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"My little sister, Sadie. If I were to describe her, I would have to say she's intelligent, funny, witty, caring, loveable, and very, very attractive. Yes, you heard me right, I genuinely consider my own little sister to be a real beauty.

And it's not only me saying that; most of my college friends reminded me almost daily that they thought she was gorgeous as well. Behind my back, some of them even refer to her as the so-called 'SILF' of the high school. And to be completely honest, she lived up to that nickname. If any guy ever thought about fucking one of his buddy's Sister, Sadie would be at the top of their list. That was another reason I was so protective of her.

I knew what was going on in the minds of high school and college boys when a pretty girl was around, I had been just like them when I was in high school and college. However, Sadie wasn't always the beauty she is today. As a young girl in middle school, she was skinny and awkward. Sadie was uncoordinated and didn't have any self-confidence or assertiveness. Sadie didn't really start to blossom into what she is today until Mom enrolled her in ballet classes.

I am still amazed at the transformation that took place in Sadie with those ballet classes. Mom knew best, and by the time Sadie entered high school she was a real knockout.

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She was the proverbial ugly duckling that grew into the beautiful swan. Sadie had become a tall, athletic woman with straw-colored hair and emerald green eyes. On her 18th birthday, she was elected prom queen.

I'm Brad O'Malley, Sadie's Big Brother, and I'm tall and solid with muscles that don't precisely communicated the fact that I'm also powerfully strong. Sadie looked up to me because I was everything she wasn't. I'm five years older than she and I have always been very protective of her.

I was out of high school before she entered, but I still made sure no one took advantage of my little Sister. My laid-back mannerisms fooled a lot of people into thinking I was a pushover. I was usually quiet and mild-mannered in high school. During high school, more than one 'would be' bully learned the hard way not to taunt me.

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My strength and my lighting fast right-cross knocked many of them into the middle of next week before they had time to realize their mistake.

I soon found it gratifying stepping in and protecting my other classmates that weren't as big and strong as I was. Those tormenters that liked to prey on the weak quickly learned to tread lightly around me. Those young tyrants are probably the reason I chose to become a cop. As soon as I graduated college, I applied to the police academy and was accepted. The first six years on the department I patrolled the streets of my city in search of those who target the weak and helpless.

I was then promoted to Sergeant and put in charge of Special Investigations. Sadie dated Billy Taylor all through high school and college. As far as I know, he always treated her with respect. He knew I would take harsh action if he didn't. During her junior year of college, she and Billy got hastily married due to an unexpected pregnancy.

At age 22 after their son, Jason was born she was forced to drop out of college and devote all her time to motherhood. Even after having a child, her body was still the envy of her peers. She did gain the natural weight that goes along with pregnancy and became pleasingly plump, but she was still a beauty. Billy graduated from college and became a successful banking executive.

He rose quickly through the ranks at the largest city bank and was able to give his family a trouble-free lifestyle. That is until he started playing around with other women. Sadie was crushed when she found out about his cheating. They sought counseling, but it didn't help. Billy was too hooked on the playboy lifestyle. At age 28 Sadie found herself divorced with a five-year-old son depending solely on her because Billy showed no signs of wanting to be a father.

I loved my little sister more than anything in the world. We did almost everything together. I got along well with her husband, Billy and was invited to dinner practically every week but after her divorce we became distant, and I rarely heard from her.

But last month she was suddenly there at my front door, and she had changed a lot. Instead of long flowing blond hair, she now had shorter hair that barely covered her ears. Body wise she had also changed in that she had lost the weight gained during pregnancy; then some. There was a healthy glow about her that I hadn't seen since her college days. Yes, my young sister was again a total stunner. A beautiful feminine example with a body that would be the envy of all her female friends, and a body that would undoubtedly draw the attention of all sexually healthy men.

But what had changed the most was inside of her. She radiated self-confidence, certainty, and pride. There was an excitement about her that begged to get out. She couldn't keep her secret any longer. "I'm now a police officer," she blurted, "I graduated from the police academy last night." She searched my face for my reaction. I was stunned. I was at a lost for words. How could she have gone through the police academy without me hearing about it?

