Bridget powerz and Twidlight midget friend

Bridget powerz and Twidlight midget friend
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Dee gave Mr. Evans, her former coach, a call a few days after she and her friend Bobbi had spent an afternoon seducing him at his home.

Having just graduated earlier that summer, they had found themselves bored and had stopped by to see his new place, then took their relationship with him to a whole new level by having an intense threesome in his bedroom after a tour of the house.

During their adventure, Dee had promised to come back whenever he wanted now that they had discovered their mutually satisfying desires for one another. In the days that followed Mr. Evans was unsure if he should take her up on the offer. It seemed a bit risky, to say the least, to be fooling around with his recent graduates, even though it was all perfectly legal.

He was pretty sure neither the administration nor parents of his current athletes would look favorably upon the situation. If this event had come to light, he'd likely never be allowed to work in the field again.


Because of this he'd been very worried about how things would proceed. Much of him hoped it would be an isolated incident. The professional thing to do would be to not allow it to happen again, and hope that the girls would never speak of it to anyone, as they had promised to do.

They liked and respected him enough to protect him, and were perfectly aware of the potential danger of their collective actions. But another part of him was ecstatic at the prospect of what might continue to be. Dee had long been a favorite of his, and not simply because of the physical attraction. Almost all of the girls he worked with were attractive to some degree. They were athletes in the prime of their lives, how could they not?

But between Dee and him there had been a tighter bond than there had been with the others. Their personalities matched up nicely, and she had all the traits that he looked for in a woman: smart, witty, energetic.

Obviously she was far too young to be involved with, but he had the sense that if their ages were closer, had they been of the same generation, there would certainly be a strong chemistry between them.

He harbored no illusions, however, and while it was pleasant enough to think about, he knew it was nothing to be hoped for. It simply wouldn't, it couldn't, happen. So he decided not to pursue it. In the days since he thought constantly of Dee or Bobbi and what had happened, but he made no effort to contact either of them, and had begun to think of it as something to be cherished as a crazy event that would stick in his memory.

So when he got the call in the evening later in the week he didn't know what to say. As had happen the first time, it was Dee who moved things forward. "Hi, Mr. Evans," she said without a trace of suggestion when he answered his cell. "Hey, Dee," he countered flatly, although his heart immediately raced. "How're you doing?" she asked with the expected irony in her voice, 'now that we've fucked each other silly' the question continued unspoken.

"Oh, you know, really pretty good, actually," he sort of laughed, trying to play along. "What are you up to?" "Nothing much, just hanging around the house. I might see what Bobbi's up to later and go out, but I'm not sure. Hey, I was wondering," as if the thought just occurred to her, "should I still call you Mr. Evans, or can I call you Mark now?" "You can call me whatever, or whenever, you like," he responded, nonchalantly. "Ok, then. Mark." Then she giggled.

"That feels weird to say; it'll take some getting used to. I might still just call you Mr. Evans." "Suit yourself. I'm gonna keep calling you Dee," he said to be a smart ass. "What?? I'm not Miss Chandler now that I've graduated and am all grown up?" playing along in a wounded voice. "I thought I'd get to be treated with a little more respect than that, being all worldly wise and mature and all. Hmph." "Oh, alright, he acquiesced, "Miss Chandler. How's that?" "That's better. But my friends call me Dee, so you can too," she teased.

"So, I wanted to talk about what happened the other day." Uh oh, here it comes, he thought. Either it was about to be all over, or all good, one of the two. "Ok, what about it?" he said, trying to conceal both anticipation and trepidation. "Well," she began slowly, "I've been thinking about it, you know, about how it was a whole lot of fun, and how I kinda want to keep doing that with you if it's ok." She paused for a second, then continued, "but before it happens again I want to get to know more about what you like." "You mean you want me to tell you what I like about sex?" he asked, encouraged by her direction.

"Yeah, I guess." She thought a second for a better way to explain it. "It's like, I know a little about what you like now, because you obviously liked everything we were doing.

