Cho vợ quan hệ với trai trẻ

Cho vợ quan hệ với trai trẻ
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The weekend went on and on for Kayla. No matter what she tried she couldn't escape the cubicle. The dog seemed to always be ready to fuck her. She missed her family and friends. Kayla cried all through Saturday and Sunday. Monday came around. Kayla heard the bell signalling the start of school. She didn't know how to feel. On the one hand she could be rescued from this dog but on the other hand she could be subject to more humiliation. She turned around to try and crawl to the door to stick her hand out from under.

The dog had other plans though. Kayla's mouth was now exposed and he took full advantage of that. He pushed Kayla over on her back and mounted her in a 69 position. Before the girl could react the dog shoved his cock down her throat. Kayla was shocked. She began choking on the massive member. The dog began humping mercilessly. His balls slapped against Kayla's face. Kayla couldn't breath as the cock pushed further down her throat.

She gagged helplessly begging for air but she was too weak to push the dog of. She heard voices. "What's that" "I dunno I think it's from over there" Kayla whimpered. She didn't want to be seen like this. However she had no choice.

As more air was cut off, her world went black and white. She finally passed out due to lack of oxygen. The dog did not relent.

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He continued to face fuck the unconscious girl. The toilet cubicle got kicked in by two black janitor's named Jamal and Willie. They took in the sight of the unconscious naked white girl with a dog brutally face fucking her. They looked at each other. They knew what to do. They pushed the dog off of Kayla causing his cock to slide out of her mouth.

Jamal picked her up and carried her over his shoulder. As the two men walked down the hall students stopped and stared at the naked white girl dripping with cum, Jamal was carrying. They brought her to the janitor's office. Once inside they opened a hidden door and brought Kayla deeper into the school. She was coming to. "Where am I" she asked in a groggy voice. The two men just ignored her. They brought her further down. Finally they reached the bottom.

Jamal placed Kayla on a table while Willie locked the door. "Let's see what this bitch is worth to us" said Willie as he pulled his cock out.

Jamal did the same. Willie grabbed Kayla's head while Jamal grabbed her hips. Willie wasted no time and jammed his cock into Kayla's mouth. Jamal waited. He felt Kayla's hips a stroked her legs. His hand felt up her inner thighs.

As he approached her vagina her could feel her getting more aroused. "White girl's don't deserve it in the pussy." He hissed before jamming his cock up Kayla's ass.

Willie's cock prevented her from screaming. Both there cock were the biggest she had taken. The two men laughed as they spit roasted this helpless teenager. Tears streamed down Kayla's face. Both cocks worked at the same pace. The two men thrust at the same time causing Kayla to be crushed from behind and the front on each hump.

The janitors began cumming filling Kayla's mouth and ass. Jamal pulled out and continued cumming on Kayla's body. Cum streamed from her ass hole. Williehad other plans. He grabbed Kayla's jaw and forced her not to let the cock out as she was filled with cum.

Her whimpers only aroused him more. Willie began recording with his phone. "Umf" "Gch" "Oh" Kayla's eyes rolled and cum came out of her nose. Willie bellowed with laughter at the sight of this beautiful girl degraded to nothing. When he was finished he let go of her jaw. Kayla's open mouth saw gallons of cum and drool cum out. She lay in a quivering mess on the table. "Do we keep this one" Jamal asked. "Oh yes" Willie responded. "This could be the best yet".

The two men lifted Kayla up and led her further into their dungeon. "This is where white girls come to repent" Jamal told Kayla.

"But I have nothing to repent for" Kayla responded. The two men slammed Kayla onto another table.

"We'll see about that" Jamal hissed. They manoeuvred their victim into a face down ass up position before tieing her. They cuffed Kayla to the table. There was no escape from this humiliating position. The whir of a machine caused Kayla to panic. "What's that" she asked. "Please tell me" she begged. The men just laughed at her. Kayla felt something poking her ass hole. She realised she was about to be fucked by a machine.

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" She panicked. The machine pressed hard against her ass hole getting ready to penetrat. The tip made its insertion causing the teenager to scream. "OOOOOH OHHAAAAHH NOO" She howled. The janitors stopped the machine to admire their artistry.

"Please, my daddy is very rich. He can get you anything you want just please dont do this to me." Kayla cried. The janitors laughed and allowed the machine to continue violating this girl. "OOOOOH PLEEEEAAASEE" Kayla shrieked.

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The metal pushed deep into Kayla's ass. She begged for mercy but the men just laughed. There was nothing she could do. The machine pushed further into Kayla than any penis ever could.

"Oooohh Gooood" Kayla moaned. Then it stopped. Kayla thought it was over. She couldn't have been more mistaken. The machine penetrating her began the buzz and then violently vibrate inside her ass. "OOOH NOOO!!! STOP PLEASE!!!


AH OH OHH" Kayla howled. Her ass hole clenched around the object as it sodomised her. The machine retracted before she could come. It was so deep that as it retracted it dragged Kayla a few inched before popping out of her ass.


She lay tied up sobbing to herself. The table Kayla was on had wheels so the janitors rolled her into the next room. Kayla could barely see around her.

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She couldn't look up due to the restraints. However she just about managed to raise her eyes to see a horrible sight. Another white girl was tied up hanging from the ceiling. Kayla noticed a vibrator deeply wedged into this girls ass. The girl was squirming and moaning with arousal. "Umm" "AHH" "No" "UHH" "UGH" "oh Oh OOH" To Kayla's horror she was positioned underneath this girl. The girls moans grew louder and louder.

