnight. The three sat, talked, and drank for the next hour.

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The two sisters told funny stories on each other. Stephanie told stories on her nephew, Julianne's son, taking a Playboy Playmate to the prom his mother. "He didn't seem to care," Julianne slurred. "What did you two do afterward?" Ulysses asked, observing Julianne's increased intoxication. "Came home, had sex, the usual," She laughed, causing Ulysses to attempt to hide a giggle.

"Ha! I bet!" Stephanie exclaimed. "No we didn't do that. That'd be weird," Julianne replied with a glazed look and lazy smile on her face. "He's probably across town getting some action right now. He's a little bit of a ladies' man," Julianne said, leaning in to whisper into Ulysses' ear.

"Like you, right?" "Well, I uh, I don't know," Ulysses replied awkwardly. Stephanie looked for opportunities and this was it. She excused herself to the restroom. Instead of heading there she went to the kitchen. She peeped out the back window and saw the two twin girls walking back inside, holding hands, leaving Tony there to sip more of his drink.

Apparently they were done with him for the night. Stephanie started getting aroused. She peeped back into the living room and a mischievous grin came across her face when she saw her sister's head bobbing up and down in Ulysses' lap. He was laying his head back looking forward the ceiling. Stephanie went back to look into Tony's backyard. He was still there, still naked, still sipping a drink.

Now was her chance. She peeped in on the living room once more. This time she saw Julianne go into straddling position, remove her shirt and bra for Ulysses, and begin kissing him madly.

********** The grass was damp, sliding in between her toes. The night air was cool, causing her to shiver slightly. The moon was bright, providing enough light to see her target destination. She was nude, walking across the yard to the fence that bordered Tony's property, having quickly shed her clothes.

Her t-shirt and shorts lying in a pile on the kitchen floor, no underwear; she hadn't worn underwear since her first date with Fat Rob. Slowly entering Tony's backyard through the door on the chain link fence, she traipsed over to him silently. As she got closer she could see his physique much better. He had the musculature of a body builder just like TJ.

Tony turned his head when his peripheral vision picked up on her movements. He watched this naked, blonde woman, with huge breasts and an amazing body come into view, standing in front of him. "Hi," Stephanie said. Tony nodded in return, setting his drink on the small table next to the lounge chair. Stephanie went to her knees, not saying another word, massaging his feet, his calves, his thighs, trailing her breasts along his legs as she traveled up his body.

Kissing and licking her way up his thighs, she made her way to his weakened cock. She licked it slowly, listening to Tony moan as she did, watching it gradually regain its strength.

When it was fully hard again, Stephanie straddled him, guiding it into her dripping wet pussy. She lowered herself all the way down on it and moaned. She took one final look at Tony, smiling softly at him, grabbing his hands, guiding them to her breasts.

She rose upward, her feet still on the grass, the cockhead barely inside her. She counted to three, thinking to herself, "I only live once." Stephanie then slammed down hard on Tony, impaling herself deeply with his cock. She rose up and did it again and again and again. She ran her hands through her hair as she squatted up and down on his cock. Tony was still holding her tits in place and gritting his teeth as she rode him, bouncing wildly, stabbing herself on TJ's father's equally impressive member.

After a few moments, her thighs began to tire, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she was cumming. She shook and convulsed when she slammed down on his cock one last time. She did it, she was done, but he wasn't. Collapsing on his chest, kissing and licking his neck, face, and shoulder, she whispered to him in between breaths and kisses, "I'm Stephanie.

Not sure if you remember me, but I'm Julianne's older sister. I'm visiting her for a few days." "Thought you looked familiar. How long are you in town?" Tony asked. "We're leaving early in the morning." "That's a pity," Tony said, sitting up, taking her with him. Stephanie held on tight as he took her to the hot tub. The next hour was a total blur. Stephanie rode him in the hot tub to several climaxes. Tony picked her up, fucking her while standing in it, spinning her around, savagely taking her from behind as water and sweat dripped from her body into the tub.

He slammed her gently onto the grass. They rolled around over and over in an out-of-control fuckfest; ending with Tony spraying semen all over her face. No other words were said except, "Have a safe trip back," arrogantly by Tony as he headed inside, leaving her with a drunken smile on her face, covered in water, sweat, grass, dirt, and semen. She crawled through the fence door, feeling sluttier than she's ever had before, but at the same time, relief.

It was over. She'd go home tomorrow. Say goodbye to TJ and Ulysses via a couple more threeways, then welcome her daughter and son-in-law into her home to help her pack and move.