But when I started whispering to you, while Bobbi was on top of you, it was like a whole other part of you came out. You got so completely aroused by my talking to you, and it really turned me on to be able to do that to you. So I figure if we talk about it more it might make it even better next time. Plus, you know, I bet you know a bit more about it than I do at this point. Sex, I mean." He'd been with a number of girls before, all of them fun, some more adventurous than others, and each with her special attributes.

But he'd never encountered a woman who had specifically asked him what he wanted point blank, much less everything. Now here was this sweet little vixen, for whom he was already having strong emotional feelings, on top of the pure, raging lust he felt, asking him to confess his every desire.

"You're quite an interesting girl, Dee," he said contemplatively. She really was turning out to be unlike anyone he'd ever been with. "So how do you want to go about this?" "Well, here's what I was thinking," her voice perking up. "I'll ask the questions and you give the answers, and when I feel like I know enough about you, I'll come back over and we can have some more fun." "Ah, so you get to say when.

I suppose that's fair." A woman in control, he liked that. "I hope I get to see you sooner than later, though. Hurry up and ask, already, will ya?" "Jeez, calm down, big boy," she said playfully. "I'll be able to tell if your trying to rush it, so you'd better just relax and get ready to chat for a while." "Oh, alright, if I must," he pouted. This could really be a whole lot of fun sexual psychoanalysis with a hot coed.

Then he thought to ask, "Hey, do I get to ask any questions? I mean, am I going to get to know what you like also, or do I just have to wait and find out?" "Oh, you can ask, too. I have nothing to hide," she said confidently. "Maybe I'll even volunteer some stuff as we go along, but only if you're a good boy an answer all the questions.

So, ready? Question number one. Do you masturbate?" "Well, yes, of course. Otherwise I'd go nuts, so to speak." "Ha, ha," she droned at his lame joke. "So what do you like to think about when you do?" "Well, first of all, I do it when I can't have sex with someone else, it's not like it's my preference.

It's really done more out of necessity. As for what I think about, that totally depends on my mood." "Ok," she said, "well, have you masturbated since we were over?" "Yes, and of course I thought about you and Bobbi again." "How about before we came over.

What was the last thing you were thinking of when you masturbated?" "I was probably watching porn, which is almost always what I do. Girl-girl stuff, mostly. Sometimes just girls masturbating." "Oh really?" She seemed genuinely intrigued.

"You don't like watching regular girl-guy sex? I thought that's what all guys were into." "Maybe sometimes, but I'm really more interested in watching the girls get off, so I usually just take the guys out of the equation. Plus girl-guy porn is so fake, I hate how unrealistic it is. Not that any porn isn't totally fake, just that it doesn't turn me on to watch some huge cock just banging away at a set of fake boobs.

So I try to find stuff that either emphasizes the female enjoyment, or even better shows actual female orgasms." He found talking about all this to be more easy and intriguing than he thought it might. "Huh," she pondered, "so watching girls get off gets you off?" "Yep," he continued, "It's the same when I'm with someone.

Turning them on and making them cum as much a possible is what does it for me. So I try to get them to cum as much as I can before I finally have to. I've never been really able to cum more than once unless there's some time in between, like a few hours. So I make the best of it while I can, I guess.

Poke while the iron is hot." She giggled at his continued deliberately bad jokes. It was part of his charm. "If you're not going to take this seriously, mister, we don't have to continue," she chided.

"Oh, come on, it was a good joke," he protested meekly. "I'll be good, I promise, Miss Chandler. "That's better, Mr. Evans. I wouldn't want to have to come over there and spank you, now would I?" "Well, I would. And I've got the wood right here to prove it…" "Enough!" she said, laughing and rolling her eyes on the other end of the line.

"So, more about these girls you watch. Do you like to watch your girlfriends masturbate?" "I would love that, but I've never had one who would do that for me.

