Pete on tour sexter media

Pete on tour sexter media
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My story starts the summer before my junior year in high school. After I had got my drivers license in April, which was five months later than I should have, I started helping my uncle on his farm.

That led to me starting my own business that summer, with a little of his help, that involved me cutting and baling hay for a lot of the farmers in the area.

The long hours and hard work had changed my body from the pudgy lid that I had been to a lean more sculpted 16 year old. I had also been lifting weights that summer with a few of my friends that played football with me.

The season was fast approaching and I had made sure that I was in great shape as I had been injured in the middle of the previous season, and I knew that would hamper my chances of being the starting quarterback.

The kid I would have to beat out had less talent, but had the advantage that his dad was one of our coach's drinking buddies. I knew I had the better physical tools, but because I had missed so much time he had the experience. I hadn't seen many of my friends as i had been busy doing other people's work all summer, and the few that I did see I wanted to keep secret all the things that had been happening with me, especially the fact that now I had some money to spend. I had put most of it in the bank, but not after replacing the beat up little S-10 my parents had bought me with a brand new Dodge Ram with a V-10, so I could pull my equipment around.

It was about a month before practice started that I ran into Nicole, the girl I had the biggest crush on.

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It was the saturday before our captain's practices started, and I was with my best buddy Luke on our way to the next town to watch some dirt track racing. I stopped for gas when we got to Rice Lake, and while I was watching the pump, a familiar green car pulled up to the next pump. I knew that she hadn't recognized me, but my heart was still fluttering.

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She was one of the football cheerleaders, and I had wanted her since the eighth grade. She was still pumping gas after I had paid, so I snuck up behind her and said "Long time no see cutie." "What?" She said, turning around.

"Oh my god, Patrick!" And she threw her arms around me. She had gotten a reputation of being kind of a slut, but most of the stories turned out to be lies, but I still didn't care. "What are you doing out here tonight? And you look great." she told me. "Me and Luke are going to the races tonight, what about you?" "Oh don't know. Thought about going to the dance tonight, but I'm not sure.

Too many stupid guys there. Plus my parents are gone for a few days so I have the house to myself, so I thought I could relax" she informed me. I replied "Well here's my new cell number so wanna.go ou.I mean." I stammered. I always got nervous an choked when I tried to ask her out. "I will, thanks" she grinned and leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. "Ok then, later babe" I said as I turned to my truck. "Yeah, later" she smiled, "nice truck" she added as she walked to the door of the store.

I sat in the seat staring at her ass while she walked away before Luke said "Nice work dude. Now hows about we get to the race?" The racing was awesome, and we met up with Luke's dad, which was cool because Luke was going to go to his house anyway after the race. After I said goodbye to him and his dad my phone was ringing. "Hello?" It was Nicole.

"I'm bored and lonely, do you want to come over?" I couldn't believ what I was hearing. "Uhh, sure. I'l be there in a litte while" was my reply.

"Good" I heard "I'll see you then. Bye" it was the sexiest tone I had ever heard from her voice. I got to my truck, and started on my way there. It took me about ten minutes to get to her house, and I found my hand shaking when I reached to knock on the door. I jumped a little when it opened right before I could knock.

"Sorry," she said as she saw my reaction "come on in." I kicked my boots off while she closed the door, the whole time I was staring at her. She was wearing a long t-shirt, and I could barely see her shorts under the hem of it.

It was a look that I had never seen on her and it was amazing. She is about 5'6" with shoulder length brown hair that had blonde highlights in it. She has cheerleader legs, which were really being shown off by her shorty shorts, and an amazing ass. She turned back to me, and with a smile said "Thanks for coming over.

I'm really glad that you did." She gave me a tour of the house, which ended in her bedroom. In there we sat and talked for a few hours. I was sitting on the floor, and she on her bed. I announced that I had to go to the bathroom, and when I came out she met me with a kiss. With that we started really making out.

Our tounges mashing into each others and our hands running all over each other. I had a hand on each opf her ass cheeks when she broke the kiss. "Lets go to my room." She led me back upstairs, and laid on her bed. I moved next to her and we began kissing again.

Her hand found my cock, and she rubbed it through my jeans. "Oh it feels so good" she said.


I had a hand up her shirt, massaging one of her perfect handful sized tits. She unbuckled my belt, and undid my jeans, while I took off her shirt, which now left her toppless, as she wasn't wearing a bra. "You are absolutely perfect" I said, which made her blush. "Thanks, noone has been as nice to me as you, and I'm so glad that we have been friends" she replied, "Now let me give you what you deserve." With that, she got on her knees and peeled off her shorts.

