Wonderful russian gf tricked and fucked hard

Wonderful russian gf tricked and fucked hard
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To start, I am a 20 year old man, and I've never really considered myself anything other than straight. I can't think of a man in a romantic sense, (I could never kiss a man with any passion, seeing a man's body doesn't turn me on) but I seem to have an obsession with cocks. I began experimenting with dildos several months ago, but I finally got up the courage to browse around the XNXX forums. One of the men who I spoke to suggested I check Craigslist, and I suppose i owe him quite a debt for that advice, as it allowed me to follow through on my desires.

Last Friday, I posted an ad stating that I wanted to give some blowjobs, and I left the requirements VERY lax.


No age, weight, color, or cock size requirements. The offers began coming in almost immediately. The first one was from a man who called himself Anyway. He sent me a picture of his penis, and it was about 5 inches long, perfect for my first time. After several e-mails back and forth, he requested my phone number to provide directions to his home. Within minutes, my phone rings. (I can't remember the entire conversation, but I'll keep it as true as I can.) "Hello?" "Is this ____?" "It is." "This is Anyway.

So you're looking to suck some dick?" "Yeah, I've been curious for a while, and finally quit being a pussy and decided to give it a try." ""Well good, I want to be sucked. I'm about 5 inches hard, how about you?" "I'm about 5 and a half or six inches hard, so I guess you'll be perfect for my first blowjob." "Are you into getting sucked?" "Yeah, what guy isn't?" "That's a good point. You want to do this around two?" "Sure, two sounds fine.

Just to be sure, all of this is going to be kept quiet, right?" "Of course, I'm married, I just like to get head from a stranger every once in a while." "That's fine by me, I guess I'm going to find out if i like to give head to a stranger every once in a while." He proceeded to give me instructions to his home, and after sitting around for a while, I went to meet him. I arrived at his house, and he was waiting at the door for me.

He was wearing nothing but a pair of thin blue shorts, so I knew he was totally serious about this, but since I had gone to his place, I guess I was too. He looked to be about sixty, maybe a bit older.

We went inside, and he wasted no time. "So how about you get undressed, and we'll get started." That was all the motivation I needed. I dropped my pants and pulled off my shirt, and he seated himself in a chair. He had told me over the phone that he came quickly, but I didn't care, a cock was a cock, and I was ready to find out what it was like to have one in my mouth.

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I got down on my knees between his legs, and took hold of him. I took a breath, and lowered my face to his tool. The last thing I noted before I began my first blowjob was that I was limp. The feeling of having another man's cock in your mouth is something that can never fully be described. It was warm, and velvet soft, it was soft, smooth, and for some unknown reason, it was utterly pleasing to have it in my mouth. It was flaccid, but under the warm wetness of my tongue, he quickly started to become hard.

I licked it, and gave it a few strokes, and put it back into my mouth. I took all of him into me, and began sucking in earnest instead of just moving my head up and down on his shaft.

My sucking was all it took.

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"Here it comes." was all the warning I had, but that didn't bother me. He had never become fully hard, so I didn't feel it jerking in my mouth as so many people describe, but the one thing I did notice was a warm, salty liquid that was left on my tongue. I swallowed it without any hesitation.

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I had been sucking him for a minute at the most. I continued to work him for a few seconds longer, wanting to prolong the experience as much as possible. After maybe another fifteen or twenty seconds, he reached his hands down and pulled my head away from his once again flaccid prick. We traded places, and he took my rock hard member into his mouth.

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I don't know when the change in my physical state of arousal occurred, but one certainly did. I went from being limp as a noodle to fully hard in under two minutes, and it happened without me even noticing.

I guess I enjoyed giving my first blowjob more than I consciously realized. He was obviously no expert at this, but it felt good nonetheless.

He would suck on me for maybe half a minute, then he would stroke my for another whole minute.

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He alternated like this for a short while, then moved on to using nothing but his mouth. He asked me if I was getting close, and as much of an asshole as I felt, I told him the truth.


"As good as this feels, I'm not even close." After about ten minutes he gave up. I guess a man just isn't arousing enough to get the job done. I left his home, and pulled over at a fastfood place to check on my ad. I had almost a half dozen more takers. I could tell, this was going to be a fun day.

This is my first story, and it's all true. Any comments or hints about editing are welcome and appreciated.