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It had been a boring day in school. It was raining, so they wouldn't let us leave the classrooms. What time we had for lunch was spent inside the gym or the cafeteria, so when school ended, everyone was wound up little balls of energy. I had taken an umbrella, after having seen the rain clouds, and knew I wouldn't be going straight home, but instead to my buddy Alex's house. He lived just up the street from the school, so it would be less of a walk, and his dad and my mom already worked it out.

So I sat outside, letting the rain pitter patter over the thin canvas of the umbrella waiting from Alex.


I was only fourteen, Alex was fifteen, but only a few months older than me. He was really thin and athletic, a bit of muscle tone, but then again, I was the same at the time, most kids were. Sandy blond hair with bright blue eyes, contrasting my black hair and dark brown ones.

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A bit taller than me, probably five foot six, then again, at the time I was only five foot four, so it wasn't much of a feat to be taller than me. We both had light skin, though mine was a tiny bit more tanned than his. He came out and waved to me, rushing under my umbrella. "Come on!" He said with a laugh, "Let's get going!" And off we went, the water still pitter pattering above us.

We walked in silence for a while as groups of people passed by us and once we were a good distance away from our classmates and teachers, he spoke up.

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"So, uh, my dad is not gonna be home till, like, seven tonight." He said with a small laugh. We got out early on thursdays, three hours early in fact, and both our parents had to stay late on thursdays, so I would be over at his house till right around seven anyway. "You wanna, um, watch some porn?" He asked. "Well, sure I guess." I said with a shrug as we turned down the side road to his house.

"But, like, what if we get caught?" I asked tilting my head as he dug into his pocket for his keys. "Caught? Who's gonna catch us? Your mom ain't coming to get you till seven and my dad won't be home till seven, there's no way we can get caught!" He laughed. "Yeah I guess that's true." I said as I stepped under his oning and shook my umbrella dry. After a moment of getting settled and pulling up a second chair to his computer, we started. Not straight off with porn, but rather with some goofy youtube videos and some flash games.

It really didn't take long till the porn was playing and the volume was lowered. We started out pretty vanilla. Guy on girl doggy style, then moved onto some cumshot compilations. We just let it slowly play through porn video after porn video. I would glance over to his crotch every now and then, and every time I did, I could tell he was just as hard as I was. "You ever jerk off?" He asked me rather abruptly.

I coughed a bit before shaking my head. "Well, yeah, but I never like, came or anything like that. I just, never really could, you know?" I asked more so than answered. "Yeah I remember when I couldn't quite cum, but you're fourteen now, have you ever tried since then?" He asked me, tilting his head.

"No not really. I just, you know, figured I couldn't." I said with a laugh, feeling the situation was a bit awkward. "Well…" He said looking to the locked door. "Imma jack off to some of the porn my dad has." He said as he stood and walked off to the bedroom.

"Wait you're dad has porn?" I asked following him, a tent in my pants. "Yeah man, but, I dunno you might not like it." He said as he dug under his dad's bed, eventually pulling out a small black bag and out from it he pulled out a couple dvd cases. "It's gay porn." He said as he walked back out to the living room. See, at this time, I didn't even know gay porn was a thing.


"Gay?" I asked as he moved to slip the disk into the dvd player under the tv before sitting down on the couch. "Yeah man!

It's pretty cool. This is called, 'Bareback Creamers.'" The movie started with a couple of dudes talking, "It's cuz they don't use condoms, and cum in each other's asses." I watched as his hand ground against his crotch as the movie moved forward.

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Talking and talking until the two guys ended up naked and in a gym locker room. I had been watching the movie more so than I was Alex, so when my eyes glanced over at him, I was a bit shocked. I never thought a teenager could have such a huge dick, but Alex's hand was sliding up and down what had to be nine inches of thick, cut cock.

He was focused on the movie, but eventually, his eyes wandered to me and he smiled. "Like what you see?" He said, a few seconds after one of the guys in the movie said the same thing. I didn't quite know what to say, but I just kinda, nodded. He laughed and waved his cock from left to right and I watch it. "Well, come on man, let me see yours." I bit my lip, blushing a bit as I slowly pulled my bottoms down and off.

I wasn't quite as big, only six inches, but he didn't laugh. "Damn, you got a pretty nice cock to, man." He said as he scooted a bit closer. "Can I touch it?" He asked. I just nodded. His hand slowly moved to touch my balls for a moment before he took the cock itself into his hand and began to stroke.