In fact, most of the girls I've been with don't like or understand the whole idea of porn, and some of them didn't even masturbate." "What??" she was surprised. "What kind of girl doesn't play with herself?


I'd never make it through the week!" "Oh, girl, you're killing me." His pulse was racing at the thought of her hot little naked body lying on the bed, fingers between her legs, her eyes closed, cumming. "Do I get to see that sometime? Pretty, please?" "Mmmmmaybe," she toyed. "Keep talkin' buddy and we'll see how you do.

So is that your favorite fantasy?" "Hm, maybe. But maybe not. It's just part of a litany of perversions I carry with me through the day. I don't really have a favorite fantasy, per se.

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Just a lot of things I like doing to girls." "Like what?" "Well, my favorite thing to do is probably going down on someone. I'm a big fan of a nice, smooth, tasty pussy. And it's a really great way to get a girl off." "Yeah, I've noticed you're pretty good at that. I was surprised watching you with Bobbi. No offense, you know, but you don't expect your coach to be a world class pussy licker, right?" "No offense taken. I think I'm going to surprise you in a lot of ways.

Anyway, I'm always eager to devour a woman if she'll let me. I like everything about them down there, and I just love, um, well, to put it bluntly, tonguing ass." "Wow, didn't see that coming," she said. "Are being sarcastic?" "No, not really," she went on. "I mean, obviously you enjoyed doing that to Bobbi, who also seemed to like it.

And you've already confessed to being a bootie man, so I guess it would make sense. But I don't know, you seem like such a nice, normal guy. Who knew what your dirty little mind had been thinking all this time." "Well, you asked," he said.

"So let me ask you this? Would you like having my tongue in your butt?" "Mr. Evans! One does not ask such things of a lady," she said with mocking prudence, but then went on, "I guess so.

I've never had it done to me, and it's not something I ever really though about. I guess I might have rubbed it a bit sometimes playing with myself, but not really as a way of pleasing myself.

Maybe that's something I'll learn from you." "The pleasure will be all mine. Oops, I mean yours. Dangit." "Ha, caught you!" she said. "So you are thinking about your own needs after all." "Well, yeah, but you know, I think the fun of sex should be that each person is trying to out please the other. That's when it gets really crazy good." "Wow, what a great way to think about it.

Makes me wanna come over and fuck you right now," she said, knowing how much it would get him riled. "Ok, so tell me your next favorite thing." His mind had leapt forward to the thought of her over at his house again, underneath him, smiling as his rock hard dick pushed deep into her yummy slit, and he had to forcibly pull himself back.

"You know, it's not fair, you taunting me like that." "Fuck fair, Mr. Evans. I am here to taunt you mercilessly, and when I'm done you can fairly fuck me. Answer the question, please. What's your next favorite thing to do?" "Ouch." He was completely distracted and aroused now, so he said, "Well, at the moment it would be to get myself behind you and fuck up against that marvelous little round butt of yours, if for no other purpose than to put you in your place, you tease." "Hee, hee.

You ok over there? I'm sorry to get you all worked up. I'll try to control myself. So is that your next favorite, from behind?" He closed his eyes and concentrated for a second, letting out an exasperated sigh as he regained his thoughts. His was fully erect in his jeans now, and had momentarily thought he'd have to bring it out while her talked to her, but knew that would ruin the conversation, or at least his end of it.

This girl was simply the most sexually charged thing he'd ever encountered, and it was clear to him that she had enormous power over him. It was equally clear that he was perfectly willing to follow her wherever she'd take him.

"Ok, calming down. Breathing…" He managed to return.

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"Well, maybe, but you know what I really like, in an unspecific sort of way? I like to see who I'm with smiling. You know? Being happy, really happy while we fuck. It's the most amazing turn on to be moving in and out of someone knowing they're totally enjoying it. I mean, of course when it starts to get really heavy and sweaty the smiles are replaced by moans and animal passion.