I am a Sergeant and usually receive a roster of new cadets entering the police academy along with a ranking of each officer. I didn't recall seeing Sadie's name come across my desk. "What the hell do you mean…you graduated from the police academy last night?" The tone of my voice apparently took her by surprise. It was harsh and intimidating. The look on her face was that of shock and surprise. It was soon followed by sadness and tears; lots of tears. I felt like a real asshole for making her cry.

I put my arms around her and held her tight. "I'm sorry for going off on you like that, but I'm concerned for your safety," I whispered in her ear, "Police work is, and I don't want you out there exposed to all that violence." "I thought you would be happy for me," she sobbed. "What possessed you to join the police department?" I asked. "Well…Duh! I have a young son to raise on my own. Billy pays child support but does little beyond what the court ordered, and I am sure that his support will stop as soon as Jason reaches his 18th birthday.

I have to look out for our future," she sobbed. "But why the police department?" "The money is excellent for a single mother who didn't finish college, and the health benefits are far superior to what I would get with a clerical job.

There will be an opportunity to advance through the ranks. And after I have been with the department for a year, they will pay for me to complete my college degree. What I think is the perfect solution to my problems." "But what happens if you are killed in the line of duty? What happens to Jason?" "If I had a clerical job and died it would be tough going for Jason. You know as well as I do that the department has programs in place to take care of children of fallen officers.

He would receive a generous sum from the city and police department plus money from separate insurance I have signed up for.

There are college tuition grants for children of slain officers. He would have a more secure future, and of course, he will have you to look out for him. "I still don't understand how you joined the department without someone connecting the dots and realizing you were my Sister." "I used my married name on the application." Whether you used the name Sadie O' Malley or Sadie Taylor, someone should have picked up on it and notify me." "I didn't use my nickname, Sadie.

I used the name on my birth certificate; Saphronia. I guess you forgot Mother named me after her favorite Great Aunt Saphronia." "Okay…I forgot all about dear ol' Aunt Saphronia.

That explains why no one connected you with me. Even I wouldn't have connected the name Saphronia Taylor to you. No one ever called you by that name your whole life." Sadie looked at me with an anxious expression and said, "I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but I would rather no one knows I am your Sister. And don't you dare pull any strings to get me a choice assignment. I don't want special favors from your friends, and I especially don't want harassments from people who don't care for you." "Okay…I understand your thinking, and I will respect your wishes.

I won't tell a soul you are my little Sister." "I report for duty tomorrow on the middle shift at the Hickory Hills Precinct.

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I can't wait to find out who my FTO (Field Training Officer) will be. I hope it's someone who really knows how to police and not some Neanderthal who thinks women don't have any place on the job. The job is going to be hard enough without the hassles of hardcore sexists." "Leave it to me, Sadie. I will make sure they don't put with some asshole!" "No, Brad!

You just promised to not pull any strings for me. I want to make it on my own. I will let you know if I truly need for you to intervene." Sadie visited with me for over an hour. She was so excited about the prospects of her new career. I told her about the Do's and Don'ts that will help her adjust to life on the police department. I tried to alert her to many of the pitfalls that plague rookie officers during their first few years.

She shared her hopes of advancing on the job, and I promised to help when she wanted me to. As soon as Sadie left, I picked up the phone and called Lt.

Burton, the Mid-shift Commander at Sadie's Precinct.


The phone rang three times before the Lieutenant finally answered in a gruff voice, "Lt. Burton here!" It was apparent he was busy. "Lt. Burton…this Brad O' Malley in Special Investigations." "Oh yeah, Sergeant. What can I do for you?" There was a softer tone in his voice. "I was at the academy last night for the graduation of new officers.

I noticed a female officer that may fit well in an upcoming investigation. I reviewed her rankings as she progressed through the academy and I can see she performed well in all areas. Once she has completed her Field Training, I would like to consider her for an investigative position in my Squad. Her name is Saphronia Taylor." The Lieutenant was silent for a while and then cleared his throat.

He spoke in a whisper on the phone and said, "Sergeant are you sure you want that officer in your squad?" There was a sinister tone in his voice. I was speechless for a moment. I couldn't understand why the Lieutenant would ask such a question. I took a deep breath and asked, "Why would you ask me that? Is there something I should know about this officer?" "Sergeant O' Malley…what I am about to say must remain strictly between us; Commanding Officer to Commanding Officer.

