Teen Masturbiert Mit Cola Flasche

Teen Masturbiert Mit Cola Flasche
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My name is Katya. I was born in the Ukraine in 1980. My father was an engineer and my mother a nurse. In the early part of 1988 my father was part of a Soviet contingent that went to Sweden as part of a technology exchange program between the Soviet Union and Sweden. He had brought my mother and me along for the few months that we were supposed to be there. Well, he'd had enough of the Communist regime and he defected while we were there.

We all soon moved to the United States, where he went to work at a large tech firm outside of Washington D.C. My mother never really took to her surroundings and refused to learn to speak English so, even when I was young, I acted as her translator when we went to the grocery store. She always seemed sad and wistful and often talked of our old home in the Ukraine.

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I'll tell you a little more about myself. I am a natural blonde with ice-blue eyes. Even as a little girl I turned heads. As far back as I could remember I was a horny girl.

Of course, I didn't know that at the time. When I was 7 years old, I discovered that humping a pillow or climbing a pole felt really good. By the time I turned nine, I had given myself my first orgasm, the intensity of which initially scared me half to death. I soon got over my fears and was diddling myself pretty regularly. One day, after I turned 11, I'd come home after playing with friends.

At first, nobody seemed to be home, but then I heard some soft moaning, so I went to investigate. The door to my parent's room was cracked, and my mom was lying on the bed, legs spread, with a dildo in her hairy pussy. I watched with fascination when she started moaning louder and started jerking as she reached an orgasm.

I knew immediately that my mom was masturbating, but I'd never thought of putting something inside me when I did it. The next time I masturbated I put my hair brush handle, which was smooth and rounded, in my little pussy and had even better orgasms.

My hairbrush and I had a lot of exciting moments together after that! Unfortunately, after I turned 12 years old, my mother, who never really got over being home sick, moved back to the Ukraine.

Of course, by then I had friends in school and loved my life in the U.S. and I had no desire to go back to the Ukraine, so it was decided that I would stay with my dad. My dad and I both really missed mom, but we had always been close, and we spent even more time together after she left.

Dad got a new job at his company that allowed him to work from home at least three days a week, so we spent a lot of time together. We'd go to the movies, watch TV, and go camping and fishing together. My best friend's name was Sarah and we were always getting in some kind of trouble together. Her parents always worked so we'd spend most of our time at my house.

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During the summer we rarely left my backyard pool. Sarah also had an older brother, Steve, who was about a year older than me at the time. His was the first erect penis I'd ever seen. One day when I was at her house she asked me if I'd ever seen a "boy's thing" before. I told her no. She told me her brother would show us his. Show it he did. Fully hard his little cock wasn't much bigger than my pinky finger, and I couldn't help but compare him to the size of my trusty hairbrush handle.

I even touched it, but then I blurted out "wow, it's so tiny". Suddenly Steve turned beet red, yanked up his pants, and ran out of the room. I guess that wasn't what he wanted to hear.

He rarely ever spoke to me again. One thing I learned from having Sarah as my friend was that I looked different "down there". We had both just started to really develop and grow hair, but where Sarah had only a straight little slit, my hooded clit poked out of my little slit about a quarter of an inch. Maybe that was why I was always so horny.

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It seemed that even riding a bicycle or wearing my swimsuit, which was a bit too small on me, really got me going. One time she told me that another girl from school had told her how much boys like a smooth, shaved pussy.

We had both started shaving our legs, so one day while she was at my house, we got out some fresh razors to shave our pubic hair. First I shaved Sarah's dark, curly, but sparse pussy fur very carefully. I was really afraid that I would cut her, but I didn't and I thought it looked better afterwards. Then it was her turn to shave me. She squirted on the shaving gel and carefully went to work. As she worked around my swollen lips I realized just how horny I was getting.

As she shaved around my clit, she put her thumb right on my clit and pulled it over to the side almost immediately I started to have an orgasm that caused me to shudder and moan.

She looked at me funny and asked "Are you OK? Did I hurt you?" I just laughed and told her no. That was the first time I'd ever cum with somebody else touching me, but it was years before I told her what had happened. I did love the feeling of being completely smooth down there, and from then on I shaved regularly. I'd seen my dad naked a time or two, but never with an erection. I supposed this would be a good place to describe Papa. He is about six feet tall with sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes.

He's in great shape for such a geek. He runs a lot and has a home gym he uses almost every day. He has an athletic build, with muscular arms and great six-pack abs. He is also uncircumcised like most Russian men. Sarah always used to tease me about how hot my dad was. I knew he was handsome, but I always got irritated at her, because what girl would ever be attracted to her dad?