But before that, sweet smiles from pretty girls get me going." "I know what gets you going even more." She said. "Oh yeah, what's that?" "Someone talking to you." She was right, of course. It was so obvious he'd forgotten. Even now while they were talking he was fully aroused.

"Oh yeah, you're totally right on that one. But hey, smiles are still good." "Ok, next question. What about clothes? I know you like the cute little shorts all the girls wear at practice. Anything else? Do you like sexy lingerie or anything like that?" "I love outfits. And I love keeping them on throughout. A half dressed girl is a big turn on. Skirt hiked up, dress open, shirt up around shoulders or tank around waist. There's something about 'almost naked' that beats 'totally naked' just about every time.

But my true weakness is socks. Kneehighs. I don't really know why, but girls in socks and nothing else just kills me." "Ok, wow, good answer. And you know what? I think I'm done asking questions for now.

Do you want to ask me anything in return?" He thought about it for a second. "Why are you doing this?" "Because I like you, Mr. Evans. Mark. Whatever. I feel safe and horny around you at the same time, and I really like sex a lot. Not that I'm a raging slut or anything, but I've had some experience with it. But all the boys I've been with have been, you know, just boys interested in getting off. When me and Bobbi came over I had no idea what would really happen, I just wanted to hang out and tease you a bit, maybe fool around.

But you turned out to be so good at it, and I can tell you really care about it while you're doing it, and you're really attentive to who you're with.

So I want to keep seeing you, both to enjoy it and learn from it." "You're a dream come true, Dee. I'm happy to be here for you." The understatement of the year, he thought. But he still had more questions. "Let me ask you this, then," he started. "Wait, how about this," she interrupted. "How about I come over there and you can ask me more questions in person? Sound good? Good. I'll be right over." And with that she hung up. "Jesus, what a fucking minx!" he said out loud, closing his cell.

He got up and looked around his house. He knew where Dee lived, and even if she took her time she would be there in less than fifteen minutes. He did some straightening, put the dishes into the sink, and checked himself in the mirror. Tee shirt and jeans again, real class, he thought to himself. At least he couldn't be accused of putting on airs. By the time he was considering whether or not he should change the doorbell rang.

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And there she was, standing under his porch light; Dee, in all her diminutive, perky glory. Short braided pigtails in her straight sandy hair, just brushing the nape of her neck, a spaghetti strap tank over her easy going 34Bs with no bra, typically tight jeans showing off her tight, youthful legs, and all the way down, a pair of Mary Janes over cream colored socks.

As he scanned back up she looked him straight in the eye, the way lovers do when they know nothing is concealed, and nothing needs to be said. Then she smiled.

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"Hi, Mark. I would like to come inside and talk to you for a bit." She opened the screen door before he had a chance to himself, and walked right past him into the living room, her heels clicking briskly on the hardwood floors.

He half expected her to spin around and demand a drink, as a femme fatale ten years her senior would have done in the same situation. Instead she burst into a big smile, and flopped down at the far end of the sofa, with one leg drawn up.

"Have a seat," she said, motioning to the opposite end of the couch. "I have an idea." "Oh you do, do you?" he said, unprepared for her dominant demeanor. "Before we get to that may I at least say how darling you're looking this evening?" She smiled big again.

"You may. And thank you. And you're just a cute in those jeans as you were the last time I was over here." He winced a little at his own predictability. "Yes, well, I've uh, been employing my imagination elsewhere lately," he managed to say, as he sat as bidden across from her. "I know you have," she bubbled, "and very well, too." She leaned forward excitedly, supporting herself with her hands clasped between her legs. "Here's my plan. I know you have more questions for me, and I might for you too, actually.

But I couldn't wait to see you again after hearing everything you've had to say. And you played along so nicely that I'm going to reward you with a little treat while we continue the conversation." Having said her peace, she leaned farther still towards him, ending up on all fours in front of him, bringing her face right up to his.

She stopped an inch or so away, looked him in the eyes and smiled broadly, obviously quite pleased with herself. Then she girlishly licked the edge of her teeth before shutting her eyes, closing the gap between them, and placing a perfect, passionate kiss on his lips.

