CZECH STREETS Ilona takes cash for public sex

CZECH STREETS Ilona takes cash for public sex
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It was the greatest night of our young lives. Our predetermined existences have finally come to a close, and we were all finally in the drivers seats of our own destinies. The first decisions most of us made were to celebrate in an alcohol-fueled frenzy. Not you, though. You've always been more elegant and mild-mannered.

The decadence and irreverent nature of teenage years had seemed to pass you by. You always were the quiet one, frequently blending into the walls, the type of girl John Green would model his novels after. It would be a lie to say that I never noticed you, though. In the fleeting moments of the day where my brain wandered, it always seemed to wander towards you.

I'm such an outspoken and brazen guy, an active participant in the world around me and I've wondered how you can be content to be an observer. I've wondered what your life was like outside of these walls, what your sense of humor was, what your hobbies were. I've usually dismissed these thoughts as mere idle noise within my mind. You were the girl that I never talked to, that sat at the desk on the other side of the room. That's why I was surprised when you invited me to your graduation party.

We were strangers passing by each other in the halls all four years of our adolescence.


I felt like I would be out of place there, a deer caught in headlights. I didn't know you, any of your inner circle, or your family, but something in me just couldn't say no to your soft-spoken voice, so I decided to go. You told me to bring my bathing suit, it was a pool party. I arrived at your house later that night, and your backyard appeared to be a ghost town. There was a table whose only company was a six pack of Coors Light, and sun chairs left to tan alone. There you were, in a navy blue bikini, lounging in your pool.

I assumed everyone else deserted you, but you didn't appear to be upset at all. You waved to me and told me to come on into the pool. I took off my shirt so that I only had my swim trunks on, climbed the ladder, and got in.

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The water was just right. My mind was right. I had no idea what to say to you. Here we were, two strangers, both half-naked and completely alone together. I tried to break the ice with an awkward, drawn out "So.", and you responded with an awkward giggle. I had no idea what to do with you. After what felt like an eternity of silence, you got out of the pool and told me to follow you.

As you were walking up the ladder I could not help but notice the way your hips swayed, and it was hard not to notice the hypnotic motion of your ass. I couldn't believe how I've overlooked such a fine body over the years. I must have checked out every girl in the school, but when it came to you my eyes were quite reserved. I wondered why. As we both sat down, I saw that your nipples were trying to poke out of your top. I figured it was because of the sudden coldness of the air compared to the water, so as not to fluster you I overlooked it.

We both took out a bottle out of the six-pack. You said, "cheers", and we clanked the bottles together. We both finished our drinks. I could tell the alcohol was going to our heads a bit. We weren't even close to drunk, but our guards were let down. I was suddenly so curious.

I wanted to know every little detail about you, and I had no problem asking.

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You like listening to The Beatles on rainy days. You are fascinated by accents and dialects. Your favorite book is "Perks of Being a Wallflower." You've spent many weekends in the city trying on clothes in high-end places because it made you feel beautiful. My inhibitions must have been gone at this point, because without even having to think about it, I blurted out "But you are already beautiful, just as you are." Then it hit me: this didn't just come out of nowhere.

Maybe, just maybe, I've been in love with you this whole time, and I didn't even know it. Maybe this was why my mind would always turn to you whenever it had nothing to worry about.

Maybe this was why my days didn't seem to be as good whenever you were absent. Maybe this was why I liked the classes that you were in with me the best. And maybe, just maybe, you might have loved me too.

Anytime I passed by you, I heard a soft giggle in the hallway, and that might have been you. I always received an anonymous gift in my locker for my birthday, with a card that had the same handwriting.

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Maybe that handwriting was yours. Sometimes I would catch you glancing at me, but then you'd look back over towards the blackboard and I would just dismiss it as an idle stare, but maybe it wasn't. As I was mulling over all of this in my head I could feel the inner tension rising within me.

We were alone. There were no cars in her driveway. The sun was setting. I finally came to my senses and realized that you were smiling at me. It wasn't the same innocent smile that you had on my face.