I couldn't help but moan out, this being the first time anyone else had ever touched my cock. He was working it slowly, and a bit awkwardly, "Come on." He said as he took my cock with his left hand and looked to the movie, "Stroke me too." My hand shook as I slowly moved my right hand to cross over top his, and began to stroke and slide my hand up and down that thick, long cock, feeling another guys cock in my hand.

I shivered a bit and looked over to Alex as one of the guys started to blow the other, and I think we both got the same idea. He moved down, laying next to me and blinking at my cock. "So um… can I suck it?" He asked, like I would say no.

"Fuck yeah dude." I mumbled, and with that, I felt the warm wet confines of his mouth. His tongue lashed about on the tip of my cock as he slurped and sucked on it sloppily, and every now and then, I'd wince and mumble "Teeth." But it didn't matter.

What mattered was that it felt amazing as he started to bob and move farther than just slurping on the head of my cock. I put my hand on the back of his head, just like the guy in the movie and Alex chuckled as he twisted and slurped on my cock. "I-I feel something…" I mumbled. He looked up to me and pulled off. "Dude you're gonna cum!" He said as he took the head back into his mouth and sucked while stroking my like a mad man.

I moaned out and tossed my head back as my cock shot squirt after squirt of thick cum into his mouth. Alex let out a moan and closed his eyes, slurping harshly at the cock, before pulling back and opening his mouth to show all the cum in it, just like a porn star before closing his mouth and gulping it down. "Fuuuuck." I mumbled, but to my surprise, I didn't go soft, like they did in the porn, no, I was still rock hard.

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And so was Alex, as he was sitting down, one of the guys in the movie was fingering the other, and again Alex looked over to me. "So uh… wanna try gay sex?" He asked looking down to my still hard cock. I bit my lip, thinking for a second before nodding.

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"Yeah man, I do." I answered quietly. We stopped the porn and moved to Alex's room. He guided me onto my knees in front of him. "You gatta get my cock all lubed up so it won't hurt when I fuck you." He said with a smile before thinking, "Wait, actually, I'm a bit taller than you, so if we tried to, you know, 69, I could finger you and lick your ass, while you suck my cock." There wasn't a second thought.

I ended up on top of him, his cock in my face as his hands spread my ass cheeks. "Ready?" I asked, I took the sudden lick from my nutsack to the tip of my ass crack as a yes and began to work on his cock. The tangy salty flavor filled my mouth and caused me to moan and shiver over his cock as I bobbed up and down about three inches of the cock, shaking harshly and moaning like a whore in heat.

I kept on working at the cock, moaning and gasping and groaning as I bobbed and sucked, meanwhile, he was licking at my ass. After he had fingered and licked my ass for a while, he bent me over his bed, his massive cock slick with my spit.

Before he pushed it in though, he popped two fingers in again and wiggled them around, which got a long moan out of me. He slowly leaned over, putting his weight on my back for a moment as I felt his cock head press against my virgin asshole. "One.two.three." On three he thrust in and I pushed back, and with a painful 'pop' his cock head was in me. He wasn't quite thinking when he pushed the rest of that huge cock into my ass and I howled out in pain.

"W-wait! I-It hurts!" I cried out.

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He suddenly ran his fingers gently through my hair. "Sorry, sorry." He sat there like that. Nine thick inches of his cock in my ass as he gently pet my head, smiling. Eventually, the pain flowed away, and I told him to start fucking me. He started nice and slowly, pulling out only an inch or two at a time and pushing it back in. Slowly though, he picked up speed, then, eventually, he was pulling more and more out of me.

Two inches turned to four, four to eight. I was slamming back up against his cock, moaning like a bitch in heat as his cock slammed in and out of me over and over, the tip being the only thing inside when he pulled out. I could feel another orgasm coming, and looked back at him.

I expected him to be looking away, but instead, I found a smiling face looking back at me. "G-gonna cum?" He asked. I nodded. "Y-yeah me too." "C-cum in my ass." I said simply, and he smiled, his speed kicking up suddenly and my body shaking harshly.

My cock erupted first, painting the sheets with thick white seed as his cock began to throb and his hot cum filled me, both of us moaning in pleasure.


A few hours had passed, and I had taken a shower, making sure to get all the cum out of me. We sat in his room, playing video games before he looked up at me. "So uh… are we gonna do that again?" He asked. I didn't even have to think. "Fuck yeah bro!"