Gozando duas vezes na calcinha da prima

Gozando duas vezes na calcinha da prima
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Another installment in a choose your own adventure style series. Please leave a comment with your vote for the next step! Of course, suggestions or ideas are always welcome! "Awwwww, fuckkkkkkkk…" Kelly moaned as I bore open her tight pussy. Feeling her clamped around me was a heaven I'd dreamed about for ages, and even though I could have lost control and exploded at any second, I was determined to make this fuck last a lifetime.

I upped my tempo and Kelly responded accordingly, the small bathroom ringing with orgasmic cries. Her hands frantically reached for something to grab, something to squeeze as she was overcome with pleasure. I felt my load boiling and I slowed to a smooth grind, digging into her warmth but careful not to over stimulate myself.

Regaining her composure, Kelly reached a hand between her legs and lovingly fondled the base of my cock and my loaded balls. She turned and smiled wickedly at me. "Fuck, Jackie, not bad for a second-stringer," she winked. She was being a bitch again, her usual self, mocking my position on the football team's depth chart.

"But haven't you had about all you can handle, champ?" I grabbed her damp hair and yanked sharply. "Let's go, slut, we're not finished yet!" I pulled my cock from her tight pussy reluctantly and led her by the hair across the hall, to her bedroom.

"Seriously, Jackie, I mean that felt nice and all, but…" she protested before I threw her down onto her bed. She was naked, beautiful I might add, and looking up at me with a complex range of emotions dancing across her cute face. She was flushed, well fucked, and had the tell-tale expression of someone who just came their brains out.

But she also looked a little scared, not even scared but uncertain, unsure of how to handle the whole situation. Kelly didn't know if she was in control or not, and Kelly had lived her whole life constantly finding small ways to manipulate and control others.

She was an only child, a brat, and a seductive bitch. My cock stood strong before her, and I saw her drop loving glances at it as well. "Well, if we're gonna do this at least let me do what I do best," she giggled as she moved her face in position to suck my cock. I held her back, she wasn't in charge today. "On your knees and elbows," I ordered. "Well, well, well, who's the big man on campus today?

So assertive, what's gotten into you, Jackie?" she teased as she complied, pointing her lovely ass to the sky. "Now close your eyes." "Nuh uh." "Fine," I said, grabbing the first garment I could find, a loose t-shirt.

I wrapped it around her head and tied it tight, blindfolding her. "You kinky little fucker," she giggled. I rustled through her draw until I found the purple dildo I'd spotted earlier. "Open your mouth," I said steadily.

"That's more like it," she said, making a show of opening wide and sticking her tongue out. I held the back of her head and steadily slid the dildo up her tongue and into her sweet looking little mouth. After a moment she discovered what it was and recoiled but I held her still, forcefully inserting her dildo into the back of her throat.

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With one hand on the base of the dildo I crawled around behind her and placed my cock at her slippery entrance. "Now, suck your dildo you slut, and it better not come out for a second," I said confidently as I reentered her swollen hole.

Kelly whimpered at my command, realizing how thoroughly she'd lost control. My second time in her pussy felt just as nice as the first, warm and tight, but it was made even more pleasurable by the sight and sounds of her pink lips pursed around a thick rubber cock, thin lines of drool starting to escape her.

I let go of the dildo but she held it firmly, allowing me to refocus on her mind-boggling ass.

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It was round and full but not fat, athletic but still not tiny, just perfect. After long moments reaming her pussy I realized this was my chance, likely my only chance, to fuck Kelly's startling ass. I pulled my cock from her just as she built towards orgasm and I heard a disappointed moan garbled by her dildo. Repositioned, I lowered myself until the tip of my slick cock pressed against her tiny asshole.


Kelly cried and spit her dildo free, her head spinning to glare at me, even though she couldn't see me. "No fucking way!" she started to yell. I pressed forward without saying a word, her hole clenched tight against the assault. I may have been a second-string player but I still worked out everyday, and that fact combined with the testosterone and adrenaline coursing through me gave me the strength to overpower Kelly effortlessly.

Her body squirmed but I held her still, one hand on her hips to hold her up, the other on her shoulder to keep her in place.


"Jackie, fuck, no, ahhhh!" my cock won the battle, prying her defenses open and slowly pushing just the head inside. Kelly threw her head back and screamed a silent scream. I didn't stop to let her catch her breath or regain any strength, I pushed on, boring into her dark, tight ass. The pressure was intense as every millimeter of her resisted me. But my strength won out, each second finding myself just that much deeper.

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It was better than I'd imagined, tighter and hotter than I thought possible, and I silently cursed myself for not finding my way into this asshole years ago. Kelly screams were incoherent, pained, desperate cries. When I finally found bottom, my cock twitching with excitement and pleasure, I leaned down and whispered in her ear. "I've been dreaming about your asshole for years you fucking bitch.


Now it's fucking mine!" Kelly just gasped and I saw a single shimmering tear roll down her soft cheek.

I felt no remorse. I grabbed the dildo, reinserted it into her slack mouth, and began living out my fantasy. I savored every stroke, slam, and slide in Kelly's quaking ass. Determined to make it last, I fucked her for what felt near an eternity, and I'm sure it felt longer for her.

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I suspected she must have been an anal virgin because her ass never relaxed to accommodate me. Each retreat it clenched and tightened so that I'd have to force it open upon each thrust. No complaints here. My cum burned inside me, fueled by a fantasy coming to life, and for a moment I considered pumping it deep into Kelly's ass. Then, as I continued to rhythmically pump her abused canal, I saw her mouth hanging open, speechless.

That mouth, that fucking mouth, had been the source of years of rude, bitchy, heinous remarks and any treatment of Kelly that would put her in her place was incomplete without thoroughly exploiting that fucking mouth.

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I retreated from Kelly's hot ass, hoping it wouldn't be the last time I felt it but who was I kidding, and I felt her shudder as her ass was finally vacated. I swung around in front of her and ripped the dildo from her parched mouth.

Before she could react I replaced it with my throbbing cock, tainted from unbelievable anal depths, and pushed it past her defenses. Kelly squealed and tried to pull free in vain, one strong hand holding her head firmly in place. I heard her groan as she tasted her own ass and I pushed the flavor well past her recoiling tongue, planting it in her throat. Kelly gagged hoarsely and I watch her whole body sink in despair. She'd lost any semblance of control, she'd given up.

I don't know what I'd become, I never thought I'd be like this, but years of sitting quiet while Kelly lorded over us all had brewed up this monster in me. Knowing I'd broken her, defeat her, dominated her, was what finally pushed me over the edge. I stuffed my cock further into her throat and growled as a fierce, thick, thunderous blasted erupted from me.

I heard myself telling her to eat it as it rushed from me, a torrent of cum drowning this little bitch. I spent my load in her but forced her to hold her throat around my cock for long after my orgasm. I simply loved violating her. Loved it so much, in fact, that as I held her there, practically choking on my cock, I realized my cock was softening.

My lust wasn't subsiding. I'd just purged one amazing fantasy and delivered one incredible cum load, but I was ready for more. I was insatiable. Then I heard the doorbell ring. For the next episode, should Jack: A) Jet out of there, it's not worth getting caught.

B) Find out who's at the door. C) Forget the doorbell, give Kelly round two.

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