It was the sort of smile that said, "I have you right where I want you." I don't know whether it was the alcohol in my system, the romantic connotation of the sun's ever-descending place in the sky, or the glistening of your beautiful skin, but I knew I needed you, right then and there. I leaned in and gave you a light, but passionate kiss on the lips.

Then a wave of anxiety came over me. What if this was all in my head? What if you didn't want me to do that? What if you were never kissed before and I just ruined your first one in a bold move while lit? But again, as I came back to reality, I noticed you looked shocked. There wasn't even a hint of fear, though. In fact, you looked pleasantly surprised.

Maybe the ramblings in my head were right. Maybe you did love me too. Before I could think another thought, you leaned in and kissed me passionately. I was stunned, but not for long. I joined in, our tongues doing the dance of a bull and fighter in the ring. Our hands were exploring each other in a process that wasn't even conscious anymore.

It was simply driven by four years of pent-up emotion spilling out all at once. This time the day before, I didn't know a single thing about you, but suddenly I was educated in every motion of your tongue. I felt your firm breasts touching my chest, and I knew right then that I wanted to know you in ways no man has probably known you before. We stopped kissing and then you took my hand, and led me into your house, up the stairs, and into your bedroom.

The walls were pink, and adorned with posters of various indie bands. You laid down on your zebra print bed, gesturing for me to come hither. The testosterone raging through me was doing all the thinking at this point, and I was happy to oblige. We kissed and felt up each other some more, and I found myself undoing your bikini top.

As soon as I undid the knot, you took it and threw it across the room. There in front of me were the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. They were average, but so firm, and your nipples stood like soldiers ready to go into battle for pleasure. Then, you had me pull down your bikini bottom, and all I saw was a glisteningly wet pussy. Even with the heat of the moment that was going on, I was still shocked.

You were dripping down there. I was wondering how you were even able to stand having them on any longer. Quickly, we were both naked, laying in your bed and making out. I apologized to you for being an idiot not noticing you all these years.

You told me that it was okay, that we have this moment now and that's all that matters. I could tell that you were incredibly aroused by the way your voice quivered as you said those words. I was kissing your neck, and you were letting out small moans that drove my loins wild. I couldn't believe it. This soft-spoken schoolgirl was suddenly overcome by desire, and the thought of that made my cock so ragingly hard. You then sat up, and took my sensitive, hard cock into your hand, and stuck it into your mouth.

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Your tongue was teasing the head of my dick while your mouth was taking in my shaft. Your hand was moving up and down the area of my shaft that wasn't in your mouth at the time. With your other hand you were rubbing your clit furiously, and I felt your muffled moans reverberate onto my cock.

I let out a moan at the sudden wave of pleasure. I wasn't sure why you were so good at this, but I didn't question it. As you were working your magic, I felt the aching of my cock grow stronger and stronger. I knew I was about to explode. I tried to let you know, but all that came out were escalated moans and the bucking of my hips.


Spurt after spurt of cum came out of my dick, so much that you couldn't swallow it all and some fell down your chin. As I took my cock out of the confines of your warm mouth, you licked up what was left.

I knew that I would be beat for a while, but I didn't want the night to end. It couldn't. Not yet. I positioned myself in front of you, and opened your legs. You hadn't cum yet while you were pleasuring me, but I could tell you were close. Your pussy was quivering, your juices dripping down onto your ass and thighs. To tease you, first, I licked up all your juices.

They tasted as sweet as the moment. Then, I went to town. I knew I couldn't agonizingly tease you, the whole evening did that for me. I knew exactly what you needed was to release yourself onto my face, and I was prepared to do anything in my power to make that happen.

I separated your lips and lapped away at your clit like it was the best flavored part of a lollipop. Every so often, I would move my tongue in a zig zag motion down the inner parts of your labia, just to hear the surprised squeal.

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I then alternated between licking around your clit and sucking it, exploring what makes you tic, what makes you pull the bedsheets harder.

I could feel you getting close.