She'd be in Minnesota in a week's time, leaving all this behind her. She'd be seeing her favorite man in the world, her son, for Christmas. She would be back to middle-aged mom mode. She was ok with that. Crawling into Julianne's house, she stood, gathered her clothes and headed to the shower. Stephanie stopped by Julianne's closed bedroom door and listened for a moment as her sister and Ulysses made love.

She envisioned his back slick with sweat as he worked, imaging Julianne's fingers trailing his back, as she climaxed over and over again. The shower was warm and wonderful. Stephanie felt at peace when she dried herself off. She climbed into bed, still nude, and went to sleep with a smile on her face. Chapter 13 "We're here," Ulysses said the next evening.

Stephanie sat up in the passenger side, his cock sliding out of her mouth. It had been another wonderful car ride. It had been a wonderful day. She listened as Julianne and Ulysses said goodbye in the shower that morning, smiling to herself as she packed her things, wondering if those two would see each other again. She couldn't help but feel good about bringing her sister a little happiness.

Stephanie was home now. She looked at the busted, taped over window and sighed. She entered her home without fear though. She and Ulysses made love in shower just as he did that morning with Julianne. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day TJ showed up. Stephanie greeted him at her front door, naked, riding him to climax on the floor. The three of them spent the next few days in Stephanie's bed.

TJ only left to go to work. Stephanie only put clothes on to oversee the window-fixing project. Once that was complete, she was nude again, riding and cumming with her two friends until the next morning.

********** The next evening Patrick grabbed and hugged Stephanie with all his might when she answered the door. He twirled his mother-in-law around, extremely happy to see her. Carrie, her daughter, smiled softly, hugging her mom.

Stephanie was so happy to see them both. She had a nice meal prepared and the three of them sat to discuss the next day's packing plans. Stephanie told them she recruited two friends to help.

After a couple hours of chatting about Carrie's siblings, Christmas plans, various odds and ends about the move, her date with Patrick tomorrow night, Patrick and Carrie headed to bed in the guest room leaving Stephanie alone.

She reflected on the past several weeks. She looked forward to an actual new chapter, one that involved her being close to her family, not moving away. Stephanie called her son, Dan, letting him know she loved him and couldn't wait to be there closer to everyone.

He still sounded sad over his breakup. "I really need you," he told his mother. "I'll be there soon. I can't wait to see you," She replied. A brief image of Stephanie dancing for him popped into her head. She smiled at herself and shook from her thoughts. She ended the phone call and headed to bed. Tomorrow would be a tiring day. Carrie's eyes widened with surprise as she greeted two black men at her mother's door the next morning, letting them in, calling to her mom. They dwarfed her 5'3" height.

Stephanie rushed past her, hugging the two men, telling Carrie these were the friends that had come to help. Carrie nodded slowly, still skeptical of the situation. The rest of the day was filled with hard labor as the five moved boxes and furniture from Stephanie's house into the large moving truck.

They left only two mattresses for that evening and a few other items they would load into the morning. TJ and Ulysses got most of the heavy items.

Carrie would help when needed. Both she and Patrick seemed to get along with them very well. Stephanie smiled looking out the window later in the day as Carrie was chatting and laughing with TJ and Ulysses near the moving truck.

Patrick, as predicted, was by her side, helping his mother-in-law with boxing, moving, and lifting heavier items. By dinner time, they were done. Stephanie gave TJ and Ulysses some money for supper, winking at Patrick, reminding him he was taking her out to dinner. Stephanie looked at the two men she had come to be great friends with.

She thought about their trysts together, accepting that the phase was done, not regretting a second. She hugged them both goodbye, exchanged numbers, and emails and saw them off. Chapter 14 "Wow, mom, you look incredible," Carrie noted when Stephanie walked down the stairs to meet an eager Patrick.

She was wearing a long, black dress with ample cleavage. "She sure does," he chimed in. "Thank you, both," Stephanie replied, grabbing her coat, and Patrick's arm.

They were headed to dinner for their "date." "You'll be ok alone?" Stephanie asked Carrie, the window incident still in the back of her mind. "Sure, I'll be fine. I'll probably do some cleaning up and head to bed early," Carrie said. They said their goodbyes; Patrick opened the door for Stephanie and they headed off. Dinner was a jovial occasion filled with laughter. They didn't talk about Carrie much, they mainly talked about Stephanie. Patrick reiterated how nice it'll be to have her around.

Stephanie sensed more sadness in his eyes. He wanted someone to talk to, to be friends with, qualities that perhaps Carrie didn't provide him. Stephanie was happy to fill that void, though was concerned her daughter might not be.

They held hands after the meal, enjoying more wine, Patrick telling her how lucky he was to have such a great in-law. Patrick had a little too much wine, so Stephanie drove from the restaurant. When they arrived back home, she had to help him inside.