If you were to breath one word of it, I would deny I ever said it. Is that perfectly clear?" A thousand crazy scenarios flashed through my head. None of which I could link to my little Sister. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Absolutely Lieutenant…I promise not to mention it to a soul." "First let me say that I am not a sexist. There is not a sexist bone in my body, but in the twenty-seven years I have been in the police department, Officer Taylor is undoubtedly the most breathtakingly beautiful woman ever to wear the police uniform.

She will be a nightmare for any Commanding Officer she serves under. She will bring chaos to his command because every officer on the shift will be fighting to fuck her. Please excuse my French, but I do mean they will be doing everything in their power to fuck her. This woman is so beautiful I am tempted to leave my wife of twenty-five years just for a taste of her pussy. I kid you not, this Officer belongs in the movies; not in the police department." I breathed a sigh of relief. From the way the Lieutenant had acted, I thought Sadie had created a problem that would get her fired before serving a week.

I have always thought Sadie was beautiful, but she didn't fit the picture that the Lieutenant was painting and I know for sure she has no plans to be a home wrecker. I needed to get her assigned to me before her reputation was shattered beyond repair. If the word goes out that she is trouble, her police career will be over before it begins. I didn't want her to go through that heartbreak.

"So, you are saying that just because she is beautiful, she shouldn't be allowed to work as a police officer?" "I'm just saying that since she is so beautiful, she will distract the male police officers, and maybe a few female police officers in a way that will disrupt the whole shift.

It's a problem I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy." "Lieutenant if you see her as that much of a problem, why not give her a 90-day transfer to my Squad to see if she will be the asset I envision her to be.

If she proves to be trouble, we can terminate her employment. If she works out here, I will start the paperwork to make her transfer permanent." "That's fine with me, O' Malley.

When she reports for duty this afternoon, I will instruct her that she has been temporarily assigned to you for ninety days." "Oh…and Lieutenant, don't tell her I requested her for my Squad. I don't want her to think that she is so in demand that she gets the big head and becomes a diva. That's a problem I really don't want to deal with." "Okay, O' Malley, I understand completely.

She is your problem now. Don't say I didn't warn you and good luck with your new soon to be a headache." I hadn't been in my office for more than twenty minutes when I looked up and saw my Sister come charging through the front door of our Squad Room.

I could see she was boiling over with anger. Her face was blood red, and it looked like she was ready to explode at any minute.

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My secretary read her body language and quickly pointed her toward my office. As soon as she crossed the thresh hold of my office I told her to close the door before she said a word. I pointed to a chair in front of my desk and said, "Have a seat so I can tell you why you are assigned to me." She closed the door but remained standing and screamed, "Damn it, Brad…I specifically asked you not to tell anyone I was your Sister and I told you I didn't want any special favors and…" I cut her off in mid-sentence, assume my role as her Commanding Officer and shouted in my most commanding voice, "Officer Taylor, shut up and sit down!

You are not in any position to come in here and raise your voice to my Secretary or me, your Commanding Officer. Is that clear?" Sadie knew by the stern expression on my face that I was deadly serious. She took a seat and tears began to well up in her eyes. She was still red-faced but answered in a shallow voice, "Yes, Sir." "Okay…Let's start over again.

I'm going to introduce you to my Secretary that you so rudely blew by earlier. Her name is Beverly Harris, and I will get her to introduce you to all the other personnel in Special Investigations. Then she is going to assist you while you fill out a mountain of paperwork related to this assignment. After that, she will begin your orientation which will explain all your duties in this Squad.

She will be able to answer all your questions, or she will refer you to me for an answer. Don't tell her anything that you don't want everyone in the Squad to know. In fact, you should get in the habit of not sharing anything with anyone unless there is a good reason for them need to know.

We operate on a NEED TO KNOW system in this Squad. If you don't need to know about something you won't be informed so don't bother to ask. Are you ready to get started?" "Yes, Sir!" "Oh…and don't forget to tell everyone you prefer to be called Sadie.

Saphronia is too much of a mouth full; not to mention it's a fucking weird name, to begin with. And for your information, I didn't pull any strings, and no one knows you are my Sister." I could see the relief in her face.