She held it to the moment when it would advance to something else, and rocked back onto her legs, scooching back to her end of the sofa with her legs now outstretched in front of her.

"So, what was it you were going to ask me when I hung up on you?" she asked as she undid the straps of her shoes, kicking them off onto the floor. She then proceeded to undo her pants, open the fly and lift her hips.

"I was…" his voice trailed off as he watched her. "What are you doing?" "The show's starting, mister, but don't let me interrupt." She inched her jeans over her hips and shimmied them down her legs. With her pants at her ankles she drew her knees up to her chest, and paused, arms clasped around her smooth pale shins.

"What were you going to ask me?" she said, making it clear she'd go no further until he asked. "Well," he said slowly, "You said you had some experience with sex, and that you liked it. I was just going to ask you to elaborate a bit." She smiled her little smile and pulled her pants off her legs, tossing them to the floor, revealing a pair of light, sheer bikini panties and a pair of opaque knee high socks of a similar color. She pulled her socks back up, making a show of adjusting and smoothing them, running her hands up and down her calves, then lay back onto the arm of the couch, parting her knees a bit as she did so.

She looked straight at him, but his eyes didn't meet hers. They were following the motion of her hands as they caressed her thighs, moving inwards towards her panties, through which he could see her cleanly shaven lips beneath a small patch of trimmed curlies.

He became instantly hard in his shorts, realizing just what this mystery show was going to be. "I've always like sex since a far back as I can remember," she began.

"Or at lest I've always been interested in being naked, and being attracted to other naked bodies. Once I discovered I could please myself I did it almost constantly." The fingers of her left hand were creeping to the very top of her inner thigh, pushing against the side of her panties, while the tips of her right hand fingers were inching under her waistband.

He stared, mesmerized, as her middle finger made tiny circles over her clit, almost unintentionally. "Mmm," she cooed. She'd never played with herself in front of a man before, and the reaction she was both getting from him and having herself was more exciting than she'd expected. "So I did this a lot all through junior high. Being as small as I am I was overlooked by the boys, but I never really missed them that much. I just couldn't wait to get home from school and hide away in my room. What do you think of that?" "I think I'm not thinking straight," he all he could manage, trying not to pant too terribly hard.

He was ecstatic. He'd only minutes before confessed to her just a few of his desires, and now here she was acting them out for him, on his couch, in person. Honesty would now be his policy with her, first and foremost, from now on. After stroking the full length of her lips beneath the sheer fabric for a short time, she then pulled it aside with her left hand and continued to run her slick fingers over her now open labia and firm clitoris, her wetness making audibly slick noises.

"Did you know, coach, that Bobbi and I used to masturbate in the hotel room on overnight competitions?" That made him look up and meet her gaze.

He was both shocked and incredibly aroused at the same time. Seeing his surprise she grinned. "Mm, hm. It was a way to relax so we could sleep, and since we were always sharing a bed, we always kind of looked forward to it." She paused to drop this last bomb on him. "Sometimes we'd finger each other, laying there side by side in bed." He let out a small moan. He'd imagined himself watching someone play with themselves for him, but now he didn't really know what to do. So he sat there, frozen, staring, his dick hard and bulging in his jeans.

Dee kept right on going. She was breathing heavier now, making faster circles then slipping her fingers within her dripping pink snatch. "You know how we were always four to a room in two double beds? I think Lisa and Kim used to do the same thing I the other bed, but we never talked about it. We were always trying to be quiet." Lisa and Kim were two other girls on the team who were going to be seniors in the fall.

This new information, he concluded, was going to make future overnights far more difficult to deal with, knowing what was going on behind closed doors. "I bet you can guess now that we used to talk bout you…," she paused, breathing heavier now, "…in the room." She was getting herself very close to cumming, pushing two fingers rapidly into her cunt and rubbing her palm hard up against here clit as she withdrew.