"YES YES" "OOOOH" "FUCK ME" "UH UH AHHH" "UUUUHHHGGG" The girl reached climax right over Kayla. Kayla was drenched by this girl. The girl violently shook in her restraints as she climaxed. Jamal lowered her down to Kayla. Kayla felt deep despair when she realised she recognised this girl. This girl's name was Carly. Carly had left Kayla's school the previous year. She must have come here. Carly looked like she had been used as a fuck toy on several occasions. "Ladies. The rules here are simple.

White girls that come here have to earn the right to leave. You have to fuck the shit out of each other. Whichever one climaxes first is the loser. You will stay here until a new challenger shows up. If you manage to not orgasm you are free to go." Jamal told the girls as him and Willie undid both girls restraints.

Carly looked desperate. Willie began wrestling with the vibrator stuck in Carly's ass. The teenager shrieked as the object was ripped from deep inside her. "Carly has been here almost a year now.

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Each new girl managed to make her their bitch" Willie laughed. "You can use anything at your disposal to pleasure your opponent." Jamal explained. Kayla quickly surveyed the room looking for anything she could use. She saw vibrators, butt-plugs etc. "Three, Two, One, Go" Kayla immediately made for the sex toys.

She grabbed a vibrator, but before she could turn to face her opponent she felt Carly's body grinding on hers from behind. Kayla groaned when she felt Carly slip her fingers inside Kayla. Kayla was getting extremely aroused as Carly fingered her. Carly began leaving hickys all over Kayla's neck. Kayla moaned louder after each one and Carly's fingers slipped deeper inside.

"Ooh" "Ahh" "Uh" "Uhh" "Fuck" Kayla was a dripping mess. She went weak at the knees and fell to the ground with her ass in the air. Carly pressed against her body. Kayla was at the mercy of Carly. Carly whispered in her victims ear.

"I've been here so long. After all they've done to me nothings gonna stop me getting out. I don't even care what they'll do to you Kayla" Kayla realised that she needed to win. She couldn't be trapped here. She had to do something. She grabbed the vibrator she had picked up and jammed it back into Carly's mouth causing the girl to fall of Kayla.

Kayla pounced on Carly and turned the vibrator on while it was still in her mouth. She pushed it deep choking Carly. Carly's eyes were panicked as she pleaded with her eyes for help. Kayla did not relent. She handcuffed Carly's left leg to a table leg insuring she couldn't escape. She took the vibrator out of Carly's mouth and moved into a 69 position so that she could focus on working this girls pussy. Kayla didn't realise how exposed she was leaving herself.

She stuck the vibrator into Carly's pussy and began rough fucking her with it. "OH" "AHH" "YEAH YEAH" "GOD" "FUCK ME" Carly's moans were of pure extasy. Kayla was happy to she the girl squirming and rubbing her legs together beneath her.

Carly was getting desperate. She was getting close to climax and had to try something. She couldn't face living any more of her life here. In an act of desperation she jammed her fist up Kayla's ass. "OOOOOH AAAAHHOHHH NOOOO " Kayla howled in agony as she was impaled on the teenage fist. Carly took the opportunity to grab another massive vibrator and jam it into Kayla's pussy.

Kayla moaned like an animal. Her eyes rolled and she drooled all over Carly's body. Her brain wasn't working properly right now all she could think about was the sensations in her ass and pussy.

The men howled with laughter. Kayla and Carly's moans grew louder and louder. "Uh" "Ah" "Oh" "Umm" "AHH" "AHH" "FUCK" "OHH" "UMMM" "AHH" Neither girl could hold it in any longer.

They each came violently on each other at the same time. "UUUUHHHGGG" Kayla moaned in her vegetable state. "OOOOOH OHHAAAAHH NOO" Carly responded. The only other thing that could be heard in the room was the laughter of Jamal and Willie. When the girls had finished climaxing Carly made a nasty discovery. Her hand was stuck in Kayla's ass. She began yanking her fist to try and get it out, but it wouldnt budge Both girls began to cry at the humiliation.

They wondered what would happen to them. Which one would get to leave. "Well girls" Jamal announced. "It would seem we have a tie. Unfortunately both of you failed to control yourselves through out this game. You have both lost. The good news is, you both get to stay here for a long time" "Nooo" Carly cried.

Kayla was to aroused to listen. The vibrator in her pussy was sending her over the edge. Not to mention Carly's fist in her ass. Each time Carly pulled back Kayla moaned. Finally Carly managed to rip her fist out of KaKayla's un-lubed ass. The combination of extreme pain and pleasure was to much for Kayla.

"AAAAAAAAAHH OH OH GOD" She howled ass her body shook in ectasy at experiencing another orgasm. Carly pushed Kayla of her. Kayla fell to the ground a twitching mess incapable of thought. When she fell she landed on the vibrator in her pussy jamming it even deeper in. Carly tried to run but Willie stopped her. He dragged her over to Kayla and got to work tying them together. Carly tried to fight back but they were too strong for her.

The naked girl's bodys pressed against each other as they were tied in the 69 position. Carly's screams of protest were quickly silenced by Jamal forcing her mouth onto Kayla's pussy.

He wrapped tape around Kayla's lower body ensuring Carly couldn't escape.


They did the same thing to Kayla. You couldn't see either girls face ass it was wrapped in tape but you could here them. Each girl was letting out muffled pleas for help. Jamal pulled out a marker and began writing on Kayla's ass. He read it out loud. "Slut, Whore, White Trash, Dog Fucker." He laughed at his handy work and slapped Kayla's ass. He then jammed the marker up and walked away. Willie stayed back admiring the naked teenagers. He pulled the marker out of Kayla's ass and pocketed it.

Both girls were in for a shock when their exposed ass holes were filled with large vibrators.

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They moaned into each others pussy. Willie laughed then walked away.

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The helpless girl's each came all over each others faces. They cried but no one here could hear. Even less likely was that anyone cared.