Beverly introduced her around, and by the end of the first week, I had witnessed Sadie being hit on at least once by every Detective in the Squad; including Tina Quinn, the only other female Detective. Tina is a happily married heterosexual mother with two children, and I could tell she too was tempted by Sadie's beauty.

At the start of Sadie's second week, I called everyone together and emphasized that there would be no sexual fraternization among the member of my investigative team. Anyone violating my directive would be transferred from the Squad. Everyone got my message. I could tell by the looks of Bobby Hughes' and Gord Alvarez's faces that they were disappointed in my rigid rule of conduct imposed on them. Later that same day Sadie accused me in private of trying to intrude in her private sex life.

She even suggested that I might be jealous. I have no idea where that came from. I never have, and I have never knowingly committed any act that would suggest that I was interested in her in a sexual way. I told her she could have sex with any or all of the Detectives in the Squad, but not while on duty or anywhere near the police department.

That seemed to calm her down. After she left my office, I had a fleeting thought that maybe it was her with the incestuous thoughts, but I quickly dismissed that thought. During week three of Sadie's orientation, I receive a priority one case from the Chief of Detectives. We were to team up with the Feds on an international money laundering scheme involving a Colombian drug lord and a major U S Corporation headquartered in our little Metropolitan City.

The Feds had caught the CEO in an insider trading scheme and was able to flip him to reveal that the CFO of that Corporation was heavily involved in a money laundering scheme. In the federal plea-bargaining agreement, the CEO is to cooperate fully with our investigation secretly.

In return, he will not have to serve any prison time, and if our investigation is concluded successfully, his arrest record will be expunged. I called my team together and laid out the details on the operation. I reminded them that the Feds never fully disclose and share information equally with their local law enforcement counterparts.

Therefore, we will be guarded in what we pass on to them. Everything will be on a need to know basis. All information, evidence, and leads will be passed through me and me only. I will pass on to the Feds what I think they need to know. The Feds are usually in it for the political brownie point, and we are in it for the sole satisfaction of getting a thug off our streets. Larry Driscoll is a 40-year old CFO who enjoys NASCAR racing, NFL football, and Italian opera.

He is smart and creative, but can also be very greedy and a bit sneaky. Driscoll is a Christian who defines himself as devout. He has a post-graduate degree in accounting and business studies. He is obsessed with vintage cars and has quite a collection.


Physically, Larry is in pretty good shape. He is tall with bronze skin, dark hair and brown eyes. He grew up in a lower middle-class neighborhood.

He was raised by his mother; his father having left when he was young. He is currently divorced but sometimes dates Tara Lyons.

Tara is the same age as him and works as an Electrical Engineer. He has two boys: Ben aged 14 and Blake age 19. With the help of the CEO, I was able to get Sadie hired as the Executive Secretary to Larry's Administrative Assistant. Sadie has always been very good with computers and is a genuinely expeditious typist. Larry's Administrative Assistant is Francesca Moore. Francesca is a well-educated 29 years old bi-sexual who is addicted to pleasure. She strongly dislikes her older brother, and she is hiding a terrible secret concerning her past.

Francesca was apparently taken by Sadie's beauty and hit on her the first day. Sadie was put off by Francesca's amorous attention. I told her to play along, within reason because she could be a good source of information regarding the investigation.

Sadie being the loyally dedicated detective didn't make an issue when Francesca would accidentally brush a hand over her breast or squeeze her bottom or thigh. Sadie soon began to enjoy the chills she received when Francesca occasionally kissed her on the neck below her left ear.

It had been almost two years since her divorce, and Sadie hadn't been intimate with anyone since her ex-husband. She was way past horny. The smell of Francesca's perfume and the tickle of her lips on Sadie's neck was becoming an aphrodisiac. Sadie's nipples involuntarily hardened each time it happened, and Francesca was quick to notice.

I could hear the excitement in Sadie's voice when she called to inform me that Larry was scheduled to meet someone from out of town at a local strip club out by the airport. The meeting was to take place around eight o'clock that evening. It was whispered around the office that the out-of-towner was a vital member of a Colombian Drug Cartel.

I knew it was essential to put eyes on this person and get a positive ID on him. I picked Sadie up at seven o'clock and drove to the strip club. The parking lot was sparsely filled, and it would look suspicious if Sadie and I just sat in the car watching the front door. I found a parking space that allowed me to park, so it appeared like a couple of lovers making out.