"Mmm,… We'd discuss how cute you were, and what we thought you might be like in bed. Oh, god!" With her right hand pushed deep into her, and her left holding her panties clenched firmly to her thigh, she rose up from the sofa, her body tensing up as the orgasm came over her.

Each inward thrust, now irregular but forceful, was accompanied by a gasp and a quick intake of air, which she then held until the next spasm released it. She did this four or five times until she relaxed her hands and let it subside. "Oh, my god, excuse me. That was nice!" she panted. "I've never done it like that before, as a show. Wow." She lay there, catching her breath for a moment, then said, "I'll tell you more about Lisa and Kim if you let me see that nice long dick of yours." He'd been fully absorbed in watching her, ignoring the substantial hard-on in his pants, which had actually produced a wet spot on his jeans.

He gladly undid his fly and pushed them down underneath him, allowing his rod to spring out. He grabbed it by the base with his left hand instinctively.

"Ah, ah!" she stopped him, "I didn't say stroke it. You can just hold it for me while I continue. And in case it starts to soften, I'll let you look at these." She lifted her shirt up over her breasts, giving full view to her perfect, young peaches.

She had tiny little stiff nipples, only about as wide as a nickel now that they were fully erect. She brought her left hand up and gave one a squeeze and a little roll of her nipple with her fingers. Her right hand was lazily stroking outside her pussy, letting the pressure of her fingers pull it open, revealing how wet she was. She had a tiny, cute pussy, with thin straight inner lips that barely protruded past the outer, and were just the slightest bit more pink than the otherwise uniform paleness of her thighs.

They had sharply defined edges that disappeared neatly under the hood of her clitoris, which became barely visible as she pulled upwards. Overall, it was young and clean and perfect. "So, maybe I shouldn't tell you this," she continued as promised, "but Lisa and Kim are as much fans of you as Bobbi and I are." This made his heart race anew, and he squeezed the base of his cock, moving his hand upwards a little in an unconscious stroking motion.

Dee noticed this reaction and smiled at him. "Careful, now," she cautioned. "We all decided you're hot enough to get with, but the two of them were more adamant about it. Better watch out for them next year, mister." Lisa and Kim were about the same size as Dee in terms of height and weight.

Lisa had tight, curly brown tresses she wore in a bob and slightly larger breasts, and Kim was of mixed race, white and African American, with loose curls down her back, and an even firmer, rounder butt. When she wore her spandex, they actually snugged up into her, creating two delightful little hemispheres, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

She continued her taunt. "Can't you just imagine going down on one of them, lapping up their sweet, tasty pussy?" She slipped her fingers back in a little, keeping her middle two side by side, forcing her opening wider.

As she was doing this she noticed the large drop of pre cum running down the side of his cock. She sat up and leaned forward, taking off her tank, then crawled slowly across the sofa again, catlike towards him, looking him in the eyes.

"Can you imagine sweet little Kim wrapping her nice soft lips around your aching," she crouched down, "dripping," lowering her head, "hard cock." She stopped in front of him, dropped her head and enveloped the tip of his dick with her mouth, squeezing it with her tongue, sucking out the juice.

She released it with a loud sucking noise, "I bet she sucks a mean cock, Mr. Evans." She bent down further, putting her mouth to the base of his cock, and licked fully up its length, taking with it the dripping trail that had escaped her first effort.

Then she held just the tip in her lips, tickling the underside with her tongue. She placed her hand over his and wrapped it tighter around the base, pressing downward to add tension to the head while she sucked it hard, bobbing her head ever so slightly to let her lips move on it.

After a few long moments she let it go with a 'pop,' and looked up at him, his eyes sleepy with her pleasure, her lips glistening. "Wouldn't she look pretty wrapped around this nice cock, hm?" squeezing his hand again, tightening his dick. "I bet she's home right now, lying in bed, sucking her dildo wishing it were you." "You are un-fucking-believable little girl," he said, his mind and body swimming in lust and delight.