She wasn't wearing panties either! "So perfect" was all I could say as I drank up the sight of her naked. She wasn't shaved, which kind of dissapointed me because of all the porno I had been going through that summer, but her hair was trimmed vey short.

She smiled and pulled off my t-shirt, and then my jeans, releasing my dick into her view for the first time.

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She looked at it then back at me and grinned. I was getting a little nervous and bluttered "I haven't done this before," and I looked down and turned a deep shade of red, because she was experienced and I didn't want to dissapoint her. She put her hands on both sides of my face and sweetly said "Don't worry sweetie, it will be alright," and then kissed me deeply again.

She broke the kiss and moved to my neck, then chest. I reached my hand down to her waist, then to her ass. I began squeezing her ass cheek in my hand as she kissed down my faint six-pack, and then kissing the head of my dick. It's probably not the biggest. But it is almost eight inches and fairly thick, but she slid the head easily into her hot mouth, causing me to moan out loud.

"Oh baby, that feels awesome," at that moment, my fingers reached her pussy, and I found it soaking wet. I easily slipped a finger into her hole, and started pumping it in and out, making her take my dick out of her mouth to gasp. "Turn around, lets 69," I told her and she turned her gorgeous ass around and straddled my head. I dove into her pussy, running my tounge everywhere making her moan louder before she returned to sucking me.

I even ran my tounge up to her asshole, giving it a few good licks before returning back to her pussy, and finding her clit. When I did, she came off my cock again saying, "Oh yes baby! Right there! OH I"M GONNA CUM!" I stuck two fingers in her dripping snatch, making her scream more.

"YES THERE! HOLY SHIT!" I felt her pussy clamp onmy fingers, and she started sucking me again hard. When her pussy finally relaxed, I couldn't take anymore. "Oh fuck, I'm coming!" And I exploded in her mouth. She couldn't catch it all, some of it leaking around the corners of her mouth. She let my dick fall out of her mouth and turned back around and lay on my chest. "Let me get that," I said wiping my cum from the corners of her mouth, and then onto her bed.

"That was amazing!

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Nobody has made me come like that. WEll I guess no-one has made me come at all," she said "I'm glad that my first great orgasm was with you." "No problem, babe. Thats what I'm here for." I replied making her giggle. in the aftermath, my cock began to get hard again, which she promply noticed, causing her to say "I've been on the pill for a few months now, and I've never done it without a condom.

I want to share that experience with you too." She began kissing me again, and then moved over me. "Help it in for me," she asked. I positioned my swollen head at the entrance to her sopping wet snatch, while she slid down. "Oh my God," she said as I filled her up, "This is amazing." She finally bottomed out and slid back up. "Holy shit babe, you're so tight," her pussy felt so good on my cock.

She started pumping faster until I felt her pussy start to clamp down on my cock. "Oh fuck I'm cumming again!" And come she did, her orgasm coursing through her, which went on longer than the first one.


When her orgasm finally subsided she looked down at me and said "Will you get behind me and fuck me doggy style?" All I could do was nod. I let her climb off of me and positioned myself behind her. I slid my cock up and down her beautiful pussy, before sliding into her all the way in one thrust. "OH FUCK!" she yelled. "Thats so good! Faster!" I complied and aswered "Whatever you want baby." I started thrusting faster and faster, making her moan and scream louder. I then slid my thumb down to her cute little asshole and rubbed the little bud a little causing her to go into her third orgasm!

"HOLY SHIT! I'M COMING AGAIN! COME WITH ME BABE! PLEASE!" I finally gave in and felt the come surge through my cock. "OH FUCK HERE IT COMES! OHHHH YEAH I'M COMING!" My cock unloaded another huge load of come making her scream again. She fell forward and I stayed with her and laid on her back, giving her little kisses until my cock finally slipped out of her. I rolled on my back, and she to her side facing me. "Wow, that was amazing.

If I would have known that, I would have always been with you," She smiled and gave me a kiss.

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I was so totally spent that all I could do was smile and nod. I looked at her clock and saw it was after two in the morning. "I have to work in a few hours," I said "I better get home quick.'' She put on a pout, but said "Ok, but we have to meet a few more times before school." "No prob," I said as I pulled on my pants and shirt. She walked me to the door, and as I was slipping my boots on I noticed my cum was running down her leg and almost to her knee.

She gave me a goodbye kiss, and I warned her htat she may want to clean up. "Thanks, I think i might,'' and with a smile and one more deep kiss she bid me good night. "What a year this will be,'' I said to myself as I crawled into my bed 20 minutes later, falling asleep as my head hit the pillow.

This is my first story, sorry it's starting a little slow, be kind and patient with it. More to come if you like