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And then one day it all changed. I was 14 years old at the time. Sarah and I had entered a science fair contest. Well, dad used his considerable talents to help us assemble it and we ended up winning first place!

I was so excited that I rushed into the house after school to tell my dad. He wasn't in his office or out back so I went to his room. That's when I heard the shower running.


The bathroom door was cracked and I peeked in. I was mesmerized by what I saw. I saw my dad through the glass shower door, facing sideways so he didn't notice me standing there staring at him.

And he was stroking his hard 8" cock! Compared to Steve's, it was positively gigantic! Suddenly he tensed up, groaned, and white stuff started spurting onto the shower wall.

I shook my self from my reverie and sneaked back out of his room. When I got back to my room, I felt my panties and they were soaked through. I yanked them off, grabbed my brush and plunged it in my little pussy.

I imagined my dad's huge cock sliding in and out of me until I started having the best orgasm of life. I was cumming so hard that I didn't hear the knock on the door. Suddenly there was my dad standing in the doorway frozen in shock staring between my legs. He mumbled something about being sorry then took one last look between my legs and backed out the door.

That's when I realized what he must have seen when he opened the door. I was laying there with no panties on, legs spread wide in the air, with my hair brush buried in my bald, soaking cunt. I was extremely embarrassed, but at the same time I was really turned on as well. Dad acted as if nothing happened that evening as we snuggled and watched TV. For the next few months nothing seemed out of the ordinary and I was disappointed to realize that he didn't look at me in sexual way.

On the other hand, visions of him naked in the shower became the subject of many of my masturbatory fantasies. Then one weekend, dad rented some movies for us to watch. We made some popcorn, hot cocoa, and got ready for the movie. I was just wearing my pajamas, which consisted of one of dad's shirts that I borrowed and no panties, and he was wearing his boxer shorts.

I crawled over to the VCR to put in the tape and start the movie. When I got up and walked back I was amazed to see that dad was trying to hide an erection that was tenting up his boxers. Now I knew that men got erections when they got sexually excited. We snuggled and watched the movie, but I was still trying to figure out what had given him an erection.

When I went to the bathroom I turned around and bent over and looked in the full length mirror on the door. The t-shirt rode up and my shaved pussy was clearly visible with the little button poking out of my slit.

My God, dad had gotten hard because he was looking at ME! I was so excited and turned on by this new revelation. When I went back I crawled right up into his lap with my legs straddling his. Soon I felt something hard right below the crack of my ass. I stole a few glances and could see the tip of his penis pushing up on his boxers.

After the movie I hurried to my room and buried my brush in my bald little cunt and ended up having three orgasms. That night I decided that I wanted him to be the one to take my virginity and I started to put a plan together. Whenever I changed or showered, I would leave the door open a crack. At night I would wear my shortest "night shirt" and I'd never wear panties. I caught dad looking at me when I got up, and there was usually a lump in his pants.

Then I got brave one day and left the door open a crack while I masturbated. I moaned a little bit more than usual, hoping that dad would be watching. When I finished I glanced at the door and I saw a shadow move outside. Dad had seen everything!

When I got up, he had gone back to his bedroom. When he came out a few minutes later he looked flushed but happy, and I knew that he had masturbated thinking about me! I was about to turn 15 and dad had always thrown a big party for me, but this year I told him I just wanted it to be him and me. He asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I wanted to shop for clothes and get a glamour makeover at the mall.

He bought me a really nice dress which I changed into, and then I had my makeup and hair done. When I looked in the mirror, I barely recognized myself. I'd been transformed from a girl into a beautiful woman. When I came out of the salon, dad was speechless! I even noticed that a lot of other men were checking me out as we walked together. We went to dinner and it felt more like I was on my first date. When we got home dad asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I was going to take a bath.

Then I asked him to wash my back like he used to when I was little. He hesitated and said he didn't know if that was a very good idea. I begged and pleaded and he finally agreed.

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He started the bath while I went to my room to get out of my new dress. Then, completely nude I walked into the bathroom. Dad turned around and was completely speechless again. I could see him drinking in every inch of my naked skin and I saw a look in his eye I'd never seen before.

Of course, with my hair looking so mature I didn't want to wash it, but I asked him to scrub my back. When he was done he started to leave. I asked him why he was leaving if he hadn't washed me all over. He hesitated but slowly walked back to the tub. Then he started scrubbing me, first with a washcloth, but soon with just his big strong hands. Soon his hands had worked up my thighs and he gently brushed my pussy. I let out a moan and spread my legs further.

