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Gay porn hard teen movie xxx Shared between the kinky folks like a
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Hi, this is is my first story so please dont be too harsh when rating or commenting on it. Im definitely up for recomendations on how i can improve it though so dont feel like you cant criticize.

Anyways, on with the story. My name is Laura, im 29 and recently got divorced after 3 years of maridge when i found out my husband was having an affair. Money has been tight lately so i have had to move in with my dad. He lives alone after my mum left him 8 years ago to marry another man abroad so i hardly see her and have always been close to my dad. He has a spare bedroom and told me i am welcome anytime so i've been living here for the last month.

Sometimes when im awake late at night, i can hear him masterbating as his bedroom is directly next to the spare room in which i sleep, its a little awkward but its his house and i understand men like to wank so i just try to blur it out and fall asleep.

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Last night when i got home though from work, i was alone as my dad had gone to the pub with his friends and i was bored, so i decided to go into his room to grab one of his many books to read.

While i was in there, i dropped my phone on the floor and when i bent down to pick it up, i found one of my thongs down the side of his bed. I picked it up and instantly felt disgusted, it was sticky and covered with loads of dried cum. He must of been masterbating into it ever since i moved in atleast a month ago and it absolutly stunk!. I just dropped it and got out of there feeling humiliated and wanting to move straight out.

I went back into my room and tried to fall asleep and blur it out my mind as i knew money was so tight, i would never be able to afford a place of my own. A few hours later, around 2am in the morning, i heard a loud bang as my dad had fallen through the door on his way home from the pub. I could hear him struggling to get up the stairs so i thought it was best to get up and go help him. I was only wearing a thin nightie but didnt think anything of it as i just wanted to make sure my dad wasnt going to hurt himself falling down the stairs or anything.

He said "hello Laura, sorry if i woke you up, im a little drunk" Its ok i said, lets just get you to bed and i put my arm around him and started to walk up the stairs slowly. He was holding me and as we got to the top, he fell over and pulled my nightie down as he tried to grab hold of me to stop his fall. I was stood there with my boobs exposed in just a tiny little thong that barely covered my pussy and i was so embarrased.

I quickly pulled the nightie out of his hand and threw it back on.

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My dad shouted "im so sorry Laura" Its ok, i said and helped him back to his feet. I put my arm around him and held him close to stop him falling again but i could feel his dick was rock hard and was pressing against me.

I quickly got him to his room and threw him down on his bed.


He shouted "thankyou love for helping me" and i went back to my room to try and get some sleep and put this horrible night behind me. I was just starting too drift off to sleep when i heard my dad moaning in the next room and knew what he was doing.

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Im ashamed to admit it and disgusted at what i did next but i started to feel wet myself, just the thought of him there getting himself off into my old thong. I pulled my knickers down, spread my legs and started to play with my clit, i was thrusting away and fingering myself when i started to cum.


I wondered what daddy would remember in the morning. The next moring i woke up feeling dirty at my actions the night before, i didnt regret it though and felt wet again so started to play with myself for the second time.

After climaxing, i went for a shower to clean myself up and on my way back from the bathroom to my bedroom, i thought i would pop my head round my dads door and make sure he was ok after his drunken fall last night.

As i creaked his door open, i saw him laid there naked with his cock exposed and my old smelly thong in his hand. Dirty bastard, i thought to myself but couldn't help also getting a little turned on by the fact he had obviously fallen asleep smelling my knickers.

I closed the door and went to get ready for work. All day though i was thinking about my dads cock and wondering what it would be like inside me, the thought both disgusted me and turned me on at the same time. Later that night when i got home, i was knackered and feeling a bit sweaty after a full day in the office so i decided to head for the bathroom to take a nice relaxing bath.

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I grabbed a towel from my room and just as i got to the bathroom door, i noticed the lock had gone from the door.

I shouted my dad downstairs and he came up and apologised that he had broke it earlier. I said ok but didn't belive him and closed the door and took my clothes off.

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I was sat in the bath about 15 minutes when he swung the door open and came running in to use the toilet. I quickly shouted "DAD! what the hell" and covered my boobs up.


He shouted sorry but said he really had to take a piss. He quickly left after it but not before looking my whole body up and down.

Im not going to lie, it turned me on a little and i thought about walking on him the next time he was in the bath.