Your body was starting to shake, your legs were having trouble staying open, and your moans started escalating. I've always loved the way a girl's moans slowly increase intensity as orgasm was approaching, but yours were so much better because they were caused by me. I promised to myself right at that moment that I would make you feel that good in any way, shape, or form that I possibly could.

I wanted your impending orgasm to be the best it could possibly be. I wet two of my fingers and stuck them in your pussy. Your surprised, but excited gasp indicated your approval. I curled them up so I could reach your g-spot. I wanted you to feel a sensation that you couldn't possibly give to yourself. You were grabbing the sheets and the mattress at this point, but it couldn't stop you from squirming. Your moans were interspersed with heavy panting, and your back was starting to arch.

I knew you were at the edge, so I started moving my hand up and down while hitting your g-spot. You let out a scream and your legs trapped my head in between them as I kept pleasuring you.

I felt wave after wave of pleasure encapsulate my fingers, and licked up all your wetness. Your moans eventually de-escalated, falling in intensity like a paper falling to the ground, zig zagging, taking its time, enjoying the ride. Your legs eased up on my head, and I proceeded to move my lips towards your mouth, and we shared a passionate kiss, you tasting your cum and all. You were still shaking, but you wanted more.

Both of us were running on our primal instincts, and it was so much more fun this way. You got up, and because you were so weak in the knees you were unsteady, but you were adamant about lowering your pussy onto my cock. Right as the tip of it hit your clit, you let out a giggle. You told me it was your first time.

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I promised you it would be good, and I was going to make sure of it. You then lowered yourself onto my cock, taking in almost all of me. Your legs were shaking uncontrollably, and you let out this long, quivered moan that indicated that you were still so incredibly sensitive from your last orgasm. You didn't seem to be in pain, though. I was puzzled as to why until I saw out of the corner of my eye a blue dildo poking out of your night stand drawer.

I wondered whether you were thinking of me while using it.

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Slowly, your pussy started to accept my cock more and more, wrapping itself around me in such a perfect way. Even though I came not too long ago, my cock was rock hard, and felt like the orgasm was being sucked out of it. I bit my lip and flexed my dick to make sure I was able to handle it. You slowly started to move up and down, your moans getting deeper as my cock slid deeper in.

You grabbed onto my face and started kissing me as you were riding me, our passion interspersed with your whimpers. I suddenly felt a wave of desire take over me as I lowered her onto your back, with your legs spread. I was on top of you, thrusting into your pussy vigorously. Your head was thrashing back and forth while you were moaning. Your breasts were heaving, and feeling like I neglected them, I grabbed them. You let out another surprised gasp. At this point, being gentle was the furthest thing on my mind.

We had a sort of telepathy going on. I knew what you wanted just from the quivers of your body and the moans you made, and you knew how to drive me crazy. We both turned onto your sides, and I hugged your stomach from behind while kissing your neck as I fucked you.

You really loved being kissed on your neck, so I made a point of doing it only sparingly to tease you. I was always told that less is more, and your body seemed to agree. Eventually, you were on top of me, with your back to me, rubbing your clit as you were riding me. You lowered yourself so that your head was under me, and we kissed some more.

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At this point, I felt like we were making love as much as we were having sex. Eventually, after rolling around, tossing and turning like a ship on rocky waters, I was back on top of you, thrusting into you. I felt myself getting close, and this time I was able to say I was going to cum. In between your gasps and moans you said that you were going to cum as well, and then you proceeded to beg me to cum inside you. I was happy to oblige.

Spurt after spurt of cum plastered the walls inside of you, and this drove you over the edge. You started scratching my back, making it your canvas to express a sensation that could not be accurately put to words.

Our orgasms joined together in a powerful interconnectedness in both love and lust, and I collapsed beside you on your bed. We both cuddled, and you fell asleep before me, with your head nestled up next to my shoulder, in naked bliss. I was close to slumber as well. In this moment, I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow morning, for the rest of the summer, or when we will go off to college.

I'm not sure I even believe this just happened. But it doesn't matter. In this moment, I'm in pure bliss, and nothing can take that away. To think, you were only a stranger a night ago.