I had Sadie sit next to me in a position that allowed me to pull her close and peer over her shoulder at the front door of the club. If anyone observed us, it would look like to two people making out on a dimly lit parking lot. It was the perfect cover. Detective Hughes and Alvarez arrived next in the surveillance van and parked where they could get surreptitious photos of people entering and leaving the club.

My other detectives took up positions further from the club but close enough to move in quickly if the need arose. Shortly before eight o'clock, a black Lincoln Town Car pulled up to the front door of the club.

The driver jumped out and opened the rear door. Larry Driscoll got out and said something to his driver before entering the strip club. The driver parked the car a short distance from the club then returned to the front door. He kept his back to the club as he scanned the parking lot for anything suspicious. I instructed any team members who believe their cover is about to be blown to leave the area rather than jeopardize the operation.

I rested my chin on Sadie's shoulder as I followed the movement of the driver as he moved about the parking lot. I could smell Sadie's perfume. It was subtle and alluring. I could hear Sadie's breathing getting faster. I could also feel her breast rise and fall with each breath. I couldn't help it, but my cock began to stiffen. This was not supposed to happen; not at this crucial moment. I couldn't make any changes at this point without drawing attention to us.

It could expose the whole surveillance operation. If Driscoll learned he was under suspicion, he would become more guarded and possibly move his money laundering venture to a location outside of our jurisdiction. That would end our participation in the investigation.

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The driver was three cars away from me and methodically checking each vehicle. "Sadie…Driscoll's driver is almost upon us. We have to make this look like a real make-out session or blow our cover. Are you alright with that?" Sadie didn't answer. She squeezes me tightly and presses her lips to mine. The driver is one car away from us, and Sadie is jamming her tongue hard against my lips.

I part my lips a fraction, and her tongue pushes its way into my mouth and starts exploring. My heart is loudly pounding in my chest. Part of it is due to the driver being so close to our car, but it's mainly the excitement generated by Sadie's passionate kiss. I have never been kissed so thoroughly in my life, and my dick has never been harder.

I pull away from the kiss and breathlessly whisper to Sadie," Larry's driver is right outside our car. We can't let him see your face. He will recognize you and your undercover work in Larry's office will be over." Sadie winks at me and drops her head in my lap. In a matter of seconds, my cock is out of my pants and sliding down Sadie's throat. I felt my cock enveloped by the most incredible heat and wetness.

It was sensational, Sadie had taken my cock in her mouth, and was calmly sucking while cupping my balls. She was magnificent. I'd never felt anything like it. And after the stress caused by this investigation, I wasn't going to last long with her velvety mouth wrapped around my dick like that, squeezing it, massaging it, playing with it, exploring its shape with those sensual fingers. Somehow, I didn't explode right away…it was a miracle, really, considering the sensory overload she was putting me through.

But I think the most exciting thing about it was…my Sister is delivering all this pleasure. The feeling was absolutely fantastic. I didn't want it to end, so I held on and held on, never wanting it to stop.

Larry's driver seemed to be satisfied we were legitimate lovers and returned to his post at the front door.

Sadie's mouth and tongue were working overtime, and I couldn't bring myself to tell her the coast was clear. I didn't even warn her my orgasm was seconds away. In just a few moments, I felt the climax brewing at the very base of my cock, then that twinge as I passed through the moment of no return, and the hot semen was bursting forth to spurt into Sadie's eager mouth.

I think she already knew it was coming because she slurped down every drop of my semen without pausing a second or losing a drop. After she thoroughly cleaned my cock, she pulled my face to hers for another passionate kiss. I was surprised when she pushes some of my own cum into my mouth. I was so sexually stimulated by it that we swirled it back and forth between our mouths.

It was the most arousing sensation of my life. Five minutes later I was pulled back to reality when Larry and a Colombian man emerged from the club. They spoke for a couple minutes and then shook hands. They left in different cars.

I turned to Sadie and said, "Sadie I am so sorry to put you through that, but your cover was about to be blown." Sadie snickered, turned her head toward the passenger window and mumbled under her breath, "My cover wasn't blown, but you sure were." I wasn't sure I heard her correctly and asked, "What did you just say?" Sadie pinched me on the cheek and then gave me a quick peck on my lips before moving back to her side of the car.