Seeing the invitation he started gently rubbing my clit. I was in heaven and just about to cum, when he suddenly stood up and said in Russian "What the hell am I doing" and he rushed out of the bathroom. I got out and dried off, put the towel around me and followed him to his room. He was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands muttering something to himself in Russian about being a bad father.

I walked over to him, put my arms around him, and told him "Papa, I want you to touch me and make me feel good." He said he couldn't do it. That my wanting it didn't make it right and that he was afraid he would go to jail and never see me again.

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I lifted his face up to look at me and I let my towel drop. I ask him if he thought I was beautiful. He said I was the most beautiful creature he'd ever set eyes on. Then I kissed him right on the lips. Soon he was kissing me back. I'd never kissed anybody in a romantic way before and he immediately got my juices flowing again. Again I begged him to make me feel good.

He finally agreed, but told me that it would always have to be our secret. I agreed and he lifted me up and laid me on the bed.

He began kissing and fondling me all over. I was in heaven. Then he started working his way down my belly until he was teasing the outer folds of my pussy. It was driving me crazy, so I begged him to please touch me down there.

That's when he dipped his tongue into my pussy and then ran it up my slit and circled my clit. It felt like electric shock running through me. He would circle my clit, then gently suck it into his mouth, and then flick his tongue over the top of it.

That was all too much and my world was suddenly rocked by an earth-shattering orgasm so huge I thought I was going to pass out. Unlike the other orgasms I'd had, this one didn't stop right away. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me as he very lightly continued to flick his skilled tongue across my clit. When he finally stopped I was gasping for breath and couldn't move or talk. He asked if I was alright. When I could finally start to move and think again, I sat up and hugged him and told him it was amazing and I loved him more than ever.

Then I told him it was his turn. He slowly pulled off his shorts and out sprung the object of my desire. I touched and gently ran my hand over the tip smearing his pre-cum over his cock. He sighed and moaned as I slowly moved my hand up and down his throbbing, uncut cock.

Then I said "Papa, I want to feel it inside me." He sat up and said "No Baby, you're too small and it will hurt you. I don't think you're ready for that yet." Not to be denied, I told him that I'd been using my hairbrush for several years and I really wanted it. He finally said that he would do it, but if it started to hurt he would stop. He laid me back and started caressing me again. I felt him dip one finger in my pussy as a shiver went up my spine.

Soon he had two fingers in me and he was slowly fucking my sopping wet pussy with them. When he was satisfied that I was ready he positioned himself over me and very slowly started pushing his cock into me. First the head popped into me. Slowly he fed about an inch into me and then pulled back. Then it was two inches then three.


He completely filled me as he slowly pushed into me. I'd never felt so full before, but then it felt really good too. I never did feel the pain so many virgins feel, probably because I'd been using my hairbrush handle for so long. He had been slowly moving in and out of me for several minutes, and then he pulled almost all the way out and asked if I was ready. I nodded and with one quick motion, he plunged all the way into me until his cocked bumped right into my cervix.

A shockwave of pleasure reverberated through me even though it felt like he was going to rip me apart from the sheer size of him. On the third thrust, the orgasm started. This one was completely different. It started deep inside me and radiated outward, until my whole body quivered with pleasure.

As I started to cum I know my pussy must have clamped down hard on his cock, because he let out a load groan, tensed up, and then I felt his cock getting even bigger inside me. Then I could feel the warmth of his hot juices filling me and spilling down the crack of my ass. As he fell on top of my I wrapped my arms around his neck and said "Oh Papa, I love you so much. Thank you." He kissed me on the cheek and told me in Russian "Happy Birthday, Baby girl".

I later found out that he had secretly had a vasectomy before mom had left us, because he was afraid that another child would just be too much for her.

With no risk of my getting pregnant we were soon making love often, sometimes several times a day. Over the next months and years Papa taught me how to pleasure a man and how a truly skillful man can pleasure a woman.

Eventually, we tried anal sex, (to this day he's the only one I allow to penetrate me that way) and I even talked Papa into having a threesome with Sarah when we turned 17.

We ended up having quite a few of those until we both went off to college. I'll save those stories for another time, but Sarah always told me I was the luckiest girl in the world to have a dad like him.

Now I'm married to a wonderful man, I have a career that I enjoy, and two little children of my own. But, once or twice a month when I see my dad, we make passionate love for hours. Although I adore my husband and he is a good lover, Papa is far and away the best lover I've ever had, and we are extremely close. My husband has no idea about the true nature of our relationship and he thinks it's sweet that we are so close.