She wondered if he was pretending so it'd be an excuse for him to wrap his arm around her for balance. If he was, she didn't care. Stephanie smiled, watching Patrick head up the stairs to the guest room, thinking how sweet he had been that evening.

She set her purse down, slipping off her high heels, stepping onto the carpet and heading toward the small office area for one last look at her Playboy scrapbook before packing it. Her walk down memory lane wasn't going to be long; they were driving to Minnesota tomorrow. Getting closer to the room, Stephanie noticed light from the small lamp in the room emanating from it, piquing her curiosity. "Maybe I left it on by accident earlier," she thought to herself.

The soft smile faded when she turned the corner of the small office. Her mouth dropped as she stood just past the doorway, bringing her hand slowly to cover it as she watched the scene before her with a mixture of rage and sadness.

She was unable to look away. Carrie gripped the back cushion of the small loveseat left in the room. TJ was sitting in the loveseat and he was gripping her hips. Ulysses was behind Carrie, steadily pumping back and forth. Stephanie was unable to tell which access point Ulysses was using, her daughter's anus or perhaps both men were using her vagina.

It didn't matter. The three of them were quiet, occasionally huffing and puffing as they worked. Stephanie could see the sweat glistening on Ulysses' back.

TJ's face was buried in Carrie's chest. Carrie looked over her shoulder, bringing her hand behind Ulysses' head, pulling in him for a kiss while her other hand firmly head TJ's head in between her tits. Stephanie had seen enough. Patrick was her first thought. The pain he could go through if he saw them doing this. She wasn't as angry at the two men, she wasn't dating them - she was angrier at her daughter for hurting her husband like this.

Stephanie reasoned that Patrick could never know. Stephanie paced around the house for a moment to gather her thoughts. She glanced out the back window and saw TJ's police cruiser parked on a side street adjacent to the house.

She assumed Carrie contacted them and arranged them to park and hide their vehicle there. They would slip out when they were done with her and head home. Her thoughts went back to Patrick, his smile, his laughter, his thoughtfulness to organize this moving event and to come all the way from Minnesota made Stephanie feel even worse. Her heart was breaking for him, for something he would hopefully never know, unless Carrie admitted it.

In that moment Stephanie made a choice. She knew that two wrongs didn't make a right, but she didn't care. "Come in," Patrick answered the soft knock at the guest room door a few moments later. Stephanie entered with an awkward smile on her face.

"Hey, you seen Carrie?" Patrick asked, sitting on the edge of the mattress, taking his shoes off. Stephanie didn't answer him, immediately moving to his side, clearing her throat. "Patrick, can you keep a secret?" "Huh?" "A secret.

As in, something you would never, ever, share with anyone," Stephanie replied, her voice somewhat frantic, looking back to the door.

"Yeah, Steph, what's wrong? You ok?" "I'm fine," she lied, "I need to know for sure if you can keep a secret." "I can! It's ok. What's going on?" Patrick asked, his eyebrows furling with concern.

"Can you never, ever, ever, repeat to anyone what is about to happen here tonight? Never tell a soul about what is getting ready to take place?" Stephanie asked her son-in-law, shaking while she grabbed his face, turning it to her own for emphasis. "Steph, please, it's ok. I promise I would never tell anyone a secret you share with me. Now, what's going to happen?" Patrick asked, legitimately concerned by Stephanie urgency. She released his face, slowly looking to her feet before she rose off the mattress to stand in front of Patrick.

"Steph, I," Patrick shook his head, unsure of what was happening. Stephanie took a deep break and exhaled slowly. Thoughts of her daughter being double teamed in the other room downstairs coursed through her head. She thought about poor Patrick and the pain and suffering he could go through. Stephanie slowly slid a strap from her dress over her shoulder. Patrick looked on, his eyes widening as he watched Stephanie slid the other strap over the other shoulder. Then their eyes met. Stephanie slowly started nodding her head with Patrick as he caught on.

Stephanie slid the rest of her dress down past her stomach, over her hips, over her thighs and down to her feet, stepping out of it and kicking it lightly to the side. She wasn't wearing underwear. Patrick's mouth was hanging open, "C-C-Carrie," he stuttered.

"Shhhhh," Stephanie replied, taking a step further toward him, running her fingers through his thinning hair. In her mind she was going to make things right, she was going to make herself feel better, knowing someone was going to be with this sweet man tonight.

"Our little secret." Patrick nodded, a small smile coming over his face, placing his hands on Stephanie's bare waist, guiding her to straddle him. They looked into each other's eyes for moment and then began kissing passionately.

The end. ***There will be a second story with Steph. It will feature her son. What happens after this first story will be touched on as a plot device in the second story along with other few interesting tidbits.***