I sat there stunned and speechless. Sadie motion with her hand for me to start driving. I ordered the team back to the office for a debriefing. I said nothing on the way back to the office. I had many puzzling thoughts and emotions running through my head. During the debriefing, Bobby and Gord announce they had taken several good photos of everything that took place.

They had photo proof Driscoll had met with a Colombian, and their pictures were clear enough to get an exact ID on the Colombian. He was Nicolas Mareno, a high-ranking Lieutenant of the Rojas Cartel. The debriefing resulted in a lot of highly useful information.

I could feel Sadie's eye on me all during the debriefing. Every time we made eye contact, she would blush and look away. The next morning, I had to meet with the Assistant U S Attorney in charge of the investigation to bring her up to date on our progress.

The meeting went well, and I left her office feeling we would receive the necessary backing to build a solid case against CFO Larry Driscoll. Bailey Perry is a 38-year-old Senior Prosecutor with the U S Attorney's office who enjoys dancing and listening to music.

She is energetic and smart, but can also be very ruthless and a bit sneaky. Bailey is a semi-devout Christian who defines herself as straight. She has a degree in politics and economics, and a post-graduate degree in criminal law.

Physically, Bailey is in pretty good shape. She is average-height with fair skin, red hair and hazel eyes. She grew up in an upper-middle-class neighborhood and attended private schools. She was raised by a loving mother and a strict father who was instrumental in pushing her to a professional career in criminal law. She is currently single. Her most recent relationship was with her late husband a cardiologist called Robert Perry, who was the same age as her.

Robert died in 2017. The papers reported the cause of death: Melanoma. Bailey had no children with her late husband, Robert. Bailey's best friend is a senior politician called Charlie French. Charlie was influential in getting Bailey appointed as an Assistant U S Attorney. She also hangs around with Marc Bryant her younger brother and his friend Bentley Ryan. They enjoy drinking, dancing and partying together. Sadie discovered incriminating documents linking Driscoll to the money laundering scheme and was able to snap some pictures of a few of the documents before being interrupted by Francesca.

Sadie e-mailed the images to me, and I immediately presented the findings to U S Attorney Bailey Perry. She agreed that the pictures were important but said we needed to execute a search warrant on Driscoll and seize the original documents if we were to expect a successful prosecution.

She delivered us the search warrant the next day but when we served the warrant all of the evidence had disappeared. We ran into one roadblock after another. Driscoll always seems to be one step ahead of us. The only way that was possible is that he was being tipped off by someone connected to our investigation.

I trusted everyone on my team, so I surmised the leak was coming from someone on the Fed's side. After weighing all the facts, I had a gut feeling it was either Francesca in Driscoll's office or Bailey Perry the prosecutor. I arrange for Francesca to receive a bit of false information and waited to see if it found its way back to Driscoll. It didn't. Sadie learned that Driscoll was meeting with the Colombian again at a local motel. I reported to Perry that we were going to surveil the meeting and try to get recordings of what was said.

The meeting was abruptly called off. I felt reasonably sure Perry was the leak. I assigned two detectives to keep her under 24-hour surveillance. Each of the two detectives would work a 12-hour shift to monitor all her moves. Friday night Bailey went to an upscale nightclub near downtown with her younger brother Marc and his friend, Bentley Ryan. They drank and danced until well after midnight.

My detective noted that Bailey was all over her brother and his friend. She did everything but have overt sex with them on the dance floor.

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Marc gave his Sister a ride home. They parked in her driveway for a while before her head disappeared into her brother's lap. About five minutes later she sat upright, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and then leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips.

Bailey jumped out of the car and rushed into her house. Her brother backed out of her drive and sped away. My detective watched her home until relieved by the other detective.

We continued the surveillance of the prosecutor's home for several weeks. My detectives reported that CFO Driscoll paid a weekly visit to Prosecutor Perry and occasionally the Colombian would show up as well. The visits were mainly on the weekends. I reported my suspicions to the Chief of Detective's and was able to use back channels to get a warrant through a State Judge to wire the prosecutor's home. We installed state of the art video and audio surveillance in her home.