"Oh you think?" she cooed. "I haven't even gotten started. I only brought those two up because as much as I'm sure you'd like to fuck them also, you're only going to want to fuck me more." And with that she sat up on her knees, then stood up on the couch, stepping over his lap, her crotch right at eye level, naked save for her kneehighs.

He was unable to take his eyes of her adorable snatch. She moved into him, "Who wants some kitty," she said, bumping herself against his face roughly, not really allowing him to go after her. She grabbed his hair with her left hand and forced his face to her thighs, his eyes up to her neat muff. "Hm? Who wants some pretty pussy? Say please, mister, and maybe you'll get some if you take your mind of Kim and her cute little body." She tipped his head back, forcing him to look up at her.

"I know what will clear your mind." She bent her knee forward into his chest and tossed his head back, sending him back against the arm of the couch. Turning around, she dropped back down to her knees, bending over all the way so her head rested against her arms on the cushions, her ass wagging in the air.

"Now who are you thinking about?" Unable to contain himself, he lunged forward towards her, grabbing her ass with both hands, burying his face in her offering.

Pulling her into him, his tongue went quickly to her pussy, thrusting in as far it would go, his hunger for her uncontrollable. He sucked and licked with total abandon, as if getting the lust out of his system before he settled down to work on her clit.

With a more relaxed pace he rocked her hips back and forth to him, his tongue passing back and forth over her wet button. With his eyes open he was sucking her off enjoying a face full of the most perfect ass he'd ever been this close to. Fully engulfed in her musk, the left her clit and licked his way back across her lips and up to her dark, tight little anus.

Moving in circles around he, he first press the width of his tongue against it, then tickled it with the tip, gradually working it in. She let out a soft moan as her hole opened to receive him, and he tongue-fucked her for a while, moving his head back and forth to meet her beautiful rising ass.

She rocked gently with him, her moans becoming squeals of delight at the new pleasure he was giving her. He returned to licking her all across her ass, smothering his wet face in her total sex.

Hungry to bring her to another climax he returned attentions to her wet slit. She felt herself nearing another plateau of pleasure as her body warmed from her loins upwards. His hands felt so strong and wonderful, and it felt so good to be helpless in his grasp as her pussy slipped across his open mouth. It almost seemed like they were traded off who was getting the better of who, and she was perfectly willing to let him lead the way for a while, even though it was under her direction.

She rocked back more aggressively as she felt the first small wave break in her, each motion backwards harder than the previous, until she was bucking into his face in the midst of her second orgasm. For his part he was happy to be face fucked by her incredible ass, eagerly sucking up her cum as he pressed his thumb into her well moistened ass, which eased open to take him in, then repeated flexed as she came on his face and finger. She squealed again with delight at this new sensation, before letting her body relax again as the waves receded.

He felt the tension easing out of her as her rhythm slowed, and he sat back up, looking at wet ass, enjoying the view. She turned her sleepy eyes toward him over her shoulder and smiled again. "Honestly," she breathed, "I don't know whether to thank you or fuck you." "I would accept both," he smiled back, taking the liberty to remove his jeans completely now.

Without turning around, she inched her way backwards between his out stretched legs, bringing her ass right up to his crotch, her calves, wrapped in smooth fabric, tucking beneath his thighs.

She lifted herself up a little and settled back onto him, the full length of his cock nestled between her moist cheeks. It was a fantastic sight for him and an even better sensation. Her tight butt, warm and wet and sexy, began sliding back and forth on him. He could feel her anus against his shaft, and the wet openness of her pussy against the base, her little lips almost tickling his tight balls.

"Ok, lover," she began again, "time for more questions. Tell me why you like the bootie so much," she pressed a little harder against him for emphasis. He was reaching forward, hands on her thighs while using his arms to hold her lightly, trying to keep her pressed onto him.