Every room except the bathrooms was wired. We have a large surveillance van that is marked up to resemble a city utility truck. The van had all the amenities of home. It had central air & heat; bathroom facilities and a single bunk bed for napping.

One wall of the van had dozens of TV monitor to project the surveillance of each room in the house. Since the visits were mainly on weekends, we only utilized the large van on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We worked the weekend surveillance in teams of two and Sadie, and I drew Saturday night. At approximately nine o'clock Driscoll's town car dropped him off at Perry's home.

Ten minutes later, Mareno, the Colombian arrived. The first hour they drank and discussed how the proceeds from the laundering venture would be split among them.

Bailey kept the liquor flowing and as they drank she talked about how she planned to retire to a tropical setting within the next two and a half years. Bailey turned some music on and tried to encourage the two men to dance with her. The music drowns out our audio but it was apparent they were more interested in fucking her than dancing. She playfully squeezed their cocks, and they groped her ass and vagina. I noticed that Sadie had flushed red and was fidgeting in her chair.

Her breathing picked up considerably, and I got an erection watching Sadie's reaction. The trio moved to Bailey's bedroom, and the audio was perfect; so was the video.

Driscoll and Mareno wasted no time stripping Bailey of her clothes. Each man took a tit in his mouth and began nibbling, sucking and chewing. Bailey was begging for them to fuck her. They quickly stripped, and Bailey flopped back on her bed with her legs splayed. Mareno was the first to bury his tongue in her pussy.

Driscoll went back to grazing on her tits. I looked over at Sadie, and she had one hand under her dress rubbing her crotch and the other hand pinching her nipples. I couldn't help it, but at that moment I want my Sister more than anything in the world. I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately on the lips. My hands moved to her large perfect breasts as she kissed my mouth, and pinched her erect nipples.

I broke a world's record disrobing both of us.


I left Sadie's panties on because I was anxious to get back to her beautifully full breast. I was sucking her nipples, and though she seemed to like it, after a while, she smiled at me and calmly moved one of my hands, pushing it down to languish between her legs. It was clear what she wanted, and I was only too willing to do as she wished.

She gripped my cock and slowly stroked it up and down. Her cotton panties were already damp, and judging her erratic breathing, I didn't wait too long before slipping a finger inside the slippery folds of her pussy. "Oh God," she moaned, saying breathily: "I've been waiting all my life for this moment." "Me too," I whispered while kissing her delicate neck, my finger stirring inside her tight, hot pussy, already so slick with her juices. She paused, and her hand left my cock, much to my frustration.

I started to protest but saw she was sliding her panties down so that she was naked, too. I felt my heart flutter. Without her underwear in the way, my hand had more liberty to delve into her pussy, and to seek out her engorged clit.

She reacted well to that, her whimpers having more than a hint of surprise that I seemed to be so in tuned to her carnal desires. I still felt a little strange being naked with my little Sister, never having been naked with her before the feeling was remarkable. Her approving noises as her fingers continued to explore my cock gave me assurance that I wasn't dissatisfying for her. We were standing there awkwardly shifting from foot to foot, balancing against each other's body while we raced to please each other.

But she seemed to have realized our clumsiness, for just at the right moment, she stopped and, pulled me towards the bunk bed. Then before I realized it, we were on the bunk bed, the doors to the van were locked, and we were kissing and pawing each other's body parts. "Mmm." she purred, her soft hands sweeping around my shaft. "I think we should give you a little release tonight; you need it!" I felt kind of naughty being naked in front of my own Sister, but at the same time so good.

She made me feel as though my insides were on a rollercoaster. She kissed me, and I was about to caress her fabulous breasts again when she suddenly repositioned down to my cock.

Then I nearly blew my wad, as I felt my cock enveloped again by the most incredible heat and wetness. It was phenomenal, Sadie had taken my cock in her mouth, and was devotedly sucking while tickling my balls with her fingertips. She was marvelous. I'd never felt anything like it. I knew I wasn't going to last long with her velvety mouth wrapped around my penis like that, clasping it, manipulating it, playing with it, exploring its shape with those sensual fingers.