But she was resisting, and he let her set the pace. She arched her back, grinding back and forth, swiveling her hips as she went. "Well, I'm finding it hard to concentrate, but I'll do my best," he said. "Just watch my ass and tell me what you're thinking about," she urged. "I'm thinking about fucking it." "Yeah?" she asked playfully, "you wanna put that nice big cock up in my little butt?" "Of course I do. It's to genuinely cute and fuckable.

Would you like me to?" "We'll see about that. Let me play with you for a while first." She sat up and reached behind her for his dick, holding it gently up to her, pressing the head against her as she slid along. She raised herself up more so she could get him all the way to her pussy, and tease him by letting him in slightly. Her soft hand on his dick felt so nice as she guided him where she wanted.

She lowered herself down again, moving him back, now pressing his head against her anus. He let out an eager moan. "Oh, yeah?" she whispered, childlike, "that's where you want it, hm?" She held herself still, pressing him into her, enjoying the sensation of pressure. "You like my little pucker hole? Hm??

Does my big hot lover wanna slip his cock up in there?" Still teasing him, she was really beginning to enjoy it, and felt herself relaxing, even opening up to him.

His stiff cock dripping into her hole made it nice and smooth for her. But at the point of letting him truly penetrate, she pulled him back out, lifted herself up, and repositioned him beneath her lips. In one fluid motion she sat back onto him, driving him all the way up into her.

The abruptness of it, combined with the aching disappointment of not getting in elsewhere made him shout out, both in pleasure and anguish. But it still felt so good, and he wanted to fuck her so badly.

She gave him a few good long deep strokes, bouncing herself slowly yet determinedly down onto his hips. He pussy was such an incredible relief, and her ass looked so good in front of him. She hesitated for a moment, and, smiling broadly at him over her shoulder, she said, "See, I told you you'd want to fuck me. Now, tell me how good I am." "Oh, my god, you are so fucking hot!" he said exasperatedly.

"Dee, sweetie, I want to fuck you all the time, for ever. Oh fucking jesus, you feel so good!" He was really having to concentrate hard not to blast his cum into his amazing little sex pot bootie girl, but his wantonness was getting the better of him, and he started lifting his hips up to meet her downward thrusts.

His cock was as hard as it could possible get, and she began the easy approach to yet another orgasm. She could have stopped him to prolong his agony, but he seemed to be completely out of control now for her, which was every bit as exciting as controlling him.

So she let him go, and she fucked him hard. Then she began to talk it out of him again. "Oh yeah, just like that. Watch my cute little butt as your cock disappears in my wet pussy.

Mmm, hm. Oh fuck!

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Fuck me, Mark. Fuck me harder with that big hard cock." Fuck my little pussy good. Oh my god." She could feel him welling up in her, stiffing for the final shot. "Yes please, just like that. Keep staring at my ass and fuck it.

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Press that dick right up to her. Come on, come on, baby." And he did. It blew out of him with fantastic force, his eyes shut, his ears ringing. He heard himself shouting out loud as the cum kept cumming, each jet more exciting and pleasurable than the last.

His fingers dug deep into her hips, her bucking body wracking with her own orgasms. It just kept going on and on, his dick the hot wet focal point of this beautiful young woman giving him the best fuck he'd ever had. It was overwhelming, and he just shut his eyes and lay back, letting it wash over him like he was drowning in the tide. He welcomed the suffocation of her sex. She kept rocking herself onto him with each spurt she felt inside her, warm and delicious.

It was like ripples of cum passing through her whole body. She had no idea it could be so good, some what in awe of her new found power and her new found friend. He seemed to have given in and gone off somewhere behind his closed eyes, so she let herself relax, and leaned back to lay down on top of him, trying to keep him inside. As he softened and ultimately slipped out, she let herself slip down beside him, and curled her happy body up to his, wedging between him and the back of the sofa.

She kissed his face, but he didn't react, he had passed out. She smiled at a job well done, knowing he would come back around in a minute or two.

She kissed him again, and this time he stirred.