My hands moved to her large but perfect breasts as she sucked my cock. I pinched her erect nipples and rolled them between my thumb and index finger. I still felt a little strange being naked with her, but her appreciative noises and her fingers continuing to explore my cock gave me confidence. At least I wasn't disappointing for her, thank goodness.

I was touching her breasts, and though she seemed to like it, after a while, she smiled at me and calmly removed one of my hands, pushing it down to languish between her legs. It was clear what she wanted, and I was only too willing to do as she wished. Her vagina was very moist, and judging her mood, I didn't delay too long before slipping a finger inside the slippery folds of her pussy.

"Oh God," she moaned, saying breathily: "You have no idea how long I dream of this moment with you." "Me too," I said while kissing her delicate neck, my finger stirring inside her tight, hot vagina, already so slick with her juices. I pulled her to me and took her stiff nipples into my mouth, I touched her clit with a thumb as I slid my middle two fingers inside her pussy. Sadie was writhing on the bed as I caressed her inside her sensitive pussy until she came quite forcefully, and vocally.

I thought that would be that, after her climax, but before she'd even got her breath back, she said to me: "Make love to me, Brad, please!" Wow, I thought to myself, this was the final boundary as far as I was concerned. Was my Sister really asking me to do what I thought she was? My hesitation was evident, so she clarified: "Brad, I want you to fuck me." Here I was in bed with my little Sister, and she didn't have a stitch on!

I could see the patch of blond pubic hair between her legs. I felt so incredibly blessed. With my cock was standing up rock hard, I positioned the head of my cock on her slick vaginal opening and applied gentle pressure. Her wetness allowed me to slide in easily.

I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting and releasing as I pushed in as far I thought I should go. She let out a low whimper then wrapped her legs around my hips, locking her heels behind my thighs and pulled me deeper. The pleasure was so gratifying that I did have a premature orgasm but didn't lose my hardness. Once the rush had subsided enough for me to continue, I pulled back slowly and thrust into her again, this time faster strokes. She gasped. Faster again.

Faster, then harder. I began a deliberate methodical in and out motion that sent chills through the both of us. My Sister would raise her hips to meet my thrust, and I worked up to a pounding rhythm.

She was panting noticeably, doing everything in her power to keep her moans soft enough not to alert anyone outside the van. This time of year, people often took nightly strolls through the neighborhood.

My balls slammed against her ass again, and again. Her tight wet pussy hugged every inch of my seven-inch cock as I slid in and out of her. Her breaths were getting shallower and faster, and I could feel her hips start to spasm and her legs shake beneath me.

"Do it!" she whispered. "Harder. fuck me harder, Brad." I squeezed and sucked her tits, and she gasped a barely audible whimper. "Yesssss." She moaned. I thrust faster, more violently, struggling to remain in control of my own orgasm until she came. It didn't take her long. She experienced a series of multiple small orgasms followed by a significant body shaking orgasm that sapped her of all her strength. Another pounding thrust and I felt her entire body buck under me.

I held myself inside her, my grip still firm around her hips, and she bit her knuckles to stifle a scream as she came. Her pussy tightened around my cock, and I could feel each wave of energy shooting through her, convulsing against me. I wanted it to last forever, but my animal desires prevented me from holding off any longer. I finally exploded into his Sister's pussy with four large bursts of semen followed by four or five smaller explosions.

I rolled to my side entirely spent. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

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I awoke to someone banging on the rear door of the van. It was our morning detectives here for the shift change. We quickly dressed in lighting speed. Sadie's hair was a mess, but she explained it away as a stressful night on a stakeout. We weren't expected to look fresh after a long boring night on surveillance.

I played back parts of the video surveillance for the arriving detectives to show them what we had learned and to acquaint Sadie and me with what we missed while making incestuous love with each other. Monday morning our video and audio evidence was taken directly to the local U S Attorney, bypassing his assistant, Bailey Perry. We had gathered enough evidence to indict Attorney Perry, CFO Driscoll and the Colombian with several major Federal Felonies. Perry, Driscoll and the Colombian went to prison.

I was promoted to Lieutenant, and everyone in the Squad received a Special Commendation. Sadie was promoted to detective and permanently assigned to the Special Investigations Squad.

To this day no one has learned we are Brother and Sister. We even forgot about that fact ourselves as we continued our unique incestuous relationship.